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|location=Lost Light - Science and Medical - Science Labs
|location=Lost Light - Science and Medical - Science Labs
|participants=Perceptor, Pipes, Tailgate, Vortex,
|participants=Perceptor, Pipes, Tailgate, Vortex,
|plot=A Midventure Night's Dream
|plot=A Midventure Night Dream
|summary=Perceptor has finally had enough, and files a restraining order-- and security underestimates the seriousness.
|summary=Perceptor has finally had enough, and files a restraining order-- and security underestimates the seriousness.
|roomdesc=For the less destructively inclined scientists aboard the Lost Light, there's the communal labs, an open-plan space broken into sections, not outright stated but implied by the location of specialized equipment. From tools used for geological survey to those required for the more volatile chemical experimentation, the many workspaces in the lab have it all.
|roomdesc=For the less destructively inclined scientists aboard the Lost Light, there's the communal labs, an open-plan space broken into sections, not outright stated but implied by the location of specialized equipment. From tools used for geological survey to those required for the more volatile chemical experimentation, the many workspaces in the lab have it all.

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A Bad Case Of Loving You
Date 2017/02/18
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Science Labs
Participants Perceptor, Pipes, Tailgate, Vortex
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary Perceptor has finally had enough, and files a restraining order-- and security underestimates the seriousness.

For the less destructively inclined scientists aboard the Lost Light, there's the communal labs, an open-plan space broken into sections, not outright stated but implied by the location of specialized equipment. From tools used for geological survey to those required for the more volatile chemical experimentation, the many workspaces in the lab have it all.

Aligned neatly along the back wall are storage compartments, each large enough to hold a minibot if need be, and equipped with individual keycode locks. There are nameplates in alphabetical order down the line, the neat organization breaking toward the end, where new editions follow a haphazard attempt at alphabetization. Left of the entrance are several reinforced paneled doors next to transparasteel viewports, leading to easily observable isolation rooms.

Workbenches and stools take up the majority of the labspace, most of the benches having clearly been bolted to the floor for safety. A large multi-paneled door is set into the wall to the right of the entrance, hinting at more storage space for extra stools, or large equipment. There's a smaller door with a significantly more robust lock than those on the personal storage sporting a sign reading "HAZARDOUS MATERIAL: no unauthorized entry" on the same wall.

Aside from the short conversation Perceptor had managed with Brainstorm, and subsequent experiment, he's had very little interaction outside of Vortex for the last few days. It's been... draining. He's officially moved his workspace into the shared labs until this issue can be resolved, not the safest choice for other scientists, but it's better to be stuck in a room with Vortex that has multiple exits, rather than one with a single door out.

The scientist has set himself up closer to the lab's entrance today, attention focused on some notes instead of anything too intensive. Easy to put down if he needs to, and something that he can break from to admonish the twitchy Decepticon if need be.

Brainstorm's experiment had probably made things worse. If anything, Vortex seemed more manic and active in desperate attempts for Perceptor's attention. Anything to get those gorgeous optics on him, to hear that beautiful voice say his name.

Vortex comes up behind the scientist, wrapping his arms around him. His claws lovingly clacking against Perceptor's glass pane front. "Perce. Percy, Perceptor~" he purrs, nuzzling his faceplate into his back. "Do you need anything? I can go get you energon. Or tools. Or a corpse to test on." Anything for the best scientist ever. "Have I told you that your spinal strut is so straight and amazing?" he tacks on. Compliments! Percy deserves all the compliments.

Tailgate has heard of some disruptions since the day that the others were vaccinated by LAckluster, including two of his own security mechs-- one literally towing the other away. When Perceptor leaves a message with security requesting something very specifically a restraining order, Tailgate wishes he could be more surprised that it's Vortex. So that's where he went.

Being in the shared labs helps Tailgate to find them easily, and once he opens the door and takes a long stride into the room, it's also quite easy to see the situation that he strolls in on.

