2016-04-13 Marginal Victory

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2016-04-13 Marginal Victory
Date 2016/04/13
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Lieutenant, Vortex
Summary Vortex gets too turned on - it's Lieutenant's fault.

Vortex is not in a good mood. There's a lot of reasons why, really, but being couped up would be a big one. As soon as he was released from the psych-eval- ugh, he didn't even need one! You bite a guy's eyeball out one time... Immediately after, he went straight to his room to sharpen his rotors. Feeling better, he went straight to the practice rooms to let off steam. A lot of steam. Trying to find a balance between not riling himself up and going absolutely ballistic as he jumps around, slicing and dicing the air. He was so out of practice, he was sloppy in the bar- which was a good thing apparently. Vents heaving, Vortex comes to a brief stop before lunging at some invisible target to attack. This would be more fun with a partner but almost-cannibals aren't a popular sparring partner.

After waking up after four days in the medibay, drinking, and meeting Deluge (yes, he counts as a separate activity), Lieutenant needs to do something. The library just doesn't cut it, so he makes his way to the practice rooms. Normally, he'll elect to ignore the others who are also using the area but he notices Vortex doing his own thing. The avian had only been back around a day so he hasn't heard about the incident. All he knows currently, is that invisible targets are not exactly great for sparring.

"Excellent movement... for slicing the air." he comments as he enters closer towards the Decepticon but staying FAR out of his personal space.

Vortex almost misses the landing and falls flat on his fame in surprise. However, he catches himself and spins around. He perks up a bit. "Lieutenant! You're all better!" Oh geez, he hasn't showered off all the stains of energon on his front. Absent-mindedly, he wipes his front. "What're you doing here?"

Lieutenant arches an optic ridge and places his hands on his hips. "Thank you." Blacking out for days is normal, casual routine, nothing to be better about. "I came to stretch a bit and officially wake up if you will." The avian reaches into his subspace to pull out a cloth and toss it to Vortex. "Seems you have been having fun while I was out of commission." he comments, not the least bit worried where the energon came from or if it was even the 'copter's.

"Huh? Oh, this? It was nothing. A little scuffle- I won." Vortex stabs one blade into the ground to grab the cloth. He's pretty sure this would not help him in the least as the energon was dried but he doesn't want to be rude either... So he just kinda pats at the stain. "Ya know, you never did answer me. I didn't take you as the type to come to the practice room..."

Vortex's visor shutters. Congratulations? Huh, he hasn't heard that in a while... It felt good. He straightens up a bit. "Sparring? You want to spar? With me? I..." It sounded fun but... "I dunno... I don't think it's a good idea. I mean- I really don't think it's a fair match up, Lieutenant. I'd hate to wipe the floor with you." Also, he did not want to get in more trouble and this was just asking for it.

"Wiping the floor with me only means I need more practice but you never know." he assures, "I understand if you would rather not." Lieutenant rubs at his fin gently, last night was a reminder how easily the avian could break. Had he been built for combat, perhaps he would have tried to coax Vortex a bit more on the offer. "Combatants usually prefer someone in their class. Give them more of a challenge. Despite my height, I am not really an even match for someone skilled."

Vortex nods a little. Hnnngh... He really did want to spar but it was such a bad idea. "... You need practice?" He sounds wary as he offers the question up. "I mean, I'd love to help you practice but..." Stop it, this is a bad idea. "But you have to want to actually spar with me. That means taking the damage like any other partner would." No, bad Vortex.

"Taking damage is not difficult." Lieutenant replies, his pose turning more aware of a fight than a casual conversation. "Just spare my dignity and do not tell anyone if you /do/ wipe the floor with me." He'd rather others assume he can't hold his own than have them learn they might be right. "You want your weapons, you can use them."

"I dunno... Doesn't seem fair. You're unarmed and these are really sharp... And I got in trouble the last time I did that." Okay, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. He just wouldn't use his weapons! Vortex sticks one rotor back into place, pulling the other out of the ground for the same treatment. "Try loosening up a bit." He advises, rolling his shoulders. Just a casual spar, he could do this.

