2018-01-29 Stay Radical Dudes

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2018-01-29 Stay Radical Dudes
Date 2018/01/29
Location Some Planet
Participants Airazor, Rodimus, Whisper
NPCs !Minimus, !Rodimus, !Soundwave
Summary Sometimes you gotta dance and die.

Unicron hangs suspended in space, and the tattered remnants of the galaxy's fleets advance hesitating, halting, not quite sure if it's a trap.

Their wariness is later vindicated by the fact that a planet that was used as a forward staging area falls under Harbinger siege. The Lost Light and the Council of Worlds respond: multiple teams, dispatched to hold the line and allow the galactics to retreat, spit out by spacebridge across the planet at each of the landed ships. The action is fierce, but widely scattered in small pockets, with communications scrambled by the unusually strong magnetic field that they'd sure hoped would keep the Harbingers away.

There are two ships on the nearest plain. One is all smooth organic curves, the aesthetic decidedly unCybertronian, while the other is round and purple and black and mustached: it's the !RodPod. It appears to have dropped directly on a building containing some of the galactics, because body parts have squished out in every direction. The rest of the galactics are in buildings nearby, looking at their ship beyond. Between the galactics and escape stands !Rodimus, !Minimus, and two other Harbingers -- who are currently rocking out to some taunting beats signing out from the slightly foot-smushed boombox under !Rodimus's foot.

The Lost Light team stands in the shelter of a temporary shuttle hanger: out of sight as they make their plans. Rodimus's idea of a plan: "Okay, I can drive up there and punch him and the rest of you can roll in after."

Not his best plan.

Airazor wants to be out there. She's practically buzzing with anticipation, wingtips fluttering and the feathers arrayed on her helm flared out to catch any breeze. She should be paying attention to Rodimus, though the urgency of that attention diminishes significantly once the Eukarian hears his plan. Her oversized green optics peer out of the hangar, on the ruin spread out above and around. War as she has not known it. "I'm ok with that." She notes. "Hit them hard. Make them pay." Airazor doesn't know what she's talking about, but it feels good to say.

Whisper gives Rodimus a particularly intense look, and then, she can look no more, because she has transformed from standing Cybertronian into stealth jet. She seems to believe the implication of her offer is clear, because having turned into a stealth jet, she does not otherwise offer verbal critique of his plan.

The boombox under !Rodimus's overly large boot is louder than ought to be. !Soundwave strains his speakers to their limits to be heard over the mayhem going on around them. "Instruments of destruction! Tools of power play. It's a violent eruption- existence drips away!" blares out of the shrunken !Decepticon, hoping that maybe !Rodimus will let off his heel a little.

"You know you gotta come out at some point," !Rodimus taunts as he strokes his ridiculous mustache with the rub of his finger and thumb. He is holding a massive rocket launcher that honestly looks like it was torn off an anti-air truck. He has his eyes on the hangars, but he looks from one to the next to the next, not sure where the galactics are hiding -- or that the Lost Lighters have made an appearance. He shifts his foot off of !Soundwave and braces to fire a missile at one of the hangars. The hangar next to them detonates in a blast of heat, sound cracking over them as shrapnel rains against the side of their building. "Come out, come out!"

!Minimus is casual about his accompaniment to !Rodimus's taunting. He adds the staccato counterpoint of machine gun fire to the drum and bassline of !Soundwave's speakers. He times it very carefully, with a musical appreciator's deep sense of rhythm. "Or we'll have to come up with a better show for you," he pitches to carry in the aftermath of the rattle of weapons. "You don't really want to give us time to get creative, do you?"

Rodimus twitches like he's about to dart out and punch -- but then his counterpart is lifting a rocket launcher and he moves. He puts himself between the squishes inside and the wall nearest the missile's landing sight, but the wall holds, and his dramatic heroics are unnecessary. He, ah, resets his voccalizer with a click: "Go out the back door and stay out of sight. We'll take care of them, then come back to get you."

The galactics don't need to be told twice: they are out of here, leaving the three Lost Lighters to face the Harbingers on their own. This is fine. It's fine!

