2016-04-25 New Friends, Old Squables

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New Friends, Old Squables
Date 2016/04/25
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Blast Off, Gearshift, Gearstrip, Jumpstart, Mercy, Penchant, Quicksight, Skystalker
Summary Post-spider killing celebrations take a sour turn thanks to factional conflict

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large booths along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A sign outside the door says:

                        No Guns, No Swords, No Bombs                         

Underneath is written: I MEAN IT!! LOCK YOUR WEAPON SYSTEMS DOWN AND DUMP EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. It is signed with a little frowning Swerve face.

On the other side of the door is a SHAME LIST. No, really, that's what it says. It has the number of days that various people are banned from Swerve's and counts down at the start of the morning shift.

Eukaris, the beautiful blue and green marble that the Lost Light currently orbits, may be full of beauty and wonders, but one thing it doesn't have as night falls on the ground settlements is a place like this one. Sometimes there's just a need to be in a familiar space with familiar people, being happy that you didn't get eaten by giant spiders to fuel the next generation.

Despite the generally positive attitude amongst Swerve's, there are always those here and there who have a little more to drink about. Skystalker sits alone at one end of the bar, having come in early enough to miss the first gaggle of bots as they file in, and also early enough to have a drink sitting before him collecting condensation as he turns the glass around in his fingers.

Sometimes, there is also a need to fuel up with something a little stronger than standard energon. If Quicksight was excited and eager down on the wild planet, he is quite the opposite up here, looking rather dark and moody as he enters the bar. The lightshow at the entrance recives a short, annoyed hiss of air. Any other visitors recieve almost no attention as the scout moves straight for the bar.

Well, no, not quite straight. About halfway in to the room, his tajectory angles towards its end as he finally sees who's sitting there, his step picking up just a bit more livliness. He still doesn't look particularly cheerful as he pulls himself up on to the next stool over, but Skystalker does recieve a tilt of the head and a "Hi" before the minibot waves for the bartender.

Whatever distraction Skystalker is absorbed in folds back when he hears the greeting and sees the minibot out of the corner of his optic. There's a slight lift to his plating, a moment of weightlessness when he leans back on his own stool to turn his head and give Quicksight a wide smile. "Hey. How are you doing? Sick of colonies yet?"

Having placed his order, Quicksight turns back towards Skystalker as the older flyer adresses him. He makes a weak attempt to return the smile, but in the end, his optics remain dulled and moody "This one's not that bad" he admits, though he doesn't sound particularly enthused "Once the spiders started dying. And the last one was ... fine" the 'fine' comes out sounding even less cheerful than the rest. Quicksight himself is begining to slouch a little, nearly propping his head on his elbow, though the arival of his drink forces him to remove the supporting arm in order to take it, imediately working the straw in to the port of his faceplate to take a good, long sip.

"I rather like this one, now that the spiders are dealt with..." Skystalker leans his head onto one hand, optics watchful of the minibot as he slouches and slumps and fidgets with his straw. The starfighter slouches down too, though his is far more an effort to get down to slumping on the tiny's level, Maybe he's trying to be funny. Yeah, probably. His strong drink is half gone, and he isn't exactly a heavyweight. "Why the blues, little blue?"

Something in Quicksight's throat catches at that nickname as if his voicebox decided to start working before the engex was through and the straw was out. His optics widden a bit in surprise. Finally though, he recovers, setting his glass back down on to the counter, straw and all and grumbling "Autobots...being Autobots" there's a certain unpleasant, angry emphasis on the second 'Autobots'.

Skystalker pauses at the small look of surprise, optics moving back and forth from Quicksight to the air nearby. What? What's that look? He straightens out a little when Quicksight grumbles a reply, flashing a smaller, more rueful smile to his friend. "Ah. I see. The usual then, hm? I'm sorry I can't help with that. But I suppose that's why you're here, isn't it?"

Speak of the devil, and the worst will appear. Or Mercy - some might say she is the worst, though. With her usual chipper air in full bloom around her, the medic arrives alone through the door, arms swinging as she quite literally skips in towards the bar.

