2018-05-03 Weightless

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Date 2018/05/03
Location Cybertron - New Iacon
Participants Cavalier, Skydive
Summary Everyone feels a little lighter after airing out some concerns.

"A part of me wishes we could have Iacon as it used to look, but I suppose change is inevitable." Skydive comments as he strolls at Cavalier's side at a casual pace through Metroplex's streets, gloved hands folded neatly at his back. They've chosen a quieter time to take their walk so the streets aren't as packed and Cav is less likely to bump into folks. A fly would've been better in Skydive's opinion, but the slower pace is nice, giving them time to talk and explore the new addition to their old home.

Wingtips flicking up gently, Skydive sends a small glance to the spacer and offers a light uptick of the corner of his lips, optics soft. "..I was afraid we wouldn't ever find time to spend with one another. I'm happy we could meet up today.."

Cavalier's socked pedes don't make much noise as he and Skydive meander through Metroplex. Even before the war, when everything was pristine and intact, Cavalier never found himself on the city's streets very often. He had really only ever seen them from above. Now, looking up and not seeing most of the towers there at all... There's an ache in his spark. Still, he knows what those towers represented, he's not so sheltered anymore. "It'll take a new form now, we just have to make sure it has the chance to flourish again. Maybe some of the old will return. It'd be nice to dance through the spires again."

That it would be nice to do so with company, too, goes unsaid. There's still plenty they have to sort out before another dance through sky or stars, Cavalier knows that well. He gives a nod, gloved hands folded in front of himself as he walks abreast of Skydive. His wings cant gently with each step, relaxed. "I am too, we've not really had much free time in the past few months. Notes hardly suffice for talking, especially after our last meeting."

Skydive's reaction is immediate when Cavalier alludes to their last time together in person, the mech wondering when such would come up. Shying, his optics shift away and orange complexion turn a rosey shade at the cheeks, expression both nervous and bashful when biting thick lower lip. "Ah, yes, that.. I had been meaning to speak to you since, but you're correct, saying it in our letters didn't feel appropriate.."

The Aerialbot's hands switch to his front, fiddling with the hem of a glove as wings subtly dip down. "Cavalier.." His steps slow and gaze is forced up to meet Cav's, trying to stem the sudden tightness in his chest when saying softly, carefully, "I.. I do wish to be closer to you. But only as much as you wish me.."

Cavalier feels like he's in the eye of a hurricane, flying carefully to keep himself from spinning out and falling. It's not so strong as that yet, but he knows that if he isn't careful his nerves might swallow him entirely like they've been trying to do since Skydive invited him on this walk. Still, bravery, he can do this. He can do this.

Or so it feels until Skydive slows down his pace and the nerves catch back up as Cavalier slows down with him, turning and wings flicking upwards in interest as those beautiful lips form his name and Primus he can feel his face start to flush. Oh no. He hopes Primus is as merciful and kind as Null likes to think he is, perhaps then he'll still have some composure by evening's end. One hand reaches up and the fingertips brush over the Autobot insignia on his chestplates. Courage, come now Cavalier, just a little bit of courage.

"I like it when you're close," he says gently, optics looking down, dimming a little. "But... Are you certain you would be alright with that? With... ah..." Cavalier extends his hand, the one that had been over his insignia, showing off the glove. It's plain today, he's not taking risks when walking on a Titan's back. "With this? It's a bit much to ask someone to just... be alright with, I suppose?"

Skydive is just as full of nerves, Cavalier, you aren't alone. He'd allowed the Aerialbot that kiss, so Skydive knows he thinks well of him. But there's always that seed of worry nestled deep down in his spark. Does he expect rejection? Not entirely. So it's a relief not to hear it. What he doesn't expect is Cavalier to question his outlier ability in all this.

