2017-07-15 Get Down Mr. Captain!

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Get Down Mr. Captain!
Date 2017/07/15
Location Astroid Shops
Participants Lieutenant, Rodimus, Rung, Sunstreaker
NPCs Elysium, !Rodimus, !Starstruck
Plot Topsy Turvy
Summary A Milk Run goes south. Someone might not make it back to the Lost Light... (Guest starring Soundwave, Skystalker, Whirl and Vortex's bodies.)

This was supposed to be a milk run: Rodimus and Lieutenant, unsure in their borrowed bodies, just casually going out to verify Unicron's heading per their most recent recon and make sure that nothing has changed. YOU KNOW. JUST HAVING A LOOKSIE. It was supposed to be easy. Hit a friendly space station and let Lieutenant coast out into space where he won't get in trouble, getting used to his body. Rodimus is there to serve as anchor. E A S Y.

Except something has changed. When the spacebridge dropped them on the busy concourse of a trading hub near the asteroid belt of a densely populated system, they passed through to discover that the bustle of life was not actually the happy hum of shoppers, but the terrified stampede of the population fleeing -- something.

The fact that people scream and immediately scatter from them gives them a pretty good idea of who might be there. Rodimus and Lieuteant have about two seconds to orient themselves before gunfire forces them to find cover in the ruin of a storefront.

The deck shakes beneath their feet. In the distance, heavy detonations take out the station's defenses. Heavy scrambling kills any possibility of communicating with Rigard -- or comming each other. The air is broken by the scream of a half-dozen fliers scorching down the concourse, firing on the crowds.

"Am I crazy, or did I just see Soundwave?" That's Rodimus's voice, and it's close enough to freeze the air in their vents, because Rodimus's body isn't here right now. "Ely, tell me I'm not dreaming." He sounds nakedly hungry. "If you find him, I want him. Don't forget the prize."

He crunches off then, feet stamping metal, glass, and flesh alike as he goes to blow something else up somewhere else. The smoke of a nearby fire hazes the area. Back pressed to a crumbling bit of wall, Rodimus reaches for Lieutenant's hand and presses words on his palm:

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Chirolinguistic: Failure. (3 6 5)

--is bad, he kind of says. Kind of. Kind of.

Lieutenant took up the opportunity to go out with... Rodimus. It felt bizarre accompanying 'Soundwave' but he did his best not to think of it bitterly. He's had plenty of practice with Penchant to keep his thoughts quiet, to barely a whisper, so he hoped it wasn't giving the Captain a headache. As for space... turns out despite being a spacer does not mean he is free of his cursed allergies. So far, it's only his vents that keep shuttering. Although that's not the only thing that have them doing that when he spies the doppelgangers.

Captain, you need to work on your Chirolinguistics. Lieutenant replies. Not the time but he's still a recovering salt stick from last night. Is it just three out there?

As if Elysium would walk on the ground. No, no, that's what he has servants for, it's why he keeps the larger and more handsome ones in his entourage. The sniper lounges in his minstrel, Starstruck's arms, watching the crowds scurry about with a intrigued grin on his lips. And when the blue brick catches his optics, he signals for Star to put him down. There's a good boy~ "My dear Captain, if this were a dream then every day spent on that ship with you would be one." he replies smoothly, "Star, be a dear and collect the brick for me."

The constant crack of gunfire, explosions in the distance, all of the noise is combining to give !Starstruck a concentrated ache behind one optic. He knows that in time it will expand into a full-blown migraine, a processor pain that will make existing difficult, let alone interacting with others. Hopefully they'll be away from this hellhole before it comes to that, and before the combination of the pain and his own ever-present simmering rage has him finally snapping and crushing the beautiful mech he currently carries.

He won't, of course. He can't. But it's a nice daydream.