It's not that Quicksight is offended, it's more that he really is surprised that Skystalker would call him something like that. Even after their exchange in the botany lab, it still feels a little...strange for the scout. But on to other things "Not the usual. Worse. Though maybe that is the usual when it comes to them" picking up his glass again he takes another, shorter sip "Sometimes I miss the war. At least I didn't have to sit around while they walked all over us" another sip, and the corner of his optics catches the rather unusual mode of entry by one of 'them'. Instead of a glare, however, this one's apperance is met with only a hiss of the scout's ventelation system.

The usual is worse. Okay. Skystalker laughs in his mind, and that's all the further it goes. He leans there on the bar to lend an audial, though he seems a little skeptical when Quicksight says he misses the war. Then again, that was how he was born-- that was all he knew. It makes sense that he'd miss having some sort of familiarity. When there's a hiss, Skystalker lifts his head to look after the cause of it. "It's just Mercy. You always want to be nice to the medics, you know."

Mercy either misses the hiss or ignores it...chances are strong it is the former. She comes to a rest in front of the bar, waiting to order and collect a drink for herself. Bouncing on the balls of her feet as she waits, the medic looks as though she's >< close to breaking into a dance.

Weird is better than awful. Skystalker will take that one as progress. "She always is." He puts one hand on Quicksight's shoulder and leans back, drink in hand when he calls out to the medic down the bar. "Mercy! Aren't you always happy?" Bet he knows what she'll say.

Drink in hhand, Mercy spins around as she hears her name. Her hand is lifted to wave towards Skystalker. "Hi! Usually!" she assures with a bright grin. "Why?"

For a brief moment, Quicksight tenses under Skystalker's hand, but he relaxes almost imediately, making no move to pull away "Cause I'm sure you Autobots are just fine with everything's that's going on. It doesn't hurt you lot in the least." he grumbles

The first thing Jumpstart did upon returning to the Lost Light was get under a high pressure wash to get all the muck out of her many, many nooks and crannies. The only downside of feathers. The second thing? Go get a drink. Her lightshow is not terribly impressive, given that she is fairly monotone in color, and Jumpstart has long since taken to ignoring it. The bird bee-lines for the bar.

"I was just telling Quicksight here that you are." It's hard not to turn an eye to light shows when you're sitting up and aware. Skystalker lowers his hands again, giving a smile to poor put upon Penchant when he files in and mutters about his lightshow. "Sometimes it's a pain, yes." His gaze moves toward the next one to light up at the door, and Skystalker gives his birdformer roommate a nod in greeting from his seat at the end of the bar.

THat seems to give Mercy pause, and she begins to move towards the pair's table witout an invitation. "Okay with what, exactly?" she wonders of Quicksight before ooooohing at Skystalker. "I try to be....there are too many grumps in the crew!"

"If it's going to draw attention I'd want it to be entertaining and have CG graphics or something, y'know," Penchant smiles faintly, scooping up his drink for a swig. "I heard things got pretty intense down there," he says, at first to Skystalker, then Jumpstart.

"With the Autobot bias on this ship" Quicksight responds in between sips "especially when it comes to diciplining people -- or not" the last bit comes with a strong note of contempt, and precedes another, long gulp. It occupies him for a few moments longer before he speaks up again, in response to Penchant even if the other mini didn't adress him "At least we gave those things what they had coming, and the Titan was pretty cool."

"They did." Jumpstart replies to Penchant without further elaboration. She steps past the minibot to lean against the bar. "Something deep purple. Startling energy density." The bird orders her drink before turning as it is prepared. "Skystalker." Jumpstart addresses the spacefighter. "When you return to our habsuite, you'll see that there are some new blue flowers there. On my side. I...took the liberty of removing them from Eukaris." The beastformer straightens a little, looking him in the optics. "It would mean a lot to me if you could keep them alive. I don't know how."

Mercy ohs at Quicksight, and her smile fades a bit. "I'm sorry." Not that she has had anything to do with any discipline, or lack there of, but she sounds genuine enough in her apology. Ten the topic switches, and she nods slowly. "One chased us...Ravage and I came across one of the chameleon formers, and we all ran. And..." She pauses, and rounds on Jumpstart. "You think we can keep them alive? I -love- flowers."

