2016-12-27 On the Hull

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2016-12-27 On the Hull
Date 2016/12/27
Location Space
Participants Air Raid, Vortex
Summary In space, no one can hear your drama.

Most mechs find the interior of the ship more than adequate for stargazing, so it's rare anyone is out on the hull, if they're not maintenance at least. And Air Raid isn't stargazing. He's perched precariously on the very edge of one of the giant thrusters, blinding himself by gazing into the blaze as his paint bubbles.

The black jet doesn't look like he's about to jump in or anything crazy. He just seems distant, staring absently, toying with one of his material arrows.

Magnaclamps were really a great color, really. Vortex could admire them any time of the day. Though, the view of Air Raid'd back was rather distracting from their stellar color. His rotors spin slowly in space, shivering slightly. Ugh, lack of atmosphere had its drawback. No wonder Blast Off didn't like being out here for months and months. He tilts his head a little. << "Hey, Raider, I've been lookin' for ya," >> he comms, not giving away that he's out on the hull with the Aerialbot. << "What're you up to?" >>

Air Raid remains oblivious. << "Slag off," >> he growls, tensing. Realizing his sharp tone, he softens, just barely, << "I don't feel like talking to you right now. Okay? So just. Don't use this frequency." >> It's not so cold next to the blazing heat. Air Raid considers stepping back. But nah. The dull surface pain almost feels nice, somehow.

Vortex's rotors still, pricking up. Well, that wasn't the response he was expecting. He'd almost be hurt if he hadn't had more curt dismissals from from his brothers- but it is concerning. Air Raid tends to answer his comms with some form of zeal or excitement but this time? Not so much... Let's prod this some more. << "Something wrong, Raider?" >> Obviously something is, he looks like he's going to jump into thruster fire. MASSIVE thruster fire. << "You can talk to me, ya know." >>

Air Raid's wings hike up in agitation, and his fists ball when Vortex continues to comm him. He doesn't answer for a lengthy moment, troubled gaze turned glare. << "/Can/ I?" >> he asks, gesturing. He might look a little odd. << "Would you even listen? Or help me? I'm just... another 'bot for you to toy with before you move onto the next, right? Ugh," >> he groans, mostly over how he /sounds/. He's not keen on whining. This sounds a lot like dumb whining. << "Tex, it's a bad time to talk to me right now," >> he appends clumsily.

Vortex stares at Air Raid's back, playing that back in his head. Where is this coming from? Light flickering in his visor, he decides that's enough prodding and takes a few steps closer to Air Raid. He reaches out and grabs his wing gently to silently get his attention.

Hopefully it's not the thoroughly sharpened edges that Vortex grabs, as Air Raid twists around pretty violently. << "Primus! Vortex!" >> he snaps, still clinging to his brightly painted arrow. Vortex looks a little ominous standing there with flames flashing in his visor. << "Tex..." >> Raid begins, sounding defeated already. << "What're you doing out here," >> he asks through a sigh.

Its most definitly the sharpened edge, resulting in a clean slice across his palm. Vortex glances at the wound, and then pays it no mind, letting the energon bead and float away. Space is weird. He slowly looks back to Air Raid, dashes of red and white paint glaring upon his deadened gray paint all along his face and shoulders. His rotors twitch. << "I said I was looking for ya and I'm real good at playin' hide and seek. Used to play it a lot." >> Usually with throw away prisoners- they were dying to be found, ya see. << "Wanted to do something. I... What are you doing out here? Were you gonna jump?" >>

That's grim as fuck Vortex and you're lucky that was only a thought bubble. << "No... Of course not. That'd be crazy." >> Air Raid peers out over the flames, then looks back to Vortex, namely the cut on his hand. << "Frag," >> he curses, rubbing his face. Vortex said he could talk to him. That he'd listen. It's worth something, isn't it? << "I talked to Whirl. To patch that up. He was... not easy on me. Or you. Said I'd end up just like Ripper." >> The point of one of his metallic sculpted canines digs into his lip.

Vortex glances back to the flames as well, rotors flicking with concern. << "Yeah, crazy... Just looked like it..." >> Though, this is space, no gravity to drop one into the flame. But still. He watches the energon drift up.

