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Common Spaces
Date 2018/03/19
Location Common Lounge
Participants Astrix, Dust
Summary These kinds of brief encounters are bound to happen.

Despite being a hub intersecting various wings in of the habitation deck, the common lounge had been quiet and seeing very little traffic. Wonderfully so. But that's not to say it was entirely out of use. For if one were to approach now they would hear the projected sound of some woodwind instruments with a little bit of string backup and some light, exotic percussions. This was a backdrop to some sort of dry narration. And as one approached one would notice that someone had left an Earth documentary running - which was nearing the end.

At first it may seem as though the room were unoccupied, until a very still form, reaching only eight feet in height, could be spotted on the floor, not far from the L-shaped couches. Although bipedal, it was not humanoid in nature. But rather appeared to be a large mechanoid bird of prey, poised and statuesque.

Dust is slowly making his way back to his room after exploring for much of the day. His optics are constantly roving as he moves, taking in all the sights. Having been in this room before, he almost didn't go in, but the strange sounds intrigue him and he walks in, at first he is focused nearly entirely on the documentary. He moves in closer to see what exactly is playing. And that's when he realizes he's not alone. Thankfully he's paying alot more attention to things on the ground especially after tripping over one shipmate. "OH! Ummmm Wow...ummm...yer really unique lookin...." He takes a step back, "sorry if I'm intruding....errr." THe young mech offers a slight grin.

At first Astrix doesn't move. He lets the silence hang there, almost as if ignoring Dust would simply make him vanish. But then the credits begin to roll after some closing remarks that tried to hard to be deep and just ended up as sloppy rhetoric from the narrator. Without any other part of him moving, Astrix' head swivels around, his large yellow optics staring at Dust. "If this were my private quarters, it would be an intrusion. But this is the common lounge. Key word 'common'. Anyone who spends time here, myself included, ought to expect constant intrusion." The owl's head then snaps back forward, peering at the viewscreen as names scroll by.

Dust smirks a little at the high speaking of the owl. At least he knows that the guy is intelligent now. "UH yeah that's true but you could be in a room with a hundred mechs and still have your measure of privacy. I'm still gettin used ta all the different mechs this place has. Every time I think that I've seen most of the extremes, something else totally changes the benchmark fer what is normal. I was a bit more concerned that I walked nearly up ta ya before I realized that you were there and watching the screen. I shouldn't have been so distracted." He stretches a bit and then looks back at the screen.

With a subtle, delicate motion, Astrix extends one of his talons, clicking a remote that laid on the floor in front of him, shutting off the viewscreen. However, even with the screen blank, he continues to stare up at it. "It is adviseable that you remain aware of your surroundings. And even MORE adviseable that you do not take spontaneous 'naps' in places that would imperil others." The talk of frames and and shapes is deliberately left unmentioned.

Dust chuckles softly, "Not exactly comfortable enough here ta 'nap' in public. Still gettin used ta havin a roommate. Mostly been gettin the layouts of the ship memorized since we're about ta have some big stuff goin down. Apparenlty my timin is impeccible. I arrive just in time fer the world ta end.....well end or at least get turned upside down. NOt sure how much help I'll be but guess this will be my chance ta do some good rather than drivin my COs crazy. My name's Dust Devil by the way."

As Dust Devil continues talking, Astrix continues to remain still. Mostly. There is a clack clack as each talon taps on the floor, one at a time, in order from left to right, and then right to left. "Astrix," is the owl's curt introduction. There is a silent pause before Astrix reaches forward, carefully clutching the remote in one of his talons. Balanced on his other foot, he stoops forward and spreads his broad metal wings, adjusting their angle carefully. "Just in time for the world to end... indeed." There is a sharp, ringing sound of metal gliding across metal, like a sword unsheathing, as Astrix fans out his tail. "Whose world, exactly, do you mean? And what scope? Do you mean Cybertron if we fail to stop Unicron? Or the entire universe?"

Dust shrugs. "Everyone who is here possibly? WHo knows how far out what we do goes. It seemed the greatest thing in the world fer us ta hear the war was over and we could come back. My colony was failin even before but it was amazin ta see what a little spark of hope could do. Well we get to Cybertron, all is goin great and As it stands, those where I was fron were dyin as much from inactivity as they were from lack of resources. They were givin up before they were dead but they might as well have been already gone. Alot of bitter sparks. At least right now in this moment, I, you..we...we all have a chance ta at least affect our futures. Still might end up dyin, but better ta go out fightin then waitin fer the last drops of energon ta solidify in yer frame." He makes a face and shakes his head. "Sorry, been a bit torn about all this. And its kinda disconcertin ta be in a place where I really don't know anyone. Before everyone might have considered me a pain in the aft, but at least I knew where I stood with everyone." And yes he's watching with fascination as the robotic owl walks and then spreads its feathers.

Astrix is poised and ready to take flight, but seems to stop and listen to Dust talk. And talk. There is just the slightest tremble in his outstretched wings, as if anticipating any moment a break in Dust's brief autobiography in which to launch into the air without being rude. But after a while he grews impatient, taking to flight even as Dust speaks. Astrix deposits the remote on the media stand mid-air and then turns and glides over to one of the couches. Astrix lands on the back of the furniture, perching there as Dust finishes talking. He tilts his head at Dust. "There are many pains in the aft on this ship. You will surely fit right in."

Dust realizes he's holding Astrix up and frowns, "Oh...sorry....." Though its hard to be a pain in the aft when you don't know who is safe to mess with or as much about the current situations. "Guess I rambled. I apologize again fer interruptin yer night. Guess I'll head back to my room. Hope ya have a nice night." He half smiles and then sighs as he backs toward the door.

"You weren't interrupting." Astrix corrects. However he does not otherwise try to stop Dust from leaving. He just folds up his wings and remains perched on the back of furniture. He doesn't turn anything more onto the viewscreen, either. He just remains there, silent, and watching.

Dust shrugs, "Its okay, I'm used ta overstayin my welcome." He turns and heads out the door quickly. Yep it is definately not the easiest thing to be the new guy on the ship.

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