As !Rodimus and Elysium speak, !Starstruck remains silent, scanning their surroundings. Yes, he, too, had seen a Soundwave, much different from the one he knew, possibly one of those doubles he's heard tell of. He'd hoped this Soundwave wouldn't be stupid enough to get himself spotted by !Starstruck's 'companions', and, of course, he was. "As you wish," !Starstruck replies, voice even, as he sets Elysium carefully upon his feet. Stepping toward where Soundwave is hiding, !Starstruck slowly draws the great sword he keeps strapped to his back, hefting it in two hands as he approaches. He moves more slowly than he could, knowing he will likely be punished for it, but... Run, he thinks, as loudly as he can. If you can read his mind at this range, Soundwave, do it! Get out of here.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Chirolinguistic: Failure. (6 6 4)

Honestly, it's Soundwave's outlier abilities that allows Rodimus to understand Lieutenant's chirolinguistics, far more than his own tragedy of an ability. The dampener mutes the noise of the others to a dull roar at a distance, with Lieutenant's mind bright and close thanks to the touch of their hand. But -- he focuses, just a moment, on that dull roar. Lots, he says, the word sort of muddled as his fingers trace across Lieutenant's palm, blocky and without the dexterity of his native frame. Keeping hold of Lieutenant's hand, he begins to draw him away from the approaching !Starstruck in a big, bricky tiptoe.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Stealth: Failure. (3 1 3)

"This is why I like you," !Rodimus calls back over his shoulder to Elysium before he's gone, leaving the capture to them while he goes off to dream up what he's going to do when he has them. Countless organics along the way suffer for it.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Stealth: Success. (6 7 4 5 4 6)

Lots. Rodimus, if they live Lieutenant is sitting him down and teaching his a few words. The spacer intends to live and get away this time in one piece. He is not returning with Skystalker's frame as broken as his own. So he follows readily with Captain Soundwave to sneak away, catching a glance at who's following them. Is that Starstruck? Primus, he's run into three versions of that mech in only a few several hours. When can the real Starstruck just be himself? Is that just too much to ask?

Elysium's wings give a slow flap in pride at the Captain's comment. He intends to deliver as told, and while he would rather not, he walk off a bit distant to keep and optic on his pet. He likes his minstrel but he would never fully trust him to do the job proper.

Damnit, they aren't running. !Starstruck glances back over his shoulder at Elysium, where the mech now stands observing him. No, he won't get out of this without engaging in some way. Fools, what were they thinking, running in here blind like this? Especially with how the captain feels about that both Soundwaves right now. If only people would take the time to think before they acted!

With no choice left to him, !Starstruck hastens his pace, keeping Soundwave's rough location in mind, despite the haze interfering. He takes a wider arc, sword held before him, and when he's relatively certain he's cut Soundwave off, he spins on his heel and stops, facing that direction. "It will be easier if you surrender," he calls, taking another risk. Will Elysium punish him for not attacking immediately? Possible, depending on his mood.

"Uh, how about no." The casual pace of Rodimus's flat voice is probably not as weird to !Starstruck, who's used to the totally radical !Soundwave, but it might sound a little odd to Lieutenant. He shifts, bringing Soundwave's cannon online and targeting the ceiling above !Starstruck to bring it down over him and let them make a break away.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Firearms-2: Good Success. (5 8 2 6 3 8 8 4 4 2 2)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Transportation+2: Failure. (2 5 4 6 3 5)

Lieutenant spends 1 luck points on Elysium needs to show he can fly.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Transportation+2: Success. (1 1 1 3 8 3)

On second thought, chirolinguistics would be better. Lieutenant shudders at the voice, but keeps following. Sorry not-starstruck but this is not the time to surrender. They must be going but it was... strange seeing you.

It would be easier if they would just surrender, but it would also be easier if Starstruck would hurry up. Honestly, Elysium should have just brought Tormentor. Things go much quicker with him. Although, the Captain probably wouldn't want them charred. Very well. The fancier flier transforms to take off into the sky to watch from above.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Reaction+reaction +1: Success. (4 4 2 7 5)

When the shock through his collar doesn't come, !Starstruck is relieved, even if he doesn't show it. Instead, his frown ticks slightly lower when Soundwave speaks. Well that certainly wasn't what he expected from the descriptions of Soundwave he's overheard...whatever. It doesn't matter, because he's got more important things to think about, the highest priority of which being the fact that the ceiling is falling in on him.

!Starstruck is made for power, not quick action, and so while he leaps out of the way he doesn't miss all of the falling debris entirely, some of it bouncing off of his lower legs. He'll worry about those scuffs later; now, instinct is taking over, and the knowledge that Soundwave has really sealed his fate, here. A confrontation is inevitable.

