2016-11-03 Welcome To The Cosmic Carnival

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2016-11-03 Welcome To The Cosmic Carnival
Date 2016/11/03
Location Cosmic Carnival
Participants Sterling, Lockjaw, Phantasm, Kickback, Flame, Firestar
NPCs Corvelius, Drama
Plot The Cosmic Carnival
Scene GM Mirage
Summary Look at all the lights and attractions and wonders- behold the Cosmic Carnival! Don't mind the 'Missing' posters.

Night creeps across the horizon, revealing overeager stars twinkling in the orange dusk. A sagging sign, tilting dangerously to the side, announces the entrance to The Cosmic Carnival. At this time of day it seems to be largely abandoned; although, there are signs of life deeper among the tents. A dismal ditty plays through a broken speaker; the pathway through the carnival is lighted with flickering strings of colorful lights; a small shadow darts into a disposal bin propping up a signpost.

Easily overlooked in the dim light, a small creature perched atop the entrance sign stirs. Four glowing, red eyes peek out at the approaching guests and it greets them with a caw. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, the huddled beast unfurls its wings to present itself to the Cybertronians. It is a crow-like alien with pitch-black feathers. Four pairs of clawed feet hold it steady on the precarious ground. As it stretches and fluffs its feathers, a bright flash of color peeks out from the top of its head. Closer inspection will reveal that it is wearing what proves to be a very tiny, purple top hat. The corvid clacks its stout beak in annoyance.

"Welcome to the Cosmic Carnival," it greets them in a tired voice, "My name is Corvelius. If you should require anything, I am happy to help." The corvid narrows its crimson eyes at the intruders and slowly lowers its head back under its wings. The whistling noise that follows a few moments later might be a snore.

An abrupt laugh cuts through the night. Fabric rustles as a tent flap is pushed aside, and a mecha steps out into the rainbow light of the pathway. He hardly needs the bright colors to highlight his glaring orange, yellow, and red paintjob. "I see you've met Corvelius. Charming, isn't he? He says just enough to not get him fired."

Stepping closer, the mecha steps up next to the usher perched on the sign. Bright blue optics burn with curiosity. "So the talk's true, huh? I'd heard a whole ship of Cybertronians was passing through, but you don't see a lot of us out in these parts."

Between the gap in the tent flap another shape can be seen, almost like an echo of the last one to pass through it. An encore in red and white, with a flickering fire on her head, she follows the other one out. Her arms are crossed and she seems exasperated at his antics, flames crackling on her head like the clucking of a tongue.

"Flame, you keep getting distracted! I want to run through our routine one more time before--oh?" she turns slightly and beholds the colourful array of mechs before her. "Who are your new friends?"

Sterling is quickly following behind everyone else, remaining obediently silent as she goes. She had wanted to come see what this is they are going to but... well in the group are several other mechs who make her somewhat uncomfortable. Kickback makes her uncomfortable and Phantasm just seems... off to her. Maybe its the whole nearly calling her useless thing- yes she caught that fully later, Phantasm. The gun former tilts her head at the crow like alien, curious about him until the new mech speaks. Silently she steps back, habitually letting others speak and trying to fade into the background. She looks around the plating of someone in front of her to look at the mech and femme while staying almost out of sight. Is.. is that femme's head on fire?

When Lockjaw heard that they were stoping at a carnival - an event known for entertainment, and crowds (judging from the name, ones that would include a buch of those strange aliens), she promptly signed onto the first shuttle down.

So far, she's not particularly impressed. It all looks so dreary. The lights give some hope though. Maybe there'll be more further in? She'll just haveto wait and see. For now, she amuses herself by studying their greeter. Looks way too much like a cloudwalker, but there's definitely something odd about him. Probably the fact that there's not so much as a hint of metal on him. Must be one of those organics. It's only when the new mech approaches them does she look away "Perhaps the rest of my companions are, but I am of Eukaris."