Lieutenant straightens and spreads his wings to the full extent of their length. Thankfully, the practice room is large enough for him to do so without banging them against something. His fingers interlace as he stretches his arms in front of himself before raising them over his head. "Would you say you are better armed or unarmed? Just curious."

Vortex couldn't help but watch the stretching. Watch that armor move. And those wings... He's such a sucker for wings. "What? Oh! Armed." He gets in position, fingers stiffening and claws coated thinly with dried energon. "You don't have to worry about the whole sensitive to touch thing, though. I prefer a nice gouging." He grins under his mask, ready to go. "Take your best shot, Lieutenant."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Lieutenant: Good Success (4 5 1 8 4 6 8) Vortex: Good Success (4 2 6 8 8 8) < Net Result: Vortex wins - Marginal Victory

Since the Decepticon is much smaller than he is, the Autobot goes to his usual tactic: kicking. Lieutenant took a fighting position, glaring at Vortex for a moment he makes a swift turn and thrusts his foot to strike the other with the blade of his foot (outer edge of foot) on the side of the 'copter's body. But it doesn't prove to be as strong enough to knock Vortex off his feet. No surprise to the avian, but that might just be his best shot.

Vortex may be smaller but he is faster. The foot connects- to be honest it wasn't all that damaging of a blow to begin with- and he skids back a bit. Kicking off of the ground, he lunges at Lieutenant. Well, he lunges straight past the taller mech, raking his claws against wings as he twists around. Normally he would not let up and make another jump to jam his servos into Lieutenant's back and pull. But he makes himself pause a moment, vents huffing. See, he could totally control his urges.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lt=unarmed Vs Tex=unarmed < Lt: Success (5 3 5 2 8 2 2) Tex: Failure (6 4 2 2 5 6) < Net Result: Lt wins - Marginal Victory

Lieutenant shrieks! His wings were very sensitive and in combat, easily a liability. He pulls away from Vortex, stretching out the injured wings. It /hurts/ but it will take far more than that before the avian raises a white flag. He charges forward once again, and raises his leg up to come down on the smaller mech.

Nothing quite matched the purity of a scream. And Lieutenant's was the sweetest sound one could hear. Vortex freezes slightly. He couldn't get caught up again, take it slow. His visor shutters as he finally notices the leg incoming. Whoops, too slow. He grunts as his back hits the floor, pinned by a large food. "Augh, you're making this really hard to not be a little turned on right now." He growls, one servo burrowing claws into the foot and the other swiping up and at the knee. Knees were always pretty vulnerable.

Lieutenant felt smug for a moment at Vortex's words. Considering last night's events for the avian, he almost wants to turn the other on. Tex isn't Deluge, but he'll do. But the moment passes once those claws dig into his foot. Once again, the Autobot screams! No thanks to his seismic sense his pedes hold the most nerves in his frame, even more than his wings. Swiping at the back of his knee bring him down to the floor, venting heavily to keep his composure.

Dear Primus above, it was almost too much to resist those screams. Such things of beauty. Scrambling up, Tex quickly jumps and lands on Lieutenant's, servos on his hips. "We really shouldn't be sparring. I love pain, you're over sensitive. It just isn't fair." Crouching down, he scraps a claw over Lieu's chassis.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (7 8 8 2 4 3 7)

Vortex is... taken by surprise as the larger mech recovers relatively quickly, finding himself pinned once more to the floor. But there's far more intimacy than the last time, it makes his engines rumble. "Well, well, well... You sure you aren't just a glutton for punishment, Lieutenant? Those were quite some screams... Do you enjoy the sound just as much as I do?" He hisses, a grin in his voice. He digs his claws into the arm holding him down, as if to keep Lieutenant close. "I don't think you can handle me." Grabbing the rotors was not the best idea, as it did hurt, but not to the extent where Lieutenant would let go. "They are out of reaction, not pleasure." he responses sharply, hissing in pain at the claws. It only makes him push further against Vortex's neck. "I have handled others far worse than you. They have nearly killed me but I continue to survive. So do your worst."

