2016-12-28 Deliveries in the Dark

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Deliveries in the Dark
Date 2016/12/28
Location Lost Light - Habsuites
Participants Brigade, Lockjaw, Fritz, Waspinator
Summary Falling down means more than dents on the Lost Light.

<FS3> Brigade rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (8 3 4 6 7 7 4)

After a long shift, Brigade is finally making his way back to his habsuite. The tank yawns, optics dimming with exhaustion. His vocoder gives a burst of static as he mutters to himself, voice still hoarse from screaming at his trainees. He's looking forwards to a good nap. In his exhausted state the tank fails to pay attention to his footing, and at just the wrong moment his bad leg tangles along the leg of his cane.

He awakes with a surprised grunt at the sensation of falling. Falling is not good. Usually when he falls he's stuck for at least an hour. The tank reaches out to steady himself, momentary panic leading him to go a little over-the-top in trying to save himself. Screech. The twin blades built into his forearms shoot out, cutting into the wall as an anchor. Sparks fly as they cut through the wall, trying to catch his weight.

A moment later the lights begin to flick, his blades having cut through hidden wires behind the wall. Brigade blinks in the darkness. He's still standing, but... "Well, why don't you just shove a missile down my intake. What a day," he snaps.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Delivery Boy: Great Success. (2 5 7 8 8 1 1 5 2 1 8 5 5)

<FS3> Fritz rolls Balance: Failure. (3 3 3)

Fritz is, as he constantly seems to be, on the job! Does this kid ever take a break? The answer is 'probably not' as he zooms through the halls in his lorry mode, packages tucked safely in his back compartment as he drives toward the habsuite deck. He's got quite a few to deliver amongst the rooms there. Fritz is humming off-key to himself as he goes, that ridiculous Blues Clues mail theme continuing to take up most of his processor when he's on mail runs like this. Here's the mail it never fails...

When he reaches deck four, Fritz expects this to be a normal day. Deliver packages, head back to logistics, get more packages and deliver those. He should have known better, honestly. This is the Lost Light. Since when are days on this ship normal?

Fritz at first keeps going as the lights flicker, turning on his headlights just in case. It doesn't seem to help once he comes across Brigade in the hall. He notices the mech a little too late, and in his panicked attempt to steer clear of the mech he overcorrects, alt mode tires screeching as he tumbles, automatically transforming back to root mode and sending packages flying down the hall to land in scattered heaps. Oh no....not the mail!

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Great Success. (3 7 5 8 2 1 2 2 8 5 7)

Waspinator had been in the vents again, for reasons others really shouldn't worry about. The bug had been in the middle of unscrewing a vent grate on the hall ceiling to drop down... when the crash came and then darkness burst forth. Immediately panicking, Waspinator began to twist around in a now literally blind panic. The resulting struggle meaning all his weight is now on the vent and down the bug comes, landing face first on the floor far below with a massive crack of metal on metal- rivaling the noise brigade himself made as the bug's talon hands scrabble for some kind of purchase to get up and FIGURE OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING. All that can be seen of the bug in the dark is the eerie purple of his optics- both actual face and alt mode's.

It gets worse when one of the mailbot's packages smacks him in his bug abdomen when his back is turned and causes him to shriek in fright and pop back up to the ceiling like something out of a horror movie.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Stealth: Failure. (1 5 3 3 3 5 3)

Now, Lockjaw's certianly never complained of weakness, but even she needs some rest sometimes. Hours of training, both on shift, and on her own time wears one out. She's looking forward to the comfort of her bunk.

She is not so tired, however, to forget to pay attention to her surroundings. The loud screech is her first tip that something's up, but she only has the time to reach up towards her sword hilt - just in case - before the lights flicker off.

Well then.

Her insticts, honed by a lifetime of fighting among the jungle of Eukaris, kick in imediately, one hand grasping her weapon as she quietly moves forward. Or, atleast, she tries to. She might have better night vision than most standards, but even she can't see in complete darkness, especially when people are flashing around bright lights.


The Eukarian lifts her foot, trying to make out the package that had the misfortune of getting caught under her foot. She never really gets to figure out just what it was, for a shriek promptly has her on high alert again. Since it's a bit late for quiet now, she finally speaks up, her voice low and hissing "What is going on here?"

