2018-01-07 Cassette Rescue

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Cassette Rescue
Date 2018/01/07
Location Galactic Council Lecture World
Participants Soundwave, Glaze, Deathsaurus
Scene GM Tez
Summary While Deathsaurus's army engages the Harbingers, a small team slips behind the lines to rescue some !cassettes.

The fight against the Harbingers has continued unabated even with all of the many other things going on aboard the Lost Light. Deathsaurus and his crew have waged their own battle in coordination with the Lost Light's attacks, and they are the ones to first send up notice of a priority target for defense. Notice was recently from the Lost Light to its allies: make a priority of finding and rescuing !Soundwave's cassettes. It's only one of many priorities, but it's the first time it's been a clear point of its own in the ongoing fight.

It's Deathsaurus's crew who first spot a chance to stage a rescue. !Blaster is leading a fairly sizable Harbinger attack squad laying siege to a Galactic Council lecture world dedicated to the study of mechanical races: how they function, their history. Legends of Unicron. Presumably stories of how to defeat Unicron.

It's all going up in flames. Deathsaurus's crew holds the battle across the planet as Galactic Council researchers struggle to extract as much data and flee. But in the center of it all, !Ravage and !Ratbat are under !Blaster's watch, with !Rewind and !Eject to round out the squad. It's impossible to breach the Harbinger lines to get to them.

Unless, of course, you have a space bridge.

Deathsaurus leads a small team that spacebridges directly into a grand university's central lecture hall, where central database access can be found. Those databases are empty now, first to fall, and !Blaster sits in the front of a massive lecture space, watching the battles that are projected on screens ahead of them. !Ravage and !Ratbat are made to carry the video streams for viewing, with !Blaster, !Rewind, and !Eject spectate and cackle. They are covered in gore from the Council researchers killed to allow them to come this far.

"I still cannot believe we are helping the Galactic Council." Yes, Deathsaurus eventually did see the wisdom of banding with them to defeat Unicron, but for so long they were, to him, an enemy of mechanicals. He expects that the "lessons" given on this world, until recently, did not just focus solely on Unicron. If any knowledge can yet be saved from this world, he'd like to see what it is.

Deathsaurus is no stranger to direct combat, not being the sort of leader who sends his minions into harm's way without care; even now he's mindful of his charges who fight elsewhere. Still, the last dozen civilizations he's subjugated weren't all that challenging, so he's girded himself. And equipped himself: his long blaster rifle with an attached flail is hoisted at the ready with one arm, and his tail shield hangs prominently on the other. He quickly surveys the scene, and finds (appropriately) something worth fighting for. "Rescuing those poor cassettes, on the other hand, is a highly worthy goal."

Some Autobots might be hesitant even now to go on a mission under the Decepticon commander who, unlike Soundwave, isn't even a member of the Lost Light's crew. Glaze is not one of them. They're all in this together, after all, are they not, and lives are at stake here. There's no room for factionalism.

"As it stands, we are on the same side here" Standing next to Deathsaurus, the former medic looks utterly minuscule, as does his equipment. His own shield is strapped to one arm, while in the other hand, he wields a handgun - small enough for him to easily maneuver it with one hand.

Soundwave has been trying to distance himself from the Harbingers to some degree. With his history and injuries, it seemed the best course of action. But he's willing to ignore it for the sake of this particular priority. !Cassette priority.

Soundwave walks through the bridge after Deathsaurus, tentacles held tightly to his side and vents cycling on high, hardly labored. He looks to Desu before his face turns to where !Blaster is sitting. His shoulder cannon turns on preemptively to prep a missile. He's always wanted to blast a Blaster. "Orders, commander," he asks of Deathsaurus.

The Galactic Council is probably struggling to believe that too, especially considering the lengthy and noteworthy history that Deathsaurus has as a cyberformer. No one ever really thinks much about those worlds that were cyberformed. Let's just say there are a lot of people in the galaxy very unhappy about how good Deathsaurus was at his job. JUST SLACK OFF A LITTLE, DESU.

!Ravage and !Ratbat are showing signs of strain even at this distance. They are routing a number of feeds, but while that might be a lot for them to handle, it's certainly within their capability. It's more likely that the signs of distress are due to the evidence of wholesale organic slaughter that Deathsaurus's crew brought a very belated halt to on their arrival. !Rewind says something to !Eject who laughs and throws a -- oh, that's someone's severed finger -- at the screen with a 'boo' as one of Deathsaurus's squads clears the last of the Harbinger forces from one of the libraries.

