2017-02-16 Clearly He's Dying.

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Clearly He's Dying.
Date 2017/02/16
Location Lost Light - Command: Soundwave's Office
Participants Soundwave, Cosmos
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary Cosmos never noticed how handsome Soundwave is before....

Soundwave is having a fairly average week. The cassettes are all behaving appropriately, his work is all going smoothly, and there's been no incidents. Yes, its been a rather good week. It feels like he's accomplished things, which puts him into a good mood. Can't you tell? His shoulders are clearly angled in 'happy.' And with his current shift almost at an end, it looks like nothing could ruin his good week so far.

Cosmos definitely isnt intending to put a damper on the higher up's week, either. He has actually been having an ok week of his own. After talking with Blaster, things have been a lot less awkward between them- making it easier for the UFO to get through the work day. Cosmos had even felt good enough to volunteer to help with that new vaccine being created. If he can help someone in the future by seeing if the vaccine works, of course he is going to do what he can!

Knocking at Soundwave's door, Cosmos enters once it is polite to do so. All he needs to do is give Soundwave another report and he can go off shift to... to ... uh... Cosmos suddenly starts feeling a little warm, train of thought breaking off as he shakes his helm a bit to reorient himself. Right. Datapad. "Soundwave, I have a report for you."

Soundwave has his door open at the sound of the first knock. He doesn't look away from the screens he's working on for another moment... And then closes them, turning towards the Autobot. "Cosmos," he greets with an inclination of his helm. "What are you bringing me today?" he asks, reaching out for the datapad. His helm ticks to the side. "Are you well?"

Cosmos gently places the datapad in his superior's hand blinks once or twice to steel himself against a rising wave of dizziness, "I.. I'm fine, sir.... Just a- just a little tired I guess is all." What he brought him.. What did I bring him? Oh right!- "It's just Blaster's report for the week, to be filed away like usual."

Soundwave sits back to flick through the datapad. After a quick scan through it, his optics move over to focus on Cosmos. "Thank you, Cosmos... Do you require assistance? I can call someone from the bridge to aid you to your habsuite or medibay."

"Oh no I-.. um.." What had Cosmos been saying? Its hard to focus all of a sudden. "I should.. I should head out." He turns to leave on his own, but that proves to be a mistake as the sudden movement has the room reeling. In a flash, the back of one of the office chairs is grabbed in a vice by the spacer, using it as a support to stay standing. Did someone kick up the temperature on the ship? I'm burning up here...

Soundwave pauses and before warily nodding. "If you insist." He looks back to the report, only to quickly stand as Cosmos almost collapses. Visor shinning, his look hardens. "I will assist you to the bridge and then assign someone to take you to medibay. Cosmos, not well." He walks around to help the UFO, offering a servo.

Cosmos is in no state to argue and warily reaches out for Soundwave's hand, the tapedeck will likely feel the heat coming off the poor UFO as his fever spikes. Only once he is pulled up a bit higher, Cosmos' bad feeling suddenly vanishes. Making a genuinely confused noise, Cosmos looks up and Soundwave to- Oh Primus. Dumbstruck, Cosmos openly stares directly at Soundwave's face.

Soundwave brings his other hand around to settle on Cosmos's back, hand holding Cosmos's carefuly. He tugs to begin leading the Autobot away- considering comming the medibay ahead just in case- but stops as his subordinate does. He looks down, light flickering in his visor. "Cosmos, well enough to walk?"

Oh no..... Oooh no... Almost instantaneously Cosmos feels the strongest wave of affection he has ever felt for anyone before. Soundwave is just.. Why did he never notice how handsome Soundwave was? Or ... or how strong, or intelligent? Face heating up beneath his mask- and not from the fever this time- Cosmos opens his mouth only to close it several times as he tries to figure out how to respond. "I," Cosmos curses himself when his voice sounds breathy, managing to get it down to a nervous shake, "Um... I can .. I can walk." and then to the UFO's own mortification he blurts out, "Soundwave are you doing anything later?" AHHHHHHH- why did I say that!? Of course he's busy, Cosmos you're just embarrassing yourself like always! There's no way he would want to go out on a date or even hang out with you of all mechs!

The affection tastes sweet and Soundwave helm jerks back in surprise. It takes a lot of effort not to try and pry into Cosmos's head because where did that come from. Slowly, he removes his hand from Cosmos's back, staring into that wide, blue visor. And staring... And staring. "... Cosmos, in need of medical attention."

Cosmos can't help the disappointment when his question to Soundwave goes unanswered. He wasn't entirely expecting an answer if he is being honest with himself, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. "I... no I- I think I'm alright now..." Primus his visor is so gorgeous. Cosmos can't bring himself to look away. His own blue one is likely wide with awe. Belatedly the UFO notices Soundwave is still holding his hand. He should let go to not make the higher up feel uncomfortable.... Now... anytime now.... Ok he can't let go because he really doesn't want to. Such strong hands....

Soundwave doubts that Cosmos is alright. Doubts that very much. But he seems more stable now, so the tapedeck releases his servo and... And... Cosmos isn't letting go.