This is the first time Phantasm has been off the ship since his departure from Velcoitron. And of course its a Carnival- actually, that's the reason he rolled on out. He's at the front of the troupe, going aggravatingly slow but! He distracts himself by repeatedly adjusting his hat. Jaunty angle? Serious? His standard magician angle? He sticks with openingly jaunty as he skates, doing little swivels and turns to keep pace with the unfortunate speeds of his Cybertronian cousins. FINALLY! Finally, they make it. He lifts his hat at the bird alien- fascinating!- with his cape rustling behind him.

Before Phantasm can make a jab at attempting to communicate with the crow creature further- this really is exciting! His engine is just rattling from with held revving- there comes a brightly colored indivual. Oh, make that indivduals! With an 's'! He gasps in delight. Just look at them. "Cybertronians and colonists, yes! Phantasm of Velocitron. Whatapleasure,whatapleasure!" He sweeps an arm in an impeccable bow before straightening with a slight flural of his cape. "You both work here? Together? I love the theme- fire! How divine!" He hold moves in close enough to hold out his hand to shake. Both hands, really. Performers, how wonderful!

Kickback brings up the rear, letting the others act as physical shiel--representatives. That's right. They're going to do all the talking for him while he takes an assessment of the area and everything/everyone around. Phantasm rushes right in, wheels first into the greeting line for the femme with the fire on her head. "That's one spicy meatball," he murmurs quietly to himself, assessing Firestar's appearance with a smirk, before moving along towards the middle of the group. His attention goes to the mech that seems to be in charge of the show. "I'm here for the exotic butters," he annouces.

Firestar perks up as the Eukarian and Velocitronian speak, no longer casting annoyed glances at Flame and turning to look at the crowd fully. One hand goes to her hips, and the other gestures to herself, her position bold, full of swagger.

"Fancy that, more colonials! My name's Firestar. I'm from Caminus myself. I'm something of a big deal there, actually. But enough about me--though I'm sure you're dying to hear more--welcome to the Cosmic Carnival!" Apparently she's into stealing the show, taking over Corvelius's job as she gestures grandeously around. "I'm sure you'll fit right in." She takes the offered hand and shakes it eagerly, offering a suspiciously Rodimus-like grin. "I like this one," she declares, gesturing to Phantasm.

Flame makes a tsking noise as Firestar interrupts his grand enterance. "We were just getting to the introductions when you spoiled the big reveal," he mutters, a small flicker of flame shooting from his mouth in annoyance. Not that he will let that stop him from doing it anyways! Flame dips into a deep bow to the assembled Cybertronians. "My designation is Flame of the Razer's Edge. It is my honor to welcome you all to the Cosmic Carnival."

As he straightens, he glances sidelong at the sleeping Corvid still perched on the sign. "If you're not going to do your job, shall I give them the grand tour, Corvelius?" he asks. The whistling noise stops, and the creature peeks out from beneath its wing with leery eyes.

"You want to wear the hat again, don't you?" Corvelius asks.

Feigning mock horror, Flame rests his hand over his spark. "Me? Never," he denies. Corvelius clearly does not believe him. "Never the hat," he snaps. But the prod seems to be enough to stir him. The corvid unfurls once more and flutters to perch on Flame's shoulder.

"So, do you all want the grand tour?" Corvelius asks. The way he says 'grand' is verging on scathing.

Sterling is still peeking out from around the others, watching the others as they seem to battle for spotlight dominance. She leans a bit further, ammo belt and vent ornaments clinking softly as they shift.She can't help but watch the crow like alien, he looks so feathery and soft!- No Sterling stop.

Automatically Sterling responds with a, "Um.. I ...wouldn't mind a tour...." before realizing she spoke up and trying to retreat back into the background. She.. does want to see if there is anything else around here, its pretty gloomy... maybe theres something nicer somewhere?

A peal of laughter escapes Phantasm as his hand is shaken. Ah, a good grip on her. "And I like you too. You must tell me what's keeping that lively fire going on your head. I haven't managed to produce such a flame with some of work." He smiles, the metallic facepaint glittering on his face. "I dabble in performance, you see," he admits quietly like its a secret. He's more qualified for theatrics than science. No one tell Perceptor.