"Remember that I tried," he grumbles beneath his breath, to no one in particular, as he collects himself and charges, bringing his sword around in a wide arc as he aims to slice off the end of that cannon.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Starstruck=unarmed +1 Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction -2 < Starstruck: Great Success (8 7 5 2 2 5 7 7 6 3 5) Rodimus: Failure (3 6 4 2) < Net Result: Starstruck wins - Crushing Victory

Oh ... no. !Starstruck hits like a ... bus, carving the end of the cannon and even physically jarring Rodimus back, knocking him flat. He swears in a very un-Soundwave like way and twists, trying to pull !Starstruck's sword away. "Lieu, get clear of the interference and call for backup," he orders in monotones, abandoning the illusion that silence will save them from being spotted.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Starstruck=unarmed+1 Vs Rodimus=unarmed-2 < Starstruck: Success (4 4 5 5 6 1 8 1 3 6 6) Rodimus: Good Success (6 2 8 6 1 8 4 2) < Net Result: Rodimus wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Transportation: Good Success. (7 4 2 8)

Lieutenant is so reliant on his seismic sense, he doesn't understand how others can react without it. Clearly, Rodimus struggles with reaction because Starstruck comes at the Captain hard. As ordered, he steps away to transform. He won't be gone for long, just enough to get some backup.

<< "Star. Move." >> Elysium does the opposite, dividing down to transform and land on Soundwave. He's not one to pass up the chance to assert dominance on someone else. And he plans to do some on Soundwave before handing him over.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=Reaction+Reaction+2 Vs Rodimus=Reaction+Reaction-2 < Lieutenant: Success (3 4 6 8 6 4 2 6) Rodimus: Success (2 7 2 5) < Net Result: DRAW

With the cannon gone, !Starstruck's greatest threat to his person is gone. Now he simply has to find a way to incapacitate Skystalker and Soundwave without--oh for the love of! Hissing in irritation, !Starstruck's lapse of concentration somehow gave Soundwave the edge needed to get the sword from his hands. He shouldn't have underestimated this double, it seems.

"You are only making this worse on yourself!" !Starstruck snaps, just before Elysium joins the fray. With his master here, he knows better than to say anything else, and buckles down to fight and do no more than that. But first, he needs his sword - he's not about to leave that weapon in Soundwave's hands. And while the mech is distracted in dealing with Elysium, !Starstruck will take the chance to grab it back.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Starstruck=unarmed +1 Vs Rodimus=unarmed -2 < Starstruck: Great Success (8 6 7 7 5 4 5 1 6 7 3) Rodimus: Success (1 3 3 8 2 3 5 5) < Net Result: Starstruck wins - Solid Victory

Rodimus just barely manages to wrestle the sword from !Starstruck, and is lifting it to turn on him when it's immediately pulled from his hands. His lips -- bared -- curl in a snarl that growls through his frame while his visor glints red in anger. Before he can move on !Starstruck, he's forced to deal with Elysium instead as he hits and moves to plant a foot on him. Rodimus gets his hands up in time to catch Elysium by the leg as he grinds his foot on his shoulder, and he yanks, trying to throw him off-balance and get back to his feet.

Once Lieutenant gets some air, he spots !Blaster with !Rodimus in the distance terrorizing a shelter of organics who had gathered, fled, and hid. Heading in the opposite direction, the interference clears, allowing him to get back in touch with the Lost Light and call in another spacebridge. And a little help.

When help arrives, they find themselves on a space station above an asteroid belt in a densely populated system. The space station was supposed to be off of Unicron's trail -- but something has changed. And they don't yet know what or why. Beyond them, they can see a belt of glittering asteroids alight. Fires rage on mining and military installations where the !Lost Lighters have already hit. This way station is their next target, and they are moving through it fairly quickly. Ahead of them is the concourse where Rodimus is being bullied in the wreckage of a shop. This is NOT his day.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed-2 Vs Lieutenant=unarmed+2 < Rodimus: Success (6 6 2 8 6 3 4 2) Lieutenant: Good Success (8 6 2 3 6 1 5 5 7 2 1 6) < Net Result: Lieutenant wins - Marginal Victory

"You make things no better for yourself." Elysium hisses to Starstruck, shocking the collar on him. Unfortunately, he can't properly punish him here and now he need someone to carry the body. Not with the filth touching his leg. His wings flare out for balance, also revealing the intricate designs on them. "And you." his own lips pulling back to bare his sharp teeth. He lifts his heel to slam it back down into the damaged chest. "Be a good mech and stay still. You need to be chipped for my dear Captain."