"Don't worry," !Blaster tells them, gesturing at the banks of dead computers in the background of the shot. "They were too late."

"Indeed, Autobot." Deathsaurus looks way down at Glaze. "Collaborating with your kind is not so much a reach for me, however, and we're fortunate to have you along." Well, it's likely that he and Soundwave could handle one Harbinger and his !cassettes, but Glaze could at least tip the balance at some point, or perhaps more. The distress of the !cassettes they've come to rescue is apparent even from this distance, and certainly Soundwave is attuned to it more so, well, no need to delay any longer. "My command, dear Soundwave, is open fire." Once Soundwave fires first, Deathsaurus unleashes a blast from his own rifle at !Blaster.

"I'm glad to be here" Glaze isn't looking at at Deathsaurus any longer, however. As with the others, his attention has been fully turned to the situation at hand. As Deathsaurus gives the order, he raises his shield and gun and, following the example of the Decepticons, opens fire.

Soundwave's armor bristles angrily and he shudders. His cannon spins its ammunitions but, in the end, he doesn't fire a missile. Too much risk of hitting the !cassettes. He whips out his blaster to fire off a shot at !Blaster. "Suggestion: We separate Ravage and Ratbat from the Autobots and keep them back. Will make obtaining them easier," he says to Deathsaurus.

<COMBAT> !blaster tries to attack but has no target!

<COMBAT> !rewind tries to attack but has no target!

<COMBAT> !eject tries to attack but has no target!

<COMBAT> Deathsaurus attacks !blaster with Plasma Rifle - Moderate wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Soundwave attacks !blaster with Blaster Pistol - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Glaze attacks !blaster with Blaster Pistol - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

The shots find their mark: the blast of Deathsaurus's rifle catches Blaster's hand mid-gesture, melting two of his fingers together, and he twists in his seat to look back in time for Soundwave and Glaze to hit him dead-on. Hand lightly smoking, !Blaster stands with a look of blank shock as he studies Deathsaurus. "How did you get past--." That's when he realizes Soundwave, and makes the connection to the Lost Light and the titan. And the spacebridge. "You made a mistake poking your head up. Such as it is," he adds with a nasty smirk at Soundwave. "!Rewind, !Eject--."

But they are already in motion, scrambling to get a shot on Deathsaurus as they take mighty offense to that hand-slagging shot of his.

!Ravage's feed blips as the shots ring out, going dark as he covers his head with his paws: "Do not want," he says. Let's be real, though, it's probably more like d0 n0t w4nt or something obnoxious like that.

!Ratbat's wings beat, but it's clear he's either welded or chained to the desk, because he doesn't move at all. His screens flicker, but remain on, showing one squad on the screen lifting their heads and detaching from their current fight.

<COMBAT> !eject will attack Deathsaurus this turn. (Tez)

<COMBAT> !rewind will attack Deathsaurus this turn. (Tez)

<FS3> Soundwave rolls Telepathy: Good Success. (2 6 8 2 2 7 3 6 7 2 1 2 6 5 5 1)

Although !Blaster says nothing out loud, Soundwave can pick out the silent order that goes out over the comms, ordering reinforcements back to join them. They have -- minutes.

"A sound plan, Soundwave. Let us proceed. I will draw off the Autobot cassettes." Because surely Soundwave has designs on their master. "Glaze, watch for any opportunity and seize it." Deathsaurus's wings flare out mightily, and he leaps into a glide down from their perch, being as much of an attention hog as he can be. As he lands, some distance away from !Blaster, he rotates his rifle in his hands, sending his flail into a wide arc to smash into !Eject. His wings remain extended, serving to block the line of sight of any Autobots he can maneuver away from the targets of their rescue.

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +2 modifier to soundwave.

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +2 modifier to !blaster.

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +2 modifier to !rewind.

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +2 modifier to !eject.