<FS3> Airazor rolls Hotblooded: Great Success. (6 2 4 8 8 8 7)

Airazor flinches in spite of herself as the nearby hangar gets exploded, pieces of it and whatever or whoever was inside rainging down on them like a heavy rain. She looks up, as if she could actually see through the roof of the hangar. "I didn't come all this way to get blown up with my feet on the ground." Airazor notes in a low tone. Whisper's transformation gets a nod of approval. Fuck yes, flyers. "Better chance in the air." She stalks forward, then breaks into a run. With enough momentum she leaps and transforms, assuming her falcon form and zooming into the sky with beating wings. Airazor announces her arrival with a keening raptor's cry, sure to draw the attention fo any nearby Harbinger. She also wings away from the hangar, perhaps presenting an opening for others to emerge.

<FS3> Whisper rolls Stealth: Great Success. (2 7 3 3 4 8 1 7 3 4 1 7)

Whisper takes off hot on Airazor's tail and activates her stealth field, a rippling shadow in the air before she peels off. Although she can't vanish entirely, she can use the cover the explosion to hurtle at a directly opposed angle. Her goal is to try to get a clear shot from cover on their targets, hopefully from the complete opposite direction of the others, but it will take some pretty flying to get there without getting spotted. At least her silence is with her.

!Soundwave looks like the most relieved boombox in history when !Rodimus takes his foot off. He continues to obediently play the music until he realizes what !Minimus is doing. Which is when- By sheer accident, would you believe it?- the drack skips as if trying to delibrately through the !Autobot off the beat. Crazy. The song comes back like it had never happened: "And when the nightmare's over, the final from the storm. Dust from all creation, to ashes we transform!"

When Airazor wings out of the shed, !Rodimus whips his missile up at her to try to track her to fire. It's like Duckhunt, but he's firing a missile, and she's a razor-clawed death machine. "Not what I was looking for, but I'll take it!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Airazor=transportation Vs Rodimus=firearms
< Airazor: Great Success (2 7 2 8 3 6 7 8 3 3 2 5) Rodimus: Great Success (3 6 5 8 1 4 7 6 4 5 8 3 2 7 1)
< Net Result: DRAW

The missile buzzes by Airazor, dangerously close, but she manages to avoid it with a dip just as it detonates, singing her tailfeathers.

!Minimus hauls back and kicks !Soundwave. He doesn't have the enormous puppy foot that !Rodimus does, but he can still put some vicious menace in a kick. Sure, maybe it was an accident. He doesn't give the impression of someone who cares. He lets out a sound like a long, low whistle of a noise. "Damn," he says, "what a slippery bird. You've got it next time, hot stuff. Or do you want me to shoot it for you?" He lets out another brief blast of machine gun fire. Just gun flirting, really.

What. WHAT. First Rodimus has been out-captained, now he's being out-hotheaded: "Oh, for--." The rest of his curse doesn't make it past his teeth as he transforms and launches himself forward, gunning straight for !Minimus like he's gonna mown him down.

The two Harbingers flanking the power couple don't really approve of this move, aiming to blow out Rodimus's dires as he approaches.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=transportation+2 Vs Harbinger=8
< Rodimus: Great Success (6 6 7 1 3 8 6 7 4 2 3 8) Harbinger: Good Success (5 2 2 4 8 6 7 6)
< Net Result: Rodimus wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=transportation+2 Vs Minimus Ambus=reaction+reaction+2
< Rodimus: Good Success (8 6 8 4 5 3 6 1 8 2 1 2) Minimus_ambus: Great Success (8 2 6 5 3 6 6 1 1 7 8 7)
< Net Result: Minimus_ambus wins - Marginal Victory

Airazor tracks the missile. Still, it's moving quite fast and it's been a long time since she was shot at like this. She turns at the last moment but still barely escapes, the concussion from the blast distorting her flight path and requiring a few beats of her wings in order to clear it. Smoke trails from smoldering feathers, but they flex and still work. Airazor is still in command of the sky.