Lieutenant wishes he had his sniper rifle on him. He could hit !Blaster and !Rodimus from up here, but he sticks to getting back up. Which, thankfully comes. "Sunstreaker! Wing!" That lack of memory is really starting to take effect, but the spacer doesn't realize it. They can see Rodimus from where they are so he turns around instead, to shoot at !Blaster and !Rodimus.

Rung has not been having a good time. After waking up and discovering he switched places with Vortex of all mech, it has been one blurred together mess of trying to figure out how to not hurt himself on Vortex's sharp edges, getting clean, seeing how everyone else is doing, and trying to track down his body- which he assumes has Vortex in it. The therapist had only been successful in three of those things when the call for help came. Being one of the few around to answer, the mech had grabbed a staff- he was not risking using one of Vortex's weapons he is unfamiliar with- and ran to help... Really? He isn't even in his own body and people can't even remember VORTEX'S name now??

Despite his sigh and the distinct droop of rotors, it doesn't take long to figure out the situation. Rung might not be able to help much but at least right now he can distract that alternate from the other two. Giving a glance to Whirl- is that Whirl?- Rung gives the staff in his hands a spin to guage the weight before charging forward to strike the closest of the alternates across the back of their legs and hopefully topple them.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=firearms-2 Vs Rodimus=reaction+reaction+2 < Lieutenant: Good Success (7 3 1 4 5 8 8) Rodimus: Good Success (2 4 5 8 6 8 3 4) < Net Result: Lieutenant wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rung=melee Weapons-2 Vs Starstruck=melee Weapons+1 < Rung: Good Success (3 2 1 7 8 2 1 2) Starstruck: Good Success (4 1 5 4 3 5 1 3 8 7 6) < Net Result: DRAW

Sunstreaker has been miserable but not too miserable. He's also been SEETHING with anger- still stuck on the second stage of grief at the loss of his body. He'd been hitting things to vent and get more used to this springy, bendy, ridiculous, disgusting body whent he call to hit real people came. Why the hell not, its not like it could ruin his day. Week. Month. Entire life than its already been ruined.

Sunstreaker looks around with a snip of his claws. "This place looks terrible," he grouches, single optic zeroing in on the punishment Soundwave is getting. Normally he wouldn't care. But that's not Soundwave, not today. Its Rodimus. His plating flares angrily and he crouches down so he can spring towards his captain and his attackers. Sunny will never admit it outloud but these legs can be quite useful, their configuration giving them more oomph and power with less effort.

Sunstreaker comes in to crane kick the hell out of Elysium, claws snapping. "Off the Captain, ugly!" He snarls. For those looking at Whirl's body, they might notice its never looked quite this shiny before.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sunstreaker=unarmed-1 Vs Lieutenant=unarmed+2 < Sunstreaker: Great Success (2 5 7 6 3 4 7 8 3 4 7 5) Lieutenant: Good Success (1 2 1 6 8 4 3 8 1 6 2 2) < Net Result: Sunstreaker wins - Solid Victory

!Starstruck may not make a noise, but he can't keep his expression from twisting in pain when Elysium fires up the collar. Apparently, his little remark had not gone unheard, as he'd thought. He's going to pay for this later, and he knows it - at least this punishment will only be on himself.

More players enter the fray, one arrival becoming clear to !Starstruck when he's smacked across the back of his legs with a blunt object. The shock, at least, ceases, which means he can now pay attention to this new attacker instead of being distracted by that pain. The blow has him stumbling, but as Elysium is taking care of Soundwave for the moment (!Star's yet to notice Whirl) he's free to catch himself and spin around to face his new enemy. Who is...Vortex.

