2016-09-24 Logistics Meeting

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Logistics Meeting
Date 2016/09/24
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Bitstream, Ultra Magnus, Gearstrip, Penchant, Fritz
Summary Touching base with storage bots. PRAISE FOR ALL, even Bitstream.

The gathering of mechs is smack in the center of the spacious stretch of the storage deck, with little flourish beyond a simple crate that Penchant perches on, awaiting attendance. The overhead grid of stark white lights cast dark shadows on armor, and any shift in weight echoes in the expansive room.

A loose semi-circle forms as more workers arrive. Minibots up front, some courier types and inventory mechs in the middle, and haulers in the back. A big freighter-type stands impatiently, puffing on a cygar and coating the nearby bots with vapor.

Ultra Magnus is in the back, as befits somebody of his size and breadth. He is also holding a stylus to a datapad, apparently ready to take minutes. He's frowning, but this is not remotely unusual.

Gearstrip, in contrast, is right in the front, since she's small. She's sitting down, cross-legged on the floor with her teeth set against her lower lip as she studies some busywork project in her lap that she brought with her to hold her attention. Apparently, she's slowly, carefully disentangling an awful mess of wires that somebody once shoved into a crate and forgot about.

Fritz, of course, settles into the middle of the gathering, looking around nervous. The big bot puffing on a cygar may not be very close to him, but the knowledge of the smoke and the smallest hint of smell is enough to make his vents stutter. He's brought the sphere from his room to calm him. It usually does, and as he takes his seat, the swirling glow of its colors has his tense frame relaxing into something more normal. Penchant won't mind him bringing it to the meeting, right?

Penchant doesn't appear to mind any projects or tagalongs or...spheres brought here. He stands to look over his division, searching for a particular teal seeker. Mechs like Magnus would've been given a pass, but not Bitstream. Where the hell is Bitstream. "Welp, let's not waste any time. Just a few announcements and commendations. The temporary check-out ban is lifted, any mech can retrieve anything from storage without command or division head approval. I mean, so long as they're logged properly. Of course. Brainstorm in particular has an extensive back order that needs to be tackled..."

Bitstream arrives late, no one is surprised by this turn of events. He enters quietly, his visor alight with tiny screens and data. It all flashes before his optics and the reverse image anyone can make out. He taps away on his handheld- which is jacked into the side of his head- with a little stylus. His wings flick as he deftly moves between bots to get to a spot. And by deftly, I mean knocking int them and bumping individuals without so much as a 'sorry' as he continues to tap-tap-tap-tap on his handheld. He almost steps on a poor minibot before he comes to a stop. Look, he's here. Yaaay... His lips purse, all attention on the little display on his visor.

Gearstrip tilts her head backwards, peering up at Bitstream from the floor through her goggles. "Hi," she says, and smiles, and then complacently goes back to trying to detangle wires.

Ultra Magnus rumbles something sotto voce about Brainstorm's list even as he makes a note on his datapad. He does not actually raise an issue, however.

Work stuff! Fritz focuses on paying attention to what Penchant says, even as the sphere glows warmly in two of his servos. He manages to only wince a little bit at the recollection of Penchant's ire concerning the stuff mechs had taken from storage while they were on that refueling planet...That was a very tense time in the department. But then Brainstorm is brought up, and Fritz shudders. That guy. Even worse rumors than Wheeljack! Who'd turned out to be pretty okay. Fritz drops his gaze back to the sphere in his lap, rolling it quietly in his digits. It pulses once in response to the soft touch. Hopefully not brightly enough to draw attention....

Penchant promptly zeroes in on the tardy mech. "Bitstream, I'll be damned!" he says loudly, all too glad to direct all of the attention on the seeker. "As I was saying," he continues airily, "Minimus has helped streamline the inventory process, and Bitstream rewrote the code for our software. It's working really well, so thank you Minimus and Bitstream!"

"On top of that, we've cleared out the freezers to save some space and energy, moving perishables to containers within the airlocks. Thanks again to Minimus and the techs that assisted with that. Another note for the techs, I've been working with Bulkhead to update the Lost Light's schematics and layout, so the new files should be ready for you to use." Penchant finally notices what the four-armed orange bot's got in his hands. "Have enough for the class?" he smirks cheekily.

"Mmmhmm, and I'll see you in hell too, sir," Bitstream says in response to the 'damned' comment. He doesn't say anything back to Gearstrip. But that's mostly because he's coasting along the upper decibels just to register incase he's shouted at. His wings splay and raise at the thanks but again, not comment. He's too busy with whatever he's doing on his visor. It's eiter very complicated or videogames.

Fritz can't believe Bitstream would snipe back at Penchant like that after arriving late. Behind his faceplate, his mouth has dropped open, optics wide as he shifts enough to look back at the Decepticon. Where in Primus' name did someone find the nerve to sass their boss when they hadn't been on time for the meeting in the first place? Fritz can't even imagine the ball bearings it must take to do such a thing, and Bitstream immediately ends up in the 'do not fuck with' column in his processor. He tries to refocus on Penchant, listening to the updates - none of which really have anything to do with him, unless he needs to move something - until. Oh no. He's been called out.

Fritz gives a quiet squeak as the bots around him turn to look at the mech unfortunate enough to draw attention to himself. Two arms automatically wrap around the sphere he's holding, which, of course, pulses even brighter, apparently pleased at the attention. "I--! I, um, I!" Of course he didn't bring enough for the class. How does he even respond. "I'm sorry!"

