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Date 2016/06/20
Location Lost Light - Command: Rodimus's Office
Participants Lieutenant, Rodimus
Summary LT brings his homework by for grading.

A small plaque outside the door reads 'Captain's Office -- Rodimus of Nyon'. There is a drawing printed out and taped to the door. It's hilarious and a little inappropriate.

The room is fairly regulation. Where flames once ringed the doorway and magenta colored the walls, the ship's normal coloring carries through.

Center of the public space is Rodimus's desk, which is covered with doodles and scraps of some ancient Cybertronian dialect. More often than not, it's covered by datapads he hasn't quite gotten to yet. The other furniture in the room is suitable for a bot of Ultra Magnus's class -- or, with some adjustment, a much, much smaller minibot.

Lieutenant understands that being the Captain of a ship with a healthy sized crew can make a mech very busy. However, he does grow a bit concerned when his message to Rodimus is not responded to. Perhaps he just opened it, read it and thought he didn't need to reply to it. The avian wouldn't mind that, but he did ask a question. He would like to get a response with several attached image files.

So after five days for fretting-- waiting he decides to go to Rodimus' office himself, with the project requested months ago in hand, and ask personally. He knocks at the door twice and stands waiting in parade rest. "Captain, sir, it is Lieutenant." he states evenly, "I humbly request to speak with you."

"Humbly? Seriously?" Rodimus says from the other side as the doors slide open to give Lieutenant a view of Rodimus's feet. They are on the desk, crossed one over the other, and take up a pretty significant portion of the view. They certainly do a fair job of hiding the rest of Rodimus behind them. "I wonder if I've ever used that word sincerely." This is a roundabout way of saying 'come in' and 'what's up', which can be guessed from the way he drops his feet and sits up at his desk to look at Lieutenant. There are stacks of datapads on his desk. Lieutenants is probably among them.

The avian steps in, taking the roundabout invitation to enter. He glances at the mass amounts of datapads and files on his desk. Well, with Magnus 'retired' and Rodimus clearly not interested in getting to them any time soon, Lieutenant can guess his is in one of the mountains. He doesn't show his disapproval, but he does narrow his gaze at Rodimus. "Five day, twenty-two hours and forty-seven minutes ago, I sent you a message with the completed project of our history of the war you assigned to Ravage and I three months and seventeen days ago." And he has worked on it on and off at every chance he could. He wanted it to be something Prowl would be proud of. Well informed, all cards on the table, nothing left to brush under the carpet. Neither faction shown to be black and white. No, he put everything in there. As proof, he sents the datapad in hand on the desk in front of Rodimus. "It is complete, hopefully just as you would like it to be."

"I assigned what?" Rodimus asks, eyes narrowing as he stares at Lieutenant in puzzled confusion. "That sounds like homework. Why would I do that to you? Was I mad at you?" This is a bit of an underwhelming response.

How could-- right, not everyone has eidetic memory. Lieutenant shakes his head, "No, you were not mad." he says calmly, not at all disappointed that he had forgotten. Clearly he took too long to write up everything on the four million year war. Next time he shall be more efficient. "Originally you assigning the task to Soundwave, saying, and I quote: Lotta the information we're giving the colonists is Autobots this, Decepticons that. Two different accounts of everything. And that's fair. But it'd be better if we could give them an account we can agree on, too." Yes, he adds Rodimus' lingo in there. It tastes awful on his tongue too.

"Oh." Rodimus pauses, casts a glance at the datapads on his desk, and scrunches his face up in distaste. He is clearly not interested in sorting through to find it. "So what was working with Ravage like?" he asks, leaning forward. "Creepy and unnerving? What do you think you got out of it? Good to put in the library?"

Lieutenant taps a finger twice at the datapad he had placed on the desk for Rodimus. "This is the completed file." Don't bother fishing to find it. He waits for Rodimus to take it before, putting his hands behind his back, "Working Ravage was an experience I never thought I would have. He is insightful and wise. I am thankful to have had the privilege to work with him. However, I do not think this file is ready to be placed in the Library. In my message, I had requested for image files pictures prior to the war, propaganda, images of soldiers, war camps, and cities will do. I was hoping you or others would be able to submit some to me."

Rodimus mouths 'insightful and wise' with a puzzled expression. "Rav--age?" He's just checking. Did Lieutenant say the right person?? "Okay." He pauses. "Huh." His expression congeals a touch, freezing as he says, "I -- don't really have any pictures for you. Check in with Rewind, maybe, or -- I don't know. Someone else." He knuckles the side of his helm, rubbing at the points. "Why don't you just post a notice? Generally, I mean. See if anyone else has some. Get everyone in. Make it a whole ship thing."

"I suppose I should." Lieutenant had thought of it, and would have back when he was in command. Now it feels like he's just here. No position, no purpose, so he doesn't see how putting up a notice would be allowed unless it was something important. "I shall do so then, Captain."

Rodimus grins widely. "Good. Then I look forward to seeing the results." Tippinga look at the datapad, he looks back up at Lieutenant. "And, uh -- might wanna, you know. Give it to me instead of just. Leaving it on my desk. I'm not usually a paperwork kind of guy."

"So I noted." Lieutenant replies flatly, as he holds out the datapad for Rodimus to take. He is tempted to go through the stack just because seeing all these untouched pads made him itch. Someone had to go through these. Maybe he could take a few and hand them to Hound. Maybe all of them. Just someone get this all done. How could Rodimus stand to look at these piles every day and not go through them all?

Oh. Rodimus takes the datapad, then uses it to tip a salute. "Let me know if you need anything. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Pictures will help." He likes pictures. <OOC> Lieutenant gives you a cookie. Lieutenant salutes in return, "I shall. Thank you, Captain." With that, he heads back to the library for the rest of the evening.

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