!Starstruck huffs through his nasal vents at the garish color scheme. These doubles apparently have no taste for decorum. Without wasting another moment, he brings his broadsword through another swing, aiming to damage as heavily as possible. No more pulling punches.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Starstruck=melee Weapons +1 Vs Rung=melee Weapons -2 < Starstruck: Good Success (1 6 7 3 1 2 1 2 1 8 8) Rung: Good Success (4 4 6 1 1 2 8 7) < Net Result: Starstruck wins - Marginal Victory

Lieutenant's shot finds !Rodimus across the distance, scorching across his paint and raising blisters -- and his attention. He says something Blaster, his lips splitting in a wide grin, and then slaps his shoulder to turn and head back toward Lieutenant and the approaching Lost Lighters. He warms a return follow, aiming to bring Lieutenant out of the air. "You have something of mine!" he roars. He still hasn't seen Rodimus -- that is, Soundwave. Rodimus? Whatever. -- but that's probably what he means.

As Sunstreaker and Rung enter the fray, they slam into Elysium and !Starstruck, immediately changing the balance of the fight. Rodimus gets his way out from underfoot to find his feet. He tries to fire his cannon only to get a spit of static for his attempts. "Frag it all, Star," he monotones, then turns to try to get Elysium off his feet and to the ground.

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !elysium with Tooth And Claw but !elysium DODGES!

<COMBAT> !rodimus attacks Lieutenant with Ap Rifle - Critical wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Rodimus tries to subdue !elysium but fails.

<COMBAT> Starstruck attacks Rung with Great Sword but Rung DODGES!

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Starstruck with Blunt - Light wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> !elysium attacks Rung with Blaster Pistol - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Lieutenant attacks !rodimus with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Lieutenant has been **KO'd**!

Elysium topples off of Rodimus, grabbing his face as he struggles on the floor. Thankfully those chicken feet didn't draw blood, but it left a mark. He ruined his makeup. The mech gets up, and while he would rather avoid close combat he'll make an exception in this case. << "Starstruck! Grab the blue brick and take him back to the Captain. I will not disappoint!" >> he orders, kicking Rodimus to the side. Don't you touch him again, pleb.

Lieutenant transforms but uses Skystalker's ability to fly in root mode. He'll enjoy this fact later, right now, he wants to keep Mustached Rodimus away from the group. They have numbers on their side? oh no.

He gets hit in the chest! Again! Unfortunately, Lieutenant has no time to react, except fall from the sky.

Rung swears internally as his attack fails to bring down his opponent. That swear becomes external when that broadsword hits home, slicing into his back and HURTING SO BADLY! "FRAG-" He had forgotten Vortex has his senses upped. Pain splits through his body but the therapist fights through the near agonizing pain to awkwardly dodge the next coming strike. Only said dodge brings him directly into line where Elysium shoots him in the chestplates. Letting out another grunt of pain, Rung swings his weapon around to bash !Starstruck on the closest appendage, his hand. A quick check reveals Vortex's tougher armor blocked most of the damage... but Primus it still hurts!

Its in the corner of his visor that Rung sees Skystalker, Lieutenant, go down. Oh no. "We have to get out of here!" There is no way they are going to win this, so Rung immediately starts to look for an escape route when his attention isn't focused on avoiding the much larger alternates.

Sunstreaker takes some satisfaction in hitting the fragger in the faceplates. He misses a stabbing attempt with his claws and goes to stomp on Elysium but Rodimus goes for a tackle, making him hesitate with one foot lifted. He hears the impact against Lieutenant before twisting around to look at him. Slag. He takes off, sproinging on legs- huphuphup! Then he crouches and springs into the air as high as he can go to try and catch Lieutenant against the top of his canopy. From this vantage point, his single optic can really take in... How awful everyone is doing. (He's fine though, but were there ever any doubts.)

There's a ker-click as he warms up the fun barrels under his chassis. "<< We're at a severe disadvantage,. >>" he comms to his team, agreeing with Rung. "<< We should go before something really bad happens. I'll provide some cover fire. >>" Not gonna lie, he's been wanting to do this. No one ever tell Whirl. He unless a volley of blasts from his chest guns. Maybe he'll get one of these copycats.

"Oh, that was amazing," !Rodimus gloats from the ground, watching Lieutenant fall with a blissed expression. He's so good you guys. He's the best. The smile on his face twists in rage as Lieutenant's scooped from the air by one of the Lost Lighters, and he moves to aim his gun at Sunstreaker instead, lining up a shot. "Two for one? Fine! Love that! Let's go!"

