2017-02-17 Gossip on the Gossiper

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Gossip on the Gossiper
Date 2017/02/17
Location Lost Light: Recreation - Visages
Participants Mirage, Rung
Summary Mirage asks Rung for some advice.

The lounge is long since closed for the night, but Mirage has invited someone to visit after hours. With his usual care, Mirage has set out one of the more secluded tables for guests. An array of flavored engex is within easy reach. The scout has brightened the usually dim lighting to make it easier for Rung to take his notes, if he has any this time around that is. Hearing movement at the enterance, Mirage moves to the foot of the stairs and shifts into a bow.

"Rung, thanks for agreeing to see me here on such short notice. I would have contacted Watts, but it seems that he is booked up for the moment. I hope I'm not interrupting too many of your plans?"

House calls aren't anything new for the therapist, but Rung can't really think of a time he may have had a bar call before. Giving Mirage an amused but kind smile, Rung descends the stairs and stops beside the bartender, "Of course not, Mirage. I am always willing to lend an ear if needed. Now, what have you called me about today?"

Mirage steps out of the way when Rung descends the stairs, beaming at him with barely-restrained excitement. "Nothing bad, Rung, nothing bad," he assures him. That's a rarity for Mirage. He is known for his propensity to complain and whine. The scout nods towards the table across the room. "Would you be so kind as to join me? Just a small talk between friends."

Mirage begins to move across the room towards the table, glancing back to see if Rung is following. As he approaches, he pulls out the chair for his guest.

Rung follows behind Mirage, raising an eyebrow slightly at the pulling out of a chair. No comment is made however, and Rung gratefully sits. Folding hands in front of him on the table, Rung focuses full back on Mirage, "Small talk, you say?" Forgive Rung if he is good naturedly suspicous of calling him to come talk to you after hours then just saying it was for a casual chat, Mirage.

"Friendly chat," Mirage echoes. The scout settles across the table from Rung, reaching out to take one of the glasses of engex set out. "Feel free to take one if you like." Mirage does not expect him to, not 'on the job,' but he at least offers. The scout takes a sip of his own glass and leans back in his chair.

"This isn't another one of my... fits of inspiration, I quite assure you. This is a very exciting, but also very serious matter." He pauses, golden optics dimming as he thinks about how to continue. "I'm thinking of taking a big step in my life, and I think I need some advice about how to proceed.”

As expected, Rung doesn't partake. Instead just giving a polite motion of denial. "A big step?" That immediately has Rung's entire attention, tilting his head slightly in a curious manner, "How might I be of any help?"

Mirage can be a bit of a show off, and so when he senses Rung's curiosity he decides to draw out the moment a little longer. Instead of answering, he takes another sip of his engex and looks over the rim with sparkling, golden optics. "This is something I've never done before. I need some advice about how to proceed, especially considering some.... complications that have cropped up," he answers, but still not saying what he's going on about.

Mirage starts to count down the seconds in his helm as they tick by. Once he is convinced it is suitably dramatic, he says, "I'm considering asking Hound to be my amica."

Rung ...doesnt seem quite as eager to know as Mirage might be hoping. The therapist has endless patience and assumes it is just something Mirage is unsure about or nervous to admit. And then he sees that look over the edge of the mech's glass. Drama. He really should have assumed as much.

Deciding to humor the mech, Rung lets the curious look remain on his face instead of fading back into his usual patient calm. The actual news causes a wide grin to break out on his face, clapping hands together in a small show of happiness for the bar owner, "Oh that is wonderful, Mirage! I am very happy for you, what do you need my assistance over?"

Mirage puts on a beaming smile when Rung claps for him. Yes, yes! It is all very exciting, and he really does want to enjoy this moment. Still, Rung's question does bring the scout crashing back to earth. Now, those complications he was talking about.... The scout's optic ridges furrow and he leans back in his seat. "Hound and I have known each other for a long time. A very long time. This step is probably long overdue," he admits.

Mirage bites his lower lip component and shuffles awkwardly in his seat. "And, at times, I do believe we've both felt something a little deeper than friendship. But I've decided I need to draw a line, for both our sakes. The last time I tried it went horribly wrong, though. How do I set boundaries while still being his good friend? It sounds so simple but..."

