2016-08-28 Car Wash

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Car Wash
Date 2016/08/28
Location DesuDesu V
Participants Blackstorm, Mercy, Pipes, Quicksight, Rung, Skystalker
Plot Denied
Summary 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare sponge war!

Someone-- who shall not be named just in case this goes horribly wrong-- brought up the potential of opening up a wash station in the portside town. It's a dirty little planet, and the docks themselves are filled with tugships, trade vessels, and cargo floaters that come in from space looking like rocks more than spacefarers. Some of the vehicles on the planet are even sentient, to degrees that artificial intelligences drive some of them rather than pilots.

On the border between city and port, the Lost Lighters have successfully borrowed a section of unused dock space so they can peddle cleaning services on the port side and bring vehicles in off of the street. It cost a little of what they earned already to rent the spot out, but the access is enough to be a draw for all kinds. Some of the crew is currently muscling grime off of a tugboat with an AI, who seems ver relieved to have its engines and wing gears cleaned out. Down on the dock space there is a short line of what pass as personal vehicles, some of them pulled into the impromptu pit stops.

This is definitely where maintenance gets to shine, but of course anyone is welcome to come down and assist.

Skystalker is bringing out a new batch of whatever extra cleaners he could scrounge from storage(thanks for being so understanding, Logistics!), and though he hasn't tried to jump in and help yet, he intends to once he turns over the supplies to the maintenance mechs overseeing things.

It's a car wash, by cars, for cars. Sort of. It's very meta. This fact does not escape Skystalker.

The opportunity to get his hands all over ships is just too good for Blackstorm to pass up. The pilot loves admiring the angles and designs of both Cybertronian and alien vessels alike. It just so happens that their next customer happens to be at least somewhat sapient. Curiousity aroused, the minibot is currently using his magnawheels to clamber along the ship's side looking for an access port (and scrubbing, just to cover the tracks of what he is really doing). The too-large hat he stole from the organic several days ago is still dangling off his helm. It threatens to fall off with every movement.

"Well, ain't you just a pretty thing," he mutters to no one in particular. His hand trails along the outside of the ship, optics sparking with excitement behind his visor. "I'd love the chance to have a heart to heart with you sometime."

Rung had shown up with the first of them down, determined to do his part to help. The idea of a car wash is... interesting enough... but Rung hadn't quite been sure how it would be taken. Surprisingly it seems to be going fairly well, already attracting a fair number of customers. This led to the Psychiatrist's current status of washing muck from the tugboat that is their current customer. Spotting the aerial out of the corner of his optics, Rung turns and smiles to Skystalker, "Hello Skystalker! Are you staying to help, as well?"

Ratchet didn't seem upset at all when Pipes told him that he was being called away to the car wash. Even now, though, Pipes still worries how Ratchet will make out without his orderly, and keeps a little side attention on comms should the co-CMO call him back.

In the meantime, Pipes is using his pipes to help out! He's on drying duty, and he's being very careful, promise, to vent only cycled atmosphere from his arm pipes. It's not only good for drying off washed and rinsed vehicles, but for knocking off caked-on crud when adjusted into a sharp airblast. So, the blue mini darts back and forth between the end of the wash process and the beginning as needs arise. "Blackstorm, please don't hit on the customers," Pipes jokes as he works on clearing ... he doesn't even know what it is ... off one of the local's personal vehicles. . Quicksight is not entierly happy about this whole situation, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to do his part to fix it. After all, he is part of the crew after all, and he hardly considers himself above such work. At least here, he doesn't have to deal with organics as much.

Currently, the scout is perched atop the ship at their stand, his capacity for flight making him an obvious choice for reaching those high up places. "How about some sponge to hull first?" he calls down to his fellow Decepticon, and then,to the newly arrived spacer "Hey Skystalker!"

Skystalker looks over at some of the vehicles that have pulled up along the pitstops; Maybe this is just as fascinating for them as it is useful. Cybertronians are a dangerous and ancient race-- now lowered to cleaning taxis and tugs. One way to see it. He hears the metallic drop of tips and payments into a canister as he goes around delivering, stopping only when he hears his name, hands now empty.

"Hey guys. Looks like we're doing good out here, hm?" He lifts a hand up towards Quicksight as he answers Rung's greeting first, looking up over the ship. "I plan on it. I've got to give someone a break."

The ship notably does not answer Blackstorm, though perhaps that is because it has no external speakers-- just a co-pilot who went for brunch.

