2016-07-09 A Normal Night At Swerve's

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A Normal Night At Swerve's
Date 2016/07/09
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Swerve, Windrose, Brainstorm, Skids
Summary A normal night at the local watering hole

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large booths along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A sign outside the door says:

No Guns, No Swords, No Bombs

Underneath is written: I MEAN IT!! LOCK YOUR WEAPON SYSTEMS DOWN AND DUMP EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. It is signed with a little frowning Swerve face.

On the other side of the door is a SHAME LIST. No, really, that's what it says. It has the number of days that various people are banned from Swerve's and counts down at the start of the morning shift.

Oh-kay. It's been a while since Skids... well... done anything. Apart from video game tournaments. Finally. Sweet, sweet salvation. The superlearner, still half stunned from the return to reality, staggers into the bar after finding the solution to his over eager learning complexes. Games numb the brain. Who knew? Skids didn't... but he had a theory.

Approaching the bar itself to order he's still got half of his home-made controllers stuck to him and his optics are blinking from the countless units of time hooked to an all-d screen. One thing about him's looking better though. instead of that tired frown... there's a broad smile painted on his features.

Swerve never spent much time with Skids, and therefore he thinks nothing of the broad grin. He answers it with a dry "Well at least Someone is in a good mood today." Swerve is currently in the process of cleaning up pieces of table from yet another lovely outburst from Cliffjumper. This time it was an altercation with Starstruck, who was at least a member of security. The bartender takes a moment to make Skids his new drink: a smooth, mid-grade mix he dubbed 'Beachcomber'.

Between Navigation duties and her own efforts with mapping and recording information about the Colonies as they're rediscovered, Windrose hasn't gotten a lot of time for herself as of late. Partially because Velocitron being a tricky planet to deal with, since the only place you could even safely go outside was Mu, so she had to rely on scans taken from orbit as far as maps went. When, considering the cities are -moving constantly- it... Well, it was a headache. A headwave she actually wanders into Swerve's on her own for a chance to see about doing something about relaxing from.

Unlike Skids, Brainstorm has been busy. It's not like he has a shortage of things to do, between custom orders, repairs, and his own projects. He doesn't mind this either - he enjoys doing what he does. Of course, even he has to take a break once in a while, even if he does preffer to ignore that need sometimes.

This time, however, he's chosen to step out of his workshop, for a little R,R&R - Rest, Relaxation and Rumors. Or news. Same thing on this ship. And what better place to do so than the local watering hole?

As always, he shows no intention of actually buying anything. He does however move towards the bar - hey, there's room there - , taking note of the destruction as he passes it "Wow, this place is a mess. Hey Skids!"

Skids lifts his drink to put it back down again. Whoops. Noticing part of the controller-harness-thingy he's developed and been using Skids laughs quietly and shakes his head. Didn't think of that one. After taking the extra bits and pieces off he takes that first sip of something to reignite his weary systems. His optics relight from the fresh infusion of energy and, now approaching record times... he's still smiling.

He takes another sip of his drink and says, to the room in general, "Wow. That's really good!" adding to Swerve, "Nice one. Where'd you get the mix for that?" Noting another arrival Skids sweeps the controller stuff out of the way and says to Windrose, "Sorry. Forgot to leave them back at the hab." Skids then waves to Brainstorm and says, "Hey there. Good to see you up and about. How's it going?"

Skids seems... happy. Better run now.

Okay now Swerve is a bit unnerved. Not out of any history with Skids but the fact that he doesn't seem to notice the broken table, or the mess, and that grin. Swerve is noticeably unnerved by it. " it at-" He's about to finish when Brainstorm makes his comment "Well that's what happens when Cliffjumper." And ends it at that, the sentence anyways. "He was hopping mad with one of the mechs from security over a gear something and quite frankly I'm tired of opening my bar day after day and having it wrecked because someone isn't coping properly."

"The what now?" Windrose turns to look over her shoulder for a moment. She had gotten so use to the strangeness of this ship that she didn't even notice the busted table. "Oh." Even now it doesn't really phase her, instead turning her attention back to Skids. Who's still smiling. She's been around him just enough to realize this is a little unusual. "You look like you've had a fun time." With... whatever it is he pulled off his arms.

"It's going" Brainstorm nods as he reaches in to his chest compartment to pull out his flask. No worries, Swerve, no need to rush to the bar on his account - he always caries his own "Maybe you should have some sort of security system installed. Like something to electrocute troublesome visitors. Or a trap door that sends them down a garbage chute" the comment of another patron - have they met yet? - draws his attention to Skids, but only briefly. Good moods are good, but nothing terribly exciting.

