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Support Group
Date 2016/08/09
Location Lost Light - Command: Rodimus's Office
Participants Drift, Rodimus
Summary Drift and Rodimus talk about leadership.

A small plaque outside the door reads 'Captain's Office -- Rodimus of Nyon'. There is a drawing printed out and taped to the door. It's hilarious and a little inappropriate.

The room is fairly regulation. Where flames once ringed the doorway and magenta colored the walls, the ship's normal coloring carries through.

Center of the public space is Rodimus's desk, which is covered with doodles and scraps of some ancient Cybertronian dialect. More often than not, it's covered by datapads he hasn't quite gotten to yet. The other furniture in the room is suitable for a bot of Ultra Magnus's class -- or, with some adjustment, a much, much smaller minibot.

While Drift has a habit of barging into Rodimus' office unannounced, it's not often that he does so with a frown on his face. Unfortunately, this is one of those times. "Bro!" It's the first thing out of his mouth as he rushes indide. The second is 'can you believe this?' followed by the slap of a datapad on the desk.

Rodimus startles out of his precarious perch on the edge of the desk where he was reaching to do something with the ceiling as soon as Drift bursts in. He tries to fall casually into a lean against the desk but there is seriously nothing casual about it. "Wait, what?" he says, leaning over to look down at the datapad. "Hang on, what's this?"

"It's-" Drift pauses and squints at Rodimus. "What were you doing up there?" He shakes his head. "Nevermind, look at this!" He snatches up the datapad and practically shoves it in Rodimus' hands. "It's from security, an official greivance report. Apparently someone felt the need to make a big stink over me having my sword in the bar." He swipes across the screen to reveal the almost disturbing number of photos taken of him in the bar. "I know who did it. Tailgate didn't say anything, but I know and I can't help but feel that this has little to do with the bar rules and everything to do with a personal dislike of me."

Rodimus doesn't address the subject of what he was doing with the ceiling. It will be a mystery for all time. "Wow, that's obnoxious." Rolling up next to Drift in a really unnecessary lean, he studies the photos and makes a note to save one or two that are a better angle. He even goes back to one and grins down at it. "Nice." SAVE. "Who was it?"

As upset as Drift is about being ratted out, Rodimus' particular interest in the photos brings a smile to his lips. "Right? I actually like that one a lot, the lighting is very impressive.." Who knew Getaway had such an eye for composition? Speaking of, he's still mad, damnit! "It was Getaway, because of course it was. You know he even had the gall to message me about using my credit card 'just like anyone else can?' He's pushing my buttons on purpose, I know he is."

Elbowing Drift, Rodimus says, "Not the lighting I'm impressed by." He leers cheerfully and then thumbs back to the security report. "What's Getaway's problem, anyway?" It's clearly entirely unreasonable for Getaway to have problems with Drift. "You can't let him get to you. He doesn't matter."

"He's probably still pissed off at me for punching him in the face." Drift still feels bad about it but at the same time he can't deny that Getaway had it coming. "I get it, he doesn't like me and quite frankly, I don't like him either but reporting my sword to security? It really harshed my vibe, you know?" He vents a sigh and then reaches to take Rodimus' hand in his because being in the same room as Rodimus for longer than five minute and not being in direct physical contact with him feels downright wrong. "That's not true, Getaway matters. Even if he's a total prick, he still matters. I'm not just blowing smoke out of my exhaust when I say every crew member is important, I really believe it."

Lacing their fingers together, Rodimus squeezes. "I know. He does. And you're right -- they all matter." Smile crooked, he says, "I'm just trying to make you feel better. Is it working?" He looks hopeful. Pls say it work.. "But he's out for you, you know? We're lucky that most of the ship isn't after you."

Drift returns the squeeze with one of his own and then tugs Rodimus closer for a headbonk. "Of course it is, you always make me feel better." The smile on his lips falters when Rodimus brings up a very good point. "What if most of the ship is after me but they're not as open about it as Getaway is. Or Whisperer? Not that I'm comparing Getaway to someone who tried to murder me but.. okay, I guess I am."

"He's trying to murder your reputation." Lifting his other hand to rest it at the back of Drift's neck, Rodimus holds the bonk in a close press. "Okay, that's probably true that basically everyone hates you. It sucks, always having to watch what you're doing, because everyone's just waiting for you to mess it up. It's not fair."

Drift doesn't say anything for some time, seemingly content with the two of them just standing here crest to crest but eventually his brow furrows with concern and he breaks his silence. "It's just.. I know you're not supposed to bring weapons into the bar. I know the rules specifically states 'no swords,' but.." Uh oh, he's going to talk about you know who. "It's so much more than a sword, it's part of who I am. It may not be hardwired to my body, but it's a piece of me. If we can trust everyone else not to online their weapons, can't they trust me not to start chopping people up with my sword? Are we not at the point yet where people can trust me not to go on a murder spree?!"

Rodimus nobly keeps 95% of the LOOK off his face; it escapes only as the brief twist of a grimace. As light a glancing reference as that may have been, he still has a Wing-sized hangup. "It's not about whether or not people trust you, Drift. And just to be super clear about it, I do. I'd trust you with my spark and I do every time we fight together. It's about setting an example. It's about everyone else on this ship. It's about the fact that we have a few hundred people here who were doing their best to wipe the other side out like a year ago--" Okay, over a year now. They are so good at peace. "--and people are still figuring out how not to do that. We're leaders. People would be watching you anyway, but now they'll watch you twice as hard."

It's almost impossible for Drift not to catch that look when the two of them are quite literally face to face. No matter how hard Rodimus tries to hide it, he can see it. Still, he appreciates the restraint. "I know you trust me, there was never any doubt of that in my mind. And you're right, it is about setting an example. I guess I'm just still learning how to do that, how to be a leader people can actually look up to." Lord knows he has a shit track record when it comes to that. He smiles and lifts a hand to Rodimus' face, resting his fingertips on his cheek. "When did you get so good at this Captain thing?"

Rodimus hides a quick, pleased grin in the press of Drift's hand as he turns to place his lips against his palm. "M'not that good," he mumbles in a way that clearly means 'Drift, tell me more about how great I am'. "And I'm not used to people looking at me for anything except--" He breaks off, and rather than finish the sentence, shrugs. "I guess they still do, though. Both of us are working against a lot. Magnus was the only one of us anyone respected." His brow knits beneath his helm, briefly troubled, before he makes an effort to wipe it.

"Except your charming good looks?" Drift helpfully fills in for the rest of what Rodimus was going to say. Obviously that wasn't how that sentence was going to finish but Rodimus lied to him earlier to make him feel better so he's just returning the favour. "Hm. I can't really argue with that," he not so helpfully says. He spots the tension in Rodimus' brow and tilts his head to place a soothing kiss there.

That helps. All of it: the lies and the kisses. A smile breaks over Rodimus's features, and he slips his hand free of Drift's to wrap his arm around him and pull him in a close embrace. "At least I've got you. And you've got me. We'll figure it out, together. Right?"

Drift returns the gesture in kind, his own arm curling around Rodimus' waist. "You're damn right we will," he says with a grin just before catching his lips in a passionate kiss. Hopefully Rodimus didn't have anything else to add because the conversation will have no choice but to take a backseat for now.

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