"Uhh... Hey there, Perceptor! I got your... request." Tailgate regards Vortex with a careful look from near the doorway, remembering how quickly Grimlock had tried to squash him that first day. Even Roughshod was mostly just a horsey bother, and Deluge seemed entertained by it. Tex seems thoroughly enamored, though.

Perceptor's head snaps up, straightening further and possibly smacking Vortex with the abrupt shift in posture. The relief that comes with hearing Tailgate's voice is immediately visible with his expression and how quickly he turns to greet the mech. "Tailgate! Hello." He very deliberately reaches to pull Vortex's hands away from his chest, an attempt to extricate himself from the mech.

"That was quick. I had hoped the situation would pass quickly enough but it seems in our efforts to alleviate the problem, we have only managed to exacerbate it." Brainstorm's experiment was a shot in the dark, and almost worth it for the short period of solitary existence that it afforded Perceptor. Shame it only made the helicopter clingier.

Vortex's rotors spin up, ends twitching as Tailgate enters the labs. He turns to look at the minibot, red visor flashing venomous intent. His engine starts to rattle out a growl, a hiss hovering around the back of his throat, and he only grips Perceptor tighter. His claws stubbornly find seams in the microscope's armor, digging in as he latches on.

"Tailgate," Vortex spits out as he continue to try and bury himself against the scientist. This is HIS. You can't HAVE it! GO AWAY.

"That's usually how it ends up, isn't it?" Tailgate holds back a laugh and tries to look totally professional as Perceptor makes with extracting himself from Vortex's hands, while Vortex looks over at him as if he has somehow offended his very sense of being. Oh, um.

Tailgate clears his vocaliser and keeps an optic on Tex as he hisses and latches on as tightly as possible. This might not be as easy as he thought. "Hey there, buddy. Tex. Buddy. What's going on? You okay?" While he talks, Tailgate shifts his weight on his feet, but only gets a step closer.

"It had been worth a shot." Perceptor sighs, hands tightening around Vortex's wrists when the claws turn painful. "Vortex, cease and desist. You're hurting me." He gives Tailgate a strained smile, or an attempt at one. The mass of angry helicopter probably makes it look more like a grimace.

"If you need to come back later I understand. I should have explained the situation more thoroughly in the request." Other than talking and trying to pry Vortex off, Perceptor's stayed put. It's probably for the best.

Vortex's rotors raise in an aggressive display as Tailgate takes his one step. He stares down that offending foot like his optics could laser it off, until Perceptor reprimands him. Immediately his rotors fold back and he releases his hold on the scientist as if Perceptor was on fire. But he stays close.

The Combaticon leans around the object of his affection to glare at Tailgate like he was some organic gunk he found on the bottom of his foot. "I'm fine. I'm with the love of my life." One hand snakes out to try and take Perceptor's. "What do you want? Go away."

Should have explained? That's an understatement, Perceptor. Tailgate gives him a momentary look of scorn-- it's a difficult one for Tailgate's features, but he manages.

"The love of your life? I thought you were seeing Air Raid?" Tailgate seems to think reminding him might work, but considering PErceptor's reticence and Tex's level of interest... maybe not. "I'm here because Perceptor called-- me." He barely stops himself from saying 'security'.

Perceptor looks like he's stopped just short of correcting Vortex on... everything he's just said. "I had hoped you might be capable of following a regular chain of command, even in such a state." The scientist folds his arms, taking a step away from Vortex to fix him with an unimpressed look. It's only a bit of a lie, which makes it mostly truth. Perspective. He'd also hoped I need vortex removed from Science and Engineering might have warranted more of a response than just Tailgate. Someone bigger, maybe.

Vortex looks to Perceptor like he's his own spark. "Air Raid can't compare to perfection," he says, sounding as if he'd been taken over by awe. Again. His visor blinks as Perceptor moves away. What'd he do this time? What's wrong now? He shuffles closer to Perceptor again. "I'm being good..." And technically, he wasn't ordered to do anything, there's no chain of command conflict here, leaving him confused.