"Hear that? Too many grumps." Skystalker stifles a smirk into his drink as he brings it to his lips. He lets Quicksight answer Penchant first, instead putting down the rest of his glass and sliding it back across the bar for a refill. "I'd have preferred a diplomatic solution. But it wasn't meant to be."

When Jumpstart speaks to him, Skystalker's browline lifts just enough to signal some mild surprise. "Oh-- I-- sure. I can show you later on, if you'd like."

"What do we know about this titan? The info I got was kinda' piecemeal. Windblade's going to speak to it again right?" Penchant looks to Quicksight for this answer, setting aside his drink. He gives Jumpstart a sidelong glance. For whatever reason he'd gotten the impression that Jumpstart disliked anything organic.

Quicksight regards Mercy's appology with some waryness, but he doesn't automoatically dismiss it. This one is a strange Autobot. Maybe she actually means it. Maybe not. Either way, it seems that the topic has changed, and Quicksight allows himself to follow "Skystalker knows a lot about them. He has his own lab for 'em" he explains to the medic. His voice still caries notes of grouchiness, but there's also something a little happier in it, maybe even a bit proud. Some of that carries over as he turns towards Penchant. "He's big, he's a bird, he protects, his name's Chela. Dunno if the Cityspeaker's gonna talk to him." there's a pause, then a slightly reluctant, but not quite, offer "I have footage of him."

Jumpstart glances at Mercy as the eager femme turns towards her. "...You'll have to ask him. He's the expert." The autobot gestures towards Skystalker. "And I would like that. I'd like to keep a little piece of Eukaris with us when we go." She offers, as if feeling the next to explain why she would take such a souvenir from the planet. "As for Chela, Windblade spoke to him, however she does. He didn't seem like much for conversation. I gathered that the Eukarans are refugees from Cybertron, and Chela was meant to protect them." Jumpstart shrugs, finally reaching for her drink. "Some of us got left behind, I suppose."

"Chela, huh." Penchant taps his chin in thought. "Oh, video? Can you send it my way? I'm not sure if I'm going to get a chance to go down there, let alone see a titan." Jumpstart explanation earns a vague look of sympathy. "...Do you like it, down there?" Would you stay?

"Really?" Mercy's optics widen and she turns to stare at Skystalker in eager awe. "I got to roll in the grass when we were on the planet...there was -so- much of it!" she admits, setting her drink on the table before she spreads her arms wide. "More than i thought could be in one place!" She does trail off, though, as the others seem more interested in the conversation about the titan.

Skystalker lifts a palm behind the fluid lines of his neck as Jumpstart explains her addition, mouth curling into a small smile just for her. "I'd be happy to help."

Sky turns the smile into one for Mercy next, giving her a small laugh. "Yes, really. I saw you. I can't promise you grass, but you are welcome to the lab if you want to look at the plants."

Gearstrip ambles into the bar. She's long since grown used to the fact of the light shows and barely looks up from her datapad as the shimmering color announces the fact of her arrival. She flips this away into subspace as she paces up toward the bar proper. Her eye scans the space beyond the bar's counter, and then she leans up against it to order her drink. Once she has the drink framed between her hands, she turns back outward again, leaning back into a brace against the bar as she surveys the room with idle curiosity.

"Just photos" Quicksight would shake his head, but his words are only a brief break in between sips of his drink "I intend to upload them to the public database" and another place, but no one needs to know about that

"No, I don't." Jumpstart replies candidly to Penchant. "It was...dirty. Dirt and vegetation and tiny crawling things /everywhere/. I liked the wind, and the heat. I hadn't flown that much in a long time, so I appreciated that. But." She sips from her drink. "I'm a Cybertronian with a beast form. My favorite place in the universe in a studio in Polyhex, not a grass field. It was just...very interesting to meet a lot of bots who looked like me." She gives Skystalker a nod of affirmation.

Mercy bobs her head eagerly. "I'd -love- that!" And she is going in for a hug for poor Sky, whether he's wanting to accept it or not. She is -that- excited! Pretty plants!

Penchant mulls over the word 'studio' a moment. "Ah that's right. You were a dancer. Or in entertainment or something. Speaking of animal modes, I heard we might be taking on a few more crewmembers." Quicksight gets a thumbs-up. "Hey Gearstrip," he smiles brightly, gripping the brim of his helm in a hattip gesture.