Hearing someone call out his name, Blackstorm's helm snaps up. The hat on his helm gives a threatening wobble. Lifting his hand, he nudges the brim out of the way to see who it is. He spots Pipes not too far away. An easy-going grin flashes across his faceplates. He may have been busted, but he doesn't seem all that embarrassed about it. "Just being friendly, yeah?!" he calls back.

But for now he restrains himself from going farther. He is still interested to talk to the ship, but maybe there will be another opportunity. Instead, he keeps scampering along the side and whistling as he scrubs. This particular ship is already pretty well scrubbed down, but Blackstorm is loath to clamber away just yet. He'll drag it out longer than he needs to.

Rung turns back to his work as he speaks to Skystalker, determined to pull his weight. "Perhaps one of the others could use a break!" He looks amused at the banter going between the others and Blackstorm, happy everyone is getting along. After a moment he steps back from his station, examining his work before removing his glasses. A polishing rag is quickly in his hands as he cleans any water droplets from the lenses, "Pipes I believe this area is ready to be dried whenever you are able." Another glance is sent around before he replaces his glasses and cheerfully goes back to work. "Do we have a certain goal we wish to reach for today?"

"Yeah, 'friendly'. Just remember we don't have a complaints department!" Pipes chuckles a little, but thinks he'd actually just send them to Quicksight. He'd be happy to handle problem customers, probably. He's just done with blasting off the dirt from his current vehicle when he hears Rung's request. "Sure thing, roomie! And this one is ready for a wash!" He makes some wavey move-along motions to the driver of the vehicle, then hurries over to start drying off the tug. His arms move methodically, practiced sweeps that are usually much worse for the surfaces he attends to.

“I figured as much as possible" Quicksight mutters in response to Rung's question, but not at him. He has no desire to be talking to the psychiatrist one more than he has to. He's here to work, not chat with fragging Autobots! He does, however, glance up every now and then, pausing to peer over the edge of the roof, down at Blackstorm again "That looks pretty clean now." and then to Pipes, "We're pretty much done here too!"

<FS3> Blackstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (2 4 2 3 3 3 7 2)

Rung moves on to the vehicle Pipes pointed to, noticing Quicksight's muttered response but making no comment towards it. He knows how Quicksight feels about him and wont subject him to having to interact. So the mech busily gets to work on the new vehicle, offering the driver a pleasant (and gentle) smile.

Blackstorm gives a disappointed groan when one of the crew prompts him to finish up. He gives the hull of the ship one more, unneeded scrub before glancing down. Well, at least there are plenty more ships to meet and greet! Bracing himself, the minibot leaps from the side of the ship and transforms in midair. He lands back on the dock with a loud thunk! He motors over towards the waiting mass of mecha, laughing the whole way.

"I can't believe we're charging for this in the first place!" he enthuses breathlessly. "Consider me ready for the next one."

"I don't know the goal for today, but I know we need quite a fistful for the gas money. We can figure out our other problems before we go..." The bribes. Skystalker can't help but watch Rung clean off his glasses, though of course he does so in a subtle way. It reminds him of himself, actually. But that's a story for another time.

"I'll help you start on this one." Skystalker seems pleased with the result of such an odd idea, looking out over the shiny car leaving the wash. It looks lovely, really. He takes up one of the hoses they've skimmed, moving over to the ready vehicle with a rinse ready. "Maybe we'll start the next big thing. Ship waxes in a port?"

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Aerobatics: Failure. (3 2 3 5 6 1 1 5)

Pipes does a double-take to make sure that was actually Quicksight calling for him, without a hint of derision. Or maybe it was there and he was too busy to notice? Regardless, he aims to capitalize on this rare moment. "You got it!" he calls back, and works his way over to the area that the pair of Decepticons had just cleared up. It's sort of pleasant, in a way, to use the air jets to coax the fluids away and off the ship.

"Well we need the money" Quicksight points out, checking over the roof of the ship one more time before moving up to the edge again. The sponge goes airborne first, and then Quicksight jumps after it, shifting mid-air in to a small, long-winged drone. The intent was probably to intercept the falling sponge before it hit the ground, but a slight miscaluclation in timing and...well, actually, by some deffinition, he does manage that, except instead of hitting something more or less reasonable like his nosecone, or fuselage, the sponge catches the point of one of the miniplanbe's upward-pointing wingtips, and stays there. This ends up only throwing the scout off balance. Were he higher up, he might have been able to recover, but the lack of manuvering space leaves him with no option but to tumble down to the ground, shifting back to root mode as he hits the pavement with a loud scriiish. "Ooof!"

