2016-06-27 You Like Him Don't You 'Ferno

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2016-06-27 You Like Him Don't You 'Ferno
Date 2016/06/27
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Red Alert, Inferno
Summary Red Alert and Inferno talk. It's totally not a date.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

Red Alert peeps nervously into the observation deck and finds it blessedly empty. That sets him a little at ease, but his nerves are still churning as he steps into the room and lingers by the door. He never expected to get a message asking him to meet on the observation deck, especially not from Inferno of all mechs. Normally he would be the one to choose the time and place if secret meetings had to occur--such as with Rung under Sherma Bridge all those years ago--so this is an uncomfortable deviation for him. Still, arriving so early means he had time for a few things. He metaphorically rolls up his sleeves and takes a deep breath. It's time to get to work.

He starts on the nearest wall, moving slowly clockwise around the room, running his hands over the surfaces and tapping for hollow places. He checks nooks and crannies for hidden listening devices, cameras, booby traps (it's not out of the question that this is a prank, it's happened before), then crosses to the other wall and does the same again. The floor gets a treatment too, and around the window, though he can do little but squint suspiciously at the ceiling. At last satisfied that there's nothing here that could potentially record this meeting, he decides to tilt the odds in his favour and add a few of his own.

Cameras are the hardest to place, because they need to see but not be seen. Vents are good for that, and he gets a few set up that can just about cover the room. Listening devices aren't nearly as hard. He has a few hidden in his armour already, but he sets some anyway just in case. You can never be too careful. At last satisfied, he checks his chronometer and startles as he sees that it's nearly time for their meeting already. With no more time to prepare he flusters, pacing nervously in front of the window and turning his hands all over each other. Inferno will be here any moment now. Then what...?

Inferno is.....nervous. Over his potential hang out (date? no. He can't think of it like that. Even if it weren't Red he's not ready) with Red Alert. His recent behavior at Swerve's had been weighing on him ever since, and yet he can't get Deluge's conclusions out of his processor. You got a thing for the guy? He's convinced that he doesn't, but. But. The words keep ringing in his mind. Which is why he commed Red Alert and asked if the security bot would like to meet up in the observation deck. He knows this will seem out of the blue, and that's not helping his anxiety. He still, very badly, wants to get closer to Red. Even if it's totally not a crush he swears!!!

When he reaches the observation deck, he gives an exvent of relief to see that no one but Red Alert is here at the moment. That will make this less difficult...maybe. He doesn't move into the room, at first, resetting his vocalizer in a quiet cough and knocking his servo against the nearest wall to alert (heh) Red to his presence. "Hey."

Red Alert startles, but not as badly as he would have otherwise. He doesn't jump, just stops very suddenly in his pacing and swivels to stare at the door. He's quiet for a moment, processor already over-analyzing the one-word greeting, but with a carefully-measured ventilation he chases those thoughts away. He raises a hand shakily in not quite a wave, but an acknowledgment nonetheless. "You wanted to meet with me?" He gets to the point straight away, not sure how much longer he can endure the unknown.

Oh, no. He's already upset Red Alert. Inferno's kibble-wings wilt somewhat, though he still smiles. "Yeah, I--" Oh frag. Why words. He's never been great with words. "I remembered that you liked the idea of comin' here, so I thought it'd be nice to hang out." He stays where he is. He'll wait for Red Alert before he actually enters the room. It occurs to him, in the back of his processor, that he's been watching Red very closely in their encounters to learn this behavior. Again, Deluge's voice echoes back.

"Hang out?" Red repeats, and frowns because he's not sure why someone would want to do that with him. Then again, he does remember Inferno and Deluge talking about it before he ran out on them. Maybe they hadn't learned their lesson yet that he wasn't a fun guy to hang out with. He almost opens his mouth to say so, but the white wing-like structures on either side of Inferno's head catch his attention. They're drooping, apparently expressive like seeker wings can be. He's already upset Inferno and he doesn't know how. His mouth shuts tight as he flusters internally over what to do. He feels like he's going to lock up and not be able to move again, and Inferno is looking at him like he expects an answer, so...

Red shrugs one shoulder awkwardly. Hopefully that's enough.

"Yeah. You said you liked observing, right?" Inferno realizes he's babbling so his mouth snaps shut. Frag, why is this so difficult? He's great at talking to anyone else, but Lert...he's tongue-tied. At the shrug 'Ferno - well it's not exactly an invitation. It's still not a no, so he carefully steps into the observation deck. He's looking out the viewport, trying not to make Red Alert uncomfortable by staring. Why does he want to stare? A question to think over later.