<FS3> Brigade rolls Cane Tricks: Good Success. (1 7 1 7 8 6)

Brigade is fairly sure this night cannot get more ridiculous. Maintenance will already be grouchy with him for accidentally knocking out the lights. The tank is, of course, wrong. He tries to yank his blades out of the wall only to find that they are firmly stuck. Brigade frowns and gives another yank. It's no good. Brigade is stuck to the wall like a cat with its claws tangled in a couch. He opens up his mouth to let out an impressive string of curses when Fritz rounds the corner and swerves to avoid him.

The rest is history. Brigade somehow manages to avoid anyone slamming into him, but that doesn't stop a pile of mail and mecha building up in the dark hallway. It's hard to make sense of anything with the only light being the brief flash of moving optics. Brigade tries to move and help, but his blades remain firmly planted.

And then comes Lockjaw's question out of the darkness. Brigade grunts. "It looks like the lights went out," he answers, being something of a smart ass. "I should have brought my flashlight cane."

But he didn't, so the one he's got now will have to do. Flicking on a switch on the handle, the magnet cane whirrs to life. As best he can, he prods it through the pile of mail and tries to locate Fritz to help him up. "Need a hand there? That was quite the crash."

He can only lean so far away from the wall, though, and it's quite possible Fritz is out of reach of the magnet.

Once he's reoriented himself after his wipeout, Fritz's voice is a low, soft moan that travels through the hall. No, no no, the packages, the packages! He begins frantically crawling around, trying to locate as many as he can with only the headlights on his chest providing visbility. Even Waspinator's shriek is ignored, so intent is he on gathering what he's lost. He begins building a pile by the nearest wall and then --

The crunch that is Lockjaw stepping on one of said packages pulls a sob out of him. No no no no no! "Be careful, be careful, I have to deliver those!" Fritz whines, crawling half-blind toward the source of the crunching noise. "Please! Be careful! Those are important packages!" They probably aren't, frankly, but to Fritz they're like toddlers that he's accidentally dropped from his hold. Those are his babies don't hurt them! He's still making his way toward Lockjaw as best he can, four hands shuffling over the floor as he crawls, when Brigade's cane's magnetism catches him as he passes. It draws him in and he flails in the process. "No!! No let me go I have to get the mail!"

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Paranoia: Good Success. (7 7 4 6 5)

Waspinator frankly, isn't really paying attention to his little many armed friend's distress. He is far more focused on the fear coursing through his fuel lines as he hears noise from all around in an area he can't see with random lights going all over the place. None of this is helping him to be calm. Botzz coming to get Wazzpinator! Going to hurt Wazzpinator, HAVE TO GET AWAY!

Waspinator is so freaked out all he can think about it escaping, so the bug attempts to do just that. The other three will hear rapid scratching and scraping above them as the bug crawls across the ceiling upside down, desperately looking for the open grate he fell out of. No real progress besides probably ruining the ceiling is being made.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Protective: Amazing Success. (1 7 7 6 8 8 2 7 7 7 3)

"I can see that" Lockjaw hisses, the yellow lights of her optics flashing in the direction of the answer. The voice is not familiar to her, though the other one is, as is that of the shriek prior. Those factors, coupled with Frtiz's cries of protest, and the odd scrambling overhead, only serve to put her on higher guard. Her other hand curls around her sword hilt as well, raising the weapon up in front of her, her voice booming as she demands "Release him!"

Brigade freezes, tilting his helm in the direction of the telltale shick of a sword being pulled from its sheath. The tank gives a weary sigh. "Fine. I was just trying to help him back to his pedes, but if you would all rather I'd dump him back on his aft," he mutters. Without bothering to manuever the cane into a more favorable position for Fritz's incoming fall, not wanting to risk his neck in face of a trigger-happy stranger, the tank presses the button on the cane's handle again. Landing from there will be Fritz's responsibility.

Brigade gives another cautious flex of his fist before glancing up at the ceiling. "Whoever's up there, could you please stop? I already have enough aft-kissing to do with maintenance without them thinking I crawled on the ceiling, too."

<FS3> Fritz rolls Fainting: Good Success. (1 4 1 7 7 2 7 2 4)

First his mail is scattered everywhere, now he's magnetized to some mech - or some mech's cane, to be fair - that he's never met, and there's that scritching sound coming from the ceiling that is only making the situation worse...Yeah Fritz isn't doing so well. Lockjaw's familiar voice is a temporary balm to his own panic, but when Brigade releases him and Fritz falls back to the ground? It's lights out for this boy. He faints mid-fall and hits the floor with a clatter, limbs splayed out, optics completely offline. Somehow his headlights stay on, so if Lockjaw is looking to find him, it won't be difficult, considering that he's currently sporting the brightest source of light in the hallway. And the source of the clawing noises might become clear if Waspinator happens to scuttle through the two cones of illumination Fritz's headlights have created that point straight up at the ceiling.