But Vortex twists around to snarl at Tailgate, another flair of his rotors. "Why would he call you?! He has me." Obviously. He reaches out to try and take Perceptor's servo again while staring down the minibot.

Tailgate might be small, but he's got spunk! It may not be enough this time. Still, usually Tex likes him, and he wasn't expecting that the Science deck mechs had made this incidental set of emotions worse. At least not so fast, right?

"Vortex, you're not well. That's why." Tailgate tries to make it sound like it was Perceptor being concerned for his health and not wanting him gone. "You have to leave the lab now. You can't stay here.

Perceptor's attention darts to Tailgate, optics widening as he nods along. Maybe he should just stay quiet, for a bit. Let Tailgate work this out, since Perceptor seems to be quite apt at shoving his foot into his mouth lately. Probably due to the stress of near constant contact with Vortex for an extended period of time.

Without missing a beat, Perceptor gives Vortex's hand a push in the opposite direction, providing a quiet "No, hands to yourself."

Vortex pulls his servo in close to his chassis. Hands to himself, right. He can do that. The only thing that keeps a whine from wheedling out of his throat is Tailgate. "I'm fine," he snaps despite a few anxious looks towards Perceptor. He crosses his arms, rotors spinning with a soft whrrr. "I'm not leaving Perceptor. But you can go. We don't want you here."

"Vortex." Tailgate mutters into a hand that drags down his visor. "He doesn't want you here either-- I need you to come with me. That's me being your boss, telling you to get out of here, or I'm going to have to make you." Yes, very intimidating, the way he squares himself with his hands on his hips, visor bright blue. "So what's it gonna be?"

"Tailgate is correct." Perceptor confirms, before Vortex has a chance to contest that claim. He's quite done with the whole affiar by now. The mech slips his hands down to rest on his hips, shifting a bit but otherwise staying stationary and fairly quiet.

Tailgate is about as intimidating to Vortex as a minnow is to a barracuda. His growing growl is cut off effectively by Perceptor, visor bending in surprise. "What? No it's not." There's no mistaking the small quiver of fear running up his rotors. "You don't mean that, you're just joking! You have the most wonderful sense of humor." Obviously Percy is joking, he misheard Percy or... Tailgate had made him say that.

Vortex moves quickly to cling to the scientist once more, baleful glare on his boss. "I'm not leaving Perceptor," he repeats. "You can't make me leave. And I hate you and love him. So nyeh!"

    <FS3> Tailgate rolls Courage: Good Success. (8 4 1 5 5 2 3 4 1 7 5 4 7 6 6)

Tailgate's vents give a huff. "We're leaving, so let go of him. Don't make me fire you--" With that being said, Tailgate steps forward to try and grab Vortex and tug.

    <FS3> Perceptor rolls Unarmed: Success. (8 3)

Quicker than Vortex can grab, Perceptor shifts backward to assist Tailgate with restraining the mech. At least, he thinks that's what Tailgate is moving to do, He might have jumped the gun a little but, getting a hold on Vortex's arms and keeping him from clinging seemed like the best course of action.

Vortex is a tactile mech so what some might see as restraint, he sees as oh my god, he's touching me!! His rotors all flutter, goofy grin under his mask. Perceptor was touching him! Holding him, even. Nothing could spoil this moment.

Oh right, Tailgate's here.

Vortex lifts a foot with a hiss, armor bristling. "I don't care, I'm staying with him! You're ruining everything." And he brings his foot down, aiming to slam his heel into that big, bright blue visor.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Vortex=Unarmed VS Tailgate=Reaction+Reaction
    <	Vortex: Good Success (1 2 7 2 8 3 5 3 8)          Tailgate: Success (8 6 1 6 1 2)
    <		Net Result: Vortex wins - Solid Victory

Definitely underestimated the problem when he took the call. Sorry, Perce. He can see that now.