Rung flinches badly when Quicksight makes something of a crash landing. His avoidance of making the mech speak with him is temporarily forgotten as his concern for the flier's wellfare overrides the act. "Quicksight are you alright!?" He straightens so he is looking over the current vehicle being cleaned in worry.

The hose in Skystalker's grip casts a drizzle on his armor between sweeps of the car, his own wings subconsciously fanning out a bit as it blows back on him. Sky looks up over his shoulder when he hears the ruckus. Uh oh. Rung beats him to the punch, having gotten an eyeful of the incident. "Too slippery for you?" He teases. Quick's probably alright, right?

Blackstorm reverts to root mode and flinches at the sight of Quicksight's faceplant. He knows that feeling all too well. The minibot moves to push his hat out of the way to get a better look at the other minibot when he realizes... Oops. His hands fly through the air, looking for the hat that sailed off his helm with his little leap, before he shrugs and gives it up for lost. And he lost his sponge, too, he realizes. Part of the risk of being too caught up in showing off for the customers instead of paying attention to his surroundings. But at least his landing had been super awesome!

"Hey, hey, hey. If I'm not supposed to be falling for customers, why does he get away with it?" he teases. Once he has had his fun, though, he quirks an optic ridge at Quicksight and saunters over. "Need a hand?"

The air blasts from Pipes' pipes make some noise, so he belatedly notices Quicksight's tumble. He didn't see how it happened, just the result, but a quick glance makes him suspect the dronebot is fine. He'd offer him a hand, but can already predict how that would come across, and oh look Blackstorm is going to help, so ... there. Let's just look concerned, yes, but not too concerned. "Good there, Quicksight?" Pipes continues drying off the tug, turning his head just a bit.

"I'm fine" Quicksight groans, pushing himself to an upright position. Blackstorm's hand is ignored. He's already made a fool out of himself messing up that little stunt. He doesn't need people thinking that he's helpless!. He's alright for the most part anyways. Just a nice, long scrape on his paintjob. Nothing he hasn't had before "I'm fine" he repeats, more surely as he moves to pick up the dropped sponge, the crash and transformation having finally dislodged it from his wing.

Wherever Mercy came from, she's managed to appear at Quicksight's side - the nurse looked ready to do a field assessment when...Quicksight assures everyone he's okay. She doesn't offer her hand, seeing him ignore Blackstorms. Instead, she clasps her hands firmly in front of her to keep from fussing - he won't like that, she knows. "You sure?" she asks, just in case. Her voice drops and she adds in a whisper to him, "I can get you a bandaid."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Blackstorm=reaction+reaction Vs Quicksight=reaction+reaction < Blackstorm: Success (7 6 4 5 1 6 4 6) Quicksight: Good Success (1 6 4 6 2 8 8 8) < Net Result: Quicksight wins - Solid Victory

Skystalker smiles a little when Quicksight grumbles his way back to his pedes, and it turns into a sparkling smile when Mercy sneaks in. He turns back to his work on the car, hosing it down and giving a couple of tiny alien organics inside a smile just for that upward stare of awe. Giant mechs, and they are washing the car! And that one just crashed! And that one is blowing air! Tiny three-fingered hands point and point against the tempered glass paneling on the side.

Once Skystalker finishes with the hose, he takes up one of the many soapy cleaning buckets now with a fresh dose of water and cleaner, and starts scrubbing. Blackstorm isn't all that bothered when his offered hand is ignored. He would probably have trouble trying to help pull Quicksight to his pedes, anyways. "Not about to disagree with you on that fact, mecha. Good to see you have a lot of self confidence," he remarks. Before anyone can ask what the minibot means by that, though, he has already moved on to his next antic.

