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Date 2017/07/23
Location Medibay
Participants Swivel, First Aid
Summary Swivel is worried her memory is getting worse.

Swivel had become something of a frequent flyer at the medical bay since her awakening. And as such, the small femme had returned a little early for her next appointment.

 Swivel's brain module was usually the cause for concern. Her coordination wasn't overly hampered, despite bumping into things often, and her cognitive ability seemed fine, unless it involved logic, but her short term memory and concentration had been worrisome. But the last few tests had shown continual improvement. And to make sure it kept showing improvement, Swivel had presented herself for more testing.

First Aid is in the medibay, as per usual. He had seen there was an appointment lined up for Swivel to come back in again. So soon? He worries about her, with the damage in her brain. But they just don't have very many resources to fix a damaged brain module.

"Swivel!" First Aid says cheerily. "I didn't expect you back so soon. What can I do for you?"

Swivel was all smiles, until First Aid asked about her being back so soon. Then her face falls and she looks apprehensive. "Oh, did I get the wrong time? I got the wrong time didn't I? I'm always forgetting things, but I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere... just... uh... but not on something I have with me. Not that there are a lot of things to write on mind you. I really should get..." she stops herself before she continues on in her anxious ramblings. She just stares at First Aid with large optics and a slight frown. The femme's vocoder, of course, was in perfect working condition. No doubt about that.

First Aid shakes his head, gesturing for her to come in. "Don't worry about it, we have an opening right now so we can take you. Have you been feeling alright? How's your memory?"

Relief visibly washes over Swivel and she smiles. "Thank you thank you thank you so much!" Swivel walk steps in and looks to First Aid expectantly. "Memory was... well there was this funny thing - well it isn't really funny because memory loss isn't funny but... actually, it hasn't been that bad. Really. I mean, other than forgetting my appointment time. Which... normal people do too sometimes, right? And... but I am doing better. And the Captain even let me on a mission already! And I didn't get anyone killed!"

First Aid notes that Swivel's voicebox definitely hasn't stopped working. "Yes, many people forget their appointment time. That's not anything out of the ordinary. Really? What kind of mission was it?"

"Artifact retrieval. The Captain teamed me up with Skywarp. Never met him before that. Funny guy. I think we worked great together. No one got hurt." Even though there were stairs. "And... for once I didn't forget what I was doing. I was able to stay on task. Actually, it kind of amazed me. I didn't realize I was amazed until later. It was like, I actually felt like myself. Then I realized, I hadn't felt like myself in a long time."

First Aid still will always be a little nervous around the 'cons on board. It's hard to shake millions of years of war off and be okay. "It sounds like it was a good experience! It's always amazing to actually be able to see yourself improve. Do you think having missions like that help with keeping you on task?"

Swivel spent 2 years in a coma. But she also spent 4 million years in an escape pod adrift in space. So Decepticons don't make her uneasy. Swivel pauses for a moment to think about First Aid's question. "Yeah, maybe, I think it does help my memory when I am on task. I should, I don't know, officially sign up for as many tasks as I can get just..." Swivel trails off and her countenance falls. "Except, I'm not sure. I mean, I have lots of capabilities, but not a lot of experience or skill in using them. But I can be useful. I really can. I think."

"What it sounds like to me," First Aid starts, "is that you need regular activities that stimulate your brain module so you can exercise your memory. That doesn't have to include going on dangerous missions. You could do a training simulator. Or go in the training room. Or learn new activities! And you could practice what skills you already have so once you go into missions again, you'll have honed them."

Swivel nods and nods more as First Aid explains what might be helpful to her. She is attentive and enthusiastic. "Oh... well, yes, that does sound all like good things. Training simulators? Are there still some that work on this - this ship? I mean... so many things are broken, I don't know what's what. And... but of course, I will do everything that you recommend!"

Are there still some working on the ship? First Aid isn't sure. With everything that's been going on, it's hard to tell what works still and what doesn't. "Well, if there aren't any working, there are other ways we can exercise your brain. Are there any skill sets you've been wanting to learn lately?"

Swivel is silent for a moment as she considers about learning skills. "I.... don't know. I, uh, I.... I just always figured I ought to stick with my talents and learn skills that... and... I mean..." the femme falters and looks around. "I dunno. I really don't. I'm not used to making my own decisions to be honest."

First Aid has seen this a lot in soldiers. Especially those who often took commands from others. When given the opportunity to make their own choices, they stumble. Not because they don't want to, but because they don't know what to do first. Or at all. "Hey," First Aid says comfortingly. "You don't have to decide right now. You don't even have to decide soon. If you'd rather hone your skills you have, that will still help you. And if later on you decide you want to pick up something new, that'll still be an option for you."

Swivel certainly is no soldier, but the dilemma is the same. She does perk up a little, seeming to tune in to the fact First Aid is trying to be comforting. She nods her head. "Yeah. Yes, definitely. Always an option... thanks. Are there any tests I need to do... or should I come back later for that? Or just not worry about it and just show up if something goes wrong I start to.... what's the word... go back to being not as good anymore...."

First Aid shakes his head. "No, most of the tests that we can give you, we've already administered them in such a recent time span that it wouldn't give us much of a result if we did them again now. Later on, we could see if things have improved. Definitely keep what you're doing. You look like you're doing great! You're engaging your mind and strengthening it-- which helps with your memory. But do come back sooner if you feel like things aren't going so well. But from what I'm seeing, you're getting better."

It's nice to talk with someone so very encouraging and not too.. clinical. Swivel gives First Aid a broad grin. "Good. Great. I'll keep up what I am doing and hope for the best! A medical bay must be a busy place, with lots to work on, so I'll skedaddle off!"

First Aid waves to Swivel. Hopefully her improvements keep on growing. He would hate to see things get worse for her when things seem to be going so well. But either way, he and the rest of the medical staff will be there for her with whatever she needs to move forward.

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