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Bent Arrow
Date 2017/08/22
Location Starbit Park - Rigard
Participants Arrow, Swivel
Summary Swivel helps a very drunk Arrow back to the Ship. She's a good.

Smack in the center of the Southern District is a ovaline park beside the lakeshore, it's winding metallic paths occasionally leading down to the water. Walkways curve around abstract sculptures, lit by rows of low lamp posts that give off an amber glow. Benches are interspersed amongst the carefully cared for potted trees, which sport leaves that almost seem iridescent. A multi-tiered fountain bubbles day and night, and within are shanix coins, catching the light against the tiles.

The past few days have been a medley of ups and downs for Arrow. Found out Disaster was not only alive, but on the Lost Light- good thing! In the same night, find out that Tormentor is... unaccounted for, at best- bad thing. Discover a fluffy new Wabbit-friend in a box outside his hab- Good thing! Try to track down Tormentor, but find nothing- Bad thing. Etcetera, etcetera... Arrow is just... sitting in the park now, letting the sunshine seep through him as he blearily tries to figure out what to do next. He needs to have a conversation, and he certainly doesn't want to have it sober.

In retrospect, though, he probably should have done his drinking at Visages or Swerves instead of out on Rigard, he's not so sure about making it back to the ship okay...

Ups and downs? Swivel knows a thing or two about those. Although in her mind, the ups have heavily outweighed the downs since becoming part of the Lost Light, when you ignore being offline for 2 years. But that was nothing compared to the 4 million she was offline before that. And thus with an optimistic attitude, Swivel had set out to wander Rigard. She navigated the colony with a cheerful spring to her step while humming a lively tune - and it is rather likely that Arrow will hear the femme before he sees her as she aimlessly meanders towards his relative position in the park.

Arrow perks up as he hears humming, swivelling his helm and grinning as he spots a familiar ATV. "Heeeey!" He calls, waving towards the now-familiar face of Swivel. "Hey Swiv! Hiii!" He calls out, extra loud to be sure he's heard. His wings are fluttering and dipping lazily. "Over here!"

The first 'hey' doesn't really register at first, but hearing part of her name causes Swivel to stop and lookg around for the source. Spotting Arrow's bluish form on a bench, she grins. She was smiling already, but it just grew in size, causing her optics to narrow cheerfully. Rather than shout back, Swivel makes her way along the metal walkway to the flier. "Why, hello there!"

He probably smells like a bar, but Arrow scoots over to make room for Swivel on the bench, one of his wings bumping a potted tree and jostling some of its branches. He might not be very aware of his wings at the moement. It's fine. It's fine... "What're you doing here?" He asks, words slurring just a little as he sways happily. He was anxious about something not that long ago, what was that for? He blinks and his wings hike up. "And- And!" He places great emphasis on this word, and is very important. "I got your- your box..." He whispers, wings flicking down as he tries to be subtle and give a wink. He winds up just blinking, though.

It doesn't take an astute observer to gather that Arrow is inebriated. However, Swivel's countenance doesn't shift much at this realization. She obligingly sits down next to him when he makes room, mindful of his wings even if he isn't. "I'm just wandering, strolling, taking in the sights. Nothing much, really." Swivel places her hands on her thighs and looks oaver at him, looking him over with more scrutiny then before, listening intently.

"My box?" Swivel parrots. "Well, I guess it was obvious I sent it." Noticing the swaying, Swivel reaches an arm over, carefully guiding it between his wings and his shoulders, gathering him in a steadying hold disguised as a casual side hug. If he were much larger this would have awkward results, but luckily he's only several feet taller.

"We wangled widdle wabbits, 'Wivel," Arrow giggles out, apparently rather proud of his alliteration. "We- um... We..." Not proud enough of it to continue, though. "Knew it was you." He leans with the arm, helm clunking against Swivels shoulder. She's so good to hold him up. Good ATV. Good bean.

The blue jet's wings flutter despite the steadying arm. "You're reeeeally good, I haven't named them yet though." He needs to name his Wabbit or release it, he's sure. One of those. The thought of his Wabbit waiting in his hab does remind him that he should probably be getting back to the ship. "Hey, hey..." he pats Swivel's chest and tilts his head, looking at her face from his resting spot on her shoulder. "D'you know where the ship is?"

Definitely sloshed. At least he isn't a broody or angry drunk. Swivel keeps a firm yet supportive hold of Arrow with her one arm, while she uses her free hand to pat Arrow's helmet. "Yeah, we wangled wabbits," she repeats to him in a calm, quiet voice. As Arrow paws at her and looks up, she looks down, still smiling, and even offering a wink. An actual wink. Not a failed wink. "I'm in Navigations. Of course I know where the ship is," Swivel responds with an amused grin. Ignore the fact she barely remembered her way back the first time they met up on the mountain.

