2018-05-23 You Didn't Know Him at All

From Transformers: Lost and Found

You Didn't Know Him at All
Date 2018/05/23
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - The Brig
Participants Hound, Soundwave
Summary Soundwave needs to be released from his box.

Penchant successfully caught Soundwave with the help of his massive Legislator drone, Bluekite. And after stuffing those two into a large, sturdy utility closet, he commed Hound. The message can be summarized into this:

Soundwave wants to leave, convince him not to, and here's his location. PS: he might not be a particularly happy camper.

And so it is up to Hound to either tell Penchant 'NO' or to just mosey on down to that closet to do something he probably doesn't want to do. Wonder which one he'll pick.

Hound isn't sure, at first, why Penchant commed him of all people for help. He's sure he's not even in the top ten of Soundwave's favorite people, and he assumes it's not a very long list in the first place. But as he sits in his office staring at the message and considering, he starts to realize that maybe it's because there's not much choice. If Penchant is contacting him, the cassettes must not be able to change Soundwave's mind. Rodimus is... no longer able to convince Soundwave of anything. Minimus has seemed stiff as a board every time Hound has seen him. And Megatron definitely wouldn't convince Soundwave to stay. Maybe Hound is only the first figure of authority on the ship that Penchant can reach.

It's that thought that finally sends Hound wandering down toward the brig. He doesn't try and hide his footsteps, as he meanders up toward this supply closet. It's Soundwave, after all. He'll know Hound is coming, and he'll know exactly how wary he is of the whole thing, when he raps his knuckles on the door and says, "Soundwave?"

There's no immediate answer for Hound except maybe the smell of recent BETRAYAL wafting through the air. And also an angry tik-tik-tik of a restrained engine from within the closet.

Hound's audials are twitching at the sound. He knows you're in there, Soundwave, you can't hide forever. "Soundwave," he repeats. "You can't ignore me forever." Possibly untrue. Soundwave is not known for giving in easily. Hound reconsiders. "And you can't just stay in there forever either."

"Open door immediately," Soundwave says. Looks like he's fine with speaking so long as he's giving the demands.

"Are you going to just run the moment I do it?" Hound asks, frowning. "I won't do it if you're just going to deck me or something." Still, he's resting one hand on the lock, audials pricking as he tries to listen for the sound of movement on the other side. Anything more than just the angry revving of Soundwave's engine. "If that happens you'll just end up in the brig proper."

There is another sound. The sound of of cables sliding about in the air. The tentacles are free. "I am not going to injure you, Hound," Soundwave says both blandly and yet condescendingly.

"That doesn't rule out you trying to take off as soon as the door opens," Hound says pointedly. If he could see Soundwave he would be bracing his hands on his hips in the most lecture-y way he could. As it is, he just ends up sounding kind of tired. "Or, okay, how about this. What are you even going to do, if I just step aside and let you leave?"

"Return to my office to continue my work," Soundwave answers. "I will remind you that I am being held against my will for inadequate reasons and my demands to be released is not a matter of if you wish to do so or not. It is a moral and legal obligation to release me before I do so myself with the intent to injure you for your continued irritation."

Soundwave is in something of a bad mood.

Hound likes to think he's gotten a better hold of his transformation-induced temper, in the time since his transformation. Usually that's true. There's something about dealing with Soundwave that brings it out in him, though. "Look, I'm just doing this because Penchant wanted me to," he snarls, hands tightening into fists. Then he forces himself away from the door, to pace up the length of the corridor and try to force himself into a calmer mode of thought. It's a moderate success. He at least manages not to growl this time, when he says. "Okay. Look. I get why you... probably don't want to be here." He pauses. "The ship here, not just stuck in a closet here."

There's a long and drawn out pause. As if Soundwave is letting himself calm down too. Or he's probably just listening for Hound to calm down further. Finally, he says, "I'm not discussing this with you. Open the door."

Hound grits his dentae together, clenches then relaxes his hands. "Fine," he says, eventually, stiffly. He punches in the code on the door, then steps back to let it come open. He doesn't move completely, Soundwave will still have to step around him, or shoulder past him, to get too far. "I can't say I knew him best, but I think even I know he wouldn't want you to leave," he says, staring at Soundwave's visor the moment it's visible.

The first thing out of the door is the arm of Bluekite the Legislator. He lays immobile on the ground. Soundwave has to step over the drone in shambles, tentacles releasing Bluekite's upper body so he can properly collapse into a heap.

Soundwave stops before Hound, looking down at him. Hound didn't say the name- so he he will. "Rodimus would not attempt to coerce my decision on the matter. Conclusion: you didn't know him at all." Soundwave vents, the heated air puffing in Hound's face. "Step aside. I have many things left to do."

Hound has to wince a little. Not because of the trashed Legislator body, or the vent of air, though those factor into it, but the primary cause is a little hint of chagrin. Soundwave's kind of right there, as much as Hound doesn't particularly want to admit it. He goes for another tactic instead. "I'm not Rodimus," he says. He shifts slightly, but doesn't stop watching Soundwave. "But I know that we need you here. On this ship and in this crew. And... we'd... miss you if you left." The words peel out of Hound like they get caught on his teeth, and the emotions accompanying the words are a snarled and complicated knot, but he means them-- means the 'we' he'd used, rather than the 'they' he could have.

Soundwave's visor flashes and he stands up straight once more. He finally looks away, down towards the Bridge. "It doesn't matter. I am going. I suggest you acquaint yourself with this fact and use me while I am still here..." He begins edging past Hound with a soft, "I must get back to work. Good-bye."

"But--" Hound starts to protest, before cutting himself off with a half-growl, half-sigh. "Fine," he mutters, shoulders hunching as he turns away. "Good luck, I guess." Under his breath, he mutters, "Don't know what else I expected to do."

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