"Understood" Glaze nods without looking up. All of his attention is on the battlefield as he studies the situation in search of the best route to the !Cassettes. As Deathsaurus jumps forward, the Autobot edges to the side, taking advantage of the distraction to gain as much ground as he can before leaping forward as well. He hits the ground in snowmobile mode, shield turning into a sled that latches on behind him as he zooms towards the captives "<< Cover me >>"

"<< Currently supplying suppressive fire, >>" Soundwave tells Glaze as he fires at !Blaster again. His feet remain root to the spot, movements stiff. Stiffer than usual, at least. "<< Reinforcements have been called. Make haste. I will scramble their signals. >>" He doesn't have to physically move to hack and block incoming and outgoing signals for !Blaster and his cassettes.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Soundwave=hacking Vs !blaster=11

< Soundwave: Great Success (8 2 3 6 2 7 4 8 8 1 7 6 5 4)  !blaster: Good Success (5 1 4 1 6 7 1 5 8 3 7)

< Net Result: Soundwave wins - Solid Victory

<COMBAT> !blaster will attack Soundwave this turn. (Tez)

<COMBAT> !blaster attacks Soundwave with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> !rewind attacks Deathsaurus with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> Glaze passes.

<COMBAT> !eject attacks Deathsaurus with Blaster Pistol - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Deathsaurus attacks !eject with Axe but !eject DODGES!

<COMBAT> Soundwave attacks !blaster with Blaster Pistol - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

It's clear that Soundwave has done his job when !Blaster's expression erupts in fury, and his shot at Soundwave reflects that anger: "Next time it's gonna be more than your face!""

Glaze slides in next to !Ravage and !Ratbat, and it's clear to Glaze that both will need to be cut from restraints before they can be moved. !Ratbat's wings spread wide again, covering !Ravage protectively with their span, but all that spits from his throat is a crackle of static. It's likely he was mutilated by the Harbingers. !Ravage lifts a paw from his eyes as Glaze slides in: "Wut r u doing?" he asks in audible manifestation of Rodimus's typing.

!Eject flattens in a clatter as Deathsaurus's flail goes over his head, leaving !Rewind to close the distance and launch himself at Deathsaurus in a scrambling climb up his limbs to try to gouge out his eyes. "Hey, what do you think you're doing, you overgrown lizard?" He fully tanks all of their attention.

<COMBAT> !eject will pass this turn. (Tez)

<COMBAT> !rewind has changed weapons to unarmed. (Tez)

<COMBAT> !rewind will attack Deathsaurus this turn. (Tez)

Slippery little devils. Deathsaurus has no time to wind up again before he's blasted in the chest, and it's surprisingly staggering. Tough little devils. A claw goes to his chest to check that his prominent plate armor has avoided damage, and amazingly it has. While he wishes that it'd done its job a little better, it does serve to motivate his next decision. He ejects that armor, and it splits and transforms into a pair of drones, one avian and one feline. They are small and only lightly armed in their independent mode, but he only needs them to execute a simple command: distract. The drones shoot at !Eject, but the ruckus they make is more of the goal.

Meanwhile, Deathsaurus has a !cassette climbing him, which isn't helpful right now. "Ah, is that a request, little one?" Deathsaurus converts to his beast mode, thrashing about trying to get a claw or tooth into !Rewind.

Reaching the !Cassettes, Glaze shifts back, as does his sled-shield, which he props up as a barrier between him and the smaller mechs, and the fighting "Getting you out of here" he explains in a hushed voice as he drops down to one knee to put himself within better reach "Don't worry, I'm here to help, I'm not one of your Autobots." he pulls out a knife, designed more for stabbing than cutting things, but it'll do in a pinch, and reaches towards Ratbat's restraints. "Please, trust me."

Soundwave pauses, grip on his gun tightening as Blaster's hit lands. It forces one of his cloven feet to slide back. He shudders again, working through the pain to take another shot at !Blaster. "Blaster, far less threatening than he believes himself to be," he observes. Just have to keep his attention until Glaze has his !cassettes.

<COMBAT> !eject passes.

<COMBAT> Deathsaurus attacks !rewind with Tooth And Claw and MISSES!

<COMBAT> !blaster attacks Soundwave with Blaster Pistol - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> !rewind attacks Deathsaurus with Unarmed - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Glaze passes.

<COMBAT> Soundwave attacks !blaster with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

Honestly, !Ravage and !Ratbat don't get a lot of say in this. !Ratbat spits more static, wings giving a sharp flap -- and then he stills as Glaze reaches to cut through the restraints. !Ravage, tailtip quivering with a deep-body shudder that he works to still in the presence of an Autobot medic, quiets as !Ratbat stills. "Do me nao," he insists. "Hurry u noob!"

!Eject's kept flattened by the drones swarming over him, but moves in a sudden scramble to try to throw them off. "Oh, come on, what is this?" he asks as he winds up to punt one of them like a football.

