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Date 2016/05/25
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Riptide, Vortex, Air Raid
Summary There's some practicing in here somewhere, surely.

Turns out getting neck cables and all those other goodies means a lot more time in medibay than, say, electrocuting one's self. Long stays in medibay isn't anything new to Vortex. It makes him a little antsy but its not so bad. So long as none of them try that anesthetic nonsense. But he was eventually discharged, cables, tubes, and wires fully replaced and repaired.

Sitting within a practice room he'd signed up for, Vortex is polishing his rotor blades. They're scattered about and clearly newly sharpened and now getting all shiny. Just like his frame! He works at the Body Shop, he is going to take advantage. Chassis gleaming, its impossible to tell he was mauled just a week ago.

The rotary lifts the current rotor in his hands, looking at his own reflection in it as he sings . "-a menagerie of the tragedy I caused, and all of my flaws-" Hmmm... He invited Air Raid and Riptide and they should already be here... Soon, hopefully. Oh well, still alone, might as well sing louder! "-all of these things, that I've done! Terrible things-!" Singing was such fun.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Singing: Good Success. (7 4 7 6)

Air Raid is... genuinely glad to see Vortex doing better. This is evinced by his sunny smile as he jogs on over. "Hey you! What's- argh, stop singing, you suck at it!" The jet plops right down next to him, scooping up one of Vortex's detached blades on the ground to flip over in his hands. He's vaguely careful about it. "My wings are sharper," he deduces, and promptly attempts to pick his dentae with the very tip.

Riptide arrives separate from Air Raid despite them being roommates. Since the incident he's been quite scarce, cloistering himself away in the oil reservoir where he could wallow in peace. And he would have stayed there longer were it not for the invitation sent his way. By Vortex. Dear Primus...

He doesn't want to face this. The thought almost cripples him, the memory of the blood sickening.. But he has to. He has to own up. Talk about it. Get help. And so, with reluctance, he hovers in the doorway, hands gripping the side as he peeks in. "I uh.. H-Hey guys.." He greets meekly, everything about him sulking even though he's so happy to see Vortex repaired.

Vortex looks up, snorting a bit. "That's a great song- You're just jealous," he teases, giving the jet a shove with his elbow. He tilts his helm but doesn't stop polishing. "Oh, are they? You know, if Ripper doesn't come, we can put that to the test." He watches Air Raid carefully, waiting to see him cut something. "Ya know, this is making me think- you should totally think about getting a dental mod! A dogfighter like you not having the teeth to chomp? It's a shame! Think about it, Raider? I can fix you up just like your wings."

Vortex chuckles before looking up, hearing the soft greeting. Ah! He sets his blade down, scrambling up to his pedes. "Riptide! Finally, you're here! Come in and shut the door- I reserved this room for us." He waves Ripper over, smiling. Well, the smiling is all in his posture.

"Heh heh..." Air Raid indulges in his own vision of himself with rippin' dog teeth. Yeahhh. "Yeah, maybe if Torque does it. I don't trust you in my mouth, sorry Tex. You're the one that thought it was a good idea to split your own tongue, apparently."

When Riptide comes along, Air Raid is up on his feet as well, rushing to meet the sharkbot at the door. Cheers for a private training room. "Get in here," he gruffs, dragging Riptide through the crack to grip his shoulders. "You doing okay?" He's still got one of Vortex's insanely sharp blades in his hands.

They're.. actually happy to see him? This catches Riptide off guard and has him freezing up, especially when Raid rushes over and forcefully drags him into the room. "Er! I.. I'm alright." He lies, made obvious by the way he has to force the weakest of smiles to his face. Eyeing the blade nervously, his shoulders droop and gaze wanders to the rotary across the way. "..Are you both okay?" Tex for his health and Air Raid for.. just being there to see it. "I was a little surprised you guys still wanted to see me.. after.. that.."