Phantasm turns so fast, it is as if he was never facing Firstar. "Oh, a grand tour sounds positively... Grand!" He throws his arms out, fingers splayed to show just how grand. And then be brings them together in a clap. "Its not too much to presume out new Fantastic Fiery Friends will accompany us, then?" He most certainly wouldn't mind a tour with them along even if the bird seems to be the one leading it. And if they're not to busy of course! Can't impose, nonono.

"I'm glad you asked! Actually, it's not real fire. It's made of--" And his attention is gone. Firestar's expression darkens. She's the one meant to steal the spotlight. Others aren't supposed to steal it back! "Yes, I think that's a fantastic idea. I should absolutely come too," she says with false sweetness. All the while she inches closer to Flame, just waiting for a chance to capture the audience's attention again.

The Fiery duo catches Lockjaw's attention as well, specifically, Firestar. The Eukarian even steps in a bit closer to get a better look. What a strange thing. Her head is on fire, and yet, it seems like she likes it that way! At the very least, she is not complaining. These standards and their strange ways.

But then come the talks of a tour. It seems that there's some enthusiasm for that, especially from that hyper one. Well, might as well. "Mhm" she nods.

Sterling's retreat doesn't go entierly unnoticed, however, earning her a questioning look from the gatorbot. What's wrong?

"Truer word were never spoken, Firestar. Enough about her," Flame agrees, blue optics flashing with mischief. His faceplates curl into a self-satisfied smirk. Before she has room to complain Flame is quick to address the group as whole. "After all, a whole host of wonders awaits us. Why wait a moment longer to see it? And they don't pay me to say that!"

Flame spins and gestures towards the pathway leading into the carnival in a sweeping gesture. Corvelius gives a squawk of dismay at the sudden movement and flares his wings to keep his balance. At the first opportunity he launches into the air and searches for a new perch. Sterling draws attention to herself with her words, and her helm looks suitable enough. Plop. If it fits, he sits. His voice drops to a whisper so that just Sterling can hear him. "They do pay him to say that, actually, and he just wants to show you the billboard for his act."

Flame tries to take the lead by force of will. He strides into the vibrant pathway, passing by the trash can propping up the sign along the way. Whatever vermin hid there causes the bin to rock as it rummages deeper. Clack. With a hiss of disgust, Flame kicks at the trash can and sends it sprawling to the ground. Bright wrappers spill across the ground at the group's pedes. The startled shadow darts through the pedes of the assembled Lost Lighters, and someone might catch a glimpse of what it truly is: a two-headed, mechanical snake.

Kickback is thoroughly amused by all of these fiery 'friends'. He's actively studying their body language, tone of voice, choice of words, facial expressions, optic color - everything that could be an indicator of motive, intentions, and of course, mental weaknesses. For tonight's performance? He's going to play the part of the ignorant wiseaft "I can't wait to see what you've got. Place looks like real cash-sink," Kickback smartly offers with a wide, fangish grin.

If the group doesn't move too fast, he's going to snag one of those vermin for a light snack.

Sterling freezes when Corvelius settles on her head. Oh oh no, what does she do, what is happening? She is totally unprepared for suddenly being used as a perch and is very careful that when she does straighten she keeps her head steady for the bird. As unnerving as this is... Eeee birdy! If she was more confident she would ask someone to take a picture. Her optic drifts up to try and look at the organic and a smile twitches at her lips at his comment. Then she is startling, luckily not jumping and displacing the bird, as the snake thing goes slithering away. What is-? It.. seems like rather strange vermin to have around a carnival with organics.

"Delightful!" Phantasm exclaims, gears and armor shifting as he falls into in alt mode with a twirl. The cape almost seems to vanish. Magic! Engine revving, he heads on further in behind Flame and Firestar. One can really tell he buffs and polishes on a regulated schedule now that he's in the most aerdynamic and sleek car around. Firestar's flame is simply radiant in the reflection.