Considering he finds himself minus one sponge, he swoops down and tries to snag Quicksight's before the other Decepticon can nab it. Sharing is caring and all that, right? Blackstorm does not even get close, though, before it is in Quicksight's possession. <FS3> Skystalker rolls Allure: Great Success. (1 5 7 8 7 2 4 3 7 6 1 5 2 5 4)

Rung keeps looking at Quicksight for a few seconds more before dropping the issue, he trusts the mech's assessment of himself and goes back to work. The therapist has to bite his lip to keep from double checking that the flier is alright anyways, knowing it will probably just aggravate him. That doesn't stop several worried glances in the other's direction, though. He offers a reassuring smile to the vehicle's driver once again to let him know all is well and nothing has gone wrong.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Observation: Success. (2 6 6 4 3 5 3 2 6 7 1)

<FS3> Pipes rolls Friendliness: Good Success. (3 5 4 3 1 7 1 7 6 8)

"Yeah, I'm -- hey!" Quicksight begins to answer Mercy, only to be interupted by the realisation that Blackstorm is going for his sponge. The flyer lunges, snatching it up before the other mech can get to it "You have your own!" clutching the sponge, he steps back, pulling his prize out of Blackstorm's reach before turning back to Mercy "I'm fine. I've had worse." his voice seems to lack the usual hostility aforded to Autobots. The annoyed look he shoots Rung, who keeps looking back at him, doesn't.

Thought so, Pipes thinks. Better not to say anything more. He's done with the drying, and another small, grimy shuttle is up for a wash, so for a change of pace he converts to alt mode and drives over, flipping back only a few seconds later.

It turns out this is actually a family transport, organic family inside. The smaller ones look out, eyes wide at the sight of Pipes. He waves back at the cuties, and setting the pressure a little lower, starts sweeping the dust and dirt off the roof of the vehicle. Once in a while he pretends that the air stops flowing and, checking his pipes, blasts himself in the face and jumps in surprise. The tomfoolery gets giggles from the little ones.

Mercy bobs her head and offers a bright, beaming smile to Quicksight as he gives her assurance once more. "Okay, then." She looks to the rest of the little enterprise, and rocks fforward onto her toes. "What can I do?" she calls, not sure where to insert herself - it really looks like they have a good system already in place.

"There are plenty of sponges." Skystalker looks over his shoulder to Blackstorm and Quicksight, flicking his wings and scattering droplets of water as he gets the vehicle sudsy under his hands. When he looks from Mercy to Pipes, he catches the latter in the midst of his 'Pipes' pipes are broken' act, and lets out a bright laugh, weight shifting when he turns the expression at Mercy. "I-- Mercy, can you give that one a rinse off?"

Rung purposefully makes himself stop checking in on Quicksight when the mech sends him a scathing look. His shoulders tense tighter to his frame as he seems to shrink down slightly at the hostility. His body language relaxes significantly when he sees the goofy performance Pipes is putting on for the organic family, chuckling under his breathe. He steps back from his work on the car and reaches for a hose, gently rinsing the suds off before moving on to the next vehicle after finishing.

Blackstorm holds out his hands in a sign of surrender. "Can't blame a mecha for trying, can you?" he remarks to Quicksight. When Skystalker interrupts, though, a spark of mischief dances in the minibot's optics. Skystalker seems to make it his mission to correct Blackstorm, and it only invites trouble. Blackstorm redirects his teasing towards the other mecha. Clambering over to Skystalker, he rocks back on his heels and smiles up at him.

"Does that mean you're volunteering your sponge?" he chirps.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Firearms: Success. (1 8 6 6)

"Yeah I can" Quicksight calls after Blackstorm "Just cause you lost your sponge, doesn't mean that you go around taking other people's when they're still using them!" the scout certianly doesn't sound happy, but he's not outright raging either. Blackstorm's next action earns him an annoyed look though. Then the look turns mischevious, and the scout moves towards an abandoned bucket to fish out another sponge, and launch it at the other Decepticon. "Here ya go!"

The enthusiastic drizzle from Mercy and her happy rinsing settles on Skystalker's wings as she turns to regard Blackstorm, one hand leaving the car as Rung rinses the suds and it putters off to the next station, where crew with towels are ready to fill in for Pipes. Skystalker lifts the sponge in his other hand and gives it a hearty squeeze, turning his gaze away from Blackstorm when the suds run down his frame. His free hand goes to his hip line. "You mean this one?" Is this enough of a distraction for Quicksight to bean him? Maybe?

Rung is moving to his next vehicle when hurricane Mercy hits him, dousing him with water over the roof of one car. Entirely not expecting a sudden bath, Rung ends up coughing and sputtering as he gets a face full of water. It doesn't take long to realize the source and the therapist ends up laughing at Mercy's energy as she enthusiastically goes about the task she was given. "I will say I was planning to wash later but I don't think it's required now." Is Rung's good natured comment as he removes his glasses to dry them off for the second time that day, this time a bit unwillingly. He pauses when he finds the liquid has managed to get into his arm panel, soaking his polishing rag, "Well that is a bit inconvenient." Maybe he should check his arms waterproofing...

