2017-07-17 Cat Burglary

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Cat Burglary
Date 2017/07/17
Location Botany Lab - Science & Medical
Participants Hound, Tailgate
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary Tailgate and Hound sneak into the botany lab for some of the forbidden fruit... or nip. Featuring Chimera and Bob's bodies.

Tailgate is finding a lot of things easier in this taller frame, but a lot of his normal goings on seem to be way too small for him. Even in his office he has taken to sitting on the floor instead of the trouble of finding a chair this size. He has taken any patrols in his alt mode, new to him but old to anyone else. The leonine creature can periodically be spotted padding its way around the ship, and at least a couple of times outside helping with people finding problems in these new frames. Once his own frame and its new user was with him, as well. Right now, however, on the ship, Tailgate is meandering through the science deck when he smells something amazing; it tickles his senses and draws him ever closer to the botany lab. The door is locked, but he is head of security. He has most keycodes. Unfortunately, pushing it in proves awkward with a meaty paw.

<FS3> Hound rolls Olfaction: Success. (1 2 4 5 5 3 1 3 5 7)

Hound has been having the opposite problem that Tailgate has. Bob's frame is surprisingly big, but it's still not exactly Hound's, and an extra set of hands or not, it's not convenient to have a body that's supposed to be hunched over this much. Reaching keypads and door locks is a lot more irritating when he has to prop himself up against the wall to be able to tap at them with his tiny secondary hands. Even more difficult, though, is the way mechs react to seeing Bob's frame. Most of them know it's him by now, but that still doesn't seem to stop everyone's automatic response to the insecticon's frame, which is 'reach out and scratch the daffy bug.' It's very distracting.

Hound has ducked down the hallway to the science labs to dodge a pack of several such mechs coming away from the medibay when a whiff of something catches his attention, there and gone again. He ignores it, however, in favor of the rather more obvious feature in the hallway-- the large maned figure. 'Chimera?' he tries to ask, but with the Insecticon's vocaalizer, it just comes out as a sort of "Chrrrr?"

Tailgate ducks his head to press the large muzzle against the bottom crack of the door, dragging his hands over the keys more carefully and watching it open. Before he can step in to investigate, however, the attempt at his host's name catches an ear. It swivels on its base and he steps back to look down the hall, mane staticked outward. "Bob." Wait, no, what did they say--? "Hound?" Tailgate squints the catlike eyes, tail swishing. "I'm not Chimera, if you think I'm her..." The sound was leaning that way. "Just Tailgate. I smellt something. In here." He takes a second to peer into the lab.

Yep, that's him. Hound nods, briefly, making a chittering sound of assent as Tailgate-not-Chimera correctly identifies him. He winces a little bit when Tailgate identifies himself, but nods again. No offense to Tailgate, but he isn't going to try and say his name again. Fighting with his voicebox to produce that name is going to be more trouble than it's worth, he can tell. Instead, he perks up, his antennae twitching as Tailgate begins to peep into the lab. Something in the botany lab? Hound scuttles forward, sticking his own helm rather curiously inside. Maybe it's the energon plants letting off an interesting scent?

The Botany Lab is quiet, and save for the heat and UV lamps, there is not a lot of light in the lab side. The plants seem to be doing well enough, and even the big plant with its knot of limbs seems to be unmoved by their presence. Tailgate lifts his nose, wrinkling it in the air. It's weird being able to smell these weird smells, okay?

Tailgate looks down at Hound as he sticks a mandible inside, nosing about below. There is one certain smell that tingles at their senses, a little bit too tantalizing. "How in the heck did that even happen to you? Did anyone find Bob yet?"

One good thing about being in an insecticon body-- the sense of smell is actually just as keen as his own, even if adjusting to the four optics has been a little bit difficult. Hound lowers his helm toward the ground, snuffling at the layers of smells at the threshold of the botany lab. It's Tailgate's question that brings his attention up again, even though the only answer he can give for the first one is a kind of full-bodied shrug. He really can't explain it. But as for the second one... "Ssssunny," Hound hisses, all four optics blinking as the word comes through rather clearly, for once. Then again, it makes sense that Bob would know it best. Hound has to shake his helm at the memory of what's going on with his body, though. There's something about the sight of Whirl's frame towing his own around on a leash that's just deeply and fundamentally disturbing. Rather than linger on it, Hound begins to make his cautious way into the botany lab, sniffing as he goes.

