2017-02-14 Hollaback Boy

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Hollaback Boy
Date 2017/02/14
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Perceptor's lab
Participants Perceptor, Vortex
Plot A Midventure Night Dream
Summary Which Perceptor most certainly ain't.

A neat and orderly lab, Perceptor's Lab is everything one might expect from the resident ship genius. (One of them, anyway.) Experiments are neatly labeled running from xenobiology through metallurgy. An isolation room has been built into the lab for experiments that require it.

Perceptor's lab was quiet, the perfect space for compiling research. Up until about four seconds ago. Now he's paused halfway vaulted over the workbench, one hand for support the other waiting near his hip, registering that the sudden entrance was just Vortex. They're not under attack, and he probably shouldn't be shooting at anyone. Still, Perceptor's baffled silence draws on.

Vortex just lays on the floor, face pressed against the cold, hard surface. Settle tanks, settle... "Uuuuuuuugh..." He's not noticed Perceptor, rotors shivering. He's too focused on not feeling like throwing his last few meals.

Perceptor relaxes in stages, first his hovering hand, then his shoulders, down to sitting on the table instead of suspending himself above it. A few more seconds of staring and the scientist cocks his head to the side, adjusting to sit more comfortably on the table. "If you are to purge, I would prefer it to be in a waste receptacle."

Vortex makes another soft moan, reaching out with a hand blindly. "Then get me one," the Combaticon gruffs. "Or I will use the floor."

Perceptor huffs, sliding off the table and tromping away. It takes a few moments for the steps to return and a tub to clatter to the floor in front of Vortex. Then he takes a few steps back, out of the perceived splash zone.

Vortex takes the tub and scootches himself up so he's sitting and leaning over the container. He stays like that for a moment and then vents slowly. "Actually, I think it's settling..." He looks up at the scientist. "Thanks for the... uh..." His visor pales as he stares at Perceptor. "Uh. Uhhh..."

Perceptor blinks, optics narrowing with suspicion while he takes the last few steps backward, boosting back onto the lab bench. His expression settles on 'unimpressed', arms crossing. "Why are you barging into labs?"

Vortex's rotors perk and then drop at that look. What'd he do? What's wrong, he'll fix it! He'll stop! He turns his head like he's going to look at the door but his optics never leave Perceptor. "Grimlock was chasing me and I felt sick, needed a place to hide." He smiles under his mask scooting closer to the seated mech. "I'm really glad I did."

"Had this been any other lab, you run the risk of interrupting a volatile experiment." Perceptor is very clearly not pleased. Whatever. He vents, pinching his nasal ridge. "I'm not. If you're well enough not to need the bucket, you're well enough to walk back to medical." Shoo.

The hidden smile falls, rotors drooping at the admonishment. The rotary pauses and then picks himself up, scuttling a few feet forward until he's sitting in front of Perceptor. If a visored face could give a puppy-dog face, then that's what Vortex is doing. "I didn't interrupt anything, did I? I just didn't want to be eaten." His rotors bounce back up. "I don't want to go back to medibay!"

Perceptor is no stranger to reading emotes in an entirely obscured face, that puppydog look only gets more suspicion in return. "You didn't." Quietly, he pulls his legs up to fold on top of the table instead of dangle over the edge. "Want and should seldom line up. You nearly purged on my floor."

"But I didn't!" Vortex points out. Because he's a good copter, just a good copter. Best copter, yes! His rotors slowly start to swing like a metronome as he looks at where those legs are tucked up at. He moves closer, on his knees so he can peer just over the table.

Optics go a bit wide and Perceptor pulls a knee up, looking down at the combaticon. Okay, reason clearly isn't working here. Time to summon all of that Wrecker tact and delicacy and- "Get out of my lab."

Vortex's almost looks like the words visibly slapped him. He ducks down and away, rotors flicks unsurely. "But I didn't do anything wrong." Beat. "And I want to stay here with you!"

"Unauthorized entry into a private labspace, unannounced and jarring entry into a private labspace without prior clearance." Perceptor tics them off on his fingers. "Reckless endangerment of self and others." He tips his head slightly. "I admit it wasn't framed precisely as an order but I could add that as well."

As Perceptor talks, Vortex pays no attention. He's too used to ignoring things he doesn't like or is boring. Instead, he gets a little emboldened, sitting up and setting his chin on the table, looking up at Perceptor. His rotors start to waggle again. "Your voice is so nice. And you're so cute," he tells Perceptor. Look at that head tilt! He's adorable.

Perceptor slowly, carefully, raises his foot, leaning back to accommodate, and uses the frontal balance base to push Vortex's head away. "Get out."

Vortex lets the foot come into contact with his face and push him, just going with it. His facemask retracts to open up to his face... And that's when he licks Perceptor's sole before grabbing his leg. His. His now. He claimed it! "I love treads, and yours are so amazing. You're so amazing," he purrs contently.

Vortex lets the foot come into contact with his face and push him, just going with it. His facemask retracts to open up to his face... And that's when he licks Perceptor's sole before grabbing his leg. His. His now. He claimed it! "I love treads, and yours are so amazing. You're so amazing," he purrs contently.

It's all going very well until tongue comes into contact with Perceptor's foot and he jerks, going for a full kick instead of the 'gentle' push. Why is this his life? "Let go- get off!"

Vortex gets a kick to the side of his head before releasing Perceptor's leg. But that doesnt stop him from climbing up up onto the table to press against the scientist. Close enough that the Autobot might feel the sizzle of his armor. Seems the rotary wasn't just nauseous but feverish too. "Your optics are like jewels," he continue to compliment.

Perceptor twitches away and hops off the table, taking a few steps toward the door. Well, at least he has an idea. Quietly he mutters something to the effect of "Of course they are," backing up toward the door. He can figure out some way to dissuade the mech, but nausea and the heat off that armor don't bode well for internal systems, and he's pretty invested in not being ill.

Vortex perks, still smiling as Perceptor goes off. He sits there like a good lil copter- so good, very good- and looks at the Autobots with a pale and expectant gaze. "You're the prettiest think I've ever seen," he tacks on with sincerity. Tell him what a good boy he's being. Oh please oh please oh please tell him.

And he's not being followed. Okay. Perceptor stares scrutinizing for a moment then sighs, mind made up. He does a circle around the occupied table, picking up his datapads and setting up on another one. "Stay there and don't touch anything." The compliments are. Odd. Vortex is clearly delirious.

Vortex watches Perceptor closely, beginning to pick himself up. Then he freezes at that command. He looks around before slowly lowering himself back into sitting position. He whines a little. "... Do you need me to do anything?" he asks hopefully.

Perceptor shakes his head, plugging back into the datapads. "I need you to stay quiet and ensure you don't burn through your coolant." He waves a hand in the helo's general direction. "It's important to me that you do this."

Vortex's rotors lift at that last part. Important-? Immediately, the command to stay still and quiet and to watch his coolant level rises up in his priority list to the very top. Settling in position, he goes still. Well, as still as he can go. The rotors don't really stop moving. He continually pings for his coolant level, shivering a little as his vents let out more hot air. He doesn't look away from Perceptor as he obeys.

He's gonna get so many pats and scritches for being a good lil rotary, he just knows it.

Situation handled, at least for now, Perceptor settles in to finish his work and deal with Vortex later. Once he's not in the middle of a shift and project, and can invest the time into figuring out what's wrong.

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