2016-08-29 Showmanship

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2016-08-29 Showmanship
Date 2016/08/29
Location DesuDesu V
Participants Skydive, Vortex
Plot Denied
Summary Entertaining the masses with balancing acts and swordsmanship.

Vortex gets away with a lot of stuff. He's gotten away with a list that's longer than his is tall- er, than Onslaught is tall? He's not a very big rotary after all... But, along with murder, coercion, blackmail, watch theft, dealing body parts, possible cannibalism- all energon is good energon, don't judge, assassination, etc, etc... He can now add 'aiding and abetting hat theft' to the list. Which is great! He loves getting away with things, makes him feel powerful, ahh... And although he got outta that, he's still not outta this money situation. So he's decided to help. (For a small finder's fee no one has to know about.)

Vortex isn't sure who said 'non-war' skill but they inspired him! Because he honestly has a fantastic skill. The kind of skill that leaves mechs in awe. They're usually dead drunk but IN AWE NONETHELESS. So that's how the rotary ended up here, balancing three empty cans of sodagex on his head, two on an elbow, and a sixth on his extended foot. He's tossing another in his free servo, having gathered a smallish crowd. "So, where's the next one go? Eh? On my knee? My left knee? You're all just trying to make a poor spark fall, now ain't ya?" Alright, he can do this, just adjust slowly and.... Toss the can, just like all those other times.

    <FS3> Vortex rolls Balancing Object: Success. (4 2 8 1 2 5)

It truly is a shame the people of this planet weren't accepting of shanix as Skydive was eager to buy a small souvenir. Ah well, some footage of the planet and its people will have to do, his glasses recording as he wanders around the town they landed in after a long flight to help spend his pent up energy.

A crowd not far ahead catches his interest and pulls his away from his meandering, however, a few 'excuse me's and 'pardon me's offered as he moves to the front. Now what could be so interest-- Oh, Vortex. The Aerialbot blinks, surprised to see the mech showing off his balancing prowess. ..And he's actually pretty good. An amused little smirk lights Skydive's face at the show, politely clapping when Vortex manages to catch the can on his knee. "Quite the crowd you've brought in."

Vortex grins behind his mask as the can lands solidly on his knee, swaying only slightly. Haha, and Onslaught had called this talent 'useless' and a 'waste of time'. In his his dumb face. And Blast Off's too! They never appreciated him or his gifts right anyways. His visor flashes with the slight applause, looking over at the sound of a familiar voice. Ah, look at that! A wild Aerialbot! The Combaticon's rotors flick and rise up, as he gestures. "Good news everyone! I've got an assistant! Everyone say, 'Hello, Skydive!'" The cans on his helm wobble as he quirks his helm to the side. There's a case of sodagex beside him. "So, where do ya lovely folks want Skydive to put the next can?"

"Wait what--" Skydive stops mid-clap when Vortex volunteers him without consent out of nowhere. "No no, that's alright, really. I couldn't possibly-- Er.." He looks somewhat uneasy with the crowd actually getting behind it, urging him on and some even pushing him out into the open where Tex stands. Uhh.. Right.

Skydive eyes the case of sodagex, lips skewing evr so slightly. So this is the stuff Air Raid'd been drinking. Gross. Not wanting to have to drink one to use, he opts for one of the already empty ones, turning it in his hands as he looks to the crowd. They shout some things, but one in particular catches his audial and he smirks. "I believe someone would like to see you balance it on your rotors. Shall we give it a try?" Feeling more adventurous, he gives the can a flip in hand, awaiting Vortex's go ahead, before tossing the can out to him to catch.

    <FS3> Vortex rolls Balancing Object: Success. (4 5 1 5 5 8)

Vortex grins even broader beneath his mask. That's right, you just got voluntold, Skydive! The rotary watches the jet from the corner of his optic, watching the crowd. He loves the attention, even as meager as it may be. He thrives off of it, happily entertaining by moving carefully and gracefully with self-control most would never believe he has. "Huh- what? My what?"

Vortex seems genuinely taken off guard. Said rotors twitch, moving naturally and almost constantly. Hnn, they're only fun to make still to scare a mech. "Ehh, yeah, alright! Let's do this." He angles a rotor and nods slightly. Alright, toss it! The rotor moves and catches the can, adjusting before going still. All of Vortex goes still actually, concentrating on keeping that can on there. He only trembles a little. "Next one! Let's go!" He manages a thumbs up at his assistant.