Swirling the drink around in his glass, watching the waves rise and fall, Skids head bobs as if it were afloat as he thinks. Then, turning to Windrose, he says, "Yeah. I did. Maybe about the fourth most fun thing I know how to do." Pausing for another sip Skids then asks, "It's been a while. How has the cartography been going? Any recent highlights?" Skids then notices the lack of a drink and adds, "You not having anything? You should try one of these... I forget the name's." Pun intended.

Swerve gives Brainstorm's flask a withering look as he says "Tailgate told me the first time Cliff caused a ruckus to get a doormech. Then when Cliff apologized he suggests he become the doormech, which I was considering until now." He's sort of (meaning definitely) wishing Brainstorm's flask would break open or somehow make his drink taste weird. "Any of you want to volunteer for the job? It doesn't pay and its pretty thankless asides from my tables being grateful for being kept together."

Windrose wobbles a hand back and forth in response to Skids. "Beachcomber and I did some cave exploring near Mu, but since you can't really go outside on Velocitron during the daytime that was about it. We left a little treasure hunt of sorts to help encourage the Muians to get to know their planet a little better though." Pause. "An we went straight into conversation, I haven't gotten to ordering anything yet." Sorry, Swerve, it's just a flask. Hey, at least he drinks by pouring it in to an intake port in his arm. That's interesting, right?

"Well, sure, that works too, if you want to be boring about it." Brainstorm mutters at Swerve's idea of a bouncer. In his opinion, his idea is cooler. "Never really had a chance to see Mu" the engineer glances back at Skids, and the neutral he's talking to "You left them a treasure hunt?". Turning to the resident supergenius and the resident superbartender Skids notes with his smile graduated to a fully-fledged grin, "You two could compromise. Brainstorm could build you a bouncer. Just a theory. Oh, Swerve, any chance of a reload on this and whatever Windrose's having?" Skids then turns back to Windrose and then, as a thought occurs, Skids chuckles and says, "Fair enough about Velocitron. The go-go-go-gottagofast! isn't my style at any rate. Not got the alt for it. So what brings you round this way?" Skids waves to the bar-sans-table.

Swerve is snapped out of his flask directed death glare by skids ordering. The grin is still putting him a bit on edge but he can't help but like the way Skids' optics have lit up with it. He pours Skids another Beachcomber and gives Windrose whatever she orders. "I don't know if I'd trust Brainstorm to build me a bouncer that doesn't have a self-destruct sequence." The bartender's visor flickers as he casts a glance Brainstorm's way.

"Yeah. We found a large iron deposit deep within a cave that would be good for their rebuilding, and decided to leave them some hints to find it for themselves. A lot more interesting than just telling someone where something is, but that's just me." Windrose decides to take the advice and asks for whatever it is Skids is drinking. "Oh, just taking a break mainly."

"Well of course it would have a self-destruct sequence!" Brainstorm proclaims, tilting his flask up. It's not that it gets in the way of him talking, since he's not using his mouth to drink, but he doesn't want to drink it all in one go. It's not like he intends to get a refill here "What if something goes wrong? Not saying that anything I make will go wrong. Say though your bar gets invaded by something that can only be taken out with an explosion? It's always good to have a precaution anyways." After finishing his first Skids takes the fresh 'Beachcomber' with thanks to Swerve and says, to both Swerve and Brainstorm, "It's still a workable idea. At the very worst the explosions happen before people get into the bar. It works better than a no weapons policy too. As some of us come with an in built big bang." Skids decides not to reveal all the various weapon systems he has on board. People know by now anyway. Right?

Turning back to Windrose he says brightly, "Sounds like a great idea. You realise that that makes you part of history now. Everything that they shape in the future'll have been influenced by them working out the clues you left. Great work on being a good influence."

Swerve does not like that someone is backing Brainstorm up on this. "And what about me? I'd get blown up too!" He huffs, but it wouldn't surprise him if he was just as easily replaced by a bartender with a self-destruct sequence. He'd be happy for Windrose if he cared about geology. Give him problems with armor, or the age of a body and he's your mech.

Windrose just shakes her head a bit at all the talk about explosions. Not her cup of energex either. Instead she adds a flat "I thought the point was to -prevent- the place from getting broken apart again?" Mechs and their big boombooms. Sheesh. "I suppose, when you put it that way. I'm just glad we've been able to get some of these colonies back on track." She pauses to take a sip of the 'beachcomber'. "Oh, this has a nice touch to it."