"Of course!" The word springs from him without even thinking, optics flaring with a spike of energy when taking a step to close what little gap is between them. Instinct sees him taking that offered hand in both of his own, grasp careful and seure. "Of course.." Skydive repeats in a more hushed voice, taming it when his mind catches up with his action. "Never question that.. I enjoy you for you, even with this.." His cheeks are burning, emotion hot under the surface as optics dance away and down, shuttering low as he brings Cav's gloved hand against his lips and murmurs those words against them.

"I should be the one to ask you if you are alright with me.." Low optics slide sidelong, a minor conflict of the mind making mouth and brow crease. "I don't wish any of my burdens to stand in the way of this, but it is never always so simple.."

If Cavalier's face wasn't properly flushed before, it certainly is now as his hand is taken and his fingers ever so gently kissed. The spacer's wings flutter and flick before he wrests them back under control, only wavering a little as his spark jumps into his throat. Even with it, Skydive likes him. Even with it.

He can't help the bubble of laughter- his nerves butting headlong into his fluttering spark somewhere in his neck, certainly- and he shifts his fingers from Skydive's hold, from being held to cupping the Aerialbot's cheek gently. If he focuses, Cavalier can feel the heat from the metal through his gloves. It's almost enough. "What burdens might those be?" He asks, leaning in a little, wanting to be closer, just a bit. "Your overabundance of wit and kindness? Your care and duty to your work? To your brothers? Surely not any of those would feel like burdens."

He wants to rest his forehelm against Skydive's own, look into his optics and tell him all of the things he thinks of the mech, but Cavalier can't. So he lets himself just step a little closer instead and brings up his other hand to stroke the orange cheek. His spark spins a little faster. "Tell me your burdens, let me help."

Laughter is certainly a sound Skydive could have only hoped to hear right now. And when he does it makes his spark feel fit to bursting. Optics big and starstruck turn up to Cavalier when his cheek is take to warm the mech's hand. And his words.. "..You are too kind.." He mutters bashfully, tucking chin slightly to hide the light smile starting to grace sculpted lips.

But Skydive does have plenty of flaws, ones he tries desperately to hide. Thinking on them gradually breaks down the smile until it's a subtle note on his face, eyes darting between Cavalier's and to the ground as he speaks quietly and idly touches over one of the other's hands. "You would likely think me a mess. I am terrible with properly recharging and refueling. It's a miracle how I manage to function each day.." There's a touch of humor to that, though it dwindles when speaking next. "..I worry. Too much to be healthy. I try to bottle it all up, but it just eats until I crumble under the weight of it.. It isn't always, but.. still sometimes. It's a burden because I would hate to upset you with my sadness, much as I try to improve it.."

Cavalier's spark breaks just a bit as Skydive talks, optics glowing softly. "Oh, 'Dive..." What can he say? Something, he has to and he will, but there's a moment where nothing but a wellspring of relief that it's not just him comes to mind before being ruthlessly quashed. He revises. "It's kind of you to want to shield me from it, to be worried for it, but that doesn't sound like anything I'm not willing to sign up for." He rubs the orange cheeks with a thumb, ever gentle.

"I like to care for others, it's part of why I like being in Support. A little sadness won't scare me off, and you worry because you care... These aren't anything I'm not prepared for. I care for you very much." Cavalier smiles, the corner of his mouth quirking up just a little awkwardly as he realizes waht he's saying, how close he's come to hugging the Aerial in front of him. "So... ah... Please, I don't mind. I always enjoy hearing you talk, even if it's about worries... and, perhaps it will help. A bit."

Hearing all of this.. It helps lift an invisible weight from Skydive's shoulders, allowing his wings to lift gently and troubled expression to settle as optics close a moment against the thumbing. "Having to take care of four mechs for four million years, I suppose my caring goes more to them than myself.."

Steadily, he draws himself up from his less than proper posture, reaching to take Cavalier's hands in each of his own, twining digits and looking upon the mech fondly. "It helps.. It truly does. Just spending time with you, talking over our comms, even anticipating your letters.. It makes me feel as weightless as when we were outside the ship." The earnest in his tone and gentle squeeze of Cav's hands tells of his honesty.