Tch, he wouldn't split Air Raid's glossa! You know, unless he asked. But Raider with combat-ready teeth was getting his ideas going. As Air Raid moves, so does Vortex, just a few steps behind him. "Tch, don't flatter yourself, Ripper! Not the first time I've been chomped at, not the last. I do worst to myself at least once a month, don't you worry your finned he- hey! Give that to me before you cut yourself."

Vortex snatches his blade away. "No running with these until you learn some finesse, Raider. Which I can teach you, right now. Go grab one!" Shoo. He looks at Riptide, reaching out to put a servo on him. "Stop sulking and being all guilty, Ripper. S'not your fault what happened."

Air Raid clings to Vortex's blade for as long as he can manage before it's wrested away from him. He almost pouts. Then looks back to Riptide with a meaningful gaze, and words that remain on his lips when he's shoo'd off. Okay fiiine. Vortex can do the sentimental shit! Raid darts over to the weaponry rack, sifting through blades.

Riptide wants to refute that, to argue that even though Tex may have had worse that he shouldn't have done it in the first place. But the words are held back until Air Raid is sent away and Tex remains. He understands his roommate's look and appreciates it, but when gaze turns back to the Combaticon he just can't bolster the smile he wants out of him.

"Tex.." He begins, staring down with worry dominating his features. "I.. I know you're used to this stuff. I know you kinda like it, but.. what I did is something I hoped I'd never do again. And not to someone I.." He hesitates. Care about..? He isn't fully sure, but the unspoken words lean that way. Instead he just settles a hand upon the one Tex holds to him and gives it a brief squeeze before walking out of it and towards Raid, muttering as he goes, "I'll explain later.." Right now he wants to see what they're up to. "I'll watch for right now, if that's okay?" He offers them a fleeting smile.

Good Raider. Vortex ticks his helm to the side, listening to Riptide. Hmph... His claws clack against Riptide's servo as his hand is squeezed. Hmmmm... Oh no he doesn't. The rotary turns on his heels, quickly stepping past Riptide to block his path. "You can watch! But only if you talk. We talk. We're talking right now. If you don't want to do that, you can pick up a blade too. I've got enough hands for both of you." There's a definite cheeky grin to that last sentence.

"But really... I did this so we could all talk. What happened, happened. So what? Don't get hung up over it. You can't fix that... But if we talk, we can figure it out for the future! Do you... Want that?" Want to figure it out or want a future? Hard to say, really. Vortex's empty hub spins a little, as if its unsure. Then he glances over. "Come on, Raider! Pick a blade before I pick one for you!" Slowpoke.

Air Raid takes his sweetass time selecting his blade. He finally picks something worn and weathered, but at least it's lightweight. He heads back and looks over Riptide in full. Ugh they're still talking. You mean this stuff doesn't get resolved in five minutes? "Ripper... I didn't mean to... aim a rifle at ya'. Ya' just scared me is all. I'm sorry." Raid can only handle so much of this before he twists out of sadness mode and into fondly-punching-his-friends mode, beginning with Vortex. Who gets a slug in the stomach, if he doesn't dodge. "You gonna' teach me finesse shit or what!"

Riptide is halted before he can even hope to get away from this, stopping short as Tex blocks the way. Shit.. He stares him down, brows knitting upwards and fingers twitching anxiously at his side. He didn't expect to have to talk about this so soon... "Raid. It's alright." He knows Raid isn't good with this stuff, so he addresses him first with a fond smile. "I woulda done the same thing if I saw that.."

Back to Tex, he steadies himself and rubs a hand to his forehead while observing his feet a moment. "It's.. something I've always had to deal with. From the moment I came online. But I.. never knew about it until my first battle. Until I first smelled the blood." Lips set in a hard line and he looks almost frustrated, struggling with the memory. "I was scared, but I couldn't stop it. All I could do was watch myself as I ripped the face off some Con who never saw me coming. I saw almost all of the Flood, all of Simanzi trapped like that. There weren't a lot of times I was able to break out of it, and when I could I was so sick thinking about the things I did.."