"Oh, that's good." As long as Sunstreaker has Bob, things are okay. Tailgate briefly lowers his nose to touch it gently on Hound's insect head before he starts snuffling into the lab proper. The chimera ambles behind, mane fluffing its dense fibers and tail tick-tocking as he puts his nose to the floor and follows a trail or two. Eventually the smell leads back to the plants, and one in particular. It smells heavenly and even just the scent tugs at the hint of something pleasurable-- enough that Tailgate leans out to run his stippled tongue over a leaf. Why? He's not sure, glancing sheepishly to Hound with the front portion of glossa still poking between his lips.

Hound doesn't notice the path that Tailgate is taking at first. He's too busy wandering on his own from plant to plant, checking in on all of the plants Skystalker has in here that Hound hasn't been able to pay much attention to in his past visits. He only ambles over in the giant lion's direction in time to see Tailgate pull back from the leaf, glossa still peeking out, and it's enough to make him chitter curiously and come over again. It's only when he's close that he catches the scent from the plants, which makes his entire frame shiver and his antenna stand up on end.

Chimera's long tail swishes back and forth in excitement, and the tongue runs over lip before Tailgate leans in again. This time he sticks his muzzle into the bushy plant and inhales. The fluff and fiber of his mane prickles with static and stands on end, paws flexing against the tile and scraping marks into the floor. "Oh wow. That is just-- just-- mmmm." Optics shutter partway, heavy-lidded.

Oh? Hound can't remember anything in the botany lab smelling good enough to cause a reaction like that. Sure, there are some that he likes, but nothing like that, and as far as he's aware his sense of smell is usually good compared to other mech's. The time Bob escaped into the Botany Lab is rather slipping his mind-- that was just the insecticon trying to play around in the dirt or something, as far as he's concerned. So Hound sticks his mandibles into the plants without a second thought.

Hound can't have the same reaction as Tailgate, but he does shiver all over and give a pleased chirr before sticking his helm even further in among the bushy plant. Tailgate is absolutely right. This thing smells really good.

"I had no idea he had something like this in here, what the heck! Keeping it from us. This smells amazing." Tailgate gingerly places his teeth around some of the bigger leaves at the bottom and snips them off, carrying them away to lay bellydown on the floor and place them into his paws. "Oh, Hound! Bite some off! It tastes like it smells!" The long tail swishes faster behind him.

Hound doesn't even respond to Tailgate's question, at first. His face is shoved into the plants, and he's making a satisfied humming sound as he takes in the smell of the plants. Really, he's wondering why he never seemed to notice this plant before in any of his previous visits to the botany lab. He knows he's made the rounds several times, so why...

The suggestion is what finally gets Hound to pull his helm out from between the branches and watch Tailgate pad away again. Nodding, he breaks off several branches in his smaller arms, carrying them away from the plant so he can settle himself on the floor near Tailgate. He starts with a delicate nibble at first, then a pleased, rolling chirr emerges from between his mandibles as he starts gnawing steadily on some of the leaves, letting himself settle comfortably against the floor with his branches.

Tailgate is glad that Hound bumbles over to join him in gnawing on some bits of the plant; surely Skystalker won't notice? They only trimmed it! It's not like they knocked it over! The tail curls over and wraps around Hound's other side, the end flicking back and forth while Tailgate runs his glossa over a broken up leaf under his forepaw. There is a rumble that builds from him, familiar as Chimera's gigantic purring. There is a slight more static now too, clinging to Hound's frame and tickling their EM fields like a lightning storm might.

The static is noticable, a little shiver of feeling that makes Hound's antenna twitch and his armor twitch every so often as he works on one of the branches, using his mandibles to pull the leaves off the stem before grinding them up. By the time he's halfway through he's in a vaguely Bob-shaped puddle on the ground, emitting his own little chirping rumble. It's nowhere near as impressive as Chimera's, but it's still noticable. He feels like he could just lie down and nap right here.

Except... there's something twitching in the corner of his optics. Hound's helm swivels, landing on the tip of Tailgate's tail. He narrows in on the back and forth motion, tracking it as he slowly raises one of Bob's primary arms. Then, the next time the tail flicks away from him... he baps at it.

