2017-02-19 Stars and Strategy

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Stars and Strategy
Date 2017/02/19
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Soundwave, Cosmos
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary Cosmos and Soundwave chat.

Cosmos had been dropped off at the medibay... only to show up on Soundwave's door step a few hours later with a note literally magnetized to his chassis like an organic toddler. Said note was addressed to Soundwave and said, 'Physically fine, mentally eh. Working on solution. Put up with him or knock him out. Your choice.' The double L's at the bottom signify it was a certain medic writing the note to him, Cosmos further said something about the medibay being busy and since he was fine for the most part being released.

Ever since then Cosmos has been following Soundwave around like a lost turbopup, attraction only growing stronger as his fever intensified. At least he is admiring for the most part and not touchy.

The note was a surprise. Soundwave was sure Cosmos was worse off than what it said. But it at least confirmed one thing: Cosmos was definitly not himself, just not dying. So, he put up with it. The UFO couldn't help it and everytime he tried to turn him away, that disappoint rippled through him from the Autobot. Digging into the deep wells of his patience, he decided the best course of action was just to let Cosmos be happy.

Soundwave walks into the Observation deck, pausing a moment to look around... But it appears he is alone here today. That's good. He glances back. Okay. Mostly alone. He makes his way over to a seat, steps quiet for such a large mech.

Cosmos follows close behind, hands wringing nervously. But... its the nice kind of nervous, like the earth phrase 'butterflies in your stomach' .... he doesn't actually get it but the saying seems weirdly appropriate to the situation. Soundwave has been letting him join him all day! He didn't just shove the UFO away! Does this mean he likes me back? No Probably not... What do I have to do to get Soundwave to like me back!? I'll do anything! "What are we doing up here?"

Soundwave carefully looks over the seats before choosing one for himself. He shifts and leans back, sending a signal towards the door to close it for some privacy. Privacy and one Cosmos. "Watching space, enjoyable," he explains to the UFO as his chassis pops open, letting out Ratbat so he can watch some space as well. They bond best when doing things that don't involve a great deal of interaction between the two of them.

Cosmos is quick to sit in a seat close to Soundwave, edging close and closer- but then stopping just before he gets close enough for their plating to touch. Even if he wants so bad to lean against Soundwave right now he wants Soundwave happy with him even more... and Soundwave likely wouldn't want him getting that far into his personal space. The spacer, who already runs warm due to his alt mode, is giving off heat like a practical furnace by this point, "It's better out there... You can look in any direction possible without having to worry about walls or window borders blocking your view."

Soundwave watches Cosmos move closer, closing his empty deck. Heat and affection is palpable and this Decepticon is entirely unsure on how to handle it without offending the Autobot. And he can't handle that depressive disappointment that comes with trying to shove him away, so to speak. He clears his vocalizer, tilting his head up to watch Ratbat find his perch somewhere above. "Walls and borders, reassuring. Space endless in all directions. Silent... I prefer to look at it from in here."

Cosmos ....can actually kind of understand the silence argument towards preferring not being in open space. He's gone months- maybe even years, it all blend together after awhile- without actually hearing another mech's voice. Its... not fun. The no borders thing isn't as comprehensible to him though. Maybe its just because he's a spacer that its less overwhelming to him? He turns to look at Soundwave admiringly, if a bit confused or unsure, "Well hey, if you go far enough in one direction you'll hit something eventually!" Heh... right? ... That was bad... I regret everything about that. "You've never just... gone out onto an asteroid? Looked at a star system without glass or metal to taint the view?" Cosmos might not like being out in space for so long but.... to stay away from space, stuck on a ship or planet, forever would probably crush him just as much as being out there constantly.

The silence is more than just disconcerting. As much as all the voices and sounds can bear down on him, not having any of that... To having nothing after a lifetime of everything? It would feel as though he had a part of his spark carved out. Soundwave is content with being stuck on a ship or planet.

One of his fists clench and then loosen up. "No. Last asteroid... Less than satisfactory." He sighs. "My job is to watch and listen, to spy and keep communications. Enjoying a view- even one that ought to be common- is not something I had time for."

