2017-06-12 Backup Plan

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Backup Plan
Date 2017/06/12
Location Command -- Incident Room
Participants Brainstorm, Rodimus, Trailbreaker
Summary Rodimus wants a backup to the W.U.D (Weapon of Unicron Destruction)

Overlooking the bridge, this room is dominated by the large displays capable of displaying whatever recent crisis is at hand. It is possible to tune into on-ship surveillance in the corridors and major rooms or else pull up a view of the ship's exterior. The tactical displays are probably better at breaking down a situation than most of the people who end up in here to direct one.

A large table stands in the center of the room, glossy and whole.

The Thingy is long gone -- and apparently buried in the heart of an ancient evil -- but they took some pretty thorough scans of it, scans which are thrown up on all of the uncracked screens in the incident room. One screen, however, displays a star system. It's one they've visited before: Clemency. Rodimus stands with his hands braced on the central table and waits for Brainstorm and Trailbreaker, who he has asked to join him. The room shows signs of having been prioritized in repair. The walls and wiring have been almost entirely fixed, and it's clean of debris.

The Captain has summoned Trailbreaker, which he takes to mean that something somewhere needs to be forcefield'ed. I mean isn't that why people usually summon Trailbreaker? There's a hole we need you to cover up, Trailbreaker. I want to see you do the bubble thing, Trailbreaker. Go put a forcefield on this annoying guy's face, Trailbreaker. But maybe it's something else! Something a little more heavy, more serious. For that reason, he's pretty glad he actually held off on drinking before the end of his shift today. If one doesn't count the morning.

He arrives in the Incident Room in his rather slow alt mode before transforming, looking eager despite his misgivings and saluting rather awkwardly. "Uh, you needed me here, sir?"

Even with his busy schedule, Brainstorm can spare some time to answer Rodimus' summons. He is the captain, and this time, he actually called him to the inceident room, instead of barging into his lab with another charred weapon. Probably needs the ship's genius for something important.

He arrives just behind Trailbreaker, on foot, giving a small wave in contrast to the other mech's salute "Hey Rodimus! You needed something? Trailbreaker."

"So ... Unicron. Probably basically the biggest weapon around, right?" Rodimus says, pivoting to face Brainstorm and Trailbreaker with a quick and easy smile. He hops back to take a seat on the edge of the table, gesturing an invitation for them to join him and have a seat as well. They can even take a chair if they want. Lame as that is. "You've gotta want to learn more about it, right?" He doesn't wait for an answer. "Right!" And that only accounts for Brainstorm. Trailbreaker, then, is probably here for the usual reasons. Something needs to be forcefield'ed. "We got the Thingy from those Decepticon scavengers, but they got it on Clemency." He gestures back over his shoulder at the scans of the Thingy and the star systems. "Seems like a pretty good place to start trying to find out more to me."

"I...admit I am pretty curious about Unicron myself," Trailbreaker says, rubbing the back of his neck even though he can tell by the emphasis on weapon that yep, that bit was addressed at Brainstorm. Meaning yes, he's probably here for the reason he thinks he is. Still, he does a good job of hiding his disappointment, instead distracted by the scans and star maps. "So you want us to go on a fact-finding mission to Clemency? I guess that makes sense. If the Thingy was there, gotta be more where it came from. Or at least...some significance to it having been there."

Brainstorm will take the chair, thank you. The engineer plops down, setting his ever present briefcase in his lap as he listens, nodding to confirm Rodimus' suspiscions. Of course he wants to learn more about it!

"Oh, definitely!" his optics seem to glow brighter at the suggestion "It might have been brought there from elsewjere, but we might be able to find out the origin point."

Rodimus fingerguns in Trailbreaker's direction. "And if you find anything, I want you to be ready to drop it in a bubble. We definitely don't need to wake up any other ancient evils. I mean -- we've got to be about out of ancient evils we can wake up, right?" There can't be that many more in the galaxy. RIGHT?? "I want you to lead the mission, Trailbreaker, so that Brainstorm can focus on figuring things out. Take whoever you need. Spacebridge should be able to jump you there, since we already have the coordinates. You could take a shuttle if you'd rather too, I guess. Up to you. Place was weird. Clemency. That Decepticon ship was straight up fragged."