"Call off your birds!" !Rewind says as he punches rather ineffectually at Deathsaurus's helm, scrambling down and around his shoulders at Deathsaurus tries to get him off. This is not dignified for either of them. But it is consuming their attention.

"I liked you better when the only noises you made were the ones !Rodimus told you to make," Blaster says, making an attempt to break through Soundwave's interference to call another set of reinforcements.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Soundwave=hacking Vs Blaster=11

< Soundwave: Great Success (4 1 6 1 5 7 4 5 7 4 3 3 8 7) Blaster: Great Success (4 7 5 3 4 6 8 8 8 2 8)

< Net Result: Blaster wins - Marginal Victory

Deathsaurus commands his drones to keep at it, a feeling of pride sent along with the message. He swings his wings over his head to get !Rewind away from his optics for a moment, enough to see that Glaze has freed !Ratbat. One down. The distractions are working, so, with a pump of his wings, he alights with !Rewind still on him, continuing to writhe and swipe but now in mid-air. Quite a continuing spectacle, hopefully. "They are my loyal drones, little ones! I take good care of them, and they care for me in return. Can you say the same for your master?"

Glaze winces at the static that comes from Ratbat, sympathy mixing with anger on his face as he cuts through the restraints. Once that's done, he turns to !Ravage "Alright, just hold still." Shuffling forward, he reaches to undo the cat cassette's bonds "Can you two move on your own? If not, I can transport you to safety."

Soundwave's chin lifts, hands clenching. "If it is sound Blaster desires, than so be it." That much, he can do. He onlines his specialized speakers, adjusting volume and amplitude, before selecting a nice soundtrack- particularly nice mix of almost unidentifiable songs !Rodimus was rather partial too. It's not gonna sound nice. He plants his feet steadily before playing such 'music' for !Blaster. Then he steadies his gun and aims for !Blaster's head.

<FS3> Soundwave rolls BOOMbox: Great Success. (2 7 8 8 5 8 6 6 2 5 1)

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +4 modifier to soundwave.

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +6 modifier to soundwave.

<COMBAT> Soundwave will attack !blaster this turn. Options: called=Head

<COMBAT> !rewind attacks Deathsaurus with Unarmed - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> !eject passes.

<COMBAT> Glaze passes.

<COMBAT> !blaster attacks Soundwave with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> Soundwave attacks !blaster with Blaster Pistol - Light wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> Deathsaurus attacks !rewind with Tooth And Claw but !rewind DODGES!

!Eject completely fails to accomplish anything at all, and ends up running from the drones and back to !Blaster.

"We have no master!" !Rewind insists at the same time, as !Eject tries to hide from the drones behind !Blaster's leg and ends up getting kicked out of the way for it. So. You know. Yeah, totally have a great not-master that treats you super-good, !Rewind. !Rewind snarls -- a high but vicious sound -- and throws himself from Deathsaurus to scramble after and back to !Blaster. "Boss, you gotta fry that guy!"

It's poor timing that they hit !Blaster just as Soundwave unleashes his sonic attack, sending the cassettes tumbling and staggering !Blaster. His shot just barely grazes Soundwave, and while he calls something, the sound is lost to the scramble of noise in the exchange of blows.

"Lol no." !Ravage refuses the offered ride and scrambles over and past Glaze, not particularly gentle, in a leap toward Soundwave. !Ratbat follows, winging through the air wide of the exchange of shots. !Ratbat, at least, spares a grateful look for Glaze: one of them knows who they owe for their freedom.

At the edge of Soundwave's hearing, he can hear the first wave of reinforcements pulling in and scrambling through the halls toward them.

"No master! Good! Then a trusted commander, I should hope?" Deathsaurus can't help but recruit just about all of the time, and he's rather enjoying that part (and only that part) of this encounter. But soon he finds himself unmolested, and he rights himself to see that both of their targets are now free. << Well done Glaze. Summoning the space bridge now, before the reinforcements Soundwave detected arrive. >> He emits the signal as he lands heavily with a burst of wingflaps, then converts to his root mode and commands his drones to return to their chest mounts. His wings stay wide, as he continues to draw attention. "He must treat you much better than I treat my non-sentient drones, then." As his pets reassemble upon him, he gives them each a stroke of reassurance.

Glaze pulls back as !Ravage shoves past him, though he doesn't look particularly offended. Given their condition, and his badge, he doesn't blame them.

He watches them to make sure they get to Soundwave safely before transforming again to follow, and rejoin his...allies.