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Great Success. (4 5 7 7 7 1 5 5 7)

Cosmos stares at that clenching fist out of the corner of his optic. Coupled with his other reactions... "W-what.... if you tried it again? .. maybe.. with someone else.... then you- you uh wouldn't have to be alone, or in silence. Not to mention if you have someone who knows space... that's just as good as a border or wall, I'd think." Cosmos forces himself to stare out the window but keeps sneaking glances at the taller tapedeck. Me... I'm saying I could take him to space. Primus who am I kidding? Some spacers barely like space, I'm probably just bringing back bad memories or something! "I.. sorry, just forget it." Maybe.. Maybe I could just take him some pictures or something? Maybe give him one of the ones in my hab...

Soundwave's look slides over to Cosmos. Subtle, real subtle. You'd think, after all the time he spent following and sticking close to Soundwave, he'd know better than to not put everything he's thinking out there. Its futile to not do that. "Cosmos's offer, appreciated. But I would prefer staying magnetized to the hull." And it might not be wise for him to leave the ship. The last time that happened, there was a horrific needle monster and his Decepticons need him.

Soundwave vents quietly. "Do not apologize. Memories of being in space, not particularly pleasant. Low time in Decepticon history." He pauses. "What kind of pictures do you take?"

Cosmos mentally kicks himself as he keeps forgetting Soundwave can read minds. Frag it all to the- "Oh uh... well.." He has a picture on him.. he knows he does.. Pulling out a datapad the Spacer flips through a few folders until he reaches the correct one, pulling up an array of space photos that clearly can only be taken with the skill of a spacer. "H-here. I took a couple recently of a blue star we passed by..." Cosmos has always been able to take good pictures because of how maneuverable his alt is, not to mention built in cameras for surveillance can double as a leisure activity.

Soundwave takes the datapad, paying no mind to the brief touch to Cosmos's fingers- its to be expected. The UFO has large fingers. He looks over the images. "Cosmos's image capture capabilities, impressive." He glances at him. "What is your range capabilities?"

Cosmos can practically feel his spark skip a beat happily as their fingers brush. Ok, logically he knows his fingers are just huge but logic isn't exactly something he is focused on at the moment. "Um.. I- I can take detailed photos of planets about three light hours out on average... If uh.. if you're ok with a little blur or less quality I can go out further!" Is that good? That's probably phenomenal for most surveillance mechs but Cosmos is unsure if that is a good or bad thing in this case.

Soundwave turns his helm to stare at Cosmos, visor shining bright in surprise. "That is... Impressive." That more than surpasses his singular surveillance capabilities. Cosmos can literally take pictures of events already passed. His gaze scans Cosmos with intense scrutiny. "Choice of faction, unfortunate."

Cosmos blushes badly at the compliment under his mask. Soundwave... is impressed by me? and that look he's giving him- "T-thank you! I uh.. I was the only one up in space nearly 24/7 back on Earth." And many many years before that but who's counting? He doesn't quite know how to react to the faction remark, however. "Well I... I would definitely have preferred us to not have to have fought at all." That much is true. Cosmos is very very glad the functionists- cue a practical chill from the mech- are gone but he feels like neither side really won... though the Decepticons definitely got the raw end of the deal, he's not proud of his faction for that one.

Soundwave frowns a little under his mask. He shouldn't encourage the UFO. "But it was a necessity," he says without missing a beat. He hands the datapad back over and returns to gazing out into space. His vents cycle for several minutes before idling.

"What the Autobots did was wrong. I appreciate that you understand that... I like to think of what would have happened if we had won. I have dreamt of that moment for millennia- but my dreams are not reality." Soundwave's fingers twitch and he presses them together, visor dimming. "If we had one, there would be no cross-faction workings to find the Knights of Cybertron. Your survival is skeptical at best."