"Ah, good show!" Skydive brightens enthusiastically at Vortex catching the can. He's pretty good at this. A glance back to the crowd has them offering up more suggestions, none of which Skydive seems to be able to decide on. So why not let Vortex be the one to pick?

"We seem to be at an impasse with the decisions, so let us see where the can wants to go." Skydive smirks and takes up two more empty cans. Were he a crueler mech he would have just tossed them at the rotary, but he allows the mech to decide and plan before tossing the cans to him.

    <FS3> Vortex rolls Balancing Object -2: Good Success. (7 2 6 8)

Vortex's visor bends a bit at the suggestion. Skydive wants him to what? But everyone seems enthralled by the suggestion- that or they just want to see the rotary fail at this point. Well, jokes on them! He's too good to fail. And thinking quick on instinct was a strong suit of his. The Combaticon contorts in what could not be a comfortable position, catching on can on a claw and the other on another rotor. He sways, balancing on one foot while balancing ten whole cans. He stills, it looks unnatural for the rotary. "Easy peasy!" His voice doesn't sound strained, that's your imagination and not static. "Where's the eleventh go, Skydive?" He can take more! Totally! THIS IS STILL FUN!!!

Right, totally not strain. Still, Vortex is doing an amazing job of this, Skydive impressed as much as the crowd. As for the next can, the Aerialbot holds back and instead turns to the spectators. "Perhaps we should use the next can for something else? Surely we can raise the stakes, right Vortex?" He has an idea forming. A game they played way back when at the flight academy, something sure to dazzle the masses.

With a polite nod he turns back to Vortex and steps up to the struggling mech, leaning in to whisper something to him. Oh he's going to like this.

Vortex's last two un-used rotors twitch happily, feeding off all that approval with pure and utter delight. He absolutely revels in the attention, even if his spinal strut is screaming at him. Let it scream, it almost makes his engine purr. If the rotary could move without risking everything coming crashing down, he'd of tilted his helm in curiosity. "We're flightframes! Raisin' the stakes is what we do!" He affirms with a laugh- which cuts out as it begins to shake his frame. It takes a great deal of concentration not to shiver even a little as Skydive whispers to him. He loves a mech that whispers into his audio, ahh... His visor shines and he nods very subtly. Oh, he likes that very much! "Skydive! Why don't you tell our audience what we have planned!" What Skydive has planned but ehhh...

"With pleasure." Skydive's smirk grows, glad to hear Vortex is on board, and stands straight to address everyone. "As promised, we have a treat for you all. A bit of swordplay!" His hip compartment opening, he retrieves the hilt of his rapier and activates it, the energy blade flaring to life and humming as he twirls it a few times. "My colleague will remain as he is, perfectly still, while I attempt to cut eat can from thir perch.... while blindfolded."

He didn't tell Vortex about that part.

He steps towards the crowd and smiles warmly. "Would anyone be willing to allow me to borrow a bit of cloth? Anything that can't be seen through." A taller organic in the crowd, excited, waves a scarf-like piece to him, to which Skydive bows and accepts. "This will do perfectly, my thanks. It will be returned as is."

He steps back over to Vortex to stand in front of him, stopping a step or two away so his sword can just reach him. "Now Vortex.." His smile is tamed, though a hint of play hides in it just before he ties the cloth around his helm and over his optics. "Hold very.. very.. still." He eases into his fencing stance, one hand behind his back, and holds here several moments before striking out at where he believes a can to be. We'll start with the stack of three on his head, yes?

    <FS3> Skydive rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (7 5 5 8 2 4 6 6)

Skydive address everyone and Vortex is smiling. Skydive pulls out his fencing sword and he's smiling WIDER. Skydive explains how he's going to cut off the cans while blindfolded and the rotary- wait, blindfolded?? His vents sputter a bit in surprise. No way... Skydive was sorta like Blast Off, refined and 'cultured' and- holy shit, he's really doing this blindfolded. Vortex honestly doesn't know to feel a bit annoyed to be duped like that or possibly a little turned on. Feelings are hard.