Even now he has to hold a hand to his midsection, lips quivering. "After that campaign I tried to be in less fights and then.. finally the war ended and I thought maybe I could just bury all of what happened deep down inside and never have to think or worry about it ever again. But.. then it happened and I.. I got scared again and I just don't know what to do.."

Vortex shoots Air Raid a look. Yeah, you did pull a gun on Riptide. The rotary slides back and around, the jet's fist meeting air. Not yet. He vents a bit. "I want to say that's terrible, Ripper... But it honestly got you to survive, and I don't think that's terrible." He eyes the aquabot before pushing past both larger mechs, going over to his blades. With a fluid motion, he kicks one up to catch it in his free hand. "Go grab a sword, Riptide. You're both combat. Let's talk things over while we learn combat, yeah?"

Vortex turns, bouncing on his pedes to loosen up. "You can't bury what is and isn't you, Riptide. You can't be afraid of it. What'd I tell ya about fear? You have to tame it. Okay, Air Raid. Let's see you come at me with that, I want to see the shit finesse you've got." He beckons Air Raid closer, tucking one arm behind his back.

Air Raid smirks as he shifts to plant his feet again. Vortex is a quick little fragger. Though the look he's given draws a flicker of humility out of him. "What Tex said. You endure fear and press on. That's what courage is. We all did grim and gruesome slag, mech. You're not alone." Then Vortex cues him, and he's all too glad to oblige - but naturally, he's no proper swordsmech, so he's blunt and sloppy in his approach, aiming a simple horizontal slash at Vortex's middle.

Riptide understands what they're saying, but.. this is millions of years of shit that's built up in his head, so it's not gonna go away with a simple pep talk. This fact has him give a soft puff while taking a simple blade from the rack, his grip upon it lax and uninterested. "I know that, I just.." He grits his teeth a little, grip tightening as he hangs back to let Raid take the first swing. "Maybe I can tame my fear, but how do I tame that." That monster. "And I know I need to press on, but that doesn't help the fact that my problem came up again. I have to.. do something about it. Fix it somehow. I won't go through that again."

"Tch, 'courage'." Vortex scoffs, stepping to the side and batting Raid's sword with his before slapping the jet's midsectiong with the broad flat of the rotor. "It's not about 'courage' its about control. Your stance needs to be light but steady, ready. Don't just swing. Let your own momentum and the weapon's weight to carry you. And you're holding it wrong if you want the power swings. Choke up if you do that."

Vortex jumps back, bringing his other arm out. He waves Riptide over. "I'll teach you how to tame it. Like I did mine." Outside of Whirl, he does a good job. "Hey, I can teach you too, Raider! Nearly blew Ripper's head off. Hey, I want my knife back, by the way."

Air Raid settles Riptide with a troubled look. It's true, you can't solve these things with a few rousing words. It seems cheap to just toss him to Rung. "Oof!" He belatedly shields his middle, bouncing backwards. Raid struggles, reeeeally struggles to be accepting of critique. "Hrnn. The one you stabbed my gun with?"

With a faint chuff, Air Raid steps back to let Riptide take over, shaking out his limbs to try and do a few practice jabs at the air like Vortex instructed. "I don't have a /monster/," he mutters. "It's just instincts. And I'll be keeping those instincts, thanks."

Riptide is a more well-rounded fighter than most think, decent at a bit of everything since he had to adapt in the field. So it may be a bit surprising to see the aquabot stepping in to replace Air Raid with such assurance, sword twirled once in his hand as he advances upon the rotary, swinging it around to glance off the other's blade before bringing it back for a swipe at his middle. Thinking about all of this gets him agitated and he has to get it out.