Somewhere in the darkness Waspinator is still scrabbling when suddenly the lights randomly flying around the room land on him.. Or specifically part of his face, causing him to freeze. The result is his optics rapidly flashing as one tries to adjust to the sudden lights while the other attempts to permeate the darkness to see what the heck is going on below him.

Lockjaw gives a low hiss to encourage Fritz's captor, stepping towards the unfortunate mailmech when he drops to the ground. She doesn't come out of the shadows completely, but the light provided by his headlights are enough to show the tip, and length, of her sword, dancing on the massive blade. It's not raised fully, but enough to show that she's not about to relax just yet. Movement in the bright spots ovrehead has her looking up, optics narrowing before she recognises the familiar form "Be at ease, little one. No one will harm you" those last words come out half reassuring, and half warning, as if saying 'and I dare anyone to try'.

<FS3> Brigade rolls Body+body: Success. (7 6)

Brigade sets his jaw, his engine rumbling in his frustration. Why is the act of getting to his habsuite so difficult these days? He cannot do it without causing a pile-up in the hallway. Furious with himself more than anything, Brigade's sight begins to turn red at the edges as he tries to hold back the urge to just scream. Instead, he steadies himself by leaning against his cane and uses all his frustration to fuel one final yank of his hand.

Crack. His hand comes free, bits of the wall and wires still tangled along the blades. Brigade tries to calm the tremoring in his frame by taking a deep ex-vent. "You're right. No one was going to hurt him," he mutters, but it's no use arguing.

Still aware of how sensitive that overly dramatic nerd seemed to be, the tank gently brushes the ground in front of him with his cane to avoid crushing any of the mail under his massive pedes. The tank begins to shuffle towards the relatively safety of his habsuite, but going is extremely slow.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Bravery: Success. (1 7 4)

Fritz comes to slowly, frame aching from where he'd hit the floor. His optics flicker a few times before they power on completely as his processor reboots. He gives a quiet groan of pain as four arms push him up to a sitting position, and - out of the corner of his optic, he catches sight of the gleam Lockjaw's sword gives off in the light of his headlight. There's a high-pitched squeak that comes from his throat, yet he manages to stay where he is and not scurry away like he initially wants to. Aloud, shifting his frame so his headlights are trained on the towering Eukarian, he asks hopefully, "Lockjaw?" A familiar, welcome presence if he's right, one that will help him calm down. "What happened? Who - Who else is here? What's going on? My packages..."

Waspinator keeps frozen until he realizes no one is going to turn their rage on him... and promptly returns to searching around for the grate, looking for the safety of the small confined spot he knows no beasties are lurking in. Its likely that his processor hasn't even registered who is on the floor below him. He just wants to get out of dangerous dark and back into safe dark!

The tip of Lockjaw's sword twitches up again when Brigade finally frees himself from the wall, lowering again only when the mech starts shuflfing off. She doesn't take her optics off of him, however. Even when Fritz comes too, she simply offers an aknowledging grunt "That is what I wish to know. Why were you destroying the wall?" the last part, directed at Brigade, is none too friendly. After all, he just frightened two of her 'charges'. Speaking of whom "And why are you up there?" she glances briefly up at the ceiling

Up until this point Brigade has managed to avoid raising his voice (too much), but the insinuation from Lockjaw is the end of the line. The tank stops in his tracks, back strut still turned towards the mailmech and trigger-happy. His fist clenches around the handle of his cane. "I wasn't trying to destroy the wall!" he snaps. "If you really want to know, I was trying to stop myself from stumbling. Because if I fell then I wouldn't be able to get back up on my own."

The tank suddenly spins around, pointing a digit towards Fritz with a frown. "And then your friend would have actually slammed into me and we'd both be in worse shape. Be glad it was just your mail. There, are you happy? Now, can you let me go call and apologize to maintenance without making me into a kabob?"