Vortex decides to be rather impressed by the showmanship Skydive has. He can't imagine Blast Off ever doing this other to chalk up his oh-so-amazing skill that's oh-so-amazingly natural for a shuttle such as he. Hnf... The Combaticon stares at the tip of that rapier, a giddy glee bubbling in his spark and spreading its fuzzy warmth through him. Haha, whoa, this is actually super cool. Not annoyed anymore. Vortex doesn't flinch as the sword arcs ans slices through the top-most can on his head. A thrill shivers down his spine and makes his engine purr. "Just nine more to go, Dive!" he whoops.

With a flick of the wrist the can goes tumbling off of Vortex's helm, two pieces still glowing where the blade cut it in half. The sound of them hitting the ground and not Vortex's head brings a larger upwards quirk to his lips. "Only nine? Well, I'll have to step up, won't I?"

He resets his position, but doesn't immediately swipe. Instead he takes a few steps around the mech, to his side, and changes his entire perspective of where the cans are now. At a completely different angle now, Skydive strikes out again, but this time aiming to knock off a few cans with some deft flicks of his blade.

    <FS3> Skydive rolls Melee Weapons -1: Good Success. (8 4 6 1 7 5 4)

Vortex giggles a little, feeling some of that electric heat from the rapier. Ahhh, it was so nice. Why had he ever been annoyed with the guy? Ah, well, s'est lave or something like that. "Again, we flightframes always have to raise the bar," the rotary croons in agreement, staying sill as he watches the Aerialbot. Again, that sword goes to action. The thin metal sizzles as its cut, four halves dropping to the ground- one can from a rotor and the other from his knee.

Hmmm... Time to up the anty even more. With only one can balancing on a rotor, he shifts and straightens out more, changing his position. "Alright, now we're talking. Three down, seven to go. Lucky number seven, think you can manage?" He talks to give Skydive a little hint that he's moved hehe. This was so much fun!

"Lucky, you say? Then perhaps I should make this one extra special." Skydive hums, taking a single step back to regain his composure. A carry-over trait of his mimicry ability allows him to memorize very well, so Vortex should be exactly where he envisions him in his mind, which gives him the confidence to do what he's about to do.

Rigid fencing stance begins to melt into something more fluid. Grace takes on a different shape as his arms extend out to the sides, holding position with drawn up chest and shoulders and the heels of his pedes together. Then, all of a sudden with a motion he draws himself up on the tips of said pedes, one leg extending out and back and he leans forward to swipe one can.

The momentum carries him, pedes carrying him with precise steps as he spins and dances around Vortex, thrusting and slashing as he bends and twists with a ballet dancer's grace. There is little room for error, so he is putting a lot of faith in his memory with this.

    <FS3> Skydive rolls Melee Weapons -2: Success. (3 1 2 7 6 5)
    <FS3> Vortex rolls Touching: Good Success. (1 4 4 8 5 7 5 7)
    <FS3> Vortex rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (1 6 4 2 8 5)

Vortex is expecting a vivid display of swordplay, something that could take his breath away. He's greeted with something else entirely. His optics widen beneath his visor as Skydive doesn't just do some fancy sword's moves but dances. He can't help but stare, enthralled by the fluid movement, by the turns and twists so delicately. He didn't know an Aerialbot could bend like that... Can Air Raider bend like that? Hope so.

It's a beautiful display but it takes the dangerous edge off of things, doesn't it? Vortex is having none of that. He waits quietly, watching Skydive closely as the cans are picked off one by one. Until only Three... Two... One... Vortex moves, giving the can a little toss up as he sweeps a foot back. His facemask snaps back as he places his servos accordingly on Skydive to give him a little dip, catching the can between teeth as rapier pierces through the aluminum. He keeps the pose, grinning around the can at Skydive as he hears applause. "<< Didn't know you danced. Also, you're way heavier than I first thought. >>" Trying real hard not to drop him.

In a way this is indeed just as dangerous. Vortex would have probably lost a limb by now if someone less experience or with good memory tried to do this. Still, even with those perks on his side, Skydive is really REALLY counting on Tex to not move. ...Then again, this is Vortex we're talking about.

His mind processing several different things at once, the Aerialbot turns and twists, counting the cans as they fall. When the final one comes into his mind's eye, he makes a show of bending backwards after a spin, free arm splaying out while rapier stabs forth.

