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Vengeance is... Suprisingly Reasonable
Date 2017/02/12
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Blast Off, Lockjaw, Frisk
Summary Some reptiles go to confront Blast Off.

Blast Off finds himself in the practice room again. The Combaticon spends a reasonable amount of time in here- gotta stay sharp and ready for a fight with a name like Combaticon, right? And being a Combaticon with Onslaught here on the ship, Blast Off feels the need to remain a finely honed weapon of war... even if there isn't a war anymore and he's actually rather miffed at Onslaught right now. Old habits die hard. There's a number of things on his mind as he lines the sights of his ionic blaster on a dummy and fires. BAM! the shot hits just right of center. Blast Off frowns and adjusts the sights a few millimeters, then lines the sights up again.

Its come time for the ship's oldest Scalewalkers to have a... 'chat' with Blast Off. Onslaught will come another day. Right now, Frisk knows for a fact where the purple standard is and is leading his larger tribemate straight to him. "Now, I'm going to try and have a little chat with him first... You just uh.." he spins and walks backwards so that he can look at Lockjaw as he speaks, "Just stand behind me and look scary."

There aren't many things that Lockjaw and Frisk can agree, let alone cooperate on, but this is most definitely one of them. No one hurts one of her tribemates and gets away with it, not if she has anything to say about. Or Frisk, anyways. Lockjaw does have a few choice words for the standards that harmed Touriquet, and a few more painful things, but she's fine with giving Frisk his say. He's the one who figured all of this out. She's here to make sure the message gets through, and to prevent any further Scalewalker casualties. She might not like Frisk, but he is still a tribemate, and that does mean something. Thus, all Frisk's instructions earn is a smile - not the pleasant, friendly sort, but a predatory grin, exposing all those pointy teeth as she follows him, the hilt of her two-handed sword poking out from behind her shoulder.

Blast Off exhales a vent of air, waiting for that moment between ventilation cycles where his frame is absolutely still before his finger oh-so-gently squeezes the trigger. The target is struck- this time a little bit to the other side of the center. Oops, adjusted it a little too much to that side. The sniper patiently tries again, dialing the sights to what he hopes will lead his shots to be dead-center next time. For now he seems unaware of any approaching company.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Dramatics: Success. (4 6 6 5 4 7 6)

Frisk points a digit at Lockjaw, "Yes! That face! Perfect. If it goes wrong no eating! Remember the standards frown on that. But pretty sure we can punch him.... actually," As Frisk spins back forward facing he seems to consider something, "They say no eating, but I havent heard anything about no chewing... Don't swallow!" Then they are reaching the doorway, "Ok here we go."

Frisk suddenly snaps from his usual manner to dead serious scalewalker out looking for energon. He might be tiny but he can still hold his own with that reptile glare! "Blast Off!" The microraptor says it cheerfully but immediately his behavior and cold tone give away that it is not a friendly gesture, "Funny seeing you here. Actually, no it isn't considering we came here looking just for you!"

Following Frisk's gaze, Lockjaw pinpoints what she assumes must be their target. As the smaller Scalewalker moves in, the gator straightens her shoulders, arms folding over her chest. The grin fades, but the teeth remain visible, right under the cold, warning, yellow gaze.

Blast Off lines the sights up again, preparing to find out if his weapon is properly centered, when a voice rings out in the doorway. Tsk. Bother. The Combaticon sighs, feeling a little annoyed- when he's focused like this he doesn't like interruptions. The voice is unfamiliar, but there's something even he can sense is a bit icy. He turns to observe the other two walk in.

Hmm. Violet optics just stare at the two, not registering much reaction. Hmm, didn't he see that bird-bot earlier.... yes, in storage that one time. Odd fellow. And the other one... hmmm. Big one, a tank basically, except ....not. One of those beastformers or something. Doing the ‘silent but threatening’ schtick he'd expect from Brawl. Well, except Brawl wouldn't be silent. Anyway. Blast Off frowns under his faceplate as the smaller beastformer approaches, finally asking in a slow, quiet, slightly annoyed tone, "What do you want? I'm busy." He moves to line up his sights and fire his gun at the target again.