"How've you been?" he asks politely as he comes near Red, though leaving enough space between them that it doesn't upset the security bot. Hopefully doesn't upset. He doesn't know.

He likes observing? Did he say that? He was a little distracted at the time. Red turns slightly away to hide the blush creeping over his face, but he needn't have bothered. Inferno is doing a masterful job of not looking directly at him, which is a little shifty he supposes, but he appreciates not being stared at. Red directs his gaze to the viewport also, letting them both enjoy the privilege of not being looked at for a little while, though he can't help but sneak a glance or two.

"I've been fine, I suppose. Been taking it easy ever since--" oh no, don't say THAT, "--ever since the accident." He finishes awkwardly, roughly gesturing to his neck. He takes an unsteady ventilation as he remembers, strange details sticking out in his mind like the way the dim lights in the reservoir painted the surface of the oil in rippling colours, and the slight chips in the metal as he let his hands skirt around his helmet, searching. He shakes his helm to try and dispel those images, but the expanse of space stretching out before him and the glow of city lights on the planet below remind him too much of the swirling oil and the colours that flickered across its surface. "How are you?" he finishes desperately, seeking a way out of his thoughts.

Inferno doesn't notice the blush, as he's too busy himself sneaking glances at Red Alert before his optics flick away. He focuses back on the viewport, staring at far off stars and galaxies. His urges to look at Lert remain, coupled with the 'was Deluge right?' thoughts.

"Accident?" Inferno does chance another glance at Red Alert. "I didn't hear about that." Perhaps it was kept very securely with the command staff? Inferno isn't sure beyond the fact that he is now intensely curious. What happened? He doesn't voice this, however.

"Doin' good," is his immediate answer. After bathing with Deluge, this is true. "Nothing much to report on my end."

"Hm. I thought everyone knew about that," Red reaches up and presses his palm to the glass, taking comfort from its solidity and coolness. He stares out, lost in memories of oil and light. "I've heard gossip. People talk about my accident. I'm surprised you haven't heard it. I recovery for quite some time." The mood is too heavy, too somber, and he thinks: I'm doing it. I'm doing it again. This is why people don't want to hang out with me. This is why they think I'm the--the crazy one. It's a word he wouldn't use on anyone else, not even Whirl, but he's quick to use it on himself. He hunches up, fingers curling and scraping on the glass as his hand balls into a fist, and for a moment all he can hear is the sound of oil sloshing.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Comforting: Good Success. (2 7 4 8 5 7 1 6 5)

"I don't really gossip." Inferno knew that Red Alert had been, let's say 'out of commission' for a while. He'd been very worried. He just hadn't known why, and he hadn't planned on asking the bot. It wasn't his business to know. Inferno steps a little closer, almost reaching out to touch Red...but he knows that's a bad idea and his servo drops. Primus, he wants to hold him. Deluge's words return, again, like a mantra in his helm. "You don't have to talk about it," Inferno says gently. "Sounds like a bad experience. I'm not gonna press."

'Don't have to talk about it,' those are words Red isn't used to hearing. Even Rung gently pressures him to talk about things. That's his job, of course, but there's something freeing about not having to relive these experiences again. Red's fist uncurls, ever so slightly. For once he can do what he does best. Just listen. He flicks off his optics--just for a moment, he still doesn't trust Inferno--and lets the oil pool disperse. When his optics come online again it's just stars, a bustling little planet, and--when he glances next to him--Inferno.


"Why don't you talk about something, then. Tell me something about yourself."

The uncurling of Red's fist is good. Inferno relaxes somewhat, and then - "M-Me?" His kibble-wings arch upright before slowly settling down again. Yes. Him. His vocalizer gives a little staticky cough. "Not much ta tell, sorry. Uh." No he needs to distract Red. He's quite sure that this is the case. "I'm security. Used to be under you. Which was nice." Oh, no, his nervousness might be showing. "I'm used to bein' a firefighter, though. It's a little weird not doin' that anymore." He gives a small smile as his right servo transforms into his hose. "I only get to use this when Brainstorm does somethin' extreme, heh."

Red can't help but blush a little at Inferno's confession that he enjoyed being under him. He wishes he could remember better, but he's had a lot of mechs under him and they all started to blur together after a while. When he joined the Lost Light there had been a whole new batch of recruits to break in, and he'd had no time to commit any one mech to memory. He felt bad, but that was the way it was. Still, that wasn't really fair on Inferno, so maybe it was time to double his efforts. He was no longer on top after all, and their relationship to each other was no longer just about giving and receiving orders. It was time to treat Inferno as an equal.

