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Date 2017/07/19
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Vortex, Rung
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary Vortex can't hide from Rung. (Featuring their bodies, but reversed!)

Vortex has been sneaky in avoiding Rung. For many reasons. The main one being he really didn't want to see someone else moving around in his frame. The thought bothers him, like he's watching himself from the outside. So, yes, he's been sneaking around, making sure Fifi is fed and keeping himself scarce.

Sneaky as he's being, Vortex still has to work his security shifts, which means making his rounds. Carrying around a really big gun (average gun but it looks huge in his twiggy fingers), he stalks the lower levels, looking bored. He whistles off tune to compensate for his boredom.

While Vortex might be trying to avoid Rung, Rung most certainly isn't trying to avoid Vortex. In fact, the mech has been looking everywhere for his patient. Only now Rung has the upper hand.

Practically laying in wait, Rung leans against the wall and bides his time until Vortex comes around for a security sweep. He will catch the not-rotary this time, he has to show up for his job.

Rung is lucky that Vortex is- kinda shockingly- a dedicated lil worker. So he does come around, literally coming around the corner. And that's where he sees... Himself. Vortex freezes midstep, holding his one note of whistle as he stares at himself- Rung. Wow, he looks so cool and casual, is that how cool he always is? Wow, he's way hotter than he gives himself credit.

Vortex smiles... And then drops the gun, taking off running the opposite direct. Byyyyye.

Rung looks up, pushing off the wall to approach Vortex, "Vortex I have ben trying to-" And off his body goes running. What just- "Vortex!" Taking off right after the former rotary, Rung chases after the fleeing mech. Whatever he is running for can't be good and the therapist is going to find out what it is Vortex did, "Vortex get back here!"

Vortex does not get back there. He keeps running. But he's underestimated how short his new legs are to his hold ones. "Uh, can't! I'm training! Running laps!" Rung is catching up but he's definitely not gonna stop.

Rung for once is kind of glad he is in Vortex's body, he would never be able to catch up to the rotary otherwise. As such, the mech uses his newfound longer legs to quickly begin covering the distance between them, "Laps are not done in the hallways, Vortex!!" Primus what did he do to be running from him? It had to be bad.

"Uh- they are now!" Vortex calls over his shoulder, the twist in his head making him stumble a bit. But he scrambles and gets back to running, venting heavily. "Your buddy sucks at this!"

Rung is beginning to become increasingly annoyed with Vortex's childish avoidances and decides enough is enough. "Of course my 'body' sucks at this, I am over seven million years old!" Putting on a burst of speed, Rung suddenly closes the distance between them, then leaps.

Rung near football tackles Vortex.

"Primus!" Vortex says, a little stunned at those numbers. He's old auuuuuught. And then Rung leaps. "PRIMUS!" he squawks as he hits the ground, skidding before coming to a stop. He's squished between his own frame and the floor. "... That actually felt good- slag, do I always feel that cold?" He wiggles, trying to squirm away so he can run off again.

Rung oofs a little of his own as they hit the floor, yet Rung doesn't move off the other even as he tries to squirm away. "Do not ask me, it is your frame not mine." Shifting so that Rung is essentially sitting on his own body, his visor flares a little brighter and rotors hitch- the only real give away to his irritation, "Now I have had enough of your avoidance of me. What exactly have you done that is worthy of running?"

Vortex tries for another few minutes before going limp against the floor, not facing Rung. He does try and catch a few glances at his rotors. "... Nothing," he lies. "But speaking of my frame, how ya likin' it? Flown yet?" Change the subject.

"Yes, badly." Rung gives as a clipped response before all but forcing the conversation back on topic, far different from his usual gentle leading, "Now what did you do that would warrant running away."

Vortex shifts to press his face into the floor. "Nuffin'," comes his muffled voices before he turns his head a little to look at Rung. "I don't want to tell you."

That only concerns Rung even more. Rotors twitching now along with their raising, Rung frowns behind the mask down at Vortex, "And why do you not wish to tell me?"

Vortex turns his head more, smooshing his cheek on the floor. He smiles sheepishly, expression especially pronounced with those eyebrows. Pointed teeth can be seen. "Because I don't want you to hate me."

Rung stares down at Vortex, frown smoothing out a bit to something gentler, rotors lowering, "Vortex why would I-" And then he spots those teeth.

Lunging forward, Rung grabs Vortex's (his own?) face in a hand and leans down wide optic'd to gape. Those rotors shoot straight back up. "Vortex! What did you do to my mouth!?"