<FS3> Frisk rolls Dramatics: Failure. (3 6 3 1 3 6 1)

Frisk walks over, his inner rage towards what he did to the snake making him drop his usual charisma filled approaches for the moment, optics following Blast Off's movements- every bit as predatory as Lockjaw just on a somewhat bittier scale. "I personally just wanted to have a chat. About Tourniquet." He stops so he is just out of immediate reach of the larger mech, "You might wanna put that down, you're gonna want to pay attention to this.. specifically her if you don't. She isn't happy. I'm her tribemate and she tries to eat me regularly what do you think she's willing to do to you?" A thumb is jabbed Lockjaw's way as he waits for Blast Off to respond.

Lockjaw follows Frisk closely, stopping just behind him, within easy reach of him, and anything that might decide to try and get too close to him. As the smaller mech talks, her mouth begins to spread into the former smile again, slowly exposing more and more teeth. She punctuates Frisk's threat with a short, quiet, rattling hiss. That should help the standard's imagination, yes?

Blast Off fires off the shot- and it's closer, though now it's firing just a bit high! Alas, the tediousness of sighting in your weapon. Though speaking of tedious, Blast Off gets the sense that the tediousness of maintaining his weapon's is nothing compared to the tediousness of this particular social encounter. The Combaticon's violet optics narrow as the smaller mech speaks. He doesn't put his weapon down, staying in position with weapon aimed at the target, but he turns his head slowly to gaze down at Frisk. He's silent a moment, still not giving much of a reaction one way or another. "Tourniquet?" He's heard that name before....

His optics dim at Lockjaw's displays, studying her carefully but still not showing much emotion. The shuttleformer's voice grows even quieter than before. ".....Are you threatening me?"

Frisk's brow practically twitches at Blast Off obviously having no idea who 'tourniquet' is, that means there is either a chance they just chose her as a target at random, or that they just decided to poke a little fun at a Eukarian. Neither sits well with the dino bird. "Oh how silly of me. I should have known you wouldn't bother to learn the name of the hatchling you attacked and tormented with that 'boss' of yours. Though it seems more like a master and pet from what I've seen." Oh yeah, Blast off has hit a nerve already. The microraptor gives a painfully causal shrug before saying, "Well... not threatening yet. But we could get there a lot quicker if you want."

Lockjaw's optics narrow when the standard fails to recognise the name of his victim. Here is another thing she and Frisk can agree on. Thus, the raptor's rant gives her a certain amount of pleasure, and her toothy grin even takes on a bit of her amusement, before widdening to emphasize her tribemate's offer. Yes, go, make her day.

Attacked and tormented with his Boss????... Oh. OH. Yes, he knew he had heard the name Tourniquet before- Skystalker had mentioned it. Apparently some on the ship had an entirely different take on what happened between him, Onslaught and that odd snake awhile ago than how he remembers it. Some snake here in the practice rooms, she got huffy and then left. No big deal right? Except apparently yes big deal. Sigh. At that last comment by Frisk, Blast Off turns to face the mech, gun still in his hands, held in carrying position and pointed to the left. He gives the raptor an icy look of his own, gazing imperiously down at him, then loads another round into the chamber of his gun, letting it ka-chick loudly. It remains pointed away, however.

"This is the snake, right? You have any interest in MY side of the story or have you already appointed yourself judge, jury and possibly executioner?" His voice is cold, his optics still narrowed and dim, watching both beastformers carefully.

Frisk narrows his optical band right back at the shuttle, giving off the air that if he had a mouth he would be giving a vicious grin just like his fellow tribemate. "Yes. The snake." Then he suddenly leans back to lounge against Lockjaw's leg, "Alright, I'm a reasonable mech. After all, I just want to talk, maybe try to come to a agreement." He isn't about to say a word about Lockjaw's intentions, "So. Tell us your side of what happened." This should be good.