<FS3> Tailgate rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (5 2 7 7 1 5)

Tailgate forms his own, less smushy, fuzzier puddle beside Bob's frame, the tips of his claws grinding at leaves before he finally just decides to lick it up and chew at it. The chirruping from his pal seems to make his mood lighter still, and he doesn't seem to notice when Hound looks over at his fidgeting tail, but his optic does catch the sloooow raise of a spidery leg. His jadeite optics dilate when he watches the insect, ears forward and ready when the bap! comes. Tailgate swipes his tail out from under Hound's aim, only to pause it a little further away, flicking the spade at the end again.

Hound lets the rest of the plant drop from his little secondary hands, as all of his attention is drawn in to the twitching movement of Tailgate's tail. He slowly starts to unpuddle, rising up into a crouch, all four optics locked securely on the twitch of that little spade shape. He doesn't pounce again immediately. It will take a few more twitches, during which Bob's rear will begin wriggling, before he pounces, both large hands out in front of him as he gives a warbling cry of glee.

<FS3> Tailgate rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (1 7 4 3 2 2)

It's way too easy to notice when the Bob-frame is getting ready to pounce! Tailgate's lips pull back in a feline grin as Hound waits and waits. His paws brace on the floor and whoosh! Hound leaps valiantly for the tail! It slides out from under his spidery grasp like a slippery snake! Swish, swish, swish.

Oh, it is ON. Hound isn't about to let this get away from him! Before he was a hunter, patiently waiting for the chance to strike, but now, Hound begins to move quickly, pouncing at every opportunity. Every time he misses, his feet skid on the floor of the Botany lab, often sending him wobbling and requiring that he brace himself and reorient before he can turn and pounce again. One pounce in particular has him accidentally bowling into Tailgate's side, where he stays for a moment, his helm twisting as he still tries to follow the movements of the tail.

Tailgate can't help but muffle his laughter, tail swishing and swaying out of the way as Hound lurches and baps around after it. When he bumps back into Tailgate, his mane sticks to the other beastform in a tickling brush of fiber. He sweeps his tail around to the other side, teasing at Hound's eye to try and get him to clamber over his back. "Come onnnnn! You can do it~!" His words rumble with an underlying purr.

Hound shivers again as the mane brushes against him, and the sudden contact makes him turn away from the still-twitching tail, though his optics do dart toward it occasionally, trying to check that it's still there. Then he gives himself a full-body shake, and turns to look Tailgate right in his currently lion-y face. After a moment of scrutiny just as intense as the one he was giving his previous prey... Hound reaches out a tiny hand and boops Tailgate right on the nose with an amused chirring sound. He's onto the plan, here.

Chimera's face in this frame is normally quite mysterious and intimidating, while Tailgate's expressions segue through even now, optics wide and ears forward when Hound looks at him with all of his little bauble-colored optics. The sound of happy chirring gets him grinning more than the boop does. Tailgate reaches over with a paw to try and pull Hound in and pin him under both front feet. Aw, you. It's rather easy to maneuver Bob's frame around, because Hound isn't resisting the contact, and his own control is still just about as good as it was when he was pouncing after Tailgate's twitching tail, which is to say, a bit overzealous and not especially accurate. Still, he lets himself be pushed down between the giant paws, wriggling only slightly so he can keep an optic or two up on Tailgate again. Otherwise, he seems rather content with his new lot in life.

Tailgate places his chin gingerly on top of the insectoid helm, the mane around his head and shoulders fluffing up in a gentle tingle once more. Something about the contact may give Hound the sense that Tailgate is trying to listen to him, especially once he burrows his head down to rest the side of his face against the bug's side. Hearing for something, perhaps. What's there? Just parts and spark. There's something a bit awe-inspiring about having such a huge helm pressed down against one's frame, even though it isn't his own. Hound feels warm and fuzzy enough that it isn't particuarly concerning, but he does let out a rather curious chirp as he feels Tailgate apparently try to use him as a pillow.

"Don't squirm. Chimera can hear sparks." Tailgate is apparently intent enough to explain, though he sounds just a little sleepy when he does. A pillow Hound stays.

It's not entirely an explanation, but 'don't squirm' works just as well for making Hound settle down right now. It's Tailgate, and Chimera's frame, so nothing bad's going to happen to him here. Besides, even with the tingly sensation from Tailgate's mane, there's something kind of nice about just lying down and relaxing for a while. Hound lets all four optics begin to slide closed, lulled by the now-calm atmosphere of the botany lab. Hopefully no one will come in and disturb them for a while.

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