2017-12-06 Fomenting Science

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Fomenting Science
Date 2017/12/06
Location Lost Light - Command: Rodimus's Office
Participants Perceptor, Rodimus
Summary DOWN WITH AUTHORITY says the authority.

S&E has a plan, and where there's a plan there's securing permission and the presence of their Captain for his part in it. That's the only reason Perceptor's up on the bridge, ringing the Captain's office chime and sending a request ping through to Rodimus before he impatiently walks in- the door's unlocked, it should be fine. "We have a plan, I need your okay to proceed and to arrange another trip down to Sigma- this time just my department and requesite equipment for data gathering and energy conduction."

Pacing his office, Rodimus pivots back to face Perceptor. There's a sword leaning against his desk that he has yet to put away, and the rest of his office looks a little disheveled, as though he's recently gone through it. There's a datapad in his hand which he tucks against his hip. "Okay, rewind. I can tell you have the nerd fever. A plan for wht, why, and when?"

"I'm not- Ah." Perceptor's briefly stalled in his game plan by the request. It's hard when you have a coworker who is also named Rewind. "We're going to make a Matrix." He says, bouncing a little in place. Optics are bright and though he's wrapped the tails around his waist, they're wiggling a little like they want to wag but can't. "Ideally soon- I'd like to conduct the first round of tests within the week, but the final procedures will have to wait until we can procure the original casing for study."

Expression stalling, Rodimus sinks into a sideways lean against the desk. "Uh. You what?"

"We're going to replicate the Matrix." Perceptor repeats, not losing any of his excitement or restless energy.

"How?" Rodimus consider that question for a second and whether or not he'll understand the answer, then tacks on another, maybe easier to grasp: "And -- actually, why? Optimus said that he has the Matrix. I -- didn't think he did, but I guess I was wrong. And if I was wrong about that--." He breaks off and shrugs.

"Through ingenuity and perserverence." Science. They're going to science themselves a matrix. "Optimus can't have the matrix, we posess the crystal. And unless he's returned to Cybertron without anyone knowing data points to that being a blatant falsity." Not that Perceptor's seen or spoken to Optimus since the mech returned to the forefront. "The shards are in the labs in secure containment and have been for weeks now. Ah, which jogs another request. We wish to bring the photonic crystals Rung produced- the ones retrieved by Bulkhead and Hound, I wouldn't ask him to produce them against his will obviously - and see if there's any reaction or ability to siphon or store energy from Vector Sigma within them. There were ideas passed about over bringing the matrix dust and shards as well, however I'm hesitant to bring anything with energy signatures indicative of Quintesson influence anywhere near Vector Sigma and wished to have your input on the matter."

There's this slightly glazed look that Rodimus gets when Perceptor goes full nerd. He doesn't have that look quite yet. But his expression threatens to spill over into it. There's one thing that abruptly focuses him, however: his gaze narrows and goes sharp, drawn back almost despite himself, as Perceptor suggests bringing the dust and shards to Vector Sigma. "No," he says, as quick and as clear as reflex, although he pauses to go back and examine that thought. "No," he repeats again, more slowly, "I'm pretty sure that'd be a terrible idea. The old crystal -- it's done. It's not coming back, so there's not really any point. I'm not sure what you expect the photonic crystals to do. What do we really know about the energy that had been stored in the Matrix before, anyway?"

The denial spurs a look of relief from Perceptor. "Noted. And very little, considering the time available to research the crystal and it's energy. However, Vector Sigma and the Matrix are the only two constructs capable of producing our life force, it seems like there should be a connection between them and records of the Matrix's existence predate other technologies now viewed as relics of legend or integral parts of our being. It's... logical, to connect the two. We won't know if Vector Sigma was the piece the Primalists were missing in their attempts to recreate the Matrix until we try. At worst, it doesn't work and all we retrieve from the trip is further readings on the subterranean structures."

"I don't -- know if we should," Rodimus says after a hesitating pause. He seems reluctant to say it, even angry at himself for saying it. "Optimus isn't really the lying type, and if he says he has the Matrix, I believe him. And if I was wrong about that, I might've been wrong about Vector Sigma. I thought it -- well, doens't matter, if I was wrong."