"Right, bubbles, got it..." Well, at least Trailbreaker's doing it for a good cause, trapping potentially lethal things is a better use of his forcefields than he's been asked to do before, and he IS ultimately the Forcefield Gu-


"You...want me to lead?!" Trailbreaker's so taken aback he points to himself. "I mean, yes sir! I'll make sure we've got a good team with us and that Brainstorm here's safe to do whatever kind of work he needs to do. Right, Brainstorm?" Holy crap he's being given heavy duty responsibilities holy crap.

"Well now you've definitely set us up for waking another ancient evil" Brainstorm chuckles "Because you said that, the universe is now practically obligated to provide us with another one, stronger than the last." Brainstorm looks about to say something more.


"You want him to lead?" the engineer jabs a finger at Trailbreaker while his attention remains on Rodiums. That's an unexpected turn of events. Sure, he's got cool magna clamps, but he's not exactly the most leadry guy around "Not saying he couldn't do it, but I would like some say in how things are done, since I will be the one figuring things out."

"You can work it out with him," Rodimus says, waving his hand in Trailbreaker's direction in the face of Brainstorm's hesitation. It's a wave that becomes a point as he looks at Trailbreaker: "Like I said, your job is to let Brainstorm focus on figuring things out. Also to keep him from accidentally turning the Thingy's Slightly Smaller Cousin into another ancient evil weapon if he finds one. Which would just be a crazy accident, I'm sure. Minding Brainstorm is a very delicate process. I'm sure Perceptor could give you tips."

Trailbreaker heard that, Brainstorm! He shoots the scientist a Look. "I mean, obviously we'll be leaving the actual science stuff to you! And any other scientists aboard." He'd like at least one more scientist to assist in the Brainstorm-wrangling. "Captain's just saying we gotta be careful. Know what we're dealing with and keep from repeating old mistakes. Do you really think there could be more things like Unicr-of course there could be, what am I saying? How long have I been on this ship?" He shakes his head. "Anything in particular we should look out for? Old documents, something conveninetly labeled 'Anti-Unicron Gun'?"

"Hey! I do not need minding!" Brainstorm leans forward in his chair, optics narrowing in a look of offense "Any weapon that I might accidentally create would 2) be modern, and b) would not be evil since I would ensure that it would work for us. Well, I guess it might be if you give it to Soundwave. All I need is for someone to watch my back and stay out of my way." With that rant over, he leans back again, turning to Trailbreaker "The anti-Unicron gun's here. I'm still working on getting a look at it." And he intends to get that look, one way, or another "There might be some records in the ship's system that I can get at, or possibly, more thingies, lowecase 't', that the Scavangers missed."

Rodimus holds his hands up in a clueless sort of gesture. He doesn't know what they should look for. He opens his hands to Brainstorm, leaving it all in his capable, nerdy hands. "There, see? Records. Th-lowercase-t-ingies." The lowercase-t is spoken, injected in the middle of the word where it really does't belong. "If you have any other ideas for how we can start trying to think our way around this problem, let me know. As great as all this scrap with the artifacts probably is -- I'd rather we didn't just rely on what we're told without looking for answers ourselves."

"Yeah, exactly! Thting...ies...wait." Trialbreaker isn't sure how he flubbed that one, so he lets it drop. "I'm kinda with you, Rodimus. These artifacts are a good standby, but it'd be great to have some kind of a backup in case it backfires on us." Which, given their record, is not impossible. "And if nothing else, at least we'll find out more about what we're dealing with. You got this mission in good hands, Captain!" He certainly hopes so. He looks like Rodimus has just agreed to make a Rodpod in his honor or something.

