2016-08-10 Adjusting

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Date 2016/08/10
Location Command -- Blaster's Office
Participants Steeljaw, Blaster
Summary Adjusting to living again is hard.

It's been awhile since Steeljaw was around Blaster. He had been absent more often than not from the habsuite that Blaster shared with someone else. He seemed...distant, if nothing else. Any video surveillance of the ship would often find him sitting off in a corner or on top of something, watching others, remaining quiet and mostly unnoticed. There was one video that showed him talking with Ravage but they parted after a little bit and nothing seemed to come of it. He would often stop by Blaster's office to report for duty and find some excuse to be elsewhere if Blaster wanted to talk.

Blaster worried about his feline friend. It has been days since he found Steelie and his friend seems more distant than he expected. He wondered if Steeljaw had been adjusting to being alive. He certainly had difficulty adjusting to living again after being half dead. So the next time Steelie came to report in, he stops him. "Hey, Steel? Can we talk?"

Steeljaw stops just after he entered, looking up, plastering on his lion like grin. "Hey boss bot. What's up?"

Blaster got up to close the door. "Take a seat Steelie." He tells him, going back to his desk. Taking a seat, he sighs for a moment, watching the lion bot for a moment. Then after a bit, he rubs his face. "Steelie? Steeljaw? What's on your mind? You come back from the practically dead and now you've been just... I don't know. You don't hang around me as much, except for work. I know you have been wandering and exploring the ship.

Are you unhappy? Did I do something? What can I do to make it better?"

Steeljaw internally sighs and then jumps up on the chair and sits down, tail tucked around his paws. He listens to the list of questions and his optics blink before he seems to grow uneasy. He's quiet for a bit then finally he speaks.

"Just been fending for myself for awhile, learning to live without you..." He grows quiet for a moment, "...that it's become difficult to connect right away. The last I saw of you, you were...were dead. A big gaping hole in your chest. I had to come to terms that you were dead, and weren't coming back. But yet, here you are." He gave a little shake of his head. "I come back from being in stasis, only it seems for a few years, to find that a war I pretty much grew up through and survived, was over, just like that. No win, no lose. Just...over. Watching others, I'm trying to gage how others feel about it."

Blaster listens to this, looking deep in thought. Then he nods at the end of Steelie's sentence. "You woke up from a very long sleep, and suddenly everything was different." A sad smile. "Not one hundred percent the same thing I went through, but I felt similiar."

Blaster looks off at a poster for a moment before continuing. "I lost my place. One moment, I was the Voice, the next... I was a zombie brought back to life. I couldn't go back to what I did before. The war was still going, but a new battle ground and battles were being fought. I played catch up, scrambling. Much like you are doing now." He then looks at Steelie. "Unlike me though... you are not alone. At least, not anymore. I wanna be here for ya. I wanna be the best friend I should have been."

Steeljaw flops into the seat, laying down with a quiet look of dignity, well at much as one can muster in this situation. "Just used to be the two of us, banging around this big universe. Now, you've got someone who holds your spark. I know you said I wouldn't be in the way but this isn't the war anymore. Make love, not war as the humans say? I just feel...odd when the two of you are together." He grows quiet for another few spark beats. "Maybe even...jealous since I truly doubt I'll ever find someone that means that much to me."

Blaster comes around to hug and pet Steelie. "You got my spark in different ways. I love you like... one would a brother. A spark brother. I will always need your sassy, protective ways. Pit... you are like, the common sense I always needed." He laughs. "Whenever I was about to do something dumb, I can hear your voice admonishing me. I need ya buddy. I always will. And we will navigate through this new world together." He then slightly noogies the lion. "How about we get a drink and gossip about what you think of this ship so far? I am sure you got plenty of amusing things to say."

Steeljaw oofs as Blaster hugs him. "If you say so....," he says but he gives a lionesque grin and winces, swatting at Blaster's hand when he gets noogied. "I think I can still drink you under the table..."

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