Mirage shrugs. He does not want to repeat the awkward distance he had created with his last attempt.

Rung listens then gives a small nod of understanding, remaining silently for several seconds before responding with a question of his own, "could you further explain 'deeper than friendship'? For example, is it one sided or do you both feel the same?" How one deals with such a situation could depend on how far those 'extra' lengths go. Just feeling a little attraction can be dealt with a lot differently than something like complete adoration, and while they could also be treated the same they would have very different results.

Now Mirage is glad he set out drinks. The scout scrunches up his optic ridges and takes another sip of his engex before continuing. This is a lot more difficult to explain than his coming amica proposal. It still smarts a little, even after his talk with Torque. "Mutual, or at least I like to think it is."

Mirage bites his lower lip component. "I think we both sensed that there might have been potential there, but circumstances always seemed to get in the way. Besides, with him being my superior it always felt inappropriate. It never got much of anywhere until a few recent incidents."

Rung considers what he has been told then simply asks, "have you both openly and blatently addressed the issue with each other? It can, admittedly, be awkward to do so, but unless feelings are explained correctly and explicitly it can lead to miscommunication." Its starting to sound like miscommunication may be what is happening between them.

Mirage laughs nervously to himself, a gesture quickly followed by a grimace. "Oh, I've tried. I'm afraid it did not go well, though. Things have improved since then, but I fear if I take this next step that things will only become more... muddled?" he begins to say. The scout shuffles in his seat.

"I suppose I should explain. I tried to explain to Hound that we should give each other more space, but I'm afraid I was a little too forceful about it. All I ended up doing was making things awkward between us, and now that we're back on solid ground, well.... It doesn't help that of late I've done a few things that may let him think there's a chance for more between us."

Mirage has been the queen of mixed signals in this matter. "How do I stop myself from going.... over the top?" That's the best way to explain it.

Rung, again, takes a moment to think about what he has been told. It sounds very much like Mirage has been sending many mixed signals hound's way, which could complicate things. "When you spoke with him, did you flat out tell him you wished to remain friends but were unwilling to go any further than that now and in the forseeable future?" Rung is telling you to be honest and blunt here, Mirage. Asking for space isn't necessarily the same thing.

Mirage looks down at his glass, swirling the contents with a flick of his wrist. The scout takes one last swig before setting the empty glass aside on the table. "Not in those exact words," he mutters. "At the time I didn't know what I wanted, or how Torque might react." That, at least, explains his mixed signals. It's hard to send clear ones when the scout had not been clear himself. "But now I know. If you think that is best, I will try that approach. I simply do not wish to make him relive those awkward moments before. This is, after all, supposed to be a special moment for the both of us."

Rung gives a small smile before reaching across the tabletop to pat the scout's hand reassuringly, "If both of you realy wish to be Amica, he will understand or at least be respectful your limits." After giving a comforting squeeze to the other mech's hand, Rung settles back down into his own seat, "And I can tell you that setting these limits now will be very important in times to come."

"Oh, I don't doubt that Hound will handle it with poise," Mirage answers, accepting the show of solidarity with a slight nod. "He always does. It's one of the things that is so great about him." And so infuriating upon occasion, but that is a conversation for another time. The scout's golden optics finally flicker up to glance to Rung again.

"Thank you for your advice. I am certain that everything will go well, but it still helps to come to prepared. Fumbling your way through doesn't always lead to the best results," he admits, giving another nervous laugh. "I will admit that saying things directly can often be a great relief."

Rung gives a small smile, "It has worked better for me in the past than any amount of beating around the bush ever has." Glancing at the time, Rung asks, "Was there anything else concerning you as of late?"

Mirage leans down, picking up another glass of engex. "That I don't often get to drink in my own bar?" he jokes. To be honest, Mirage is Mirage. There is always something that worries the scout, hence why he is such good friends with both the therapist's on the ship. But tonight he wants to end on a positive note. Rung will be spared his whining. "That's mostly what's been getting at me. Thank you so much for giving me a moment of your time."

Mirage tilts the glass in his hand. "You really should visit more often when you're off the clock. Consider it?"

Rung stands after a moment, giving Mirage a small wave and soft smile, "I will. I'm glad I could be of help. You have my comm line should you need anything else. Goodnight, Mirage."

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