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Scrap and Stuff
Date 2016/09/18
Location Lost Light - Engineering - Engineering
Participants Whisper, Waspinator
Summary Whisper surprises Wasp in engineering.

Waspinator has been trying to keep an accurate record of the ship's progress, something Red Alert stumbled upon and panicked over. Quite surprisingly, that little misunderstanding hasn't ruined his determination to plot the course. That determination is why the bug is currently in engineering, searching for a stray bolt or scrap of metal to use as an indicator for a sun.

Hunched over a box of spare parts, Waspinator has his back to the door. Who would be down in engineering this time of the work cycle anyways?

It is on quiet footsteps that Whisper enters Engineering. The doors slide open to admit her, and her step is measured, controlled, as she slips inside. The hum of the active drives makes it hard to hear the ordinary noises of passage in here without fine-tuned audials. She stands for a moment, looking about the room in search of someone in particular who it is plain her yellow-visored gaze does not immediately find. She says nothing, but then, this is not unusual.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Fate's Chewtoy: Great Success. (4 3 3 8 4 7 4 7 5 7 6)

Waspinator is too absorbed in his search to notice the sound of the door opening, instead entirely focused on the part he raises to eye level. Izz right zzize.. but too thick. With that the piece is unceremoniously dropped on the floor with a pile of other objects, clearly rejects. Diving back into the box he yanks out a bolt and examines this one just as carefully then lets out a satisfied sound. Thizz izz good. A sweep of his hand and the rejects are back in the box as he kicks it under a nearby machine, back where he found it. Feeling successful he turns around- only to nearly run into the silent femme behind him. Not expecting anyone down here the bug lets out a yell and stumbles backwards, slipping on a piece of metal he missed and falling backwards, head first, into the nearest piece of machinery.

Whisper watches him fall with a look largely of bland impassivity upon her angled features, her head canting slightly to one side. Her helm has a touch of puzzled crease wake in it, above the sheen of her straight visor, but otherwise her reaction to his accident is to stand there, observing. It doesn't occur to her to offer her assistance.

Despite the loud crack that reverberates around the room as his head hits the machine, Waspinator recovers almost shockingly quickly for such a hard fall. Jumping- somewhat shakily- to his feet, Waspinator braces his back against the very object he smashed into and watches Whisper warily. It takes him a long minute before he gets up the courage to speak, unnerved by how she is staring, "W-what izz bot doing down here?"

The Decepticon, her head canted first to one side, now tilts it the other way, almost birdlike in the way her study shifts. She does not move much, but returns Waspinator's look with the continuation of her own, yellow visor steady. After an extended pause, Whisper returns his question in kind: "What are you?"

Out of all the things Waspinator had been expecting. Demands, orders, even just plain hitting him he expected, the bug isn't even entirely sure how to answer that. Tension leaving his body in his confusion he narrows his eyes and imitates her own head tilt, "Wazzpinator... izz Cybertronian?"

Momentary confusion reflected in her expression, Whisper shakes her head with a cycling rush of fans that hum in a louder buzzing as her wings shiver in a flicker of irritation. "You asked what I am doing here. What are you doing here?"

Waspinator realizes what she had meant and glances at the object in his hand, instinctively closing his hand around it, "Wazzpinator not hurting any mechzz." If Wazzpinator tell will femme take it away? Wazz Wazzpinator not zzuppozzed to? "Wazzpinator juzzt want zzcrap metal."

"What in this room are you cannibalizing for scrap?" Whisper stares around engineering for a beat and then returns the weight of her gaze to Waspinator. "Our course has slowed. Did you do something to the engines?"

Why doezz every mech think Wazzpinator izz thief? Waspinator, not taking his eyes off Whisper, flies over to the box he had just put away. With a harsh yank he pulls it from its hiding spot and moves so the femme can see. It is literally just a box of junk, bits and pieces that are either broken or not needed. "Wazzpinator find out zzome mech alwayzz leave extra thingzz lying around and thingzz get put in box. Wazzpinator take thingzz no mech want..." He turns back to look at her, tensing up and clearly waiting for some form of punishment.

"I see." Whisper readily casts aside the idea that the small figure before her is responsible for the discrepancy, and frowns upward, past him, toward the shielded protections of the quantum drive. She does not further her inquiry immediately, her lips flattening with the slight shake of her head, and she folds her slim fingers into a loose cross behind her back as she lowers her head.

Waspinator jumps back as Whisper walks past him, crouching down closer to the floor to show submission but stops in his retreat as she seems to forget about him. Pushing the box back into its spot as quietly as he can, Waspinator begins to edge back towards the door. Wazzpinator could make break for door.. but zzhe izz already blaming Wazzpinator, might make her think Wazzpinator izz guilty... He settles for the slow edging back instead.

Whisper's glance falls back to Waspinator after a moment's pause. Her frown changes in its aspect as she studies him. She assures him, "Scrap metal is of little interest to me."

Waspinator freezes when she looks back at him, expecting to be hit. When he isn't the bug looks back between the door and Whisper. Deciding to try and be more confident, despite how scary that idea is to him, he speaks up, "what... izz femme looking for?"

Whisper lets another sigh escape her frame and turns aside with her arms a loose fold over her chest. "Answers."

Waspinator just stares blankly, clearly having no idea what she is talking about. Anzzwerzz? Anzzwerzz to what? "...Can ... Can Wazzpinator help?" Really he just wants to run away as far as he can but.. he is trying to be more confident!

"I don't know." Whisper drops her hands to the frame of her angled hips and her mouth tightens with the slight shake of her head. Then she turns aside. "I think not. Thank you."

Waspinator glances around, entirely unsure what to do now. Glancing down at his feet then back up at the femme, Waspinator slowly turns around and heads out the door. What elzze izz Wazzpinator zzuppozzed to do? He will just head back to his room and continue to work on his map.

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