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Wrong Address
Date 2017/02/24
Location Habsuites - Vortex and Gearstrip
Participants Vortex, Skywarp
Summary A deal is made.

While the habsuites are all shared, one can be reassured that each contains a workstation, a nice big monitor screen, space for bots in their alt modes, and recharge slabs for both individuals. They might have to fight over who gets the slab by the window, however.

The packaging peanuts have been good to Vortex. Turns out he can get things by looking adorable. A small sneeze secured him some extra sweets, which he munches on as he works, still covered in peanuts. He's not Swindle, he can't endlessly schmooze so a well needed break to work was needed. And with his roommate out and no Security shift for a while, he's filling the time working on that dismembered he was gifted by Whirl.

Vortex's servos hover over his open toolbox before carefully selecting a pair of pliers. The long ones with a slight curve to the end. This'll do. The tilting the disembodied head a bit, he opens the mouth a little more with his claws before sticking in the pliers. He leans in, rotors still as he focuses on finding the right circuitry in the back. This is a delicate procedure, he needs quiet.

Quiet isn't on the itinerary for today, at least not right now. The room's silence is shattered by the abrupt VOMP and clatter of a seeker not-quite sticking the landing, or location. Skywarp has managed to both fail in warping to his quarters - not his fault, things got changed - and actually staying upright when he accomplished the warp. They must be traversing longitudinally for some reason, that would explain the floor being so damn far away.

"Frelling useless scrap heap." Skywarp mutters, giving the floor a solid kick and pushing up onto his knees. "Ugh."

Vortex tugs gently. Getting a processor out without cutting into one's head is tricky business. Back in the day, he would do this to deceased autobots, leave little to no trace of any tampering. Remove their processor and then put in powerful and volatile explosive. When they retrieved the body BLAM! It was sweet to watch. The copter continues to coax the processor along, bit by bit so not to damage the mechanism... Nearly there. Just a little more tippy-tappy-tug-along aaaaaand-

Vortex yelps, jumping in the air and twisting around. He lands like a feral cat, visor bright. In one hand he holds the head by its jaw, ready to club someone with it, and holds a dangling processor in the other one with his pliers. He stops to stares... "What. THE HELL?"

Flopping over onto his rear, Skywarp squints at the irate helicopter, wings doing a little processing flutter-flick. "You're not a bug." This isn't his room, time to get up and walk there like some sort of plebeian, then. Instead of sitting around or giving any attention to the room's owner, Skywarp busies with getting off the floor and looking for the door. Weird pink dude isn't important.

"A bug?" Vortex's rotors shuffle and then flare. "Of course I'm not a bug!" He huffs, puffing peanuts out. "Tch, too stupid to even warp right. Outlier ability is wasted on you..." He hold up his bludgeon (the head) menacingly with a hiss. "What're you doing here, flyboy?!"

Skywarp turns his head to look back at Vortex, wings perking up. "Oh, it's you." His wings give another, mildly irritated twitch, expression mimicking the emote. "A: Fuck off, B: Leaving." Hand gestures similar to placing boxes are used to outline these two answers to the two questions.

Vortex growls. Stupid Seekers. He turns back to his desk, setting down the head so he can get ahold of the processor and look at it. "Dammit, you made me break it. Fraggin' Seekers... Do me a favor and clip your ridiculous wings on the way out." The rotary makes sure the door is locked remotely- just to annoy Skywarp. Fragger deserved that much.

Skywarp squints at Vortex for another few seconds before walking toward the door again, keying it open on his way through. Or, he would have, but the door stays stubbornly closed, and he instead barely avoids running into it. Wings hiking up, the seeker pivots, crossing his arms and glaring toward Vortex. "You're a prick." And back to the door, keying in the unlock codes. "Frelling pain in the aft surgeon wannabe."

Vortex snickers, having been watching from the corner of his optic. "Ah, well, at least I'm smart enough to be one, flyboy. You're a few diodes short from being a bucket of bolts with wings. Chin up! You look the part so you're already halfway there!" His rotors twitch-flick-whrrr in obscenities. Hah, take that.

Skywarp scowls, halfway to stepping through the door when his wings give a very irritable twitch-shift backward. "Says the walking pink- the frag's on your plating?" He crosses his arms, chin tilting up while his wings twitch condescension. And then they twitch down and his shoulders slump - just a bit, but enough to be noticeable. "Whatever." He doesn't have the energy reserves to do this right now.

"Packaging peanuts. They like to stick around." Heh. Vortex grunts, only glancing at Skywarp before back to his work. Annoying, slagger just bypassing his locked door like its... Nothing... The Combaticon twists around like he was struck by lightning. "Whoa! 'Warp! Skywarp, come back!"

Again, Skywarp pauses halfway through the door, wings twitching up again. He lets out a little, disappointed keen that turns into a groan, letting his head fall back and running a hand down his face as he turns, AGAIN, to face Vortex. "What." Let him leave.