"I'm not gonna stop you from trying." He grates between his teeth through the swing, showing more prowess in melee than Raid, but not nearly as much as Tex. Also he's used to something with a longer reach. "And I know this doesn't bother you, but it bothers me! It's not something I can just pretend is okay, I'm not like that!" He swings again. Harder. More emotion as his voice rises. "Do you know how long I would've stayed away if you hadn't called? I'm sorry I give enough of shit about you to not want to hurt you again!"

"Yeah, that knife. And 'Monsters' or 'Instincts', whatever. You should be in control to some extent," Vortex tells Air Raid before Riptide is upon him. Initially surprised, Vortex's pedes move beneath him and his hold shifts so the initial blow doesn't pull his blade from his servo. He takes a few steps back, parrying and moving swipes away from his body. Easy enough but clearly He's on the defensive."You don't have to pretend anything." Vortex can't say he doesn't pretend things but he doesn't fake everything. "It if bothers you so much, then you should be happy that I'm- wait, what?"

Vortex's helm looks up and he almost forgets to bring his blades up to block that swipe. Almost. He stares at Riptide before pushing his sword away and moving forward, making quick strikes that could be blocked or came close to hitting their mark. Miraculously, they always miss. "I don't care if I'm hurt. But whatever happens with you does a hell of a lot more than just try and rip my vocalizer out- it hurts you. So we're going to fix it."

"Since when are you trained in psychology, Vortex?" Air Raid comes up behind him now, with an improved stance. Let's see if Tex can keep up with two Autobots. Two careful swipes are aimed at the kibble that makes up Vortex's tail rotor. He says nothing in response to Riptide's outburst. Maybe Riptide needs to growl and vent a little. Raid's always known him to be an emotional fella', for sure.

It frustrates Riptide. Tex doesn't care if he's hurt, but he does, damnit. Still.. he wants to help him try and control this. Make it where, if he does have another episode, he won't maim or kill someone. Never again...

Dodging and parrying Tex's strikes, Riptide waits until Air Raid moves in to distract him on the other side. He uses this to his advantage and lashes out again, swords connecting and holding as he steps in, pressing into it. He wants to stay angry and just continue swinging away without thought, but Vortex's wish to help because it hurts Riptide.. it makes him falter, which is made clear by the mix of emotions struggling on him and the crack in his voice when asking in a softness unbecoming of the situation. "..You promise?"

Vortex's visor flashes and he turns enough to counter Air Raid's blows. Thank Primus, last thing he needs is to devolve into pleasure pain giggles right now. Riptide is swift, Air Raid is strong, and both were aggressively pressing in. He growls a bit, pedes moving swiftly beneath him. "You don't wanna ask that, Raider." And he doesn't. 'Trained' in psychology was one way to put it. His grip tightens on his swords, stance widening, becoming more solid as brings his blades up and blocks two attacks, holding them.

Vortex stares at Riptide. "You're not going to like all of it. Won't be easy. But I can help. I'm going to." Perhaps if they could see his face, they could see a struggle. What front should he put up? How should he react to this? What's the right way of doing this? His visor flickers, empty rotor hub spinning. "I promise."

Air Raid is somewhat unsure of the exchange unfolding before him. He watches Vortex more intently, driving at him harder, whipping his blade around with less careful slashes. Don't lie to him, Vortex, Air Raid grumbles inwardly. But the chopper sure seems genuine here. It's frickin' hard to read him. Maybe he /is/ trained in psychology. Blade shaking as it strains against Vortex's block with Riptide, the jet backs off, venting loudly. No comments from him this time around, he just rests the dulled sword against his shoulder, hand on hip. Watching.

Riptide feels a bit guilty for getting all emotional like this with Vortex while Air Raid is here. He's felt some unsuredness from the Aerialbot about all of this.. whatever you'd call it. But Riptide is finding himself falling faster than he would have ever imagined around a Decepticon and he can't stop. Neither can he stop himself from making his move when Raid relents and leaves the two clashing.