<< "Yeah, I talked to Blast Off. Looks like that went better than what yours was." >> Vortex spins his rotors fast and suddenly, rocking his body and stirring no wind. << "I've talked to Ripper too, if I haven't told ya... Apologized and just... talked... ... I'm not really sure what you and he mean by 'just like Ripper' though." >>

Air Raid blinks at the spinny rotors. He still struggles to keep up with the gestures. But he finds himself losing steam, his willingness to explain and potentially argue seeping seemingly through his magnaclamps. Whirl was... just trying to upset him.

Air Raid tries to reason through his own strife by himself, so it's another pause before he replies, slowly, << "That's... cool that you talked to Ripper. He's important to me, y'know." >> He then slumps to the hull surface, stretching out one leg. << "Don't bleed out up here, there's no medikits around." >>

Vortex nods in agreement. Riptide is good and maybe, with time, they can at least be good friends again. Pausing after a moment, he crouches down next to Air Raid, not cozying up like he normally would. << "I'm barely bleeding." >> He flicks as a little pearl of energon. << "I'm fine... And you're doing that thing again. Avoiding the subject. I'm not a psychologist, Raider. I'm the last guy you want in your head but I know how heads work. You're upset, don't avoid it. Talk to me, you aren't going to make me angry. Blast Off about cut me in half and I ain't mad at him." >>

Air Raid grumbles, though it doesn't carry over the frequency. Cut in half. Maybe /everyone/ was more sensitive than Combaticons. And not just Autobots. Not just Air Raid. Probably. Vortex surprises him by the continued pressing. The bead of energon drifts over the blaze. << "He said you probably didn't... didn't /actually/ love me. That I'm just another... thrill for you to. You keep getting us into these rough situations, over and over and... Slag. I was starting to think that he had a point." >>

Vortex shifts so he's sitting beside the Autobot, still not touching. Incredibly generous of him, he knows. << "Heh, love? Sayin' that like you love me." >> He draws his knees up, wrapping his arms around them like he's holding himself. << "Yeah, I always seem to do something or other wrong, I know. S'always the risk with me, I guess. Should see what my association with ya does among some alien circles- you get why Blast Off huffs so much, heh... I'm not trying to get us in those situations on purpose." >> He's pretty sure at least. Hard to keep track of all he's involved in anymore. His rotors fan behind him, edges reflecting the thruster fire. << "Is it bad, being a thrill? Exciting? You're not just that! But being that, is that bad, exactly?" >>

<< "I'm not a thrill," >> Air Raid says dryly, palm open. << "I'm just a domesticated fighterjet. Just goin' with the flow, 'cause it's all I know." >> As Vortex claims his shenanigans aren't purposeful, Raid just eyes him. << "I /do/ love you. You're just... rough on me. Sometimes. I can take it. But I can't take it when Whirl's comin' down on me, I guess. He hates us. More than anything. I didn't want it to be that way. Did you?" >> Raid finally draws his knees up in a similar fashion, idly poking Vortex's shoulder with the arrow tip. << "Look at you, being all aloof. No, being a thrill isn't bad, but I'ma' run out of thrill at the rate you're going, and then what." >>

Vortex leans away from the arrow poking, bemused. << "Heel, boy," >> he teases his trained Aerialbot. His laugh is unheard in space but the tweak in his rotors give him away, the light in his visor searching for something to look at that not Air Raid. Love? Huh, what? Ignore that. << "I don't want him hatin' me. When I talk to him, he'll get over it. And I know you were tryin' to help him until- if only we could forget that happened too, right? Though, Ons is here and he'd murder me. Brawl would help." >>

Vortex scoots over closer to Air Raid, any arrows be damned, to lean his helm on his shoulder. << "I guess I'm a bit non-stop... I dunno how to be any other way. Always had the energy but since the... Unspeakable place, it all feels like if I don't do it now or soon I won't ever have a chance. Maybe you should show me how to be more go with the flow and you grab the bull by the horns for a change, hehe." >>

<< "By the horns, huh..." >> Air Raid studies his rotary briefly, chewing his lip again. << "In that case, no, don't talk to Whirl. Got it? Stay away from him. I'd tell you to say away from Blast Off if you had a choice in that. For fuck's sake, lay low for maybe half a second, and don't let me catch you pissin' off anyone else." >> He doesn't quite pick up on the reference to forgetting something additional, alas. But he /does/ note that Vortex says nothing of love. Which is concerning. So maybe it's worth addressing, since everything's on the table.

Raid spends a moment running an idle thumb against Vortex's helmguard before taking his shoulders and twisting to face him. << "I love you. Which is something you should give a shit about because I've only ever loved my brothers." >> Then he tilts his head with an expectant 'well?' look about him.