The first rule of aerial combat is this: be higher than your opponent. Airazor builds her altitude, climbing up and up...until she banks into a turn that seems slow, almost as if she's baiting another shot. Just before the turn hits its apex, however, Airazor folds her wings flat against her body and dives. No cry of warning this time, just acceleration generating tremendous speed against a point her keen eyesight selected. She homes in on a glowing point of the battlefield, just a pinprick from her vantage, but for the falcon it might as well be a beacon calling her home.

At the last possible moment, Airazor's wings flare and her talons come out: targeted right at !Rodimus's optics.

<FS3> Airazor rolls Transportation: Great Success. (6 8 7 4 8 2 5 5 2 7 3 2)
<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Airazor=transportation+4 Vs Rodimus=unarmed+2
< Airazor: Good Success (2 1 5 4 8 6 5 5 8 5 1 5 5 4 6 1) Rodimus: Good Success (1 7 2 4 4 1 2 7 1 2 1)
< Net Result: DRAW

Whisper drops out of the sky, transforming to root mode on the way down because the building's roof is not enough runway. She rolls in a pitched somersault and stops, on one knee. She holds herself very still, keeping as quiet and silent as possible as she stares down towards her targets. Only when she thinks she is clear to not get shot at does she pull her sniper rifle from subspace and begin to set up.

The music track definitly doesn't skip on purpose when !Soundwave is targetted with a sharp kick from !Minimus. The smaller boombox skids and scuffs backwards, sliding on the hard ground with a small groan. "Dude..." he mutters before quickly reshuffling songs to bang out something a bit heavier on the guitar riffs: "We'll gladly watch while you go down in flames- burb baby burn!"

She's dropping faster than !Rodimus can track her, so he throws the missile launcher to the side and throws his hand up, intercepting Airazor as she attempts to claw out his face. He grapples with her, attempting to fling her to the ground. "You're outnumbered, you idiots. Even for you, this is stupid."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Airazor=unarmed Vs Rodimus=unarmed+2
< Airazor: Failure (1 2 2 2 1 5) Rodimus: Amazing Success (8 1 7 7 8 6 2 2 7 6 8)
< Net Result: Rodimus wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Airazor rolls Fortitude: Success. (2 7 6 1 1)

"Aw, that's so cute," !Minimus Ambus says with a wide smile that lights his blazing eyes. "He wants to come and play." He drops the machine gun to the ground with casual ease, flipping out a high-powered laser rifle and setting himself to fire on the advancing Rodimus. "Come and get me, shortie. Maybe if you're real nice, we'll kiss and make up."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Minimus Ambus=firearms+2 Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2
< Minimus_ambus: Great Success (1 8 8 7 5 4 5 5 1 2 6 2 8 2 2 1) Rodimus: Great Success (7 2 5 7 7 6 8 1)
< Net Result: DRAW

As !Minimus slips by him, Rodimus takes shots across his hood. The glancing blows darken the blaze of golden flame with smoky soot. He wheels hard, unable to come around in time to slam his momentum into !Minimus, and aiming to take out one of the two goons instead. "Hold on a sec," he taunts back at !Minimus. "I'm busy."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed+2 Vs Harbinger=8
< Rodimus: Good Success (6 6 2 7 8 1 3 8 5 1 4) Harbinger: Good Success (8 5 1 5 3 8 3 5)
< Net Result: Rodimus wins - Marginal Victory

Setting up on the roof, Whisper takes aim very carefully at !Rodimus's head -- gauging her timing as exactly as possible, centering her shot upon him so that she doesn't risk any (additional) damage to Airazor when she fires.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=firearms+2 Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2
< Whisper: Amazing Success (8 5 7 7 6 7 4 8 3 1 5 1 1 7 3 3 6 2) Rodimus: Great Success (3 8 8 8 7 4 1 8)
< Net Result: Whisper wins - Marginal Victory

This usually works better when they don't see you coming and can't grab you. The decceleration of being caught in !Rodimus's grasp is bad enough--Airazor's internals strain with the force, pulling more g-forces than she can normally maintain. Instinct screams in the back of her mind: transform, transform! Not that she can, being caught in the Harbinger leader's grasp. Talons scrape futiley at his helm, but do little more than scratch his paint. Still, the falcon fights on, screeching frustrated cries until she is introduced rather roughly to the ground. Not her best friend. Airazor's transformation cog finally kicks in, but it is laboriously slow, gears grinding until her root form can painfully emerge. Energon is expelled from her mouth onto the dirt from the effort. Prone, Airazor looks over her shoulder with one flickering green optic, fixing !Rodimus with all the hatred her battered frame can muster.