There's a difinitive leaning motion into the pats. Swivel's voice is soft and nice, and Arrow smiles. She is, indeed, a good. "Good," he says simply, attempting to stand and wobbling a little as he tries. "Because I!? I do not!" He spins on one pede, flaring his wings out to steady himself and actually managing to stay upright despite his inebriation. His arms are wide as if he's about to take a bow but thinks better of it, and he drops them to his sides. "And I need to have a- have a chat," he says this with no small amount of disgust, "A- a good 'n proper chat about Louie--" he pauses. "No. With Louie."

When Arrow tries to stand up Swivel throws out her hands quickly, ready to steady or catch him should he fall. Which does not end up being necessary. Once he is more or less balanced, Swivel stands up as well, positioning herself very close to him just in case he does start getting too wobbly again. She reads the disgust in his voice and her optic ridges quirk in curiousity. "Oh?" is her only response. She fights her own nature to ask about what, and just slings an arm across his back, guiding him gently as they begin the slow trip back to the ship.

Arrow gives a firm nod to that 'oh,' of Swivel's. "Mhm! I am-" he wobbles a little more, only to find himself steadied by Swivel's helpful hand. "I am not a- a protoform- and- and I need to tell him! I need to tell him that..." He blinks and tries to remember. "I need to tell him to... to get over his stupid face- and- and..." Arrow isn't sure what he means to say after that, so he just gives a firm nod again. "He needs to get punched and I have hands." He holds out his arms again, wiggling his fingers for emphasis.

Swivel just listens as Arrow rambles a string of thoughts which, without context, don't seem to really quite connect with each other. All the while, she makes sure to remain as a physical support, with measured, gentle pulling or nudging as necessary to keep him moving straight. "There are much better uses for your hands than that, I'm sure," Swivel says, a little nervous about the mentioning of violence. Admittedly, though, she's seen the odd punch actually convey a profound and poignant message that words would have failed to deliver. Swivel's even seen people grow closer after a spirited row. But she's a little skeptical that would be the case with Arrow and Lieutenant. "If you got brigged, who would take care of your new little fluffy friend?"

"I am gonna punch him," Arrow clarifies, "RIGHT in the emotions." She does, however, bring up an excellent point. His Wabbit might need him. This might become an emergency situation! He blinks owlishly in thought for a moment before placing his hand on Swivel's face. "You have joint-custody." He declares with a gravitas usually reserved for knightings or religious ceremonies as opposed to a half-drunken ramble down a walkway.

And... the wabbit has turned around and indirectly bit Swivel in the rear. Swivel shakes her head at Arrow's solution. Joint custody. Well, if he gets bored of it, she's sure she'll end up with all the responsibility.

"Well... I'm not going to stand between you and your feud. But I'm just gonna say that dealing with these things while sober USUALLY turn out better." Swivel picks up her pace a little, still keeping a guiding arm behind Arrow to help him keep pace. "So let's get you back to your habsuite so you can have a rest, yeah?"

Arrow makes a valiant and excellent effort to not stumble and just frowns. "It turns out bad anyways," he replies, in possibly the most lucid-sounding voice he's had all evening. It's a tired voice, nearing a tone of bitter acceptance. "An' I don't wanna be sober for it, so I'm not gonna be." He'll just waste more credits getting sloshed again if it doesn't happen now, so why wait?

Swivel is silent for a moment as she drags, er, continues to assist Arrow walk back to the ship. "I don't know what it is between you two..." Swivel begins to say. She's never seen them interact directly. "...But..." Swivel stalls as she collects her thoughts. "...I... er... well... I guess I don't really know what to say. Arguing with drunk people doesn't get anyone anywhere really. So what are you going to do when we get back to the ship? Flag him down and get this chat over with?"

Another firm nod. "I'm gonna go to the library- cuz that's where he always is- and punch his feelings until he remembers he has them." Arrow says with the kind of certainty that is usually only in the posession of children and beaurocrats. It appears that this is the extent of his plan, because that's all he has to say on that topic.

"Punching someone's feelings may have unintended consequences you aren't ready to deal with... but... well... I guess I'll just be around to pick up the pieces or wabbit-sit as needed." Swivel maintains her pace, and dares not push it any quicker. Well, she's going to make darn sure Arrow gets back to the ship safely. His fate will be in his own hands once he is there, though.

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