"I care for you as well and I never want you to feel uncomfortable, Cavalier. Even if we can't interact as much.." A glance to the other mech's hands before continuing, the shine to his blue optics warm behind his glasses and smile genuine. "..Just being around you is enough, holding you like this is enough, and if it becomes more then I want it to be your decision. I would never pressure you to do what you don't like." It's Skydive's turn now to release a hand and touch gently to Cav's cheek and jawline, caring.

Cavalier's vents let out a soft whoosh of air as his own cheek is cupped. His nerves are starting to wind down a little... Everything is going better than he had hoped. "I like you quite a bit, I like feeling weightless with you, too. I think... I'd like to give us a try. A proper try?" He's not sure what to call it, truly, what they're stepping into, but perhaps that comes later. Another laugh bubbles up, optics flicking down as the legitimacy of nerves are replaced with more fluttering shyness. "I'm not too certain what I'm doing, I think... But I would like to hold your hand? If I may?"

Skydive already feels lighter at the suggestion, his wings giving a delighted bob and his spark spinning as it hums strongly in his chest. "A proper try it is, then." They could have left it there, moved on with their tour of the city, but Cavalier takes it a step further and makes a rather personal request on his part. Skydive views him sweetly with a slight cant of his helm and a circle of his thumb against the mech's cheek. "I would never say no." He draws away after to remove his own glove, loosening each digit and being careful with the fabric until he pulls it off and offers black painted hand to Cavalier with palm up.

<FS3> Cavalier rolls Touch Telepathy: Good Success. (5 1 2 6 3 8 6 7 7 4 2)

Cavalier looks at the hand in front of him, takes a breath, and takes off a glove to touch their hands palm to palm as he focuses and tries to keep the flow of thoughts from overwhelming either of them. He presses across the connection the feeling of spinning through the void, twirling, with company and not alone and delighted and the bubbling through his spark after the kiss they shared. He channels the idea of Skydive feeling safe, feeling happy when he approaches, knowing that touching him is comfortable- unafraid- clinging and not pulling back at the first brush of consciousness not-his-own.

Safe warm hold kind happy care protect defend hope pride care happy uncertain happy trying happy.

And then he pulls back, needing to untangle his fingers from Skydive's before he can properly release their hands, armor trembling and hand tingling.

Skydive doesn't want to hurry this, allowing Cavalier to take his time and remaining patient while watching the spacer remove his glove. It's rare that he sees those hands, the sight of them feeling almost forbidden in a way. But he hand is welcoming, slipping smoothly into Cav's and fitting neatly together with a link of fingers.

Skydive's armor prickles at the initial touch, a tingle traveling up his arm, but the foreign thoughts that flow into his mind after a moment take his mind off that. It's.. peaceful. Wonderful. Calming, reassuring words could melt him if he wasn't conscious enough to remain aware. A gentle probe back tests the waters before similar feelings cross the tenuous bond.

Traveling across with it are sensations, the release of winded nerves and the strong pulse of a sparkbeat. Sending these back, he clings to the ones Cav sends, feeling them as a fleeting part of himself until finally the other mech withdraws. Skydive doesn't want it to end, tempted to chase it like an addiction, but he knows better and allows Cavalier to retreat back into his own mind, leaving the Aerialbot alone with a gentle sigh once the bond is broken. "You're right.." He murmurs once separated, touching the back of Cav's jaw and leaning in just enough to emulate a press of foreheads without touching, his optics squinted up to compliment the affectionate smile that graces him. "Talking really helps, especially like that. ..Thank you."

Cavalier nods, a little shaky still but smiling as he tucks his hand safely back into his glove. Worth it, by far, but perhaps not again for some time. He holds out his other hand, still gloved, to Skydive to take. "Whenever you need," he replies, starting to return to their stroll.

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