Using his strength to shove the blade aside, Riptide steps in and, without any care about the sharpness between them, suddenly scoops up the smaller mech. He's.. he's hugging him. Full on, heartfelt hugging with his face shoving into the same spot he previous bit. "Thank you..." After a long moment his sword clatters to the ground and he finally looks up, smiling that winning, toothy smile to the both of them. Such a happy shark.

Honestly, Vortex was hoping they'd push forward and give him a reason to press back into the offensive. Show off, do a bit of peacocking for the Aerialbot and aquabot. Or, even better, lean in close to Riptide and tell them that their lessons can start now and give the shark a little gash on the cheek. Bring out that beast... But Air Raid steps back. Disappointing. Alright! Still the plan B. He smile grows eager under his mask, about to- whoa, shit. Forgot Riptide was strong and- WHOA, SHIT.

Vortex gives a kick and then goes still. What. What?! They were just sorta fighting, why was he doing this? This just begs the question of if Ripper actually likes him. No one actually likes him- well, four, maybe, do but to varying degrees at any given moment- even if he liked to think they did. Vortex looks at that smile. Primus, he did mean all of this. He should quietly get out of this before it- shudder- gets serious... Or maybe... he could use this, then! Yes, of course. Use this.

Vortex resets his vocalizer, arms pinned to his sides so he can't pat Riptide or anything. After a pause, he lays his helm against Riptide's chassis, snorting a laugh and looking at Air Raid. "Yeah, yeah... It's not a problem... You're welcome." Another beat. "Well, that was fun! Do you two want to go grab some drinks at Swerve's? I got my tongue fixed!" He can drink again, yes.

Hrnnn. Air Raid casually pivots to turn a seemingly lazy gaze elsewhere, if only to give some form of privacy for a (barely) intimate moment. It's a bitter battle between feeling happy for Riptide, searingly jealous over Vortex, and the pressing urge to just suck this shit up and care about your friends like a normal mech. He didn't know his energon could boil the way it does. But he shakes himself out of it. These guys are pals. Both of them. Flinging his sword haphazardly in the weapon rack's general direction with a loud clatter, he finally looks back at the pair, the faintest of smirks on his features. "Nah, you reserved this room, I'm going to stay here and make good use of it. Go get your drink on." His warbow shimmers out of subspace and an energy arrow crackles between the hardlight string.

Riptide can feel his knees turn a bit weak when Tex rests is head on him. Such a nice feeling... But he pauses and looks to Raid when he declines the invitation, having missed his look away and feeling a bit confused. He and Raid are bros.. Why wouldn't he wanna come hang? Clearly Riptide doesn't understand the concept of 'third wheel'.

But he doesn't care, it seems, as he's already smirking as he sets Vortex down nicely and makes a quick few steps towards the Aerialbot to catch him up in a good-natured headlock. "What kinda talk is that!" He grins, digging a knuckle into the top of the flier's helm. "C'mon, it'll be fun! Like I'd pass up havin' a drink with my two favorite mechs."

Interesting. Vortex starts to collect his rotors, putting them back into place as he watches the two of them. He snickers a bit. "Yeah, come have a drink with us, Raider!" He backs up Riptide. "You and I haven't even gotten drinks together before- it'll be fun!"

Air Raid mutters when Riptide nears him, his grumbling dipping into a yelp as a thorough noogie buries into his helm. "Rghh-! Okay okay, fine!" He relents in the face of /both/ of them urging him on, stowing his weapon to stalk from the room hurriedly. Okay, maybe he's a little pleased they prodded him.

Riptide thought this meeting would go terribly, but in the end it all worked out! He was so happy to hear Tex say he'll help him figure out his issues, and even more happy now that Raid agrees to join them. So much so that the Aerialbot will find Riptide pulling him in just a little more so he can press his cheek to the flier's helm in a different sort of hug. After that he allows him to wiggle free and grins, delightedly trailing after the two.

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