"Well if the place is going to get wrecked anyways, might as well have it go out with a bang, eh?" Brainstorm glances around at the others. Come on, it's not a bad idea! "Anyways, it doesn't have to explode, if you want to have it be more boring. Not everything I make explodes."

Skids holds a hand up in surrender. The one not moving the drink so he can have another sip of it, "I'll leave you two to thrash out the details. I just know how to drink the drinks. Not how to make it all happen." Though the theoretician has a few ideas. So what's new there? As he puts his hand back down he knocks one of the controllers and says to Windrose, "Sorry, again, I was playing a few games and forgot to leave those behind before coming here. It really has helped clear my head. No overload, no forcing not to think. Turns out, in the end, video games can be good for your health."

Swerve gives a snort at that. "The next big cure-all right?" The bartender starts to busy his hands with cleaning out glasses for future clientele. "Now if only video games could cure Cliffjumper of whatever crawled up his tailpipe.” Swerve knows the millennia long war is what crawled up Cliffjumper's tailpipe in the first place, but other problems joined it up there.

Windrose does not hold back the groan at Brainstorm's wordplay. Then smiles a bit at Skids. "Just enough to interest you, having to learn the controls and patterns to succeed, but not requiring a lot of deep thought to do so? Sounds like the sort of relaxing you need."

Well, fine. If you don't want a Brainstorm special for security that's your loss! It would totally help the situation though, just saying. "They could be used to blow off steam" the engineer suggests, tipping his flask over his arm again. If the conversation's going in a new direction, so be it "Though we do have the practice rooms for that already." Skids points to both Windrose and Brainstorm then points to Swerve, he then says to him, "Since they've been making most of my point already... that. My ability to learn new concepts and skills at an accelerated rate sound cool. Sounds like a blessing." Skids shakes his head, "It's a curse. So the games may not cure everything but the help keep that learning complex, that incessant need for more, more, more... under control. I don't have to spend all day with my face screwed up trying not to think. It's a win in my book."

Changing focus Skids notes to Brainstorm, "Yes, there is, but I can't unlearn what I pick up. All those combat sims, all that conditioned aggression, all those techniques cross correlated to develop new and frightening levels of ability... look at my doppelgänger from the alternate universe. That could have been me. I could have been even worse." Skids then takes another sip of his drink.

"But, less of that. It's depressing. To relax, to unwind, that's how ourselves here we find." The drinks and his ne found freedom from thinking has left Skids playing with words.

Swerve answers all of this with a shrug. His way of dealing with how he feels is to coop up in his habsuite with a ton of snacks and a ton of Earth shows. He supposes he should probably join Pipes' club. That's actually not a bad topic to switch to either. "Pipes and some of the others are trying to start an Earth fan-club. They were talking about it when we listened to the recordings off that ship."

Windrose raises an optic ridge. "An Earth fan-club?" Followed by another sip from her drink. "What did you say this was called again?"

"Huh" unlike his companions, Brainstorm has no problem drinking and talking at the same time. He just has to be careful to to spill his drink on the table "Sounds like Pipes. Maybe they should invite Starstruck. That guy's been asking me for replicas of earth movie props." who knew that he would ever be advising the inclusion of a Decepticon?

Talking about his learning processes usually brought on an attack. Not this time though. However why risk it? Time for a booster to be safe. Skids finishes his drink, scoops up the controllers and says to Windrose, "Good to see you again. Hopefully we'll get a chance to work on something together soon." Skids then turns to the other two, "Brainstorm, Swerve, always an experience. I'll see you all later." As Skids reaches the door he notices something. His memory or the gap in it to be precise. He doesn't miss it. Not today. That is a big win. Skids, still smiling, leaves the bar.

Swerve nods a goodbye to skids "I'm pretty sure Star was one of the mechs he was talking to. Not sure on the name of the other one. Gearsomething?" Then it hits him that this might be the Gearsomething Star and Cliffjumper were getting all angry about, but he says nothing about that. "Though I'm sure you'd be welcome to join too, Brainstorm." He nods to Windrose "It's called a Beachcomber, just started serving them."

"Fitting name," Windrose replies, before drinking up the rest of the drink. It was nice seeing Skids not being a bundle of over-thinking nerves for once, but right now, she's going back to her own relaxing

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