The !cassettes come and Soundwave doesn't hesitate to open his dock for them. They're not the same as his but they're still his. And he'll accept and protect them without waiting a beat. He gives Glaze a brief nod of thanks.

And with them out of the way, Soundwave's shoulder cannon raises. The ammunition can be heard slotting into place before circling around, primed and ready to launch. He fires a missile at !Blaster before the space bridge arrives.

<COMBAT> Soundwave has changed weapons to Missile.

<COMBAT> !rewind will pass this turn. (Tez)

<COMBAT> Soundwave will use a Missile this turn. !blaster is right next to the explosion and !rewind, !eject is nearby.

<COMBAT> Tez has applied a +2 modifier to soundwave.

<COMBAT> !eject passes.

<COMBAT> !blaster attacks Soundwave with Blaster Pistol - Moderate wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> !rewind passes.

<COMBAT> Deathsaurus passes.

<COMBAT> Soundwave uses a Missile!


<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Far From !blaster - Light wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> !blaster is not hit by shrapnel.


<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Pretty Close To !rewind - Critical wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! !rewind - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! !rewind - Light wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! !rewind - Light wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! !rewind - Moderate wound to Right Arm.


<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Very Far From !eject - Light wound to Right Leg.

<COMBAT> !eject is not hit by shrapnel.

<COMBAT> Glaze passes.

<COMBAT> Tez has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Soundwave has been **KO'd**!

In his scramble back to !Blaster, !Rewind puts himself between !Blaster and Soundwave's missile -- and !Blaster lets him. He doesn't so much as warn him, instead concentrating on firing a shot that clips past Soundwave's armor to send blazing pain up the already-damaged tentacles. The added sensory data on top of the existing short overwhelms Soundwave with a rush of pain and nonsense data, knocking him offline. !Ravage and !Ratbat, safe in his chest, are spared.

The missile shatters !Rewind, although shrapnel only lightly spatters !Blaster and !Eject. Smoke and dust haze the air.

Reinforcements arrive at the top of the auditorium, but they'll never get to Deathsaurus and the others before they get through the spacebridge.

Soundwave might need a little help, though.

Deathsaurus senses the vortex of the space bridge dilating open behind them, and his fangs reveal themselves in victory. Soundwave's missile volley adds an additional level of satisfaction, but it swiftly vanishes when Soundwave himself falls in pain ... and, unexpectedly, as he sees !Rewind greviously damaged by the missile aimed for !Blaster. The latter is enough to make him freeze for a second or two, until he jabs a finger at !Blaster. "How could ... they do not deserve you!" It's what Soundwave certainly would say, but it's true for his commander as well. Spotting the newcomers above, Deathsaurus turns and converts back to his dragon mode, swooping up Soundwave upon his back and away through the space bridge. << Glaze, please escort us to medical. >> He does mean us - now that the rush of battle is subsiding, the wound on Deathsaurus's chest is starting to hurt.

<OOC> Rodimus says, "desu"

<OOC> Rodimus says, "gimme a dad roll"

<OOC> Rodimus says, "if you hit 3, !rewind and !eject will defect to you"

<OOC> Rodimus says, "later"

<OOC> Soundwave says, "go dad go"

<FS3> Deathsaurus rolls Paternality: Good Success. (7 6 5 4 5 1 8 1 6 6 5)

<OOC> Deathsaurus says, "poop"

<OOC> Deathsaurus burns a luck point to reroll

<OOC> Rodimus says, "go ahead"

<OOC> Soundwave says, "I believe"

<OOC> Deathsaurus says, "dang it, wassit, +luck/spend ?"

<OOC> Rodimus says, "yeah"

Deathsaurus spends 1 luck points on Dad power.

<FS3> Deathsaurus rolls Paternality: Good Success. (2 8 8 3 2 5 6 1 8 6 6)

<OOC> Deathsaurus fist pumps so hard

<OOC> Rodimus says, "GO DAD"

<OOC> Soundwave says, "YOU DID IT

<OOC> Deathsaurus says, "BECAUSE YOU BELIEVED"

<OOC> Soundwave clenches fist

<OOC> Soundwave says, "what a dad"

Nearing the Decepticons, and the space bridge, Glaze shifts again, putting the remaining momentum into several large leaps to close the remaining distance. His shield flies up again against the !Autobots. It's not much, given Deathsaurus' size, but it's something, and Glaze keeps it up until he sees the dragonformer pass into the space bridge. Then he turns around to sprint after him as well "<< Understood. >>"

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