Lockjaw eyes the gun, but she doesn't move. She'll be watching for any sign of an attack, as she has been already, but she's not about to make the first move and show her hand. If there's anything she's learned over the centuries is that patience can be worth it.

Even so, Blast Off's insistance on sharing his side earns a snort. What can you possibly say that will change the fact that you attacked their tribemate? But do go on, let's hear your attempt.

There is nothing Blast Off likes about this, but he attempts to calm the growing irritation within and at least *try* to find some calm and reason here. He's civilized, right? Vortex would probably just get chummy and try to chat to defuse the situation, but Primus knows how he does it because slag it all people are smelting /annoying/ and he'd like to be about a thousand miles away from anyone right now. Or shoot them- that would work too, but probably earn him more of those looks of reproach from Skystalker and brig time to boot.

Ok. Focus. Blast Off keeps a tight grip on his gun as he speaks, tone a bit icy but attempting (attempting) to not just /drip/ condescension. Reasonable, right. Sure you are, little angry bird. "Onslaught and I came here to practice and we encountered a giant snake- this Tourniquet- asleep. Onslaught proceeded to ascertain what she was doing in here and see if he could wake her up. She woke and proceeded to attack us, so we fought back! Then she fled. We did not pursue. End of story."

The first thing that hits Frisk when Blast Off tells his side of the story is: These standard are dumb and would die within days on Eukaris. You dont poke a sleeping snake! Primus how docile are beastformers on their planet?? Though... he will admit that is an incredibly strange reaction for Tourniquet... "So let me get this straight. You came into the practice rooms, saw a giant snake sleeping in the corner, and proceeded to think it would be a good idea to basically poke her with a stick and wake her up?" He has to send a look up to Lockjaw, what is wrong with standards? "Ok, as I said I'm reasonable, I'll give you that it was a strange reaction for Tourniquet. But let me tell you another scenario." he proceeds to lean forward and give appropriate tone and movements for what he is about to say, gotta make the fact that Blast Off’s a dumb aft and nasty really sink in, "She's sleeping all soundly, comfy cozy, then oh look at that. Two very big standards standing over her threateningly as they jab at her face. She panics at the CLEAR THREAT and reacts as any of us would. Try to scare you guys away from her so she can get enough distance to flee. She tries to run, you two drag her back and force her to fight you. Likely you two got bored, and then you finally let her escape. How's that perspective sound?"

Again, Lockjaw snorts, a bit more annoyed this time "I would wonder how simply waking anyone out of the blue is considered appropriate, but I can hardly be surised when it comes to standards." She rumbles, glancing down at Frisk before returning her attention to Blast Off, optics narrowing again. Frisk's interpretation sums up the rest of her thoughts. You, some random strangers, wake someone for no good reason, and then get surprised when they get spooked?

Blast Off listens to Frisk, optics still narrowed and dim, scowl under his faceplate, a prickly cold in his demeanor. To be honest, some of what the mech says sounds possible. When Skystalker mentioned that the snake might have been defensive, even scared, Blast Off had to admit he could be right. Neither did he ever blame her for her attacks! What about that don't these guys get? In a less bristly encounter he might even apologize if he knew he'd actually done wrong, but at the moment his ego is just flared and fired up. That last part is what really grinds Blast Off's gears, though, and he can't help but snap back, "That perspective sounds like it stinks." The shuttle's black hands still hold his weapon in a death grip as he continues, "We are Combaticons, we get attacked we WILL fight back. But NO, why the smelt would I toy around with a snake who wanted to leave? Nobody dragged anybody- when she left we made no attempt to keep her here."

He looks up at Lockjaw. "Well you have to admit just falling asleep in a place people come to fight is hardly normal either!" The Combaticon's armor plates begin to bristle slightly, voice betraying some of his irritation. "Neither did I ever say I *blamed* her for fighting us. If she was startled, and felt threatened, where did I ever say I blamed her for defending herself? If anything, it would be something to admire!"