Tailgate moves to jump back when Tex lifts his pede, but the heel comes cracking into his face in the midst of his jerking away. There's a grunt of shock when the shape of his visor buckles inward, the tempered glass not quite shattering. Pieces of glass fall from his helm, however, and when he stumbles back and lands on his hip, Tailgate is pulling part of it away from his optic. It's a retro-looking optic, mostly circular with the mechanisms of it exposed around the turquoise center. The other half of his visor clings to the frame.

"Okay, that's it--" Tailgate hops back to his feet and moves in to grab onto Tex again, this time attempting to lever himself up onto the rotary using the mech for a ladder. On another day Tex might love being climbed. Not today.

    <FS3> Perceptor rolls Unarmed: Success. (8 1)

Pipes arrives from the Science and Medical.

Well, if that reaction is anything to go by, Perceptor has nothing to worry about when it comes to retaliation. Reassured, the scientist aims to kick Vortex's leg forward and pull his upper body back. He's not remotely trained in any of these maneuvers, but when he had the time to watch the Wreckers in hand-to-hand combat, he did his best to pick up on the movements.

Admonishments worked before and he can only help they will continue to prove useful. "I would prefer you leave Tailgate entirely intact." Because voicing his displeasure with Vortex's actions has so far been fairly effective.

A shudder of satisfaction makes his rotors quiver as Vortex watches that visor break. Much better... And that old fashion optic has his helm canting to the side in interest. Wonder if it works similarly or different to normal optics. Maybe he should pop it out and see- and sudden minibot climbing him. The Combaticon snarls, trying to twist an arm away from Percy without hurting him.

The scientist's efforts to get him on his back work well enough as Tex falls to the floor. Oops! Tripped over Perceptor! Vortex grumbles to himself. "Fine! Keep him intact- I need you to let go real fast, Percy, love!" So he can crush this tiny mech. Another tug on his arms as his facemask retracts. There's a flash of fangs as he snaps them, trying to sink them into the minibot- but no tearing off! Intact. Tex has a very different meaning of 'intact.'

    <FS3> Tailgate rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (7 2 2 4 5 3)

Tailgate is trying to put his hands over Vortex's optics when Perceptor manages to take them all down to the floor with a lucky break and a clatter of mechs against the floor. It's good that those arms are occupied, else Tailgate might have to start fighting claws too--

"AHH--! Vortex!!" Tailgate yelps in pain, the sound echoing loudly when the combaticon sinks his underbite into the minibot's wrist. The arm not being bit on balls a fist before he tries to punch Vortex in the side of the helm. Slaggit, let go!

Pipes arrives on the science deck looking for Brainstorm. They had a bit of a falling out, see, with that tick thing a while back, and now that some time has passed, he's hoping that a little tinkering over Pipes's pistols - a Brainstorm custom job - would help them bond again.

Immediately after the lift doors slide apart, Pipes can hear the sounds of ... wait, is that a fight? He rushes toward the danger (as usual) and stops short as he sees three bots in a scuffle, and just as Tailgate lets out his yelp. "What's going on! Stop fighting, you guys!" He's not about to leap in just yet, but he surges forward and to the side of Tailgate and Vortex, thinking about maybe trying to separate them. What's this all about?

Perceptor, despite requests, keeps his hold on Vortex's arms. That is most definitely not what he meant by 'intact', and he's very quickly running out of ways to help that aren't demeaning in some manner. Which, okay, he can be underhanded. This might actually work better, if he can make it convincing. "Vortex! That isn't at all what I meant! Don't hurt him!" His tone has switched to distress, all that easily frightened scientist terror.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Vortex=Unarmed VS Perceptor=Unarmed
    <	Vortex: Success (1 5 3 2 2 2 2 8 6)          Perceptor: Failure (2 6)
    <		Net Result: Vortex wins - Marginal Victory

Vortex is a squirmy mech, enough of one that finally he gets his hands free- Percy just can't seem to keep his hands off him, hehe. He sinks his teeth in just a moment longer before releasing, the taste of processed energon filling his mouth as he makes a grab for the mini.