Phanta doesn't notice the snake, keeping close to the Flametastic pair. "So, entertainers! Who's the main act and who's the lovely assistant if you don't mind me asking!" Hrgh, slow... But that's okay! Slow is ooookay. Just incredibly boring.

Lockjaw's attention is once again drawn to Corvelius when the winged alien flutters down to perch on Sterling's head. No, he still looks too much like a cloudwalker, but being an alien makes him fascinating nonetheless. Lockjaw hasn't seen that many yet, and certianly none like him.

It's the clatter of the trash can that makes her look up, and then down, as something slips among the group "A scalewalker...?"

Firestar snickers behind Flame's back before she does a twirl that brings herself to the front of the pack. This is the cue she's been waiting for!

"Well I wouldn't call him lovely, but Flame's not a bad assistant, you know? His fire tricks really highlight my acrobatics routine! Couldn't put the show on without him! Well I could technically..." She preens in the spotlight for the hot moment that it will take before Flame steals it back again.

As the group begins to move into the light, one of the mecha's tramping pedes comes a little too close to the fleeing snake. It suddenly rears up into a defensive position, hood flaring in an attempt to look threatening. It's movement brings it into the light, and finally anyone curious enough will have the chance to get a good look at it. The creature's paint is as faded and dull as the rest of the carnival. While the optics of the left head still glow with life and vehmence, the right head sags like a thing dead. It's jaw seems to have been badly damaged in the past, twitching ineffectually in an attempt to mimic its partner-head's ferocity. For all of its display, though, the beast seems genuinely terrified and soon enough resumes its attempted retreat.

Corvelius, perched on Sterling's head, mutters in annoyance at both Firestar and Flame. He just wants to get the job done instead of arguing the whole time. He may be tiny and cute, but the claws digging into Sterling's helm might wake her up. "Move forwards," he whispers. "To the front of the group."

His voice, booming, cuts over the scowling Flame and the preening Firestar. "Our best attraction lays down the path to the left! That leads to the food court!" he hollers. There, progress.

Sterling does jump a little as Corevelius' claws dig into her head a little. Giving a sympathetic glance to the snake she quickly hurries forward to do as told. Her shoulders slouch and she nervously glances around, incredibly nervous about having attention potentially focused on her, but relaxes slightly in her hunched state as the bird attracts more attention than she does. Look at what a good meek and obedient perch she is.

Phantasm practically putters along- he's coasting really but it feels like puttering to a Deltan like him!- and after a while, he transforms again. His cape ripples gold behind him and he straightens his hat. "Oh, I'm sure you're both being quite modest. Everyone knows an act is only as good as a sum of its parts! I can't wait to see!" He's going to see every show and attraction here! His attention is taken by such a thing. "Most popular you say?" He smiles and skates to the left, gliding towards said attraction without a moment's delay!

Kickback places his hands behind his back, unable to grab the snake for now. Looks like they're moving ... Oh well. He can always chew the scenery later - hopefully before their guides do. These guys have almost gone full on Captain Kirk.

"Lead the way, then. Seems like you're all so eager to please." Too eager.

"I wouldn't say that's the best attraction," Firestar glowers, but her metaphorical fire's been put out and she backs off. She crosses her arms and watches as the Velocitron (who just a moment ago was her biggest fan) is suddenly taken away by the new sights and smells. Flighty little fellows, Velocitrons, she thinks sourly, and glances over the crowd for a new favourite. Surely there's someone out there who will appreciate an artist such as herself?

Lockjaw pauses to watch the snake, pitty in her optics. Poor thing. It looks so scared and hurt. It also leaves before she can really even try anything. Oh well. Looks like the tour is moving on anyways. At Corvelius's announcement, she looks up "And what do they have there?"

Corvelius leans forwards and guides Sterling to the front of the group. At Lockjaw's question, he puffs up his feathers to make himself look important, and pauses for dramatic impact. Then, the big answer, "Food." Well... he's not wrong. No one can argue with him about that.