"Just tell what you can, then," he repeats the same sentiment back at Inferno. "Like when you were a firefighter. Was that before the war?"

<FS3> Inferno rolls Obliviousness: Success. (6 6 4 8 5 3)

Inferno doesn't notice the blush as he transforms his servo back. He moves a little closer to Red Alert, though still, not too close. "Yeah, but I did some during, too. Lotsa fires get started by wars." He gives a soft chuckle, glancing out of the corner of his optic at Red Alert before looking away again quickly. "Before the war it was mostly me and Grapple together, firefightin' and doing damage control. We go way back, heh." He doesn't mention that Grapple is on the ship too; Red Alert likely knows that already, being a security bot. You have to know all of the crew profiles for that.

"I kinda miss it. Bein' a firetruck on a space ship is, well. You don't get a lot of opportunities to do your job. Still, I like security. And you were a good head of the department." 'Ferno smiles over at Red Alert. He won't ask why the smaller bot stepped down. That would likely just upset him again.

"I suppose so..." Red muses, staring out into space. It's easier to talk this way, but he can't help but glance at Inferno on occasion. There's something about him that draws the eye. He feels a litle more at ease and the tension is leaving his stance, his shoulders relaxing and his fist uncurling. Then suddenly something makes him feel stiff and guarded again, and he's not sure why. The fist tightens. "You and Grapple..." His mouth twists into a frown, and he feels strangely unhappy. "You must be close then. You and Deluge...seem close too." Why does this upset him? Because the only one he feels close to is his therapist? I thought I liked it that way... Red wonders.

When Inferno chances a glance at Red again, the frown worries him. He wants to put a servo on his shoulder, that would be inappropriate and startle the security bot. So 'Ferno glances away again and shrugs, keeping his tone light. "Yeah, we're pretty close. I've been friends with Grapple since before the war, and Deluge an' I just clicked. He's..sorry, by the way. For what he said in the practice rooms." 'Ferno is proud of his friend for understanding why that wasn't okay to say to some people. Deluge normally wouldn't care; Inferno's involvement on Red Alert's behalf is likely why he did this time. Deluge's words come back to him, yet again, and 'Ferno's the one now who has a slight blush to his cheeks.

Red Alert's vents give a little cough as he remembers the awkward comment, and his embarrassing reaction to it. He'd never handled things like that well, and the implication that he was looking at Inferno, well...

Red looks at him again to make sure, and yes, Inferno is nice to look at. But that doesn't mean anything. There's a lot of good-looking mechs aboard the ship. He's just got a nice solid frame, an attractive red paintjob, a handsomely-constructed face...

Now that Red looks at his face, he realizes that Inferno is a lot closer than he expected and blushing slightly. Red's still blushing from Inferno's compliment earlier, and it dawns on him what they look like, standing so close together and both pink in the face. If Inferno and Deluge are what they sound like they are, then Deluge wouldn't be too happy to see them like this. He should put a stop to it before someone walks in on them and gets the wrong idea.

Inferno doesn't notice the looks, either, though he flinches a little at the cough. He....shouldn't have brought that up. He lets a servo rest against the viewport, digits splayed as he stares out at space instead of giving in to his urges to stare at Red Alert, unaware that he's mirroring what the security bot did earlier. He's too busy realizing that, yeah, he is a lot closer than he'd thought.

Red's lack of a response makes him fidget, a little, and he automatically decides it's his job to fill the silence. "Deluge isn't the nicest mech around," he begins slowly, carefully. "But he's got a soft spark. Him and Lieutenant - heh, the librarian, 'm sure you know him - they're. They've got a good thing goin'." Inferno sounds almost envious, as if he wants something like that, too. "It's real sweet. I'm glad Del's got someone to care about." He's babbling, now. It's...strange, to be this nervous around another mech. But with Red Alert he can't stop himself.

Red lets out a vent he doesn't know he's holding. So Deluge and Inferno aren't...? But he doesn't know what to make of that jealous tone of voice. He remains staring at Inferno for a second, trying to puzzle him out, and then eventually he shakes his head. It doesn't matter what Inferno feels about who. That's his own business after all. Red may make a habit of prying into other mechs' businesses, but it's something he's been trying to change. He doesn't have to know everything. Why not let mysteries be mysteries, for once?

On second thought, he notes to himself, squirming uncomfortably, I don't really like mysteries. Maybe I'll just ask someone later. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do.

For now though, he forces his natural curiosity and suspicion down and attempts to continue the conversation.