Soundwave straightens up, looking around his office. Did Rumble and Frenzy put Cosmos up to this? They were fans of that 'prank'd' show on Earth- they weren't above doing this for their kicks. But no, its just the two of them. Him and Cosmos. Just a Decepticon commander and Autobot who... Who's thinking very loudly. "Hands, must be strong for combat," he intones, giving his servo a small tug. He clears his vocalizer, resetting his deadpan monotone. "Cosmos, internal temperature unusually high. Suggestion: go get treatment at medibay."

.... Cosmos had forgotten Soundwave is a telepath... AHHHHHHHH! He can hear all my thoughts he knows everything I'm thinking Oh primus I'm humiliating him I'm- No shut up! Oh Primus how do you think quietly!? At the tug from Soundwave, Cosmos drops his hand immediately- almost like it burned him. Or more accurately like he is afraid his own hand will burn Soundwave (probably with his dirty autobot germs...). Ok, Soundwave is rejecting him.. Nothing new there. Just.. keep some dignity and- Who is Cosmos kidding he has no dignity left with how often he's been rejected or ignored! Ok just... just walk out and leave him alone... probably never come back. That sounds like a good idea. It'll hurt not to see him again but- wait.. Frag I'm doing it again he can hear me! "I'll just... I'll just go... to the uh- the medibay. You don't have to come..." Doesn't have to deign himself to be seen with Cosmos.

Soundwave can hear everything. Every single bizarre- and panicky- thought. But its not the thoughts that keeps him rooted to the ground, he knows how Cosmos feels. And what Cosmos feels is, well, it's genuine and unbelievable. And very, very sudden. He flexes his newly freed servo before dropping it to his side.

The Decepticon Commander realizes, after a moment, he hasn't spoken or moved. He got lost in a familiar feeling now wafting from the smaller mech. "Cosmos, ill. Its important that you see a medic," he says slowly, carefully.

Cosmos is now embarrassed and incredibly concerned that he insulted Soundwave- the mech who he is suddenly head over pedes for, which he would find strange if his processor wasn't so crowded with panicked thoughts and affection. That isn't even mentioning how disappointed and crushed he is that he was rejected.. Not even really rejected just... brushed over. It hurts but he is used to it. "Yeah I'll... I'll go see Ratchet or- or someone..." He'll just let Blaster know he's sick and... hide in the medibay.. For the rest of his foreseeable future.... Ok not that long but for a bit.

Soundwave nods stiffly. "Seeing Ratchet, optimal," he agrees in as flat a tone as he can manage. This is still rather... It's untreaded territory. Never been touched territory, really. Bots don't dote on Soundwave, they never dote on him. They hardly look at him and when they do, its usually to glare or glance at nervously.

Soundwave turns to return to his desk but finds his gears grinding slowly to a halt. Its that pit in his tanks. The pit that spreads to his limbs and just weighs him down. Rejection? No, something worse. Having something he wants to badly, out of reach. How cruelly familiar, but not his. His vents hiss out long and slow. "Cosmos..."

Cosmos has already skittered halfway out the door when Soundwave calls back to him. Tensing as he expects the worst, Cosmos turns just enough to warily look back at the decepticon. "I.. Y-yes Soundwave?"

Soundwave begins to move again, not speaking as he power downs the rest of his screens and terminals. He checks over his things, that they're in order, and then picks up a datapad before turning to return to Cosmos. He stops before the UFO, looking down at him. "... I will accompany you to medibay."

Cosmos stares at Soundwave, not entirely comprehending what he is hearing at first. Wait... what? "I... you.. You are going to come with me?" And there is a little bloom of hope in his chassis. Its quickly followed by the dread of thinking what if soundwave is just taking pity on him but a bloom of hope nonetheless! "Um.... O-ok. Only if its not any trouble for you..."

"Nearing end of my shift. Health of crew, priority. I will oversee your venture to medibay." And find out what the problem is. If this is fatal, Soundwave would prefer the UFO not to feel as he does in his final hours. "It is no trouble."

Cosmos still seems a bit uncertain, Right.. It's ... just because I'm not feeling right. ...... Well, Cosmos will take the little Primus gives him. Even if it isn't for the reasons he might have hoped. At least he gets to be in Soundwave's company a bit longer before he completely isolated himself from seeing the mech out of mortification for what he has just done in the handsome mech's presence. "I... ok then. Let's go..."

Soundwave pauses. Handsome mech. Cosmos is definitely dying. Shame, he's a good mech. Shame he's an Autobot at all. With a puff from his vents, he nods and strides forward.

Cosmos feels incredibly awkward now. He is walking through the hall with Soundwave... and has no idea what to say. Several times he opened his mouth to make small talk only to realize he had no idea what to say. What the frag are you supposed to say to someone like Soundwave? Anything I say will probably be considered dumb to him or- For once, Cosmos actually spits out a question without entirely thinking it through... he really hopes it wasn't a bad one, "Soundwave I... Do you have an original copy of Towards Peace?" Cosmos still won't admit it to any other Autobots but Megatron was a really good writer, he would kill- ok maybe not kill but definitely humiliate himself- to see an original unedited copy.