Flame, who is edging towards the right path, scowls and moves back towards the group. His billboard is totally in that direction, and even from this distance mecha may be able to see a pair of workers posting a new image of Flame's face over Firestar's. He just paid them to do that in the last hour or so. Pasted around the edges of the act's advertisement, though, are images of the myraid missing. Corvelius is steering them away from that direction for a reason. "I suppose you really should see the big tent in all its glory, anyways. During a show," he mutters, now looking as grouchy and sullen as Firestar.

Corvelius pushes them on. "I guess there are other things down this way, too. Carnival games, the sideshow, a few rides." As they move deeper into the carnival, the very things he claimed line the path beside them. There are more people here, but the carnivalgoers move in groups and much too quickly, looking suspiciously at all who pass.

Sterling walks the way she is told, but pauses when she sees the images besides the.. well frankly, the obnoxious billboards out of the corner of her optic. "Um..." she wrings her hands nervously, fearing she will be yelled at for asking her next question, "W-what are those images there for?" she makes a small, almost shaky, indication of the missing posters.

Firestar decides she wants to get a turn to talk again, and she dances quickly over to answer Sterling's question. "It's nothing to worry about really. Don't let it stop you from coming to our show! They're just--" And then she sees the billboard.

Her flame turns blue, and sends a shower of sparks into the air. Even she didn't know it could do that.

"I'LL BE. RIGHT BACK." she says through gritted teeth, and marches down the path to go inform the workers exactly what she thinks of the new changes.

Lockjaw snorts, half annoyed, and half amused. Alright, if you say so. This is all fairly interesting too, if not exactly what she had hoped for. The other people around here, however seem a little on edge. Lockjaw isn't unacoustomed to such a reaction to her presence, but this is rather excessive, and not directed entierly at her.

Sterling's question shakes her out of her thoughts, making her first look up at the smaller femme, and then at the posters in question "Hmm?" What indeed?

Phantasm is fast. Obviously. He's down the left path, skating around other visitors and stopping to ooo-aah at all the booths. He avoids any lines. Lines don't exist on Velocitron. The whole set up simply mystifies him. Waiting? Behind others? Who are also waiting? How have Cybertronians or any species had time for a civil war??? Dear Navitas bless them. Anyways, he's already made it down the left path to the food stuffs and is on his way back to join the group, waving and tipping his hat to fellow patrons of the entertainment arts. He makes it back in time to see that flame show. "That looked great, Firestar!" He calls, smoothing out some of his shiny cape as he wheels on over, noticing all eyes on... "What's this wer're-bytheway,there'ssomefantasticallyfunlookingfamesoverthatway- ahem, looking at now?"

Kickback walks up near Sterling, observing the billboard. "Missing persons. This is why you always travel with a buddy," he asides. "And from the looks of the other carnival goers, I'd say we'd best stick to that system."

Corvelius's claws dig into Sterling's helm with a little more ferocity, but since the question is posed he is legally obligated to answer it. "That's Flame's face. How could you mistake it?" the corvid answers. Like an afterthought, he adds, "Oh, and some missing posters for people who have disappeared in this sector of space the last couple of years. We post them as a courtesy to the local authorities."

Flame puffs up at the mention of his face, "Yes, how could you mistake it? After all, I'm the star of the sho- Hey wait," he trails off, glaring at the corvid when he realizes that is an insult. His voice drops to a dangerous whisper. "The hat. One day."

"Never," Corvelius answers with complete confidence. "So, shall we continue on?"

Before Phantasm can step down the right path, though, one of the carnivalgoers notices the zippy mecha and singles him out. Phatasm may be surprised when a furball with hooves and spear-shaped ears. When the organic speaks, green venom flies from its mouth. It's hard to tell with all the fluff obscuring its expression, but it seems distressed. "Uh, have you seen a creature slithering around? Got away from me. The boss is going to kill me. Two heads. It'd be hard to miss."

Missing pers- ow! Whatever Sterling might have been thinking is cut off by the being digging his claws further into his head. Flinching at the, what can only be assumed is, punishment Sterling is quick to go back to doing as she is told. Evidently she even considers most organics to be in a position of power against her- perhaps Sazo has a bit more influence over her than she thought.

