2018-05-05 The Moon

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-05-05 The Moon
Date 2018/05/05
Location Luna 2
Participants Soundwave, Megatron
Summary Soundwave discusses plans for Luna 1 with Megatron.

The Decepticon base on Luna 2 is coming along. Not yet a permanent settlement, but looking a bit more like a city than it was even a few weeks ago. Megatron's power is growing, as are the number of ships in orbit above the moon, most retrofitted from the Harbinger fleet.

Soundwave has no trouble getting in. Though he knows that some Decepticons think of him as a traitor for leaving Megatron's side and working with the Lost Light, it was easy enough to get in to see the Decepticon leader. Everyone is waiting, these days. For Unicron. For what comes after. If there is an after. Still, Soundwave is just a guess. This isn't his space, and that is clear from the cold shoulder he receives from the Decepticons. Not that this is particularly unusual for the inscrutable Decepticon spymaster.

As is required for any place where Megatron intends to stay, the base comes with its own throne room. More impressive than the one on the Castigator, it is still a far cry from what Megatron might have enjoyed during the height of his power. It's just a room with a high-backed chair, small, like the force he now commands. Though the window looks out on the ruin of Luna 2, much of it is taken up with Cybertron itself. The dark side, now. No lights, no civilization. A view to the wild.

Megatron is seated on his throne. When Soundwave is announced, he ushers away any attendants, even Terminus. Soon, the two mechs are alone. "Soundwave. We meet again."

The Decepticons might as well be ignoring a brick wall with how much Soundwave pays them heed. His attention is solely on Megatron. Everyone else is nothing- Terminus being the exception of being exceptionally annoying. But they're all sent away. Thank Primus.

"We've met many times before," Soundwave notes, looking over the entirity of Megtron's throne. At some point it wouldn't have bothered him, he'd of thought it suited Megatron, even. It leaves a bitter taste."I hope that my presence has not become that much of a surprise to you."

With a quick look around the empty room, Soundwave draws closer to the warlord. "Thank you for the privacy... You have made quick work of this place- I'm unsure if it is entirely necessary but it is impressive." He nods to Megatron. "You look better than the last I saw as well."

"An element of leadership is creating the environment that fosters the expected performance. I am the master of the Decepticons, and my base will reflect that, wherever it happens to be. Hands cannot be left idle. So I have them build the base that reflects their unity and resolve." Megatron replies, grip loose on the arms of his throne. Not relaxed, never relaxed, but, comfortable. "It is something of a surprise, I must admit. You've chosen Rodimus and his ship over me and the Decepticon cause. That was a surprise, but, I have had time to dwell on it. Your choice is made, and will have its natural consequences." Megatron does not elaborate, nor does his tone convey much of a threat. It is simply the truth of things. "But you requested the meeting, Soundwave, so perhaps my judgment was premature. Or are you just liasing now? I would understand it if Prowl decided he did not want to endure another of our meetings."

"Unity cannot be found under a master," Soundwave says quietly, hidden gaze flicking over to Megatron's hands. They rest there at length, watching his grip tighten and knuckles curl. "And I made no choice. You made it for me- and I believe I've suffered those consequences well enough... But now you must understand. After the Siege on Luna 1..."

Soundwave cycles and vent and raises his shoulders, straightening out. Right. Business. "You had Prowl driving in tantrum circles after you saw him last. It was amusing. But he told me you planned to use the moon as a Decepticon settlement. Is that true?"

Megatron can't help but chuckle when Soundwave tells him that Prowl was driving in tantrum circles. Mission accomplished. "I'm glad that you found it amusing." The tyrant smirks, as if the two are sharing a private joke. It does seem to set him more at ease. At the question, Megatron taps the tip of his finger against the arm of his throne. Tick tick tick. "It is." He finally responds. "And you would be welcome there, if we managed to defeat Unicron. Which of course must come before any plans. My intentions for the moment are to, once again, shield Rodimus's efforts. The success of the Tempo weapon must be preferred to the all-out assault on Unicron that must occur if we are pushed to it. Tear him apart from the inside."

Soundwave just pulled himself up into formality and-- he sinks back into familiarity with that laugh. He sighs, rubbing the side of his head before dragging his palm over his face. "Thank you. For your continued help with Unicron. We must hope Tempo's weapon works as it has been told-- There is no victory otherwise. Not even for you, my lord. Unicron will best all of us. But enough of variables we cannot control. Let us discuss this moon plan- and you- further."