Rodimus, however, is much less gloaty on the ground, unable to get his hands on Elysium and taking the hit dead on. He looks like he's ready to go again when Rung and Sunstreaker call out Lieutenant's KO, and his gaze whips over toward them. The 'oh, ffs' that curls across his lips is quite visible, but he kicks back to try to get away. << "You're right. We need to pull out. Everyone fall back. As soon as you get clear, spacebridge back." >>

<<"Yes, Master.">> It's the only answer !Starstruck can give, the only one he's allowed to give. His first swing to Vortex hits home, as he carves the blade through the mech's frame. Unfortunately, in bringing the large, heavy weapon back around, his opponent is able to dodge, which leaves !Starstruck open for the retaliating strike. His expression remains stony despite the sting of pain to his hand, fingers curling further around the hilt of his weapon. One might say that it's highly impractical to use a broadsword when there are such things as guns and smaller, lighter, faster melee weapons out there, and !Star should've gone with one of those. But he won't! It's the principle of the thing!

Even so...he has his orders, which don't include engaging with Vortex anymore. !Starstruck makes another pass with his sword at Vortex, more to drive him back rather than hit him, and then turns to try and pull Soundwave off of Elysium. If he can get the mech in his grasp, perhaps they can leave this skirmish with what they've came for.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Good Success. (2 7 2 8)

<FS3> Rung rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Failure. (6 4)

<FS3> Sunstreaker rolls Reaction+Reaction-1: Success. (1 8 2 6 5)

<COMBAT> !elysium attacks Rodimus with Blaster Pistol and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Rung passes.

<COMBAT> Rodimus passes.

<COMBAT> !rodimus attacks Sunstreaker with Ap Rifle - Serious wound to Right Arm.

<COMBAT> Lieutenant passes.

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker fires fullauto!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks Starstruck with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks Starstruck with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks Starstruck with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !elysium with Blaster Cannon - Serious wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !elysium with Blaster Cannon - Moderate wound to Left Arm.

<COMBAT> Starstruck subdues Rodimus!

<COMBAT> !elysium has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Elysium's optics are hidden behind his visor, but they widen when those cannons charge up. Quickly, he tries to use Starstruck as a shield but his dominant arm is shot up. He cries out, clearly not used to being hurt at all and crumples to the floor. Maybe if he curls up and pretends he's dead, they won't hurt him again.

Rung breaks away from his fighting, both to get out of the way of Sunstreaker's gunning and to escape. Knowing he won't get far on foot, Rung triggers Vortex's transformation and manages to take to the air... not for long but he manages it. Quickly realizing he's not practiced enough, the mech shifts back to root mode before he can crash and turns to tell the captain- Where is the captain?

Twisting around, Rung is horrified to see that Rodimus has been grabbed and immediately charges back to help. Gritting fang like teeth, Rung knows that his staff isn't going to help here so he does a tactic that he doesn't want to do but needs to. Taking a play out of Vortex's book, Rung springs up to !Starstruck and keeps himself from wincing as he twists his torso.. and activates his razor edged rotors as he lunges to reach the arm that has a hold of Rodimus.

Sunstreaker manages a few hits and grunts as one arm takes its own hit. It burns but the limb is still attached so there's that. His optic flickers as he lands on the ground, cradling Skystalker's body in his undamaged arm. For a moment, the world blacks out before coming back. He shakes his head, optic narrowing at how !Starstruck has nabbed Rodimus. He stamps his bird feet, charging up his cannons again with a slight adjustment- seeing how he can't see Elysium anymore- and firing again. "<< Let's go! Lieutenant is not looking good. >>" And he'll be damned to let any Autobot die on his watch again- or leave without Rodimus.

When the barrage of fire comes his way, !Starstruck moves, dropping out of the way. He works on automatic, instinct taking over, and therefore does not realize Elysium was trying to use him for cover until after the fact, when he sees Elysium shot up and bleeding on the ground. !Star's jaw tightens, and the pain behind his optic worsens. His punishment just went up quite a bit, didn't it.