Vortex's visor shutters. << "I didn't mean that like 'tell me what to do', Raider," >> he huffs back. << "I can't not talk to him- I tried cutting off his hands. He deserves me talkin' to him... And some folks get pissed when they see me." >> Actually, now he's kinda wondering if he could piss someone off just by looking at them. He'll have to test that out somehow...

Vortex's musings are interrupted as he's grabbed, staring at Air Raid. O-Oh, um... Wow. His rotors flick unsurely. He's encountered and played with plenty of emotions and feelings including love. Twisting that sucker like a knife repeatedly: the love one has for their brothers, their comrades, their ideals, their religon, their amicas or enuras... But, for him? His rotors flutter-flinch for him as his first thought diverts into how he could use that. There's a slight roll in his tanks- panic? Possibly. So he just blurts what comes to mind. << "That's great!" >> Awkward, unseen smile.

Air Raid is adequately crestfallen at that response. He won't say it back? Why? But something prevents the jet from asking him outright. Maybe the answer is something he just doesn't want to think too hard on right now. << "Yeah. Great." >> he says at last, glowering. << "Tex, Whirl wants nothing more than to never have to deal with us again, okay? Just friggin' lay off. What do you think is gonna' happen? He'll forgive you and you'll be friends? He'll just make you feel like shit, like he did with me. Don't talk to him. Seriously." >> And with that, Raid leans back and folds his arms, challenging Tex to refute.

Vortex relaxes. Oh thank god for Air Raid's penchant for not staying on subjects for very long. << "Well... He can't make me feel any worse than he has already... I think. I remember crying into your arms or something? Did that happen? Hrrn..." >> He gives his head a shake, sighing over the comms. << "Will ya let me at least say sorry to him? Huh?" >> He moves close to bump against his chassis, turning his helm to peek up at the jet. << "Pretty please? I love how protective ya get but I promise it'll be okay. If I get one scratch physically or emotionally, I'll let ya use my rotors for sword practice." >> Raid could use the practice to if you ask him.

<< "Why is it so damn important to you that you apologize? Who the frick cares, it wouldn't solve anything!" >> Air Raid's getting a little heated now. He can't understand. Whirl is The Enemy. Whirl must be avoided. << "I'm... afraid you'll say something stupid and get hurt again." >> Then he straightens, squinting. << "Yeah, you were almost unresponsive after Whirl stuffed you in that goddamn locker. He wants you to suffer, okay? And slag... even if you won't say you love me, I gotta' take care of ya' - your slaggin' team apparently won't." >> Raid gets to his feet, casting a long shadow over Tex's form.

Usually, getting some physical connection would smooth things over. But Air Raid seems convinced. Vortex flinches at the mention of the locker, searching for a memory not there and making him anxious over the hole left behind. Quit thinkin' about it, especially with what Chromedome warned over doing exactly that. His rotors fold and he looks down, tracing shapes with a claw on the ship's hull. << "I told myself to never apologize- if I was going to do what I was going to do, I wasn't going to apologize. Promised myself that... But I don't do what I did anymore and sayin' that- sayin' sorry... It's more than just an apology, its sayin' I'm not that anymore. Stupid... If you don't want me seeing him though, I won't go lookin for him, alright?" >> He looks back up at the Aerialbot.

It was great that Vortex was feeling remorse. Absolutely. Air Raid had watched this sadistic chopper become more and more empathetic. And it was /great/. But of all the mechs... Whirl!? Air Raid's ailerons twitch when Vortex relents. Finally. But it's hardly a victory. He leans and offers a hand up. If Vortex takes it, he'll get crushed against Air Raid's chest. << "Just... Whatever you do, don't get hurt." >> He leans down a little, bumping against his faceplate. << "You're so important to me." >>

Air Raid can only stand a few seconds of that sappy bullshit before giving himself a shake. << "Lets head back. My decals are peeling." >>

Vortex does take the hand on principal that physical contact is always welcome, and is genuinely surprised by the embrace. Ack, tight embrace! Could almost rival Brawl's! (Not really but it still has those nice feelings come with it.) Pausing briefly, he snugs against Air Raid. When all else fails, letting out some emotions always helps with Raider probelms. << "You're important to me too. Quit lettin' everyone get to ya." >>

Vortex smirks at the Autobot, giving the thruster fire another look before taking Air Raid's servo. He tugs him towards the closest hatch back in. << "Come on, I'll fix your decals. Ya big baby." >>

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