"Eep!" Vortex says as his face is grabbed by Rung. "Uh... I sharpened your teeth? Hey, you know those claws are retractable now, right? I don't feel like ruinin' your face."

Rung doesn't retract those claws. No, he lets them dig into his own face... Well, dig would be inaccurate. While Rung's grip is firm, its most definitely not painful- just harsh enough to prick at Vortex's face and keep his attention. In this body the therapist has been extra careful not to hurt anyone. "How in Primus' name could you think sharpening my teeth was an intelligent decision!?"

Vortex tries shoving Rung off but its all the more apparent how much bigger his real body is to Rung's. Wow, this would be almost terrifying if not a little- nevermind. Cough. "I thought you could use some protection! I mean, look at me! You could eviscerate me right now." He snaps his now sharp teeth at the fingers. "Now you can fight back somewhat! They're just a little sharp..."

Rung's visor dulls as he a deadpan expression takes over his body language, though he doesn't release Vortex's face, "Vortex. I am a therapist and non combatant. Not only do I generally not have a need to protect myself but having such threatening features when in the presence of mechs with serious cases of post traumatic stress disorder could potentially trigger hostile reactions!" he doesn't just keep his soft edges because he wants to, you know!

Vortex squirms a bit still. "Hah- you know me, I don't think things through..." He vents. "But I'm not wrong... One patient goes haywire and you have no protection, Rung."

Rung stares down at Vortex for a moment before gently releasing the mechs face, "I am aware of that Vortex. That has been an issue in the past but I will not let the few who have reacted in such a way to cause me to risk upsetting the rest of my patients over such small incidents.... We are getting them changed back."

Vortex huffs. "Fine. Just trying to help... Are you done sittin' on me? Can I get up now?" He squirms again. How's it feel to sit on a squirmin' mech, huh? "And... Can you fix them when we're normal again?"

Rung narrows his visor down at Vortex for a moment before swinging off of the mech, letting the non rotary up. He doesnt get why Vortex would want to keep his teeth sharp... then again everything about Vortex's frame has sharp edges and points. It may offer some small comfort to him... "... Alright, until we switch back. Also if I find out that you have been using my frame to trick or heckle my patients, we will be having a talk." That is not a good tone Rung just used for that last bit.

Vortex tenses in the middle of getting up. "Right, right- of course not! Been too busy being in security and filing your teeth. Just the normal hassling will suffice for now." He smiles, tilting his head back to look at himself. "So, bite my tongue off yet?"

"....No." Suddenly Rung glances off to the side, rotors giving away his embarrassment, "... but admittedly I have gotten close a few times." He had to start practicing just to not bite his tongue on every other syllable. How does Vortex live with sharp teeth constantly?

Vortex laughs. "Yeah? And how you like the rotors? And being taller?" He quickly moves to duck around, rubbing his hand across now Rung's rotor hub. "Not gonna lie, how do you deal with your alt. The slag is it."

Rung lets out a small sigh as Vortex changes the topic, going along with it this time in more familiar Rung-like fashion, "It is strange to-" Rung cuts off his sentence with a yelp as Vortex rubs his hands along that rotor hub. The rotor hub that has gone from sensitive to hyper sensitive because of Vortex's unbearable need to incresese his senses twofold.

Jumping away, said rotors flare up behind Rung, "Do not do that! Primus your body is so sensitive!" He practically shudders, still able to feel the tingling where Vortex had touched him, "As for my alt, I generally do not deal with it since I do not know what it is. It is how it is."

Vortex snickers. "I know, its great, isn't it? Your fingers are extra sensitive. You can feel a mech's sparkbeat through their chassis or the speed of their ventilations. Their body temperature. Claws are tipped with an alloy to keep them strong. Anyways, if you didn't like that, don't cut anything with those. You'll feel it. Actually, feels good- cut something!" Then he glances down at himself. "Weird... Alright, I should get back to my rounds. You, uh... Need anything else, Rung?"

Rung is a little horrified at this information, and definitely has no urge to cut anything or anyone anytime soon... suddenly he's kind of glad he didn't slice that alternate Starstruck. Another horrified shiver passes over his frame before he warily responds, "I... no, I don't have anything else to add... If your joints ache a warm oil bath can help."

Vortex perks up. "A warm oil bath? Hmmmm... I'll look into that. Alright, thanks Rung! I'll see you around." He turns to go and then pauses, turning back. "Uh, actually, see you at my next session." Beat. "Look for it or something. Stay safe, whatever- bye!" Then he leaves, to retrieve his gun and get back on patrol.

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