2017-11-29 Mission Success

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Mission Success
Date 2017/11/29
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary Soundwave's just picking up a few things. A SIX.

Megatron is back.

... On Cybertron. Not the Lost Light. Which is where Soundwave is. But not for long. Soundwave has too much to tell Megatron, too much to catch him up on. He can't be away for more than is absolutely necessary. So he saw Megatron off and now he's hurrying back to his office. He has just a few things to gather and set straight and then he, too, can return to Cybertron and continue dutifully updating Megatron.

Soundwave's steps are like thunder on the bridge as he rushes to his office, door thrusting open for him. He doesn't bother with closing it after he enters, too busy with checking off the list on his HUD. Things to get, things to do. All within his set time limit. Tentacles sliding out to retrieve other items and one linking up with his in-office systems. His screen runs data as he commences a download as he rummages through datapads on his desk.

"Well, try him again," Rodimus orders Blaster on the bridge as Optimus ditches them to go hang on Cybertron with his BFF, Megsy. What the hell? He stands next to his chair, a flame in motion rather than any quieter, more contained metaphor. He's not quite frantic, but he's baffled, bewildered, and -- well, honestly, a little insulted. Seriously, Optimus? Getting back to Cybertron is that important? "And get an update on Rang," he adds, remembering that much, if not the right name.

Turning at Soundwave's footsteps, his expression lightens, eased to see him -- but then Soundwave is pushing past too, straight into his office, and with an encouragement back over his shoulder of, "Keep trying!" he hustles after him. Crossing into the office behind Soundwave, Rodimus calls for him: "Hey, welcome back."

Soundwave is quick to arrange his datapads into three stacks: A small, medium, and large stack. It takes a moment, two... Maybe a minute. Or five, by the time he finishes looking over and organizing the datapad. The medium sized pile is placed into drawers and locked. Taking the largest stack for himself, he looks up to Rodimus. His screen still flashes data, sometimes images. "Greetings, Rodimus. Mission, a success," he informs.

Soundwave turns, to better access a hidden panel on the wall where he keeps a few personal effects. "Though, that should not be a surprise. The Hand said he would be there and the Hand provided, as it always does," he continues, monotone almost lilting. "I've almost forgotten to take the time to give them my thanks. Perhaps I shall before I leave." Beat as he checks his internal chronometer. "Mmm, it will have to wait til Cybertron, then."

Augh, The Hand. Rodimus almost forgot. He rocks back on his feet as though knocked backward and makes a face, though he struggles to clear it as he watches Soundwave. Hidden panel. He didn't even know that was there! He side-eyes the other walls like more might be hiding. "I heard about the mission -- and I also heard that Optimus just headed straight through to Cybertron." He laughs, but not as though he thinks it's funny. There's the faintest edge of anger to that laugh: a what the hell, incredulous and strained. "We've -- been working on the Hand. Nautica's been working on it." He crosses toward Soundwave, his tone gentling to something easier. "I'd like you to read her reports, now that you're back. I won't say anything. Just -- want you to read them. Okay?"

Soundwave closes the panel once he has what appears to be a very nice bottle of energon, which he carefully stows away on his person. He nods as Rodimus talks, listening. Of course he's listening! He's Soundwave- always listening. Just not... Paying attention. Right now, to Rodimus. "Of course, Rodimus. I can read-"

Soundwave's screen flashes a number- 100- and a tentacle disengages. Pushing his desk chair in, he takes the small stack of datapads and distractedly hands them off to Rodimus- current Lost Light affairs that need handling. To the Captain they go. "I will read them when I return to the Lost Light. I have all that I need, now I must return to Megatron." Why did he not come to that planet more prepared? He's wasted far too much time. "As the Hand guides," Soundwave says absently to Rodimus as he quickly leaves his office... Then the bridge.

Soundwave's office door shuts once he's gone, only a small click sounding as his heavy steps fade. Then quiet.

Left in Soundwave's office, Rodimus stands with a confused expression on his face and the datapads in his hands. He holds the datapads half a second before dropping them in a sudden clatter that breaks the quiet. He bolts for the door, expecting it to open, only to bounce off of it and land on his aft with a muted thwump. He snarls -- it's rude, and if Soundwave were listening, he might be impressed by the variety and heat of the language -- and scrambles back to his feet.

Command overrides take care of the lock issue, but while Rodimus is fast, Soundwave's earned more than a fair head start. Rodimus sees only a shadow of Soundwave's retreating back as he leaves the bridge.

Rodimus says nothing, his words blocked static in his throat: unwilling or unable to call after him. A failure, of some sort. He steps back into the office and turns, gaze sweeping over the space and then down at the datapads. He collects them more carefully now. Hugging them to his chest, he says something in a very low voice, but no one's really paying attention.

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