With Vortex gone, though, !Starstruck is able to follow Elysium's orders, which is absolutely the only reason he goes for Soundwave first. Grabbing the mech bodily around the waist, he throws Soundwave over one shoulder, and turns to reach for Elysium, thinking that !Rodimus will cover for him retrieving their target. How quaint, he thinks bitterly, Having an Autobot to watch my back.

"Rung," Rodimus says to someone who is definitely not Rung, "if you don't fall back I'm going to revoke your non-existent license. Get out of here." He tries to wriggle off !Starstruck, but he's awkward in Soundwave's frame, and he weren't expecting to run into trouble in the first place. He kicks. Dignity = zero. "Come on, mech!"

Locked in focus on Sunstreaker's falter, !Rodimus seems entirely oblivious to how close his prize is to his hands. He walks bodily into the gunfire, as careless as Rodimus and twice as armored as he lines up another shot, aiming to blow Sunstreaker's arm clean off. "Hey, you know, you guys are putting up more of a fight than I expected you to! I'm surprised you even know how your guns work!"

<COMBAT> Lieutenant passes.

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker fires fullauto!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - Light wound to Right Arm.

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker attacks !rodimus with Blaster Cannon and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Starstruck continues to subdue Rodimus.

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Starstruck with Energy Sword - NEAR MISS!

<COMBAT> !rodimus attacks Sunstreaker with Ap Rifle - Moderate wound to Right Leg.

<COMBAT> Rodimus attempts to escape from Starstruck but fails!

<COMBAT> Tez has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker spends a luck point to keep fighting!

<FS3> Sunstreaker rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (5 7 7 2 7 6)

Rung misses by mere inches, visor widening in panic as he realizes !Starstruck is kidnapping the captain. No no NO they can't lose Rodimus, he is too important to the crew! Run now or risk getting caught instead or both of them caught... the ship can lose a therapist but the Captain is too much of a risk. Mind set, Rung replies to Rodimus with a simple, "I've been threatened with that before Captain." before lunging again. Flipping around as he nearly Climbs the alternate Starstruck, Rung twists one last time and aims his rotors directly for the mech's helm. Hopefully, this will mean he either has to drop the captain to dodge or... well it will be messy.

Whirl's legs are powerful. Stable? No. Sunstreaker collapses to his knee when his leg is gotten. He hunches forward, pulling Lieutenant close. Hnnn... The world blots out and comes back, slower this time. "<< Rodimus, I can't keep fighting, not in this body. I- I'm sorry but Lieutenant needs a medic. >>"

The realization makes Sunstreaker's spark twist. The same feeling he got the day he sacrificed himself to the Swarm. Like he was doing the right thing but also the cowardly thing. And it rubs his conscious and ego raw. He gets up and limps as fast as he can manage, calling in a spacebridge. "If you're conscious at all, Lieutenant, its alright. You're going to be safe." He looks over his shoulder at the others but he knows if he stays, their fates could be worse. When the spacebridge comes up, he doesn't hesitate to enter and leave the fight behind.

!Starstruck only just catches someone approaching out of the corner of his optic, and any thoughts of picking up Elysium right now are abandoned. Didn't take much, really. "It will be better for you if you listen to him," he hisses through clenched dentals, jerking out of the way of that incoming - rotor? "Soundwave is the only one we want. Leave while you still can." Hopefully, Elysium won't hear this, prone as he is upon the ground and with !Star trying to dance away from Vortex. The comment about Soundwave being the captain is puzzling - he was certain that wasn't true - but he also doesn't have the time to think too hard about it, as Vortex is trying to scale him. With Soundwave still in his grip, !Starstruck can't do much but try to peel Vortex off with his free hand before that rotor gets too close to his face. You don't understand, Vortex, he won't be letting Soundwave go, and taking a blade to the helm is nothing compared to what will be done to him if he fails this.

Lieutenant only vaguely hears someone speaking, but it's too far away to make sense of it. He hisses in pain, and while he can't speak, his process is scrambling out. Sorry, I am so sorry.. I am so sorry, I am so sorry.

When Sunstreaker reports his retreat, Rodimus looks frankly grateful. Though the words are fuzzed by the edge of Blaster's interference, he's able to least get through a flat but sincere, << "Thank you." >> Soundwave's voice is incapable of conveying the relief on Rodimus's features that comes from knowing at least two of his crew will be safe. He continues to try to slip free of !Starstruck, more than a little worried about those blades. He knows just how sharp they are! "I'm gonna delete all of your music when I get back," he threatens !Starstruck. Totally unfair taking it out on the other guy.