Vortex rolls to try and pin Tailgate beneath him. His claws flex and he shoots daggers at Pipes with a glare. "Go away!" he snarls before making a swipe at the other mini. "You're scaring Perceptor- stop it!" If you ask him, Percy's concern about his safety is very sweet. But no need to worry, sweet scientist. He's a murdercopter, got this handled.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Vortex=Unarmed VS Tailgate=Unarmed
    <	Vortex: Success (4 5 1 5 4 3 2 8 3)          Tailgate: Good Success (5 2 7 8 7)
    <		Net Result: Tailgate wins - Solid Victory

"Eeeeegh--" Tailgate is fresh out of words to describe his situation, so his noise of desperation comes just before he hears someone arrive, and looks up to see Pipes. Yes! "Help me pin Tex down!" This is all that he gets out before the combaticon worms his arms free and grabs onto Tailgate to turn things around. "Scrap--"

When Vortex is distracted swiping at Pipes while he's still trying to pin Tailgate, the bot halfway underneath of him grabs onto his shoulder and sends them both rolling over again, mini on top. A lot of tussling practice!

Pipes doesn't need to hear Tailgate's request twice - his fellow mini is clearly in trouble! "Will do!" Something must be up with Vortex, he's usually much nicer than this. "Vortex, calm down!" Pipes makes a whole body leap to land on top of the chopperbot. While there's a size disadvantage here, maybe two minis can hold down one regular. Perceptor could help too, Pipes supposes.

Perceptor's vents hitch on a sharp intake, he's not much of a match in this close of quarters and he knows it. If he got far enough away to disable Vortex with a shot? But Pipes jumping into the fray dashes that notion. Scrambling to get a hold on the Combaticon again, Perceptor hisses. "Vortex, you're the one frightening me." And maybe it's a bit too far, but he'd like to avoid more blood in the labs if he can help it. "It's such deplorable, unloveable behavior."

Vortex growls, the sharp blades on his back scraping at the ground and leaving gouges. But, better the floor than the minibots. He kicks at Pipes as he goes to grip on of Tailgate's shoulders, his other servo opening the hidden sheath at his thight. He draws out the knife 'gifted' to him from Getaway.

Vortex's helm snaps up, pale visor on Perceptor. "Wh-What? No, hnn- GET OFF!" He goes to sink the blade into the minibot so he can shove him and hopefully Pipes off. He certainly can't throw himself before Perceptor with these two on top of him. "I'm sorry- I'll do better! Yes, and we can be happy together. But they want to take me away, and that's... That's... Scary. Please don't say that." He's loveable!

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Vortex=Melee Weapons VS Tailgate=Reaction+Reaction
    <	Vortex: Great Success (7 8 5 8 1 5 8 5 7 3 4)          Tailgate: Good Success (7 8 6 7 6 3)
    <		Net Result: Vortex wins - Solid Victory

Something tells Tailgate he's going to have to try this harder. Between Pipes leaping in and PErcy lending a hand, things should be different-- but the tussling about leads into Tex pulling out his hidden knife and jamming it into Tailgate's leg in his bid to get free. The knife sinks to the hilt into thigh armor, and Tailgate lets out a shout as Vortex shoves him off onto the floor. "Slag, Vortex!" That really hurt, mech.