<FS3> Fritz rolls Bravery: Success. (4 8 2)

When Lockjaw mentions someone being 'up there', Fritz remembers the scritching noises that had unnerved him earlier. He glances up toward the ceiling, his frame shifting so that his headlights illuminate it once more and allow him to see. "W-Who's up there?" he asks, fearfully, completely unaware of who might be crawling about above them. If he were thinking logically, he may have been able to come to the obvious conclusion himself, but. Logic isn't exactly in the range of his capabilities right now. Especially when Brigade turns and jabs a finger at him.

Fritz just manages not to get up and bolt. Just barely. Instead, he looks at Brigade, optics wide, and then shuffles backward along the floor until his back hits Lockjaw's leg. It's there that he huddles, all four arms wrapped around his knees, plating trembling.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Great Success. (8 2 2 1 5 8 5 5 7 3 7)

Waspinator had been well on his way to escaping, making an excited little buzz when his grabby hands finally gripped the grate. Wazzpinator izz zzafe, Wazzpinator can- And then Brigade snaps at the other two loudly and the bug jolts badly in fear. Like a chain reaction, Waspinator's hand twist, moving off the grate and- as he then had both hands gripping the object- without the hold keeping him in place the bug loses his grip on the ceiling and comes down for the second time today.

Very loudly, Waspinator hits the floor between the three of them. Staring dumbly up at the ceiling, Waspinator is stunned for a second from hitting the floor so suddenly.

<FS3> Lockjaw rolls Protective: Good Success. (4 2 4 8 1 7 2 2 4 5 6)

"Most people do not take out the lights when they attempt to keep their balance" Lockjaw observes, though the hostility in her voice lessens, even taking up a note of hummor when she adds "Unless this is some standard custome that I am not aware of. Her sword, too, lowers, in part due to one of her hands dropping off the hilt to rest on Fritz's head as he shuffles up to her. Waspinator's sudden entry does make her tense in surprise, but she has enough control of herself to not get hostile before recognising him "Are you alright?"

Brigade grunts. "Well, most people don't have to go through the trouble of calling for help when they trip." Not that most of the time he actually follows through with that. The prideful Brigade has been known to lay around for up to day just to avoid the whole embarressment of it. His optics narrow a little behind his visor at the hint of amusement in her voice. "Are you done now?"

Brigade is just so done with this situation he doesn't even flinch when Waspinator crashes to the ground. The tank simply watches his fall with a blank expression. "I suppose I'll just leave you to help him, then. I wouldn't want to risk my neck giving a helping hand." He pivots on his heel and continues his shuffling escape.

<FS3> Fritz rolls Bravery: Failure. (3 1 2)

<FS3> Fritz rolls Hiding: Great Success. (2 7 5 8 5 4 3 8 5 7)

Lockjaw's servo on his helm is a big help, and Fritz begins to calm down, despite the argument continuing between Brigade and Lockjaw. His frame even uncurls, just a bit, and then. And then Waspinator crashes to the floor.

Fritz doesn't even take the time to see who or what has fallen, he's already moving, startled badly enough that he's essentially climbing Lockjaw's frame, scampering up her leg and over her torso until he's piggy backing her, all arms wrapped around her chassis, face mostly hidden in her shoulder. His plating clatters softly as he shakes with fear. What was that what was that what was that -

It's only when he peeks over her shoulder, unaware that his headlights have been on the whole time and continue to shine light on the floor, that he sees what fell. Fritz lifts his face a bit more from where he'd tried to bury it against Lockjaw's plating. "Waspinator...?"

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Mind+Mind: Success. (7 2 2 6)

Waspinator gives one twitch as his he comes back to full consciousness- part of his brain seeming to have shut off in shock- and within seconds is a burst of movement as he scrambles to flip over. Soon he is crouched on all fours, head whipping around to try and figure out what is happening. It takes him several seconds to even register he has been spoken to before, with a massive show of will, Waspinator's optics seem to focus a bit and he squints at the two in front of him, "Gatorbot? Fritz?" Questions because those lights are still shining in both sets of his eyes!

Lockjaw does not protest when Fritz scrambles up her, offering him only a brief glance. It's not like he's the first. The only inconveniance to her is that she is now unable to replace her sword into it's spot on her back without risking catching him. Instead, she braces it's tip against the floor, resting one hand atop the pommel "If your attempt to help was genuine, then it is appreciated." she rumbles, not quite amicable, but not entierly hostile either, as Brigade tries to take his leave again, before turning to give Waspinator an affirming grunt, and nod.

The only answer to Lockjaw's statement is the loud thud of Brigade's door shutting.