His aim is true and he pierces the can, but.. there is more that follows. There's resistance against the blade and he feels hands upon him, drawing him further backwards to hang in the mercy of Vortex's grip. As soon as the realization hits him and he hears the rotary over the broadband, Skydive stiffens up and arches a little in his arms, his orange face mixing with a brilliant shade of pink. "<< I-I.. uhm.. Well.. >>" What does he even say?

Thankfully the sound of money being thrown helps ease him out of his stunned state. Still blushing madly, the Aerialbot clears his vocals and moves his pedes to help stand and alleviate Tex of his burden. The cloth comes off, optics peering at Vortex briefly before he quickly glances away and shuffles to the crowd to give back the scarf.

Autobots, they act like no one's ever flirted with them before! Vortex chuckles, straightening before taking a bow, rotors fanning out like peacock feathers. With the tip of his foot, he flips a can with the top shaved off up and into his hand, still holding one can in his mouth. Spitting it away, he grins broadly at the organics as he collects their credits. Some of them suddenly look less entertained and more stricken. A small dose of fear always loosens some greedy fingers. "Thank you, you're all too kind," he croons, standing up straight with a can full of credits. There were still a few litering the ground. He'll pick those up in a moment, his finder's fee.

The Combaticon turns towards the Aerialbot, mask snapping back into place. "That was great, Skydive! I dare say you make me not fear for my life. A shame but I can forgive you." He gives the mech a little hip bump, sliding in closer to hook his arm around his waist. "So how's the ol' ticker, Creamsicle?"

Really, Vortex, must you be so handsy? Skydive can barely hold a hand for long, let alone be dipped and sidled all up on. Shyly thanking the alien for their scarf, the mech is about to help pick up the money on the ground, but Tex beats him to it and is already at his side. The bump to his hip makes his vents give a hitch of surprise before he stiffens up again at being handled and drawn in against the rotary.

A hand lifts to faintly touch chin unsurely while lower lip is caught by his teeth. Still a furious pink, Skydive shifts anxiously and glances away briefly. "I.. apologize for it not being as death defying as I made it out to be. I-I simply thought it would be entertaining." The question of 'ticker' clears his thoughts long enough for him to send Vortex a curious look. "My what? ..Oh!" Right, the watch!

Stemming his nerves, he reaches into his compartment to pull out said watch, showing the other mech. "Safe and sound. I spoke with Whirl after the whole ordeal and.. things are better now."

Vortex is surprised that Skydive understood him on the first go. But look at that! He leans in close, reaching out to delicately trace a pattern along the beautiful, ornate watch. "Mmm, excellent ticker. Good to know Whirl fessed up... Eventually."

Vortex pauses and draws his servo away- both the one on Skydive's hip and on the watch. "Well, I should get these to the ship." Most of them at least. "Hey, have you seen Raider around? I got him a gift and just haven't caught him yet."

"I'm still surprised he was able to do it.. Regardless, I think we've come to an understanding and it won't happen again." Skydive doesn't seem to have any animosity towards Whirl despite what happened. But then, he doesn't know the full expect of the crime. Vortex is allowed to touch the watch, though a slight feeling of anxiousness rises from the Aerialbot when he does.

The watch is tucked safely back in its spot in his chest once Vortex withdraws, the mech also easing up now that he isn't being held. "Mh, the last time I saw him he was out flying." He replies to the whereabouts of Air Raid, rubbing his chin slightly in thought. "Either that or he'd be running around town doing who knows what." Raid was always the hardest to pin down.

Vortex looks up at the sky. A fly sounds good... "Sounds good. Thanks, Skydive! Hey, we should sword fight again sometime!" He starts stepping backwards. "No Blast Off and no punching! Anyways, gotta go. Not it on cleaning up!" Vortex laughs, transforming in a flurry of rotors as he twists into the air. Watching him is actually terrifying even from the ground.

"Oh, well of course, I would very much enjoy that." Skydive perks up at the suggestion for another bout, smile beginning to light his face. Then Vortex has to be Vortex and leave the mess for him to cleanup, kicking up dust with his rotors as he lifts off and leaves Skydive alone and coughing a little. By the time the air clears Vortex is already far away, prompting the jet to shake his helm with a sigh and a mild smirk before he gets to work cleaning up all the sliced cans and extra sodagex. At least it was fun, so he can't complain.

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