This is sooo not how Tailgate wanted this to go! At least while he's down there, maybe he can manage to get a comm off to someone for backup-- someone bigger, maybe? You'd think he'd have learned by now to never assume he can handle it himself. You'd think wrong.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Vortex=Unarmed VS Pipes=Body+Body
    <	Vortex: Great Success (8 4 7 6 7 3 7 4 5)          Pipes: Success (8 5 1 3 2 4)
    <		Net Result: Vortex wins - Solid Victory
    <FS3> Pipes rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (5 5 8 1)

"Yeah, happy together sounds good right about now." Pipes struggles to get Vortex to just stop moving so much, grabbing at an arm or a shoulder, rocking around from the Decepticon's bucking on the ground. Unfortunately, in less than eight seconds, a solid kick lands square on his chest, and Pipes sails off. He has just enough presence of mind to make a halfway decent landing, and he springs back up to his feet - and notices the knife. "Tailgate!" He doesn't know how many more sharp objects Vortex might have, so out come Pipes's pistols, turned around as blunt weapons and at the ready. He waits, defensively, to see what might happen next. Memories of the last time he wielded his weapons at friends flash through his mind, and his reluctance grows.

    <FS3> Perceptor rolls Firearms: Success. (3 4 4 3 3 3 5 5 8 5 4 3 6 3 6)

Right, Perceptor isn't helping at all in this scuffle. Decision made, the mech scrambles backward and gets to his feet, watching the scuffle for another few moments. It's a quick thought to pop open his thigh holster, take aim, and fire a few shots into Vortex's middle. He's aiming to disable, but one of the shots could have gone wide. He hasn't practiced much with the new glasses, and might not have given his targeting center long enough to assess.

"I really don't think there's a chance of us being happy together, now or at any point in the future. Stay down and stop fighting." It's dramatic and quippy, and far from Perceptor's preferred silence.

With the minibots off of him, Vortex quickly scrambles to his feet. Sure, they're not dead but they're a nuisance, not a threat. He can ignore them. It's a whole lot harder to ignore several shots hitting his front. Falling to his knees, he presses his servos to the damage. Oh, yeah. Definitly shot. Multiple times! His rotors full back. He gives Perceptor a desperate look. "What'd I do wrong? I'll do better- be better. Anything you want! Just let me stay?" It's almost like he forgot he stabbed Chief of Security.

At least the others provide Tailgate enough time for Tailgate to send a message for backup that is mostly him shouting into the comms. He isn't ready foe when Perceptor starts shooting, and answers that with a noise of surprise. "Whoa, hey, watch the guns! I called for backup--" Like he should have in the first place, and someone definitely has a stun gun. "So give it up, Tex!" The minibot holds his hand over the knife wound at his thigh, much of it through armor. Ouch.

With Tailgate already stabbed, Pipes doesn't feel so bad about Perceptor taking some shots. Vortex is down and hurt, but not out, and now's his chance. "One more time," Pipes mutters. He rushes back at Vortex and isn't too proud to take a swing at his cranium with one of his pistol grips. Knock him out to protect the rest of them, then get him to medibay to see what's wrong with him.

Perceptor's expression doesn't waver from a mixture of determination and disgust- until there's a minibot rushing Vortex from behind, then he just looks mildly relieved. His aim is still tracking the helicopter, but only as a precaution. "Save it. We both know you're not capable of being better." And that's enough of that. Four days is as long as he can stand.

Oh. Oh ow, ow that hurt. Vortex's rotors shake. "But I-!" His rotors shoot up straight in suprise as something thwacks the top of his head. His visor spurts and then offlines as he pitches forward. That hurt too.

Ow ow ow... Tailgate winces, his broken visor betraying his true hurt despite his stalwart nature, when the optic showing on the shattered half burbles with a mote of light, the mechanism tightening around the blue center. It hurts, but he's still going. The minibot hobbles onto his good leg as Perceptor keeps his aim, and Tex pleads once more. Pipes's strike hits Tex in the helm, and when that visor offlines, Tailgate immediately limps forward with a pair of cuffs taken from us subspace. He's too slow-- "Pipes, catch!" He underhands the energy cuffs to the other minibot, still hobbling his way closer.

Despite his behavior, Pipes thinks that Vortex may be able to be better, but now isn't the time to argue. He looks up at Tailgate and snatches the cuffs from midair with a practiced swipe. He would have grabbed rope from his emergency kit - yes, always good to have a bit of rope - but this is better, and he's impressed at Tailgate's quick thinking. That's his chief of security! The cuffs are slapped onto Vortex's wrists with a little difficulty, working around those rotors.