<COMBAT> !rodimus will pass this turn. (Tez)

<COMBAT> Sunstreaker passes.

<COMBAT> Rung attacks Starstruck with Energy Sword but Starstruck DODGES!

<COMBAT> !rodimus passes.

<COMBAT> Rodimus attempts to escape from Starstruck but fails!

<COMBAT> Lieutenant passes.

<COMBAT> Starstruck continues to subdue Rodimus.

Rung was so close. All he can do is stare with wide visor'd horror as Starstruck manages to grab him inches from the rotors making contact with the mech's helm, and then he's being thrown. Rung hits the ground and rolls a short distance away, stopping the blades on his back to look up as !Starstruck takes him to !Rodimus. he can't help. Even now, in Vortex's much more combat oriented body, he's useless. He can't help... but he can get help. Shakily scrambling to his pedes- ignoring the heightened pain- Rung bolts to where he can reach a spacebridge. He has to get word back to the ship, ignoring the fear and dread threatening to bring him to his knees.

Rodimus spends 1 luck points on i swear to god if you fail this one.

<FS3> Rung rolls Reaction+reaction+48: Great Success. (5 8 5 2 8 8 3 4 6 3 5 2 8 1 3 2 3 5 2 5)

!Starstruck tears Vortex from his frame and tosses him, keeping that blade from his face. As Vortex falls, said face shifts, the expression sorrowful as he looks upon the rotary. He's sorry to take your Soundwave from you, but he honestly has no choice. He can't die here, not now.

As Vortex absconds and !Rodimus approaches, !Star scoops Elysium up from the ground, cradling him in the crook of his arm. He knows better than to carry Elysium the way he's currently carrying Soundwave. "Captain," he intones, keeping his grip tight on the blue brick. "We have captured Soundwave, as you ordered."

"The frag you have," Rodimus says, all but spitting in anger as he writhes around in !Starstruck's grip, trying to get free enough to dig his stupid huge fat blunt fingers in and start peeling his armor off. He does everything he possibly can to buy Rung the time to get free, and watching him slip loose -- he relaxes, just a moment. Then, seeing his own double now facing them -- taller, pointier -- Rodimus all but lurches trying to get close enough to do ... something. SOMETHING REALLY COOL. He doesn't know what. Soundwave's frame lacks dramatic flames.

"Yeah, you know, that's the thing -- so close," !Rodimus says, looking at Soundwave's body in !Starstruck's hands. "But you wanna know a secret? That's not him. But still -- nice work!" His gaze falls on Elysium, and his smile widens beneath his insignia. "And I know just how to reward you. Elysium failed me, but you came through. I'm thinking maybe it's time that he answered to you. What do you think about that? Meanwhile, we do have just the thing to send a message back to the real Soundwave, wherever he ended up. Come on. I've got some ideas for this." He turns to stride back into the battlefield, beckoning Starstruck after him.

!Starstruck's optic ridge doesn't crease, he doesn't squint or frown or do anything to betray his initial doubts at !Rodimus' words. Of course he has Soundwave, this is his frame, does !Rodimus not see? Did Whirl's blasts knock something loose in his processor? (More loose?) But. Vortex calling him 'captain', the odd behavior, the condition of Soundwave's all comes together, and !Star's optics widen beneath his visor, just a smidge.


Spirits sinking about what this could mean for these other selves and their chances, !Starstruck does come out of this with one upside. At the captain's words, he glances down at Elysium, still tucked safely into his arm, and he. Smiles. "I think that would do very well, Captain. I only hope my actions were deserving of such an incredible gift." Following along after !Rodimus, !Starstruck's gaze, optics bright yet hidden, never leaves Elysium, and the smile never leaves his face. Yes, an incredible gift indeed.

When the !Lost Lighters finally leave, just enough of Rodimus's comm systems have been left to get back in touch with the Lost Light: he needs a) a pickup and b) a medic and c) the Unicron Squad knew about the bodyswap. He doesn't tell Soundwave that d) he has a message for him, but that'll be pretty obvious when they pick him up.

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