Soundwave, again, looks around the room. "... Is there a seat I can take with you? Or will you come off that throne to speak with me?" A tendril slides from his side, gesturing to Megatron's seat. "A throne wasn't so necessary for us in the past."

Megatron gestures vaguely into the air as Soundwave explains they have no chance. "Perhaps. But we will have to try nonetheless. With all our strength. Make sure Optimus Prime is with us, as well. If there is any mech who can pull a timely miracle out of his aft it will be him, and if I am to perish fighting a god I would prefer it if Prime died with me." The tyrant smirks at the thought, but remains seated as Soundwave questions him. "I have had a throne since I tore Sentinel Prime out of his armor and rested upon it. I am a symbol, Soundwave. You know that as well as anyone. The Decepticons look to me as a leader. There are many, many times that you have stood beside me while I've sat on such a chair. Back in the old room on the Darkmount." Megatron thinks of that time for a moment, before he quickly refocuses. "Why did you ask about my plans for Luna 1? Are you planning to join me again?"

"Orion Pax," Soundwave corrects. "There is no 'Prime'. He has given up his title and with it, the lineage of Primes has died. Just as we always wanted- so why do you cling to a throne that is no longer required." His fists clench. And then release.

"... I still have duties to attend to on Cybertron's surface. I asked because I believe it is an ill-suited idea. You have made a place here, however uneasy with the rest of our people. Why do you need Luna 1?" Soundwave hesitates just a moment before looking away, at his own cord still hovering close to him. "And I do not believe it a good decision to take a part of Cybertron solely for Decepticon settlements."

"Optimus Prime lives, no matter what you wish to call him. The mech is alive. And, for me, he will always be Optimus Prime. Anything else is to diminish him. To diminish our struggle. To diminish me." Megatron replies, leaning forward in his chair to emphasize the point. "The throne will always be needed. The alternative is either chaos or subjugation. I will tolerate neither." As Luna 1 comes back into the conversation Megatron openly vents and rests his chin against his fist. "The moon is missing for twelve million years, and a few months after it shows up again it is suddnely 'part of Cybertron' which of course Megatron can never be allowed to possess. You parrot their own charges, Soundwave. You're talking like an Autobot." The tyrant shakes his head. "I have expended a great deal of thought on this. There is no better alternative. Unless you have thought of what I have not."

"Renouncing Primacy is not diminishment! He doesn't have the Matrix, he doesn't have his same command, and he is no longer Prime- is that not victory?" Soundwave takes a step forward, bristling. "A missing piece does not negate how it still belongs to a puzzle. Luna 1 could not be found but it is still Cybertron. You-- Lord Megatron, I do not mean to say you cannot own something. But you cannot take. We've taken quite enough."

Soundwave folds his arms behind his back, the biolights of exposed tentacle beating a little less frenzied. "Lord Megatron, seperating our people is nothing more than devisive. It'll increase the 'Us and Them' divide we still face. We should come together, begin uniting within the shadow of this great threat. Promote peace and equality. Now that the Quintessons are no longer a threat and Unicron gives us all one goal- this is an ideal time. You do not have to possess Cybertron to win it if we do this right."

"Optimus Prime functions." Megatron replies, a scowl carving itself into his features. "That is sufficient to preclude victory. You should know that, Soundwave. You knew it at one time. As long as he is out there, he can return. He can rally his forces again. This is temporary. Do you think that Starscream or Rodimus has the stature to bring unity to Cybertron in his place? No. When the edges begin to fray, as they surely must, it will be Optimus Prime that they turn to, not Orion Pax. You know this." Megatron sits back, his point made.

The tyrant regards Soundwave for a long moment. His crimson gaze unwavering, hardly searching. Just looking. "You can't be so stupid as to believe that." He finally replies. "They will never tolerate my rule, or anything approaching authority in my hands." Megatron shakes his head. "Take, Soundwave? I would be taking nothing. Luna 1 is more mine than anyone else's. Decepticons put themselves on the line, died, to retake that moon from the Harbingers. The deed to Luna 1 was signed over in the blood of our people."

"When the edges frayed before, Optimus Prime rallied nothing. Nothing more than his tattered pride before he ran away and abandoned everything. He will do it again," Soundwave counters. Megatron has more faith in the (former) Prime than he ever will. But he leaves it at that.