Emergency over, Pipes slides back onto his aft, heaving a sigh, forearms resting on his bent knees. "Done. Now, sorry to have to ask, but what was that all about?"

"Primus." Perceptor breathes, words turning into an incredulous laugh. The laugh morphs into a small fit of slightly hysterical giggles, his free hand going to cover his mouth briefly while he fumbles with holstering the gun. Once that's done, Perceptor looks up at the two minibots, armor clicking in a rolling re-settling.

"An Emotion Bomb and... Something else. We weren't able to discern a cause for the fixation-" It hadn't seemed important to start that, at the time. It should have, but it hadn't. That's disconcerting. "Forgive me, I should have been more thorough." The relieved smile says he's not too beat up over failing to convey the true difficulty of the situation to Tailgate prior to the mech showing up. "And thank you, Pipes. That was fantastic."

"Thanks Pipes... you're a lifesaver." Tailgate hobbles to a stop and falls to his knees, energon in a trail from where he'd landed, now pooling at his knee joint amd below onto the tile. His arm isn't quite a mess, but the punctures of those sharp teeth have left a streak over his arm. "There was a vaccine test and it's making people nutty--"

"Why didn't you say he was being this crazy?!" Tailgate, whether out of pain or frustration or both at Percy's manic laugh, snaps a bit. It settles down rather quickly, though, when the minibot adds an overwhelmed, "I thought he was just being his weird self... he would have listened to me. So I didn't call anyone else..."

"Emotion Bomb? Sounds ... dramatic." Pipes actually has no idea about something that advanced. "Of course, not a problem. Tailgate, we gotta get you to medibay too!" He moves over to support his fellow mini, and tries to hold him back only a little when he snaps at Perceptor. Did Tailgate get some of that too? "A vaccine too? I must be spending too much time in the cargo bay. Let's just get you taken care of."

"I filed a restraining order, that was apparently not sufficient to convey precisely how crazy he was being." Perceptor doesn't quite snap back, edging around Vortex to carefully pick Tailgate up with a mumbled apology. He hates being carried himself, but it's faster to carry the minibot to the medibay and will likely aggrivate injuries less. "Who did you say administered the vaccine?" He turns slightly to look down at Vortex. "And how far out is your backup?"

    <FS3> Pipes rolls Body+Body: Success. (6 4 3 3 3 7)

"You're always very professional, I thought that was you telling us he was being a nusiance in the lab, not a-- a-- predator." Tailgate can't read the seriousness over a text report, sadly. He leans on Pipes for a moment, only to look up at Perceptor with one large exposed optic when the bigger mech hoists him up, mumbled apology and all. "It's okay I'm just..." Bleeding? In pain? Overwhelmed? "Thanks, Perceptor..." Tailgate doesn't finish, instead thanking the scientist for his help. Focus on good things.

"Lackluster... I was there for some of it so people didn't swarm him... he was giving shanix for volunteers. Supposed to be for Rust...something. They can't be far now."

Pipes supports Tailgate as Perceptor lifts him up. He then turns to the neutralized Vortex, still prone on the floor. "Looks like you're with me." Despite whaling on him just a moment ago, Pipes is careful as he picks up the fallen Combaticon. "Oof." He moves Vortex around to his back, and then transforms to his truck mode, with his load landing not too hard on the rear section. Easier to ferry him to medibay this way. He revs his engine and lines up to follow Perceptor.

Perceptor sighs, starting off toward the medibay. "I'll remember to have words with him posthaste." Just words, that isn't a euphemism for anything violent, promise. "Let me know if I jar anything." But the medibay isn't that far away, and Perceptor is walking with care. That could have gone better, but at least it's taken care of, for now. Blessed silence and no unsolicited touching. Magnificent.

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