Overdramatic, glitch-headed-! "You want something to snack on?" Vortex gestures to the energon goodies he'd been given. Enticing isn't it? So nice, probably delicious. "And, ah, I didn't mean of that. You just took me by surprise. You..." His rotors twitched. "Scared me."

"Boo-frellin'-hoo." Skywarp sneers, hips cocking to the side. He's halfway to another snide comment when goodies are offered and, despite himself, the seeker's wings perk up. Snagging the snacks wins out over leaving, and the jet tromps over to snag a few goodies, sitting himself on one of the recharge slabs in the process. "Yes." He mutters, belatedly, stuffing a treat into his mouth. "What do you want, creep?"

Vortex's rotors twitch again. You know what would be nice? His hands around that stupid Seeker neck, sinking his claws into his main energon line. Yes. That puts him in a good enough mood to not growl at the 'creep' comment. "Want? Oh! I don't really want anything. Just haven't seen you around. And us 'Con flyers gotta stick together, have each other's backs, right?" He watches Warp eat and tilts his head. "You, ah, hungry there buddy?" Now he's going to have to wash his mouth out with acid. Buddy ugh.

Skywarp raises an optical ridge, munching another treat before deigning to respond. "Stick to your day-job." His optics narrow again and his wings give an impatient flick. "What do you want." Absent-minded Skywarp may be, but he's not an idiot. Cut to the chase, Vortex, or he's taking your treats with him. (spoiler alert: he's planning to do that anyway)

Okay, that was laying it on pretty thick. This is Skywarp after all. Vortex vents. "Fine. I do want something. But its worth it, trust me." He grins under his mask. "Brainstorm- you know the mech?- he challenged me. Said I couldn't break into his lab. I wanna prove him wrong. And I need your help, my special friend." Yeugh, friend. Cut his tongue out. "With you, I can just... You know, bypass the door entirely- haha!"

Skywarp blinks and... stares. Just a kind of blank look directed toward Vortex for far longer than it should take to process and reply to this kind of question. Finally, he shrugs, popping another goodie in his mouth and, around the dissolving energon, replies, "Get me a job."

Vortex's rotors perk at the shrug. That's a general sign of acceptance. Yes! He's saying yes. Oh, this is going to be so much- wait, what. His visor blinks in a shutter. "I, excuse me? A, ah, a job?" Just making sure he heard you there.

"Engex." Skywarp says, slowly, because clearly Vortex is having some trouble here, "Is expensive." He gives the helo a look, making sure they're on the same page before moving on. "Lots of engex is lots of expensive." That optical ridge pops up again while he waits for confirmation that Vortex is following along.

"You realize you technically already have a job, Warpy, " Vortex grinds out of his vocalizer with a false sweetness to it. A tremble runs up his rotors but he stills it with the thought of riveting the seeker's wings to the ship's hall. Hehe. "Of course energon is expensive, if you're not cute I suppose..." Fortunately, he looks adorable with these ridiculous peanuts.

Vortex crosses his arms. "So, the flyboy isn't getting the fuel he wants? Needs some better income? It's a shame we Combaticons kinda got a stranglehold on merc work, huh? Heh... But I suppose..." He taps his chin in thought. "I suppose I do have another job- the Body Shop. You should visit sometime." He looks the mech up and down. "Ya look like you could use it."

"Ok, deal." Skywarp nods, conveniently ignoring Vortex's other comments, zeroing in on the really important details. "Get me a job at the Body Shop and I get you into Brainstorm's lab." His expression does turn sour at the jab to his looks, baring fangs in warning. Slag off, Vortex, detailing is, shockingly, also expensive. "Y'ain't getting in unless the shop thing actually works, either."

Vortex bares his fangs back. Unfortunately, it goes unseen. "I only work at the Body Shop- I'm an employee! I can't get you hired. I can get you an interview and put in a good word for you. The boss is a bleeding spark Autobot, give her a lil sob story and that you can hold an airbrush the right way and you won't have a problem. It's a guarantee hire, really." His hands go to his hips, which pop to the side. "So, I'll get you an interview and we can do this thing. Come on, she hired me. She has no excuse not to hire you."

Tipping his head, Skywarp grunts agreement. "'Kay. 'F it works I'll do the-" He waves his hand in a circle, shrugging. "Thing." Business concluded, Skywarp hops off the slab and paces toward the door again. "Lemme know when your low-standards 'bot wants to meet me." Another energon treat goes into his mouth as he stares at Vortex, waiting for the mech to be obviously done taking up his time.

Vortex knows its gonna be worth it. All worth it. Just smile and wave. "Will do, Skywarp! Her name is Torque, so look for a message from her or me!" He says brightly. "Have a good day, Skywarp! And we should get some drinks sometime!"

Skywarp gives the helicopter a flat look. They both know that will never happen. "Get fragged, 'Tex." A dismissive flick of his wing follows and the Seeker strides out the door. That went well.

Vortex flips off Skywarp's retreating back. Glitch-headed aft.

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