"You thought it what?" Perceptor, true to his name, jumps on that odd clipped thought like a hawk. He tilts his head and takes a few steps closer. Come on Rodimus, say your thoughts. "Did you attempt to earn a reaction from it on your last trip? I nearly neglected to follow up on that thank you for the reminder."

Perceptor's response coaxes a near-smile from Rodimus: "You're welcome," he says. "And I felt welcomed, there. I did try. I mean, not poking, but saying hi. But sometimes you don't know if something's true, or if you want it to be true, you know?"

Exciting, this is all so exciting! Perceptor bounces a little again, lacing his fingers together. "I recall the calm sense of belonging the chamber seemed to educe. Was this something separate or would you file it under the described parameters?"

"It was like that, like the first time," Rodimus confirms, with a gesture like he's reaching out toward something -- hesitating -- then falling back, hand back at his side. "But. More. It felt right, Percy, in a way not a lot of things do for me. I told Optimus once that carrying the Matrix was like those moments when you transform and it just feels right and you know that's what you were meant to be because everything, all of you, you just -- resonate. It snaps together. It's right. It wasn't really like that." Then why mention it, Rodimus?? "But it felt right in the same way, except then Optimus said I basically had no right to take people there. So I don't know. Maybe I just wanted it to be right."

Perceptor's optics brighten with an edge of manic curiosity. "Fascinating." And then it falls, crumbling away into confusion and a put-out frown. "Optimus said that? Is that why you're so suddenly unenthused by this project?"

"He said--." Rodimus trails off, then says more slowly, "Not in so many words, but yeah. He talked about the sacredness, and it being restricted to Primes--" So, not Rodimus, in his understanding. "--and needing to protect it. And I might hate the idea of someone like Nova deserving to stand before Vector Sigma and you not, that's a load of scrap, but I can't argue with protecting Vector Sigma. We have to. It's vital."

Perceptor's quiet for a moment, face carefully blank in the way that's indicative of shutting down as many emotions as he can. "Then... What better way to protect Vector Sigma, than to restore its ability to communicate with us...?" He says slowly, optics edging toward icy and frown threatening to form again.

Ooh, logic. A novel approach, and one that forces Rodimus into thoughtful quiet. He is not often approached with logic. "I mean -- from that angle, sure. But how do we know who we can really trust with it?"

"You trust me?" Perceptor tilts his head, fangs tugging at his lip in thought. "And Wheeljack, Bulkhead, Brainstorm, Nautica and Skystalker, yes?"

Rodimus winces. "Brainstorm? Really?"

"I can deny his request to participate but his experience and research thus far into the quintessons' machinery and development process for the matrix has been invaluable." Perceptor shrugs. "It's ultimately your call but it does suggest a tolerance or fondness, that you have kept him as part of the ship's crew for this long despite his proclivity toward destructive projects and behavior."

Dragging his hands over his face, Rodimus shifts, pushing upright. He grabs the sword from the edge of his desk and crosses to tuck it inside the door to his personal quarters, then turns to face Perceptor. "Eh, you know what? Why the frag not? Brainstorm and Skystalker are the only two who won't have been down there, and neither of them are exactly the kind of threat that the rest of us can't stop if something goes wrong. And yeah, of course I trust you. Besides, if Optimus is gonna be fragged off at me, I'll damn well give him a reason to be fragged off."

The CSO lights up, optics brightening and a little relieved smile blossoming. "Oh thank Primus." He nods, appropriately relieved and keying back up into excitement. They're going to make a matrix. "The time table for the excursion should be ready soon, as should the materials. I'm glad you agree with the importance of this, Rodimus."

Yeah, that is definitely what Rodimus agrees with. He dips his head, smile answering Perceptor's in a flicker that settles slight but warm. "Sounds good. Let me know anything else you need."

Perceptor nods again. "I shall! If you will excuse me." He dips his head and takes his leave. There's planning to be done if this science is to go off without a hitch.

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