Penchant steps right over that snarky comeback, his smile fading. A little. NOTED. Poor Fritz looks so distraught, ah slag. "I'm just teasin'." He lifts his voice again, "Couriers have been doing a great job too. Very prompt. Supplies arrive on time, even early. Very proud of all of you. The ventilation system has never looked cleaner, and there's been no complaints over delay in internal repairs. Cheers maintenance!"

"If you want to aid with the resupply team as we touch down on the next colony," Penchant begins, tapping a digit against his palm a few times, "We're looking for raw materials for the fabricators - lead, lithium, silver, etcetera. Buzz me and we can have S+E upgrade your subspace pocket. At least temporarily. Okay, boring stuff over with. Any comments, questions?"

Bitstream grunts at the cheers and tip-taps on his handheld some more. Almost there... He pauses to lift a servo in acknowledgement, muttering, "Yeah, sure. Will do, sir," at the mention of the next colony. He's only half listening, and not even realizing he's more or less volunteering. He actually does not like the colonies and not because he's a xenophobic, organic-hating Seeker at all. He's sucked back into whatever it is he's doing up until that question. At that, he does look up. "I got one! Where's the time off request forms? I need those. And are they digitized and if not, can we do that?" Totally so he can't hack it to give himself days off. Nope, not the reason.

So he's...not in trouble? Fritz hesitates, still holding the sphere tight against his chassis, still extremely aware and worried about the happy pulses of swirling colors it's giving. As Penchant goes on about the good things couriers have been doing for the department, he slowly, veeerrry slowly, relaxes. The two servos not clutching at his sphere unball themselves from the fists they'd tightened into. He's not in trouble. He's even being congratulated! Once more hidden by his faceplate, a shy smile breaks across his face. He was just doing his job, really, no need for such a display--

Before Bitstream even speaks, Fritz holds up a hesitant servo. "I-I'll go," he offers, even though. Scrap, he was supposed to just buzz Penchant, not publicly volunteer. He ducks his helm in embarrassment, thankful for Bitstream speaking up almost immediately after him. Pay attention to the rude Seeker in the back, not the creamsicle.

Penchant smiles at Fritz, ever-warm to the selfless volunteer. "Great. I'll get ya' set up- No, /Bitstream/," he grates, "Talk to Minimus if you want time off." Bitstream didn't necessarily have to talk to Minimus, but Minimus was a nice barrier. Unyielding. "If there's nothing else, meet adjourned!" The big freighter from earlier puffs the last of his cygar onto Bitstreamn, chuckles heartily about it, and lumbers off with the rest of the dispersing crowd.

Bitstream's wings sink. Ugh, Minimus? AKA Ultra Magnus? AKA the guy who admitted to wanting to punish him for how he keeps his room? Uuuuuuuuuugh... He makes rather a show about groaning without ever stopping his work on his handheld. Then he flusters, vents hitching as he turns on thruster heel the glare at the freighter. Harumph! ... He turns back to Penchant. "Why don't we have forms for that? We're Logisitics, we make forms for everything."

<FS3> Fritz rolls People Pleaser: Success. (6 4 3 5 5 4 7 3 3 2 2)

Fritz almost misses the smile Penchant gives him, looking back up at the last astrosec. He immediately brightens when he sees it, clutching the sphere close to him in pleasure. It goes back to its pulsing, even more so than before, blues and greens and yellows shining out in the gaps of Fritz's arms. "Thank you, sir!" he chirps, and then, thankfully, the meeting ends. Fritz waits until most of those assemble leave, considering he'll likely be jostled and fall on his aft if somebody even brushes against him. Though, as he stands, he catches Bitstream's next snipe. And despite himself, he says, "Maybe so mechs like you don't take advantage of it?"

There's a squeak as Fritz realizes what he's said, and he slumps even further, trying to look smaller. Pleasedon'thitme.

Bitstream will receive naught but the biggest, most ridiculous shrug gesture from Penchant. IUNNO. Which is a lie. Of course there's digital forms. "Your software is perfect, Bitstream. Keep up the solid work, and you'll get a nice vacation. Okay?" He winks at Fritz, and hops off the crate.

Bitstream's vents huff, wings flicking. Stupid boss... "Gonna take a vacation from your face..." he grumbles. Immature? Your face is immature! He looks down to glare at Fritz and growl. Stupid... He huffs before he turns and leaves, once again gathering all his intention into what he's doing as he struts on out. Its easy to strut with Seeker legs.

He didn't get hit. Hooray! Penchant's wink is noted and stored away for a later time, when Fritz is feeling useless and needs a reminder that hey, someone appreciates him! While Bitstream's fate is sealed on the very ridiculously long 'do not fuck with' list in Fritz's head, Penchant has received a spot on the much much shorter 'kind, okay to approach' list. There are maybe four or five names logged on that one.

Bitstream's growl has Fritz shrinking further, all four arms now wrapped around his comforting sphere. It shines in content, completely unaware of what's going on, considering that it isn't sentient in the slightest. Once Bitstream leaves he uncurls at least a little bit, before sidling over to Penchant. "Thanks for the meeting. Have a good day." He sounds fairly stilted but hey, he's trying! And then zooooom he's out. Time to go back to his habsuite - where, hopefully, Frisk won't be - and lie down for a while.

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