"Hm. I've seen Lieutenant around. Not spoken to him outside of his occupation though. I wasn't aware that he and Deluge had...something going on."

<FS3> Inferno rolls Obliviousness: Success. (5 3 2 8 3 1)

Inferno half sees the glances his way. He's still working hard to not stare back, as much as he sneaks occasional side looks at Red Alert. Deluge's voice, for what feels like the hundredth time, is reverberating in his helm, again and again and again, no matter how much he's tried to ignore it. Why won't it go away? Slag. He....he really wants to look at Red. 'Ferno almost shakes his helm, as if he could dismiss these thoughts.

At least Red Alert gives him something he can concentrate on beyond his internal turmoil. "It's new, far as I know." Inferno's servo on the viewport relaxes from the tight, clenched position it had been in just a few kliks ago. Why was that? "I heard it started out real rocky." He chuckles, remembering the tales Deluge had given of his original meetings with Lieutenant. "But it worked out. Oh, mech, I'm so glad for 'em." The pride is clear in his voice. And then--

Inferno's expression softens. He may be kind of lost in the moment. As he stares out at the stars he nearly whispers, "Wish I could have somethin' like that."

It's quick to pass, however, as his vocalizer resets with a click and he actually looks at Red Alert, giving a sheepish smile. "Heh, sorry. Got a little carried away there."

Red's brow crinkles in confusion as he considers Inferno's last, serious words. "With Deluge...?" he hazards a guess, thinking back to the weird tone of jealousy in Inferno's voice. But a moment ago he sounded so proud...

Then he realizes what he just did, the very thing he said he wasn't going to do, and he flusters, optics bright and taking a step back. "No I'm sorry. That's your own business. I--I'm not used to talking like this. I'm asking too many questions." To be honest the scene is strangely intimate, just the two of them, the glow of the stars, the blush still fading on their cheeks. Red is sure he's misreading the moment, too awkward and unsure in social situations to know what is and is not okay to say. They've only spoken like this a few times, after all. It's weird to chase after his deepest feelings so soon.

"Maybe...we've both said too much," he sighs, rubbing his helm. Not used to this. Not used to this at all. "We can start again."

<FS3> Inferno rolls Comforting: Success. (5 2 2 5 1 6 2 7 5)

"With....?" Inferno's initial response is a chuckle. "No, no, not with De--" And he cuts himself off at Red Alert's reaction. Oh no. He's said something wrong. He doesn't know what it was, but he is absolutely certain he said something wrong.

'Ferno turns away from the viewport, dropping his servo, so that he can face Red Alert now. His expression is nothing but sincere concern. "It's alright," he offers carefully. He wants to answer any question Red gives him, anything. Well. Except for one but anyway.

"Sure. We can start again." Inferno's lips quirk in a crooked, uncertain smile. "From the beginning?"

"Yeah, that would be best." Red looks around. What had he been doing when Inferno first showed up? Oh, that's right. Setting up my cameras. We can...skip that part. He carefully takes Inferno by the arm, and steers him back toward the door he entered through. "I'll go back over by the window where I was," Red says, far too serious for what is becoming a very silly charade. "You can walk in again and say 'Good day, Red Alert' and I'll say 'Hello Inferno. It's nice to see you.' And we can go from there." He nods, comfortable with this plan, and turns to head toward the window.

Inferno meant 'from the beginning' as in their conversation, but - when Red Alert takes his arm to steer him back to the door, he does not protest. His optics may even glow brightly with a fondness he'd previously refused to recognize. He....may be finally accepting that his fellow firemech was right. Anyway.

Inferno listens to Red Alert's instructions, and stands in the entryway of the observation deck until Red has returned to his spot near the viewport. Acting as though he'd just entered, 'Ferno gives a polite cough and taps the edge of the entrance with his knuckles.

"Good day, Red Alert."

"Hello Inferno. It's nice to see you." A small smile passes across his face, nervous and fleeting. "Thank you for your invitation. The observation deck has a nice view of Velocitron right now." It's a charade, but weirdly he feels better acting it out, and his initially stiff motions and lines of dialogue begin to loosen up. "You should come and take a look." He beckons Inferno over, and it feels...better. He turns his back on Inferno and trusts--yes, trusts--that Inferno will continue to follow commands, and walk up next to him and look out the window with him. Then they will resume conversation, pleasant little snippets about work and the view, and wrap up the conversation with no further incident. Perhaps even an agreement to meet again. Red feels a little glow in his spark. Even if they got off to an awkward start, they can still manage to salvage the date.

...Wait. Not date. Why did he think that?

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