Gearstrip toasts Penchant with her drink and wanders over on light footsteps, taking the greeting for invitation apparently. Her smile crooked, she says, "Hey!" with an easy sunniness far more relaxed than ever she was down on the planet's surface, for all her expressed interest in exploring. "Everybody," she adds more generally. "That should be interesting. It'll be nice to not be the only colonials around! Some more folks who don't belong in any box."

The hug is a little sudden but not totally unwelcome. Skystalker does freeze, though one hand wanders hesitantly to pat Mercy on the arm. It's cool, it's cool. Really. "That's great." She's very excitable, isn't she? Goodness.

"We did pick up at least one Eukarian crew member from this, by the way. She seems nice. Buzzkill." Skystalker shares this much with the others, his attention having briefly been divided away by the display of affection.

Quicksight follows Mercy as she moves to hug Skystalker with a mostly apathetic look. Still better than he would have offered any other Autobot, especially right now. "Don't see what any of them see on this ship. Guess it's better than spiders though." He turns back to his drink, pausing to push the straw a little further in when nothing comes through.

Jumpstart takes a long draw from her drink. "I was a dancer. Not much call for that profession during the war. Maybe I'll get to be one again. We'll find out how much the Knights appreciate the arts, I guess." She shrugs her shoulders, then glances at Gearstrip. "Wouldn't they go in the 'Eukaran' box?"

Mercy steps back and turns as she hears newr voices. A brief wave is given to Gearstrip and Penchant. "New crew members? We should have a welcome party for them," the cheery medic suggests brightly. Leave it to her to think of a party.

Penchant promptly gets impassioned, balling his fists excitedly. "I've said it before, Jumpstart. Arts will be /everything/ in this new world. We'll have a solid /culture/ again." He begins to look all misty, dropping his hands to his sides. "Uh, yes! Party might be nice. Don't wanna' overwhelm them though. Would someone with a name like Buzzkill even like a party?"

"Buzzkill seemed to imply that she was being treated as a sub-class citizen and wanted more. So I'm sure that we all can understand that." Skystalker reaches back to the counter for his refill when it comes back, turning on his stool and hooking one leg over the other. "Like I said, she seems nice. Don't judge a bot by their name, hm?"

"Sure, but that's at least its own box that isn't just Decepticons and Autobots butting heads all the time. It really disturbs the-- what's it." Gearstrip gestures vaguely with her glass in one hand and with her spread fingers in the other. If she were Drift, she'd have a word. "I don't know," she says instead, and sips from her glass, her nose crinkling a little with humor. "Caminus is all about art!" she says. "Did we talk about that? I think so? I can't remember for sure, I'm sorry. I chatter a lot about Caminus at people at random because I have no other frame of reference. Chatterbox Gearstrip." She lifts a hand and makes a talky gesture with it, before dropping it to her side.

The want for better treatment Quicksight can understand, but "The she came to the wrong ship" he mutters, his former mood coming back on to him again "I say we first need to get a propper, just system in place, but the Autobots are already pulling the same old scrap again, so that ain't gonna happen." another, long glup, ended only by the fact that it runs his glass dry.

"Whow ouldn't like a party I threw for them?" Mercy wonders, genuinely beliving it wasn't possible not to enjoy a party! Come on! She beams at Penchant, and bobs her head "Do you want to helpl throw one?" she wonders, before she looks back to Gearstrip. "Maybe some of the mechs from Caminus can perform welcome stuff...?" A pause, and she huffs softly and looks to Quicksight. "What did I do?"

"I hope you're right, Penchant. I really do." Jumpstart offers a small smile. Seems the engex is loosening her up a bit. Only so far, as Gearstrip's chattering away earns only a blank look from the birdformer. "I don't know anything about Caminus." She admits, before Quicksight's statement makes her brow furrow. "For someone with 'sight' in their name you're remarkably blind. Same old scrap? I actually got to *live* Functionism for a little while and I would take sorting through SCRAP in Kalis for the rest of my APPARENTLY ETERNAL life than spend one solar cycle in whatever hell Megatron had planned for our race." And down goes the rest of the drink.