Plunk. The sponge hits the back of Blackstorm's helm. Slowly, the minibot swivels on his heel to stare back at the other minibot. "Hey, hey... hey!" he says, but the way he says that last hey is a little concerning. Leaping up excitedly, Blackstorm claps his hands together. Oh, this is too much fun!

Much to the consternation of their paying customers, the dock is about to become a war zone. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Blackstorm calls out, "SPONGE FIGHT!" He reaches for a nearby one and flings it at... anyone, really. This is war, after all.

Pipes finishes his work on the family truckster, but keeps up with the act a little longer as it rolls towards Spongetown. The giggling from inside the transport is loud enough to hear through the closed windows. Pipes gets a good dousing from Mercy and just blends it into the act, first shaking it off, and then, with a head loll, using his pipes to dry himself. The kids guffaw.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Mercy stares at poor Rung for a moment before she snickers. "Nope, you had a bath...if you transform, I'm sure they can even soap suds you and we..." She trails off as the hey's are spoken; her head swivels around and she actually yelps and moves to try and hide behind Rung as the sponge fight warning is called out.

Nice hit! The starfighter puts the back of his hand against his grinning. Skystalker glances to the side where the next vehicle comes close, checking to make sure they are set when Blackstorm decides that now is the best time to start a fight at the wash. Not the usual kind, of course. He finds out from the shout and the --whumpf-- of the large sponge against his face, spurting suds before sliding down over his chest. "Hey!" Someone not entirely against the idea on another part of the crew takes the sponge he's cleaning a new ship with and lobs it high at Blackstorm. Of course, being coerced, some of the others do it too. There is suddenly a lot of bubbles happening.

<FS3> Rung rolls Dumb Luck: Success. (5 5 5 1 7 1 6 6 4 6 2)

Rung manages to duck a sponge that seems to come flying out of nowhere. Oh dear, it seems the sponge wars have erupted. He lets Mercy hide behind him, as best she can. "It seems we are in the middle of a war brewing, probably best we take cover!" He states with fake (clearly playful) urgency, before putting an arm around her shoulders and ushering her behind the cover of a nearby- empty- vehicle, gently bracing himself against it like its a barricade. "Shall we return fire?" he offers Mercy his sponge with an amused smile. He can't help but join in the fun, everyone else seems enthusiastic and who is he to ruin it?

"Skystalker, wat--!" that's all Quicksight manages to get out before the starfighter takes a sponge to the face. Oh hit his friend with a sponge will you? Yeah, this means war! The scout dips his hand in to the bucket again, fishing out yet another sponge, or the tattered remains of one anyways, and sends it at Blackstorm again, only to get smacked in the shoulder by a sodden projectile himself "Hey!"

<FS3> Mercy rolls Firearms: Success. (3 5 6 1 3 8 3 5)

Mercy is ushered behind a car by Rung - she doesn't really seem scared; quite the opposite really. She's barely holding back giggles as she peeks over the cover. "Oh, yes, please!" Mercy cheerfully agrees as she reaches to take the sponge, only to whirl around and fling it towards the first target she sees - Skystalker.

Pipes finally tears his attention away from the show he's putting on to realize he's in the middle of a battlefield. He drops the act. "You guys, stop! We gotta make money for the ship, we don't have time for---" Three sponges fly out of nowhere and smack him simultaneously, dropping him on his aft. The juvenile organics in the transport nearby buckle over in laughter.

As the instigator of the whole mess, Blackstorm finds himself targeted by a fair number of sponges. While he could dodge them, he makes no move to. More ammo for him! Each in turn hits him with a wet squelch. His laughter morphs into something more like a squeal. "Haha! This is more like it!" he hollers. Picking up one the still-sudsy sponges that was thrown at him, he flings it at Quicksight in answer to his last challenge. That done, he gathers up a handful of the things and moves to find higher ground. Clinging to the side of a ship, he'll be much more hard to hit.