!Rodimus lifts his hand to mark where her claws have torn through the paint and even the first layers of his armoring. It flirts dangerously close to his eyes without quite hitting. "Heh," he says. Then, advancing toward her, his head snaps back with a sudden ping as he takes a shot from far afield. He snaps his gaze away from Airazor, mid-step as if to crush her, and pauses to snarl at the Harbingers, "Find that sniper!"

They peel out, leaving Rodimus with his fists up and no one to fight.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=stealth Vs Harbinger=8
< Whisper: Good Success (8 3 6 6 5 5 4 1 7 3 2 4) Harbinger: Good Success (2 3 1 7 6 6 7 6)
< Net Result: DRAW

Ignoring Airazor, !Minimus has set himself so that his target is clearly Rodimus. He chambers a round and says, "Sure, I can wait," before he takes another shot and begins to advance at closer range. "I've got all the time in the world to take you apart. Rodimus and I can do it together. Won't that be nice?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Minimus Ambus=firearms+2 Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2
< Minimus_ambus: Good Success (1 3 3 6 8 2 6 6 1 5 3 6 4 6 7 6) Rodimus: Great Success (3 6 1 2 7 7 8 7)
< Net Result: Rodimus wins - Solid Victory

!Soundwave doesn't have his optics out but his other seven senses tell him that Airazor just got wrekt. Duuuuuude, that's not good. "Don't you think you dudes should skedaddle while the skedaddlings good?" he asks the Lost Lighters. He's seen enough slaughterings- oh god, so many- to know where this is probably going. !Minimus and !Rodimus seemingly distracted, the boombox slowly grows in size, plates shifting as quietly and unnoticeable as he can manage while he keeps the heavy metal blaring on his speakers. He stands there unsurely.

Rodimus does a little minor skedaddling, scrambling out of the way of those gunshots as !Minimus advances, to plant himself between Airazor and the next shot. His gaze is wild, determined, and stupid-stubborn as he looks to !Soundwave. "Not without you. Transform back and Airazor can grab you!"

--he looks back over his shoulder to check and make sure that Airazor can do anything at all: "Can you move?"

It's a harsher, abraded version of the same voice that answers as !Rodimus turns to watch the gathering with a jumpy, ticking twitch knowing that there's a sniper out there somewhere with a bead on him. He's fine. This is fine! HE'S NOT BOTHERED. "Soundwave doesn't do anything without my say so. Do you, Soundwave."

Rather than fire another shot from her same spot, Whisper moves, ghosting over the roof to find another place, another angle to set herself so that she can fire another blast into her target. Her smile is cold and terrible as she centers the weapon, once more, upon his head. Upon his face. Too bad there is no one to see it.

"Would've been...a better plan before the suicide run..." Airazor tries to gather herself, planting a hand beneath her frame and slowly pushing herself up. She leaves more than a little mechfluid and energon behind. She flexes her wings. Those still work. "That's all I need." The falcon notes. "Old saying. Everything that flies dies in the dirt. Not one of ours." Airazor nods to Soundwave. "Give me an opening and we're gone."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=stealth Vs Harbinger=8
< Whisper: Amazing Success (7 5 3 4 7 1 1 7 7 8 3 7) Harbinger: Good Success (8 2 8 8 6 5 2 5)
< Net Result: Whisper wins - Solid Victory