Fritz, perched on Lockjaw's back, does not at first realize how his headlights may be affecting Waspinator. The expression on Waspinator's face, though, is what has him glancing down and, oh, oh scrap, they're still at full power. Fritz quickly turns them off and scampers back down from Lockjaw's frame so that he can move through the dark to where he'd seen Waspinator on the floor. The packages will wait, for now.

"Waspinator?" Fritz asks softly as he comes closer, groping blindly toward the glow of Waspinator's optics in the unlit hall. "Are you okay? You fell pretty far..."

Waspinator blinks rapidly as the light is there then suddenly gone, going from complete brightness to utter darkness. It is disorienting. But then he can hear Fritz groping around near him and automatically shoves an arm out to grab Fritz, trying to reach where he would assume Fritz's arm might be... he hopes at least, he's not used to being crouched down when the mail mech is around.

Lockjaw only snorts at the slamming door. Sensitive, aren't we? Well, it's none of her concern. She has more important things to attend to.

The sudden loss of light leaves her practically blind as well. It will take time for even her night-adept eyesight to be able to make out anything beyond the glow of optics. For now, she simply asks "Are both of you okay?"

Fritz gives a little squeak when his arm is grabbed, but. It's Waspinator. He can tell by the close purple light of onlined optics. It's Waspinator touching him, grabbing at him. He's not in danger. He's not at risk. When he's grabbed Fritz even scurries forward, groping until he finds Wasp's frame, and then he's a tightly curled ball of smol against Waspinator's side. Today has been stressful and one of the packages he was supposed to deliver is ruined, okay, he deserves to cling to someone for comfort. To Lockjaw, he gives a, "I'm okay now." He can barely see her other than the two pinpricks of light that are her own optics. He wants the lights back on... "What do we do now?"

Waspinator tenses a bit when that little smol curls up against him but is used to Fritz's weirdness by now. In response to it he just gives a small awkward pat on the head before leaning back into a slightly off sitting position. His head turns to follow where Lockjaw's optics likely are and waits for her response as well.

Lockjaw gives a soft chuckle as the points of light that are the other mechs' optics move in to each other "I suppose we go elsewhere until the lights are fixed" she suggests when the lights turn towards her "I can assist with the packages, if you will provide some light."

<FS3> Fritz rolls Delivery Boy: Good Success. (2 4 1 7 4 5 6 5 7 3 5 4 1)

Again, as with Lockjaw, the touch to his helm helps, and Fritz relaxes further as he curls against Waspinator's side. Here is someone safe, just as safe as Lockjaw. Until the 'scalewalker' herself mentions the packages, and Fritz remembers how he'd gotten into this position in the first place.

"Oh! Oh, the packages!" Fritz's hip headlights come back on at full power as he springs away from Waspinator, scrambling about to make sure he hasn't missed any that fell. The pile he'd created is still against the wall a bit further down, but !! He has to be sure. He frantic searching reveals the one Lockjaw had stepped on, and he cradles the crushed box against his chassis in mourning. Poor Inferno...he just wanted some polish for his frame...the reason why he'd want it is irrelevant, Fritz focused completely on how he wasn't able to deliver what a customer wanted. Standing and holding the crushed package carefully against his chassis, Fritz moves back toward said package pile, headlights lighting his path. "That would be nice, thank you," he says, finally.

Waspinator really doesn’t know what's going on and his hands fly to cover optics as the light flares on again but the bug is quick to recover. A few blinks and he can refocus, watching as Fritz picks up packages on the floor. Taking a cue from Lockjaw, he walks over and helps to pick up the boxes. Izz what friendzz do right? Obviously since Lockjaw is doing it!

So that's what she stepped on. Lockjaw finally returns her sword to her back, careful to keep the sweep as small as possible with a weapon of that size to avoid catching anyone in the dark "My apologies" she nods to Fritz and his newly compacted delivery before moving to help with the rest.

"It's okay," Fritz replies automatically, even as he holds the crushed package and begins gathering others from the pile. Once again, he's find himself aided by Waspinator and Lockjaw in his deliveries as both take those he can't. His faceplate shifts up in a grateful smile for the two of them, optics shining in the darkness of the hall, even as he balances two other packages in two of his arms. It's so kind of them to assist.... "Thank you," he says aloud. "Um, all of these packages are for the habsuites on this deck, let me just--" And he begins carefully reciting the hab numbers each package is meant for, taking care to be sure every one ends up where it should. Mail is important you know!

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