Frisk glares back on his own, "yeah well that is exactly what her perspective was as I was trying to coax her out of hiding down in the storage area because you guys scared her so badly!" Again his visor seems to twitch, feathers flaring up and betraying his anger, "Nobody dragged anyone? Then explain the massive pede print on her tail, a mark that could only have happened from someone slamming their foot down on it as she was going in the opposite direction!" He rounds on Blast Off, jabbing a finger at his plating, "Ya know you really just made it sound like you knew she was just defending herself and you attacked her anyways. You really get kicks out of attacking a femme who's practically a-" Wait no, not hatchling he probably wouldn't understand that, the standards have a different word for it, "a new spark?"

"And we are Scalewalkers, we look out for our own" Lockjaw rumbles, her voice taking on a warning edge as she stares down the standard. Her optics flash dangerously as Frisk fires off his accusations, each word adding more fuel to her own anger. Another hiss escapes her throat, louder and more pronounced than the previous. Tread carefully, standard. One wrong move or word is all it takes.

Blast Off blinks at the mention of Tourniquet HIDING, unaware that she'd reacted that way. Again, if he wasn't feeling verbally attacked right now he might even express an apology, but the shuttle's pride is in full ire mode. Especially as the other mech *makes physical contact*. This brings about a HUFFFF. He twitches, wanting to move away but he doesn't- it would look weak to back away.

The Combaticon's optics narrow even more. "I didn't *know* that! I know nothing about her! Nor did I seek a fight- she struck at Onslaught... yes, he grabbed her by the tail at one point, yes, perhaps it was a bit rough, I don't know! Onslaught's strong, he's a Combaticon, and old habits die hard. Unlike YOU lot, perhaps, WE just finished a millions of year long war- nerves are on edge, and we have millenia of instincts we wrestle with every single day! I do NOT get my kicks by attacking newsparks, but we DID apparently have a misunderstanding. We Combaticons look out for our own, too, and I will stand by my Commander if someone attacks him! Are you even capable of understanding that, or are you just looking to get in a fight with someone? With ME?"

Frisk bristles even more- if that is even possible at this point, "Just finished a war? Mech we are practically still at war! You lot had one other 'faction' to worry about we had three other tribes all willing to skin us for our scaley hides. We can't fly, or swim, or even go for a jog without having to watch our backs on Eukaris!" Its about then that Frisk realizes that this is going nowhere when Blast off admits (granted rather backhandedly) that there was a misunderstanding, that he made a mistake.The two of them are just yelling at each other, Blast Off making excuses and Frisk throwing accusations. Despite what others might believe, or want in Lockjaw's case, Frisk really didnt come looking for a fight. he came looking for an apology, one he clearly isnt about to get with Blast Off riled up.

Running a hand over his head and taking a deep vent, Frisk visibly makes himself calm down. At least, calm down enough to stop yelling. "Ok, know what. Listen, I really didn't come here looking for a fight. I came here looking for an apology, and before you get your jets in a tizzy no I'M not the one who I am asking you to give an apology to. I want you to apologize to Tourniquet. The truth is what you and your buddy did didn't just hurt her physically- though I'm still mad about that- you two knocked her confidence down a lot of pegs... like.. its dropped in the mud now. I want-" Oh Chela he has no idea how hard it is for Frisk to be the bigger mech here, all he really wants to do is bite the guy's face, "No, what Im ASKING, is that you apologize to her. Tell her you didnt mean to do what you did or even that you just misunderstood what was happening."

"So what you're saying is that you're reckless and undiciplined" Lockjaw growls, stepping forward, towards Blast Off "We have always had the other tribes to compete with" she nods at Frisk - as he said "But only a h-newspark or a soon-dead fool would let her instinct overpower her reason." she loosens her arms from each other, the blunted tips of her claws rapping against them as she considers the Combaticon "I suggest you do as we ask, while we are asking nicely."