!Minimus's lip purls back from his teeth in a visible snarl as Rodimus moves so swiftly and smoothly away from the bead he thought sure he had on him. He tries to take advantage of the momentary distraction when Rodimus checks on his crew to use it as the moment he fires his next shot. For a moment, he forgets about banter, and his sober intensity is more reminiscent of his double.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=firearms Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2
< Whisper: Great Success (5 1 8 8 6 6 2 1 5 1 3 6 5 7 8 5) Rodimus: Good Success (8 2 6 3 3 2 3 8)
< Net Result: Whisper wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Minimus Ambus=firearms+2 Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2
< Minimus_ambus: Amazing Success (5 8 7 7 6 5 8 8 7 4 8 7 4 1 6 8) Rodimus: Good Success (2 4 3 2 8 7 3 4)
< Net Result: Minimus_ambus wins - Crushing Victory
<FS3> Rodimus rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (8 7 5 2 5 3 6 6 4 4 5)

In chess, you call this a pin: Rodimus can't move without exposing Airazor, something he's clearly unwilling to do, and as !Minimus unloads the hail of gunfire, he's knocked back, knocked down, and forced to his knees as armor cracks and burns.

He flinches when !Rodimus speaks but... !Soundwave can't keep his visor from shuttering. "You still want to save me? Duuuuudes..." he says, not responding to !Rodimus. Surprise, the Lost Lighters are pretty good people who want to help- even though one of them is one shot away from stasis. Even if he's refused the help in the past. A lot. Because his little dudes-

!Minimus shoots off a powerful, cold round and !Soundwave jerks. Reacts. He grabs !Minimus and pulls him tightly to his chassis, cutting off the music and leaving it strangely quiet. "Rodi-lame, dude... My Rodi-lame, just so eveyone- er! You're not gonna kill these radical dudes! Or, uh, your dude is gonna get it!" Awkward shift on feet.

Whisper watches !Soundwave for a split second longer and then uses the distraction he offers to fire a second shot at !Rodimus's head from her roost upon the roof, not bothering to change her angle or resituate.

!Minimus thrashes and flails, trying to break !Soundwave's hold. "Unhand me, you blithering twit!" he roars in high dudgeon, his rifle scattering to the ground as he twists and squirms.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=stealth-2 Vs Harbinger=8
< Whisper: Great Success (1 7 8 5 2 5 7 2 2 7) Harbinger: Success (6 2 4 3 4 2 3 8)
< Net Result: Whisper wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=firearms Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2
< Whisper: Great Success (5 4 8 2 7 8 5 3 1 4 5 1 8 3 6 7) Rodimus: Good Success (6 2 8 6 2 7 8 6)
< Net Result: Whisper wins - Solid Victory

After the first shot, !Rodimus is flinching in a super uncool kind of way and trying to break line of sight; the second shot damages !Rodimus seriously enough that he's gone, the smaller organic ship between him and Whisper as he puts his hand up to mark the dent and score of bloodied energon. His hand curls to a fist at his side, and as !Soundwave reaches for !Minimus, ignites. "Soundwave," he barks, voice harsh. "Drop him and transform."

Airazor watches as !Minimus's rifle falls to the ground. He's right there, restrained, and honest-to-Chela Harbinger helpless with a high powered weapon in reach. Airazor inches forward and her fingers flex. She can feel the gun in her hands, the recoil as she ends him...she stops there. Her optics flicker and slide towards !Rodimus at his command. Airazor straightens, then, she manages to float. Shaky at first, it makes her wince, but then she stabilizes. Clenching her fists, she looks to !Soundwave and nods to him, with a jerk of her head to the side: toss that bag of bolts and transform.

<< "Whisper," >> Rodimus says, voice strong and clear over the comms like he isn't bleeding all everywhere, chest armor loose enough to show the edge of a Matrix (casing) gleam, << "we're getting out of here. Get high enough to clear the interference and call a spacebridge below you."

What a feeling, rebellion. It reminds !Soundwave of the good ol' days. Fighting back against the likes of Optimus Prime with Megatron. Everyone alive and there was hope. It feels... It feels good. It makes him want to dance. !Soundwave's glance to Airazor and then Rodimus, their conditions. Risking everything, rebelling against the Harbringers everyday and- and ain't that just totally tubular?