Skystalker only keeps his drink to his lips as Jumpstart tears a little into Quicksight, willing to let her lay into him on that one. Even he knows that sometimes the little guy deserves a bit of, ah-- feedback.

"Yeah, you're right," Penchant nods once to Skystalker, then brightens at Mercy. "Sure, yes! Parties aren't really my forte but I may as well do /some/thing helpful on this weird mission." He gives Jumpstart's shoulder a fond shake and ducks out of that quickly souring conversation with Quicksight in favor of talking more ART with Gearstrip. "Yeah, your amica was a fancy aerial dancer. Man, what a job."

"Ooh, no, don't look at me. I'm just a tech." Gearstrip laughs and then takes a pull from her glass, rolling her gaze ceilingward as she lowers the cup to the very edge of the table nearest where she stands. Her vents spin a gust from some fans in her internal systems, and she shakes her head slightly as her gaze flicks back and forth between Jumpstart and Quicksight, her lips thinning as if to reflect some internal strain. She tries to chase it off her face with the force of her smile as Penchant refers back to their earlier conversation, and she nods. "Yeah, that's her!"

Quicksight tilts his head at Mercy "You? Nothing. Like I said, you're a weird Autobot." he might have said more to her, but then Jumpstart's word's cause his head to snap towards the birdbot "HELL?" his small fist comes down on the bar counter with a thud "Megatron was a revolutionary who wanted equality for everyone, regardless form! It's the Autobots who sided with the Functionists, and they're the ones who are letting liars and impostors get away with endangering the entire damn crew while respectable Decepticons are demoted and thrown in the brig at the slightest offense!" his optics are burning with a bright, angry flame, and the noise of his ventelation is notiably audiable. Nobody, nobody insults Megatron, and the Decepticon cause infront of him like that.

Mercy hesitates a moment before reachign a hand out, trying to lay it gently on Quicksight's shoulder. "You know," she murmurs, looking from Quick to Jump and back. "This is someting that's different here than under either the Functionalists -or- Megatron..." Leave it to Mercy to try and difuse the least shei sn't hugging anyone. "We can have different opinions, and that's okay."

Jumpstart regards Quicksight for a long, silent moment. She sets her drink down on the bar, but her blues never leave Quicksight's red. That task done, Jumpstart invades Quicksight's space, leaning in close to his face. Her headfeathers lie flat, giving her a more predatory look. "The only equality I ever saw Megatron bring to *anyone* was the in the corpsepile out back of Grindcore. Everyone was equal there." There's more in her, but Mercy's intercession seems to make Jumpstart back off. She straightens.

Skystalker sets down his drink as Quicksight makes with the outburst, and he watches Mercy and Jumpstart with a measured sense of calm; he's ready to interfere if he needs to, but until the birdformer finishes, he just looks on. When she does, the starfighter's posture straightens, shoulders back and looking at neither of them now. "That's enough."

"If you've never gotten the chance to see Jumpstart dance, maybe I can get her to do so at the par... ty..." Penchant trails off as he converses with Gearstrip, unable to ignore the dark exchange. He just goes silent, frowning.

It IS an extremely difficult exchange to ignore. Gearstrip's head comes up with a flare of her eyes, pale and suddenly sharp with focus as she turns the weight of her gaze on Quicksight. Her fingertips press hard against the surface of the table beside the glass. She listens to the exchange in silence and for a moment it seems like she won't speak at all, but then she does. She says, quietly: "What are you talking about? Endangering the crew?"

Quicksight jerks away from Mercy's hand with a warning hiss, though most of his attention remains on Jumpstart "Prisoners of war! A war that may have never happened if --" he cuts off to look back at Skystalker, his gaze demanding. Why are you stoping him? He keeps it there for a few moments before turning back to the birdbot "-- If you Autobots actually did something to help the opressed rather than siding with the opressors" he's not yelling anymore, but the anger in his voice remains then, and when he turns towards Gearstrip "The chief of security" that title is said with a heavy dose of acid "lied about his credentials, decieved the crew about his qualifications, and insulted every soldier who actually has the right to claim that title! Any officer who resepects and cares so little for those dependant on him should be stripped of his rank and position on the spot, not reinstated!"