Never underestimate the depths or desperation of Trailbreaker's low self esteem.

"Now do you think that a planet killer on the ship might have been a good idea. Brainstorm leans in a little again, but this time it's to give Rodimus a pointed 'I told you so' look. "As interesting as this WUD is, I tend to be more sure of weapons that I had a hand in. They tend to work better."

"Now do you think that a planet killer on the ship might have been a good idea." Brainstorm leans in a little again, but this time it's to give Rodimus a pointed 'I told you so' look. "As interesting as this WUD is, I tend to be more sure of weapons that I had a hand in. They tend to work better."

"WUD? Is that what we're calling it?" Rodimus repeats, "Wud, wud," under his breath, making a face. "That is way not awesome sounding enough. Someone's gotta work on the branding."

Looking back at Trailbreaker, Rodimus seems first bemused by the strength of his reaction, then a little guilty about it. Look at what a tiny little gesture of recognition can do! So he lays it on a little thicker, reaching out to clasp Trailbreaker by the shoulder. "I know it is, Trailbreaker. I have faith in you."

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Inspire: Good Success. (6 3 6 3 8 7 2 1 5 5 1 5 8 1)

"Maybe W-UD? No, that doesn't sound right either. Wuu Dee? Nah. But I mean, can't hurt to hedge our bets."

And then Trailbreaker gets a clasp on the shoulder from Rodimus. Rodimus...believes in him? A big, shiny, former-Matrix-bearer who is actually confident? In a mission that isn't just 'patch up the wall' or 'do the cool floaty object thing.' That makes the...third person who has expressed this much confidence in Trailbreaker, and he's not sure how to handle it.

But he does grin brightly and salute. "Thank you, Rodimus! I'll do my best! Man, times like this, you almost sound like..." Oh, maybe he better nooot bring up Optimus. That guy's a bit contentious. "Well, you definitely sound like a great leader," he says instead.

"It's short for Weapon of Unicron Distruction" Brainstorm translates "You're supposed to say it as W - U - D. Ultra Magnus would probably say that you're supposed to write it with a full stop after each letter."

Tralbreaker's reaction to the encouragment earns him an amused look. He can guess where you almost went with that (It certianly wasn't going to be 'Like Megatron'!)

Rodimus is somewhat notorious for being easy to flatter, so it strikes a bit strange to the observant when Trailbreaker's words cause his smile to falter and twist. He catches himself, and reinforces it with a brace to end in a wry twist. "Leaders are only as good as those who follow," he says, less as though he means it and more as though he thinks that's the right thing to say. (Even if he really does love his crew.) He steps back, leaning against the table again and says, "Let me know if you need anything. I'd really not rely on the wud." It's wud now. Rhymes with thud. Forever.

Huh, Trailbreaker didn't expect...that reaction. He does notice that falter, and decides to ask about it another time, in a more casual environment, rather than while Rodimus is on the spot. If ever. He'll probably lose his nerve. Instead he offers a more sheepish grin. "Don't worry, I'll keep you updated the whole way! It'll go just fine. I have a good feeling about it. I'll start assembling my team right away." He'll get started on it before he hits the bar for the night, even!

"W.U.D" Brainstorm insists as he gets up, in part to better make his point, and in part because it looks like this meeting is begining to wind up "And it had better" he turns towards Trailbreaker "The success of this expidition hinges on me being able to actually investigate, and get back to the Lost Light in one piece" he's not being outright agressive, but, you know, he'd very much preffer to get out alive, and this is the guy who's been put in charge of his saftey.

Rodimus is bright as ever as he pushes himself to his feet to unload a datastick from one of the consoles and pass it over to Brainstorm. WHAT REACTION? EVERYTHING IS FINE. "Everything we've got on the Thingy and on Clemency. Well -- everything that was on the public drives, anyway. For all I know, you have some kind of secret nerd backups and you don't even need this. Copy for you too, Trailbreaker," he says, flipping a second drive toward him. "Good hunting out there."

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