"Oh my god. We're going to be kicked off this planet too." Skystalker laughs with a note of exasperation into the air, glancing up and ducking away from an incoming sponge. Or was that a polish rag? "Oh, Pipes!" The peals of laughter from the tinies that Pipes was entertaining put a feeling of warmth through him as he moves over to pick up the minibot under the arm. He didn't get all of it out, but the mech is right. "Okay, okay, that's enough!" One of the towelers from the end of the line sneaks up behind him and cracks the corner against his aft. Skystalker lets out an undignified squeak, free arm swiping at the towel, which he manages to snag out of its owner's grip. "Cut that out!"

Rung twists around and peeks over the edge of the vehicle to see what target Mercy chose. He lets out a chuckle as it flies but is quick to take control over himself as Pipes and Skystalker start calling for everyone to stop. They are right, the profits of the car wash are needed despite any fun that might be had. He stands and offers Mercy a hand up, amused smile still in place and a happy glint in his optics, which can be seen as he still has yet to return his glasses. Now to find a dry towel so he can dry and actually see through his spectacles.

Quicksight dodges one sponge, another simply sails over his head. The third hits its mark with a wet splosh. The scout doesn't look at all upset. His optics shine bright and cheerful as he lobs the sponge that hit him back in the direction it came from before ducking to retrieve the others, all the while trying to migrate towards the nearest shelter. He makes it about half way to a nearby ship, distracted by dodging, and returning sponges, when Skystalker's voice makes him pause, sponge freezing in his raised arm. Well, this is fun (and definitely beneficial in terms of training), but he doesn't want to go against his friend. Quicksight lowers the arm, only to be nailed with another sponge "Hey! We got work to do!"

"Thanks, Skystalker," Pipes mutters as he's helped up. The younglings in the transport are still laughing, which helps Pipes' mood brighten a little. He hops when Skystalker gets popped, then sighs. He doesn't want to be the party pooper, but he doesn't want to let the Captain down. He gathers up the spent spongy ammunition near him and, with a wave to the family, returns them to their buckets for their intended use.

Mercy hears the call to stop, and huffs a slightly disappointed sigh. That lighthearted fun was far too short lived! But she accepts the offered hand from Rung and hops up. Well, it was fun whie it lasted. "How much more do we still need?" she wonders.

Blackstorm is just edging up to the side of a ship he can climb on when he hears the call to get back to work. The minibot lets out a quiet groan. "But we just got started!" he protests, but as he glances around he sees that everyone is already beginning to calm down. He can't very well have a sponbe war with himself. Looking down at his armful of sponges, he lets them rain to ground. He does, at least, keep one, though. He'll be needing it.

But not quite yet. The minibot flops back on the ground and gives a long-suffering sigh. "I can't believe you lot expect me to behave. Your expectations are too high."

Skystalker takes the damp towel to dry around his optics, hoping that the short bout of fun is enough to give them all a little morale boost. There are times that the Lost Light needs this kind of camaraderie. "Sorry, Blackstorm." Sky smiles for the little guy's sake, passing rung the towel so he might get the water out of his specs. "Do you want to man the hose instead?" It's a bargaining chip. He can spray them to his heart's content-- as long as he gets the vehicles too.

Rung looks up from his search around for a dry towel at Mercy's question, "I would imagine we would want to get as much as we can, the ship has to make it to the next real city before we can continue on our journey." Rung is a bit surprised by the towel suddenly held out to him and follows the arm back up to Skystalker. Quickly understanding the action, Rung passes the mech a grateful look before taking the towel and drying his glasses. A minute or so later the doctor has his glasses back in place over his optics, satisfied at being able to see again.

"We expect you to contribute to the upkeep of the ship you ride on, like the rest of the crew" calls Quicksight, though his tone is noticably lighter. He picks up the sponge that had hit him, looking around for the closest vehicle in need of washing. He has every intention of practicing what he preaches.

Blackstorm gives a thoughtful look at the hose and then shakes his helm. "Nah, thanks for the thought, but I'm good," he answers, holding up his sponge to illustrate. Giving that up means he wouldn't be able to get hands on with all the pretty ships, and that would be a travesty. He recovers quickly enough from his suffering, popping back up to his pedes to join in the fray. Because just thinking about pretty ships has him all excited again.

Skystalker seems to take well to getting back to work once more, passing out jobs and soap and sponges to newcomers, and waving the line along as the crew rinses, washes, rinses, dries-- getting very nook of cars and ships and trucks as the afternoon goes on. Hopefully all of this can help to make a more sizable dent in what they need.

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