Skystalker doesn't say it again, but he does meet the gaze that finds him. He seems more tired than angry about the outburst, and yet he does nothing to stop Quicksight from finishing at a less loud volume. It's something. At least next he moves onto a different matter? Sort of.

Mercy pulls her hand back quickly when she's hissed at and then looks quickly between the duo once more. "Please don't fight." she whispers, the medic looking quite stricken at the developement of the conversation. Her drink is still untouched on the table.

Jumpstart is done. She doesn't go another round with Quicksight, instead turning to the bar. She taps two fingers against it, signalling that another drink should be poured. It's her lucky day, the bot behind the counter is an Autobot and fills her up right to the top. Said drink in hand, Jumpstart sits near Penchant and Gearstrip. "I heard aerial dancing and I want to know everything there is to know about it."

Gearstrip's face goes very still for a moment as she processes this. She slides her drink a little further onto the table, carefully pushing it away from the edge where it might be at risk of falling. She says, "Tailgate never insulted anybody. He tried to quit. He tried to quit so hard he tried to die," with an intent kind of vehemence. She builds her bulwark of passion more than reason, flaring up with a squaring of her narrow shoulders and a lift of her chin and her bright, pale gaze. She'd defend a friend from worse charges based on less logic and it is probably obvious. And yet, she insists: "So maybe when they gave him his job back, it didn't have anything to do with what his credentials were besides doing the job. And maybe, just maybe, that's the business of the officers and crew who are actually involved, like, in the security department? Or command. And not you!" She'll-- totally answer that question. In a minute. Probably. Sorry. It's very difficult to derail her from the intensity of this moment of near-vibrating tension. Nice try though.

The flames of Quicksight's optics focus on Gearstrip "You are not a soldier, Caimen. You wouldn't understand. He claimed to have been in the Primal Vanguard, perstige, the level of which real soldiers have to work for, die for!" again, th volume of his voice begins to rise, slower than before, but definitely noticabley "He claimed perstige he had no right to claim! And the buisness of the head of the department that is meant to keep all of us safe is the buisness of all of us! How the frag are we supposed to trust a security cheef who had no issue with lying to everyone until he thought he could get away from the consiquences, and abandoning his post without warning, to keep us safe?! He should have never been offered it back, and if he had even a shred of honor or respect for the crew, he would have refused it anyways! He is a shameless impostor and liar!"

Jumpstart looks at Penchant from over the rim of her glass. She's not smiling, but she doesn't exactly look contrite either. Jumpstart just shrugs and waits for Gearstrip to re-engage.

"I am not a soldier," Gearstrip says with startling ferocity coursing through her slight frame. "But I know how to respect a command chain. I know how to take my place in a hierarchy. I know how to trust all parts of a whole to do their own part. And you know what? If you don't know those things? If you can't trust him, or any of them? No one is keeping you here against your will. I know you work in navigation, so I'm sure you can find your way to the airlock." She gestures in a broad sweep of one hand, and then resolutely turns her back to scoop up her drink. She pounds it back in a long swallow and then slams down the glass on the surface of the table. Her fingers tremble little against its surface, visibly, before she draws her touch back. She looks to Penchant and Jumpstart, and seems almost to shrink a little where she stands, growing newly self-conscious of, uh, you know, the posturing. She says, "I'm sorry. I was just-- anyway. Uhm. You asked about-- Flyby?"

A sudden poof of purple and brown confetti announces Blast Off's arrival into this mess (hall?). The shuttleformer is finally repaired from some massive damage on Eukaris, his left arm is well and truly attached to his body, and nobody has to carry him in. All is well, right? He seems tired enough that he doesn't even roll his optics at the silly display- but seeing Quicksight as he enters creates the tiniest hesitation. It doesn't last long though- he's not gonna let that little pipsqueak prevent him from enjoying Swerve's. Besides, looks like Mercy is here, at least. He doesn't approach or greetanyone, however, instead making his way to the bar to order a drink. Actually, since Quicksight is here, better make it two.

Penchant finds a proper bar seat and just kinda' lies his head against the counter. If he's got opinions on all of this, he's not voicing them. Factions, you're both terrible okay.