!Soundwave holds onto !Minimus for dear life, craning his neck sohe can slip two fingers under his collar. The one laced with supremely powerful explosives- !Wheeljack must have really outdone himself there. "Actually, dudes, I don't think you can tell me what to do anymore! Not ever again! But I'll let you pick- your little dude or you come here, Rodimus."

Despite the fact that Rodimus technically isn't her captain anymore, Whisper's << "Aye, sir," >> is immediate. She runs to the edge of the roof and drops off it, transforming on the way down; her engines cut in and she starts to fly, higher and higher--

There aren't a lot of things that can force !Rodimus out of cover when a sniper's got her beady little eyes on him, but a threat against !Minimus? That sends him lunging for !Soundwave. "I'll fragging well fold you into it myself if I have to!" He tackles them, knocking !Minimus free, as the fire ignites across his frame in a sickly green-blue-purple glow of heat.

As Whisper rises, the two Harbingers on the ground finally spot her and fire--

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Whisper=reaction+reaction Vs Harbingers=8
< Whisper: Failure (2 1 1 6 2 3 3 5) Harbingers: Good Success (6 4 2 2 7 8 5 7)
< Net Result: Harbingers wins - Solid Victory

--but it's not enough to bring her down. Armor, energon: it rains on those gathered below as Whisper breaks past the magnetic interference to get a line to the Lost Light and Tempo.

!Minimus doesn't immediately recognize the significance of the fingers pressed to his throat, and continues to twist and thrash in the grip of his captor, snarling and not quite spitting -- until the words kind of click somewhere in his head and he goes still. He cries out, "Rodimus! Rodimus, no--" even as his conjunx is tearing towards them in a mad rush and smashing into them.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Soundwave=unarmed+1 Vs Rodimus=unarmed+2-50
< Soundwave: Amazing Success (7 7 5 7 7 7 1 7 7 2 8 3) Rodimus: Success (8)
< Net Result: Soundwave wins - Crushing Victory
Soundwave spends 1 luck points on Rod took my little dudes, I'm taking his ;w;.

Airazor 's optics, already overlarge, widen when she sees what's going to happen. "No...I could save you! I'm...I'm fast enough!" Airazor cries. But she remains suspended in the air next to Rodimus, energon trickling down to her feet to drip onto the ground. Let it all be for something.

!Soundwave's grip on !Minimus really showcases the inequity of strength between a giant brick versus a tiny, prickly (evil) hedgehog. "This is your fault, !Rodimus," he says, fingers tightening around his collar as the crazed Captain comes. He manages a brief glance to Rodimus and the other Lost Lighter, green visor glinting with a final: "Tell my little ones I love 'em- and stay radical dudes." And then he pulls, snapping the collar and to set of the explosive contained within.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (6 4 1 7 1 5 3 6 6 2 7)
<FS3> Airazor rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (2 5 7 8 4)

Not only does !Soundwave keep his grip on !Minimus, but he also hip-checks !Rodimus in a stumbling clatter away. !Rodimus collapses, and is just rising, hand outstretched for !Minimus, when the collar snaps. "No--!"

The sound's washed away by a shattering crack as a wash of heat and light and force knocks the Lost Lighters back, and strips the paint from !Rodimus's frame. The gust of wind extinguishes his flames.

Vision flickering, a breath from off-lining, Airazor and Rodimus are knocked back and nearly knocked offline -- but they hold on. Yet they can only watch as the explosion shatters through !Soundwave and !Minimus Ambus.

The spacebridge portal pops up behind them. Good work, Whisper!

"No..." Airazor is flat on her back on a strip of foreign earth, but it feels remarkably familiar. She hurts more now than she did then, and less. Much less, in the ways that count. But it hurts still. The gouges dug out of her helm and other armor by bits of !Soundwave aren't the only wounds opened by that blast. Yet, as before, she manages to turn and rise, entering the embrace of the space bridge. You can collapse when you're dead, and she didn't earn her death today.

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