They'd like to bite faces off, he'd like to shoot them. Good thing they're both attempting to not just devolve into a fang/gunfight. Blast Off's armor continues to bristle, broad brown shoulders rolling back and spread out, as violet optics gaze coldly at the other two. However, what Frisk says surprises him, and the shuttleformer blinks once more. Wait, this is that thing Vortex was talking about, isn't it? Where you consider how the other person would feel? He doesn't have a LOT of practice there, admittedly. However, a newspark with no confidence... well, the Combaticon in Blast Off can understand why her tribesmates... who must be like teammates.... might be looking out for her best interests and want to see her alright. Ok, he can understand that much at least.

On the other hand, Lockjaw's threat doesn't settle well with Blast Off either, drawing an immediate icy reply. Optics shining purple, he stares at her. "I do what I CHOOSE to do. I kowtow to NO ONE." Pride flares and he's half tempted to tell them where they can stick their suggestions (somewher the sun don't shine) and leave. But wait, no, he's civilized. Civilized. Right. Yes. At least Frisk makes a tiny bit of sense, and with visions of Skystalker and Vortex in his head, Blast Off refrains from his still burning impulse to just shoot the annoying slaggers. He won't let it go without a barb of his own, however. Still looking right at Lockjaw, he coldly and calmly retorts, "If we had let our instinct overpower our reason, she would be *dead*. That's usually what happens to people foolish enough to take on several Combaticons."

Then he pauses, trigger finger twitching as he tries to calm himself once more. Turning to Frisk, he adds a little less icily though still slightly annoyed, "That said..... fine. I will talk to her."

Frisk really reeeally want to just rip that look off Blast Off's face but- no no. He's trying to be the bigger mech about this.. no matter how irritating the standard is. Its probably the fact that the combaticon is pissing Frisk off that doesnt make Frisk try to tell Lockjaw to chill out. "...thank you." Oooh it burned to say that!! "We dont want her hurting, she's like family to us. We look out for her."

"Then you would be dead as well, and not just stupid and volitaile" Lockjaw sneers at the standard, baring all her teeth as she leans down just a bit towards him. "That's usually what happens to people foolish enough to harm a Scalewalker." He's lucky it didn't go that far. She would have made sure it was a slow, painful death "But wise choice." she's actually a bit sorry that he didn't force her to help him reach it.

Frisk's politeness, stiff or not, helps ease a little of Blast Off's tension. He can understand sticking up for family. Apparently there's a lot of family on this ship, wasn't he just in hot water with Skystalker for this same kind of issue? Ugh, actually dealing with people is SO HARD. Case in point, Lockjaw, who earns another icy glare. How do planetbound mechs deal with the constant company they can't get away from??? The Combaticon gives Lockjaw a cold *huff* in response. Sure, gator, whatever. His grip remains tight on his gun as he glances to his target and then looks back to Frisk. "I can... understand that. We Combaticons are the same." The shuttleformer gives him a slight nod of the head in acknowledgement, a tilt to the side. "Where might I find her?"

"I hope that means you can also understand that if this happens again, we will not be so diplomatic" Lockjaw growls, straightening out again. Not to say that she wouldn't mind an excuse to tear Blast Off's face off, but not at Tourniquet's expense.

Blast Off gives Frisk another nod. A medic in training? Actually... probably not a great idea to have a medic mad at you. Sigh. "Very well. I'll drop by there when I have time available." The Combaticon's optics narrow once more as he faces Lockjaw. "Yes. Quite clear." His shoulders roll back once but he decides not to say anything further.

Frisk gives a single nod to Blast Off before swinging around in one motion, signalling for Lockjaw to follow, and then walking right out of the room with style.... its not until they are well out of earshot of Blast Off that Frisk whips around to face Lockjaw again, "We... Do not tell Kilabyte this happened." He would be sleeping on the metaphorical couch for months.

"Good" Giving Blast Off one final, warning look, Lockjaw turns to follow Frisk out of the room. The combat-ready agression in her posture takes a while to fade, but she does allow for a bit of a joking note when she answers the other scalewalker "I will make sure to give you a merciful end if she finds out" No, she knows well enough that tracking the standard fraggers was all his work, and they still have one to go, but just to make sure he doesn't think anything has changed between them "It is a shame he was so reasonable. I was hoping to get a chunk out of him."

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