Skystalker definitely doesn't jump in on this one. Minibots at odds, what can they possibly do without actually going at each other? Instead he just sits back and waits for it to pass. Like a good pal, right? Maybe. He arches a look after Gearstrip at her final words and slam of her drink. The look moves over to linger on poor Penchant. Neutrals have it rough.

"I am here because Soundwave is, and I am still a Decepticon" Quicksight's hand moves to his badge "Until he orders otherwise, I will comply with this insult of a system, but I don't fraging think that we've regressed so far that I ain't allowed to point out injustice when I see it" his gaze flickers towards the door as Blast Off walks in, and the scout lets out a hiss of air. Yeah, no, he's done here. Even Skystalker's presense is not enough to keep him here. Sliding off his stool, he makes one more sweep of those gathered, focusing on Jumpstart and Gearstrip the most "An Autobot can insult, lie, abandon his post, and still get his job back, while all a respectable Decepticon has to do is touch an Autobot and he's demoted, brigged, and put up for trial. Autobots don't give a frag about justice." With that he turns to head towards the door, pausing only to glance over his shoulders, optics narrowed, and hiss "You are being decieved."

Mercy slumps back against te next table, deflated, as the fight reaches its crecendo and then ends abruptly. And she shakes her head slightly, leaving her drink on the table where she'd set it before she turns and heads for the door. She's too sad to drink now.

Jumpstart does no more than glance at Quicksight, but somehow manages to let him get in the parting word. The engex must be entering into a mellow phase. "Please." She urges Gearstrip. "At least I think that's who it is? I really know so little about Caminus. Going to a colony has made me want to learn more about the others, which I suppose is a little selfish."

Gearshift wasn't around for the big crescendo, and she feels somewhat out of place at the bar where it seems some are celebrating the lack of arachnids plauging them. She sips her drink quietly in the corner, seeing only a few familiar faces.

"Your stupid faction scrap--" Gearstrip's teeth clamp shut on the abortive words. Her closed hand around the curve of her glass stills, but the anxious tremors still ripple up the length of her arm, aftershocks of uncertain tension in a conflict that hasn't really ended so much as been put in abeyance. Her jaw is so tight in the wake of Quicksight's claim of the last word that she has to work to make it release its clamp and move enough again for words. "She's-- she's part of a troupe of aerial dancers," she says. "See-- a lot of Caminus culture-- we focus on the arts, on music and on ... on beautiful things." She flattens her other hand against the table, and smiles weakly as she leans on the brace of her palm. "They dance and fly in aerobatics routines that are choreographed to music. Flyby's kind of a -- minor celebrity on Caminus because she's so good. She tried to teach me but I'm not-- super graceful." (It's an understatement, although it /has/ been awhile since she accidentally glued anything to herself.)

Blast Off hears that hisss but keeps his gaze pointedly facing elsewhere as he gets his drinks. He's going to just ignore Quicksight.. though hmmm, sounds like he walked in on an interesting topic. By the time the other Decepticon has gotten to *you are being deceived* the shuttle's hand is gripping his glass so tightly it almost squeaks. Then it relaxes and he lifts it for a drink. He's got plenty of opinions on the subject, too, but he does NOT want to agree with Quicksight in public. He finally turns only to see Mercy leaving, which is a shame, he'd meant to say hello. He can wait another time, though. Ah, at least Quicksight is leaving too.

Skystalker watches Quicksight as he launches into his last tirade and gets up to head out. Though he doesn't follow, there is a moment spent looking at the empty door where the minibot went, debating on whether or not to find him later. Maybe he just needs a little space first. In the end, Skystalker swivels his stool back around, dragging his gaze with him to sit there and finish the drink he has.

Gearshift has been listening in, and she pets at the spot where her autobot emblem used to be like it's an old war scar. She left the autobots because she saw what they were capable of, and being Kaon forged did not make her feel safe there. Prejudice is ugly.

Jumpstart nods slowly to Gearstrip, letting her calm down as much as possible as she explain things. The beastformer has plenty of drink to sip so it's not like she's in much of a hurry. "Do you have any vids of their performances? I think I might like to have a look. I have wings but I was trained by bots with wheels." She offers as an explanation. "...And, sorry about all that." Jumpstart says once Quicksight has gone. "I can understand if you'd like to talk later, but I would like to know more."

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