"By that logic, a part of that moon is Autbot's, neutrals', and the colonies'. They all shed blood to not only defeat the Harbringers but to save you. From the Quintessons-- I came to make sure you were out of their grasp once more. Not just because of this moon business. Having you not be yourself sounded so profoundly wrong." Soundwave sighs, and moves closer again, tentatively. Reaching out for him with his cord. "And it is not stupidity- I am simply... Hopeful. Optimistic. For our future. I remember when you inspired such feelings. You can again but Luna 1 is not the way."

Megatron glances at the tentacle brushing against his arm. Where his fusion cannon used to be. His gaze lingers for only a moment before he finds Soundwave again. "You are naive. You have always been a believer, Soundwave. It is one of your strengths, the faith you have in your causes. But you have always needed a cause. I know you, Soundwave, better than most. I know what boils beneath that mask. You may do your best to impersonate Shockwave, but underneath your exterior you burn like the rest of us." Megatron shakes his head. He finally pushes off the throne, moving past Soundwave to the window, where he can see Cybertron. The tyrant laces his hands behind his back, quiet for a long moment. "I have an army here, Soundwave. In better times we might have called it a brigade. But now it is an army. If the Tempo weapon is successful and Unicron is defeated, what am I to do with it? Settle them in Iacon? Do you really think Starscream and your Autobot friends would tolerate that?"

Soundwave's visor shutters, standing there stunned. He turns to sullenly face Megatron with a muttered, "I do not impersonate Shockwave." He hates the guy.

Stewing briefly, he again approaches Megatron. This time on some more equal footing. Soundwave locks optics on the back of the warlord's head, peeking in. Trying to see what he sees through his eyes. I used to be wonderful. "Decepticons do not need to be soldiers. There are some on Cybertron from another universe who are not- and neither do our own. Release them from their duties as an army. There is no war, we don't need it. These mechs are skilled beyond carrying a gun. Just look at what they accomplished here." Again he reaches out, this time with his hand, to rest the tips of his fingers on Megatron's arm. "We don't need this army, and I think they'll tolerate that just fine."

"What you are describing, Soundwave, is the end of the Decepticons." Megatron replies. He seems...withdrawn. Cybertron, just a dark sphere hanging in the heavens, does not excite him. A note of regret, perhaps, for opportunities missed. "Like Orion Pax cannot choose not to be Optimus Prime, so long as there are Decepticons who function and who follow Megatron, they will see the Decepticon army." Megatron glances at the hand, then over his shoulder at its own. Such sentimental nonsense. "Either Starscream will try to kill me or the Autobots will seek to render the Decepticons harmless, by chips, detention, or some other means. This is the truth. They cannot tolerate my power." Megatron half-turns to regard Soundwave in profile. "So if you want peace, you will go back to them and tell them that my plan for Luna 1 is the best option. There is work to be done there, repairing the moon's engines, rebuilding its citadel, researching any secrets it has left. I can build a Decepticon society there, and demonstrate the superiority of my leadership to whatever they cobble together on Iacon."

Slowly, quietly, Soundwave withdraws his hand to let it hang at his side. His optics sweep the floor. "The Autobots haven't done that to me. And I believe I'm more dangerous than before." A quick glance to his tentacle before is slinks back under his armor, tucking away neatly.

Soundwave bows his head. "Peace, not priority. Equality is... But you are equipped to repair Luna 1, I will see if I cannot convince Starscream and the Council of this. Make this a smooth transition. However, you cannot keep encampment on both moons, Lord Megatron. Logistically unwise... I must return to Cybertron's surface to do so. Your time, always appreciated."

"You are not me." Megatron replies, succinctly dismissing Soundwave's first concern. He turns back to the window. "There is nothing left on Luna 2. The war destroyed it and Vector Sigma did not see fit to remake it. This is a temporary encampment for the purpose of staging our defense against Unicron. Nothing more. And do not try too hard to convince them of anything. I am Megatron." He looks to his own reflection. "I do not grovel for anything. They are being notified of my action, nothing more." The tyrant pauses. "That will be all, Soundwave."

"And that is what worries me... I will see you after Unicron is destroyed." Soundwave turns away. "Or, in whatever comes after our sparks are snuffed, I hope to see you there." He hesitates, as if wanting to wait to hear similar sentiments, and then quickly marches out. He can only hope to spot Terminus outside to give him a dirty glower- it'll make him feel better about what he agreed to.

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