If Flame wants a hat, he should ask Phantasm! Phanta has plenty! If Flame want's the crow's hat specifically... He should still ask Phanta! Magic tricks are handy for making objects disappear and reappear. The scientest- no, really, he is one!- comes to a sudden stop at his surprise roadblock. Oh, er... What a strange and fascinating creature! His wheels slowly back him away from any spit, however. "Oh, hum... A creature? Two heads? No, no I can't say I have. Hold on! Hey guys!" He calls to his fellow Lost Lighters. "Anyone seen a dual-craniumed critter skittering about? This lovely... Specimen is looking for their friend!" He can check 'inter-species diplimacy' off his bucket list!

Missing posters, huh? Lockjaw gives a rumble of approval.. A noble effort. Now then, moving on -- wait, where'd the hyper one go? He was here a moment ago! Ah, there he is! The gatorbot turns towards where Phantasm is shouting from. Wait, did he mean two-headed? "We passed by a two-headed snake" she confirms "It looked injured. Why?"

Corvelius suddenly sits up straight on Sterling's helm. "That was one of the Kennel Keeper's pets, Drama? I had no idea," the usher says. Then, remembering where he is, the bird's head swivels towards the rest of of the crowd. "Just a stage name," he explains, and then adds, "It seems I have a carnival matter to attend to. Consider the tour completed. Or, if you prefer, Flame can finish it properly."

Drama, startling at her name, glances between Corvelius and the strange Cybertron. She hesitates for a moment before answering, "It's a rare Trexian Viper, last of its kind in the universe. We rescued it from a fighting ring for the sideshow, and cost us a fortune might I mention. Those are old battle injuries." Her gaze locks on Corvelius. "You know what direction it went? Let's go."

Flame steps up. While moments ago he had been caught up in his battle with the Firestar, there is now a hint of something else in his optics: curiousity. A dangerous thing from a mecha like him. "Oh, I'm sure Firestar will enjoy leading the tour. I think I might help you with this little... issue."

The problem is that Firestar is no longer anywhere to be seen. The workers on the sign have gone too. One might think they've vanished like the people on the wall, except that the picture of Flame suddenly has a big 'X' over it. Apparently a new deal is in the works. Firestar will probably have her sign back soon.

Last of its kind? In the universe? How could they possibly be sure of that? Phantasm is still getting used to grasping the scope of the universe and making claims such as... Drama just did. "Well, good luck with your serpent seeking," he tells it before his attention settles on Flame. Who is leaving. And there's no Firestar about. "If you must go, I'm sure we can explore the exemplary establishment by ourselves! We're all quite capable."

Sterling is quick to shuffle back into the crowd of mechs, wanting to escape any spotlight that may be on her. Something... doesn't seem right to her about all of this.... but she remains silent. It isn't her place to point that out.. she's.. she's sure the others have noticed too, right?

Lockjaw...looks disappointed. So it's just an animal then? Shame. Still, poor thing "Good luck then" she rumbles, before turning back to the rest of their group. Looks like they're on their own now, huh? And there's the one-eyed femme, hiding again. Lockjaw tilts her head at her, questioningly. Are you ok?

Flame nods towards the excitable mecha, offering him up a quick smile. He owes this mecha a favor for freeing him of that obligation. Besides, since he first came here this is the first thing that's happened to challenge him mentally, something the former scientist craves. Before he can join them, though, both Corvelius and Drama echo at the same time, "No."

Of course, words are never far from Flame, though. "Oh, but I only want to do what is best for this fair establishment. You heard the mecha. He has this quite in hand. I insist." Stepping up beside Drama, the alpacca spits a little venom at him but remains silent. Corvelius and Drama lock eyes before exchanging a nod of understanding. "Well, if you insist," the crow mutters. Finally releasing his steed, the corvid flutters off Sterling's helm. His booming voice interrupts the group one last time. "I hope you enjoy your stay at the Cosmic Carnival. I promise you shall not soon forget it," he announces. In a quieter tone, he adds, "Come along you two."

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