Soundwave is usually quite happy with silence. It doesn't bother him. Except, in this single instance, he wishes there was talking or... Or something. Because he can hear all the unspoken words. And its making him a little sadder with each passing moment. Good-bye Cosmos, we barely knew thee.

That question brings Soundwave out of his rather dour thoughts, however. "Towards Peace?" he repeats in surprise, glancing at Cosmos briefly. An Autobot asking about- he's dying quicker than he thought. "I... First copy, not in my posession. It's with... Another. Unsavory... First text rescended, destroyed. Why... Do you want the original?" He looks down, curious.

Cosmos glances up at Soundwave out of the corner of his visor, blushing in both embarrassment and again: noticing how handsome Soundwave is. Clearly that is something near the forefront of the spacer's mind. "I just... wanted to see if it varies from the copy I've read." Does Soundwave even remember them talking about it in Swerve's? .. ok in hindsight, that answer is probably no. The guy seemed kind of drunk when he left and Soundwave definitely hadn't been acting entirely like himself then. Maybe he shouldn't have brought Towards Peace up, he probably talked too much last time and now he'll just talk too much again.

Soundwave pauses once more. The difference? "The original and editted versions are exactly the same, exempting one change." He remembers Megatron making the change, he remembers deleting and destroying those originals. All that he could find so that that little edit would be forgotten in history. At the time, he enjoyed it. A dedication to some mech he didn't know, being taken out. It gave him a sense of hope it shouldn't of. "Megatron removed a dedication, that is all. I do not know why."

Cosmos does look fully at Soundwave at that, a curious tilt to his helm, "He removed a dedication?" That's.. A strange edit to make... maybe the mech died or betrayed him or something. Those are the only reasons Cosmos could think so do such a thing. "Well... At least I know I wasn't just reading some super edited version."

Soundwave nods. But whatever reason Megatron had for making that edit, it had to be a good one. "It is nice to hear of Autobots who take interest in Towards Peace."

Cosmos sheepishly glances down at his pedes.... What little he can see of them- ok moving on he doesn't want to focus on how embarrassingly big his chassis is. "I... I don't think I was supposed to take an interest in it. Pretty sure I'd get beat up if I mentioned liking the writing of our faction's worst enemy." Ok, Yeah. He clearly doesn't remember Swerve's. Cosmos thinks back to that night briefly, how Soundwave had been repeating that first part of that quote... and then manhandled Cosmos when he finished it... Wow he has a different opinion of that now, even in his affection clouded state he can recognize that.

"If any do such a thing, I will have them brigged and punished. To restrict and assault the pursuit of knowledge of enlightenment is a servere crime only the most destitute commit," Soundwave says firmly. Autobots... That air of conviction leaves him quickly, shoulders angling down in quiet shame. "... I apologize for Swerve's. I... Do not drink." Obviously for good reason.

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Observer: Success. (3 7 1 1 5 4 4 5 5)

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Sass: Success. (8 6 5 1 1 1 5 3 1)

Wow. Soundwave takes books seriously. Or maybe it's more the fact that Towards Peace is a book Megatron wrote. Someone would have to try not to notice his rather.... Avid loyalty to the Decepticon leader. Cosmos is about to say it is ok for what happened at Swerve's but a chuckle escapes him at the add on of ' I do not drink'. Before he can stop it, the UFO states, "That became obvious pretty quick." Visor shining with amusement he tacks on, "Usually I don't either."

Soundwave's vents huff. Obvious he says... Perhaps just a bit. "That is something we have in common, then."

Cosmos speaks again without really thinking, spurred on by whatever affection he is feeling, "Maybe.... One of these days we can 'not drink' ... together?" He looks over at Soundwave before averting his gaze again, nervous about what Soundwave's response is going to be. He's probably just going to brush me off again but... might as well give it one more try.

Soundwave stalls for just a split second mid-step. Oh, how he'd like to brush that off... But there's no harm in making a dying mech feel better. "Affirmative, one of these days." It's not like the Autobot is bad company anyways but best not to specify either way. "Medibay, up ahead," he quickly tacks on to change the subject.

Cosmos seems happy enough with that, even though it's obvious he is well aware that answer is more just to settle him than really be an acceptance. Again, Cosmos will take whatever he's given. "Yeah I... thanks for walking me... You can go if you want, I made it here in one piece! Besides, I can't imagine seeing a medic check me over would be very interesting."

Its not terribly interesting and he really should check in with his Cassettes. "I have other things to attend to. But I will check on you later." Hopefully Cosmos won't be dead. "Perhaps we can discuss further articles that the Autobots disapprove of."

Cosmos lets out a small huff of laughter, gazing back up at Soundwave before replying, "That would be nice. I'm sure I can think of a few." He gives a small, shy, wave before stepping into the medibay- mentally bracing himself for the lecture he's likely to get from Ratchet just like every time he goes in there.

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