Cosmos gives a frown of his own at that, responding immediately with, "Skeptical is being pretty generous. We both know I'd be in pieces scattered halfway to Cybertron." He almost was a couple times, at least. "...... At least Cybertron might have been a little bit unified if you guys had won." The idea of the Decepticons winning kind of disturbs him, just from what they would likely have done to his friends and faction members, but its unlikely that much else probably would have changed for Cybertron itself. "But.. who knows... with mechs like you around it could have gone the way you hoped it would." O-ok yeah this is getting depressing "So.... do you like the pictures?" Yeah... impressive change of topic, Cosmos.. real impressive.

Soundwave would like to think that Decepticon victory would not lead to such a massacre. The mechs he has worked with, gotten to know- gone. They'd lost his way. Losing, those chips, this journey, has been a wake up call. A reminder to true Decepticon values. And although he feels ill-equipped to take the wheel, he will steer them all back on course. The Decepticons will win their dream, he'll make sure of it.

Soundwave turns back to Cosmos, appreciating his words. And honoring his change of subject. "Affirmative. Images, high quality."

Cosmos relaxes at the acceptance of subject change, "I've got better ones back in my hab. I once caught the tail end of a supernova during a scouting mission." He had been late for his report since he stopped to take photos but it had been worth it. "Do... do you have any hobbies?"

Soundwave thinks about his hobbies. He does not have many, at all, and even less he'd like to share. He likes knowing things about others, not them knowing about him. "I enjoy reading and strategic game play."

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Earth Savvy: Good Success. (2 8 5 2 5 8 7)

Cosmos brightens a little at the mention of those hobbies, "Oh, like Civilization or like chess?" There are a lot of different things that fall under the reign of 'strategic game play', Earth games had them all over the place. "I played a lot of Tetris orbiting Earth but I was never really that great at it. Strategy just isn't my strong suit I guess."

Soundwave nods. "Those would be examples from Earth. They are rather... Simplistic, though." Compared to making battle strategies and attempting to outmaneuver the likes of Prowl "But enjoyable." He pauses. "I am unfamiliar with the game 'Tetris.'"

Cosmos reaches over to take his datapad back, giving an unsure glance to Soundwave as he gently retrieves it. "Um.. here!" He flips through it some more and opens up a menu screen for the game, "The idea of the game is to make rows of boxes to keep the stack from reaching the top. Its pretty simple but can get really hard since the boxes can be weird shapes." There is nothing worse than getting an S-shape when you need a line.

Soundwave listens to the rules of the game intently. The logic of the game makes little sense but the graphics he sees are... Strangely compelling. He's a box admiring a game of boxes. "May I watch you play?" he asks curiously.

Cosmos is surprised that Soundwave seems so interested, its a pretty simplistic game even by human standards. But who is he to deny a request from Soundwave!! Fumbling just a tiny bit, Cosmos clicks for the game to start. Immediately shapes built of four boxes begin to fall from the top of the screen and Cosmos shifts them this way and that to get them to fit. Embarrassingly, the UFO takes way more time than he would have liked to get a row completed. Fragging S pieces... When he finally manages to finish a row, it disappears and the entire thing drops a row down. "That's um... that's the basics..."

Ah, and that would answer the hole in logic with the whole 'make a row to keep it from reaching the top.' Completing the circuit from left to right or vice versa makes the row disappear. Fascinating. He will have to download the game himself and see if it poses any real challenge to himself. He sits up straight. "Thank you for the demonstration, Cosmos."

Cosmos looks up at Soundwave, a shy smile hidden under his mask, "It.. it was nothing." Then he jolts a little at the sudden noise his game makes indicating he lost. Oh come on... He looked away for like a second and the boxes stacked up too far. Despite his irritation at losing the game- in front of the decepticon.- he cant help the warm tingling in his chassis. He managed to entertain Soundwave! ... sorta? He didn't yell at me. I'll take that as a win. Cosmos goes back to looking serenely out the window.

Soundwave nods and returns to gazing out the window as well, optics rolling over the distant stars. Somewhere among them, out there, is the Knights of Cybertron and perhaps their Cyberutopia. And Megatron. There's nothing quite like watching space and imagining finding everything they want.

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