Vortex scans Lieutenant's face, interrogator instincts sending up red flags. "I think you're hiding something. That's okay, though. I love digging up secrets- used to be my job. And I'm the best at it." Arching his back, his rotors suddenly come to life. Sparks fly as they scrap the ground and cut anything within their vicinity.

Lieutenant pulls back from Vortex, but given his injured leg, he can't put much of his weight on it. He almost tells the interrogator, it's not worth the effort; however, he'll let him try. Who knows, maybe he can make a lip-tight avian talk. Can't deprive him of a chance without giving him one first.

Vortex laughs as he lets himself be carried with the spin as he is released. With a twist, he's back on his pedes. Lieutenant wants a fight? Alright then, no holding back. With rotors still spinning, he runs at Lieutenant before springing at him. Claws out and rotors making it a great deal harder to grab him, he goes for the face.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=unarmed-1 Vs Vortex=unarmed < Lieutenant: Good Success (5 8 5 3 5 8) Vortex: Good Success (4 3 2 7 6 8) < Net Result: DRAW

Lieutenant pulls up both his arms to shield his face at the attack, but it's a painful price. He cries out at impact and stumbles backwards. Managing to stay standing, he lifts his injured leg to kick the copter again. He could not stay on the defensive, Vortex could shred him that way, and Lieutenant is /not/ going back to the medibay.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=Unarmed Vs Vortex=Melee Weapons < Lieutenant: Success (5 7 6 3 4 1 6) Vortex: Good Success (4 6 5 7 2 2 5 1 8) < Net Result: Vortex wins - Marginal Victory

Vortex lands and twists around, showing his blender of a back to Lieutenant's foot. He's fought big bots a lot- a majority of his fellow Combaticons were rather large after all- and it's all about speed and hindering them bit by bit until you come out victorious.

Lieutenant foot gets cut by the blades before he yanks it back. Damn his height. He uses his legs for fighting; but with Vortex beginning to cut him down, he's not sure he'll be standing much longer. Much less put up a fight. The avian refuses to throw in the towel just yet. He goes to use his injured leg to come kick Vortex again, but this time he uses his thrusters to give more impact.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=Unarmed Vs Vortex=Melee Weapons < Lieutenant: Good Success (5 3 8 2 3 5 7) Vortex: Good Success (2 2 7 4 4 6 7 8 3) < Net Result: Vortex wins - Marginal Victory

Vortex felt a blow land and energon sprayed out, spritzing his back and the floor and a bit of the ceiling. It felt so good. His rotors slow slightly so he can grab one before running right for Lieutenant. Another kick? Vortex drops down, sliding on his knees and under the kick. But he lifts his blade up, sharp edge slicing down the bottom of the pede as he slid right out from under Lieutenant.

Lieutenant screams before he collapses. He doesn't stop crying out in pain as his energon starts to make a large puddle on the floor. The avian can't continue fighting against Vortex, and he has no defense. The winner is clear.

But that's not enough. Vortex stands, flicking energon off his blade as he walks over to the collapsed flight frame. "I told you... You can't handle me, hot stuff." He giggles a bit as he raises his blade, tip tracing the edges of Lieutenant's shoulder. It seems like he's about to plunge it in but... Stops himself... After a moment, he puts his rotor back, stepping away. "... Slaggit! I told you this was a bad idea! Now look at you, augh! I'm gonna be in so much trouble for this... Slag, slag... Medibay! Come on, we gotta get you to medibay."

Lieutenant tries to calm himself, but he's just barely able to quiet himself. "You... You are NOT taking- Aghhh!- ...I will not go back!" he huffs and heaves in ventilation heavily. He wants to tell him to leave him, pretend this never happened, but he remembers he made a promise with Torque. Ugh, she'll kill him for this. Penchant too if he finds out. "Just get out, I will be fine. Just clean yourself and go, before I -hrr- I call Torque..."

Vortex pauses, watching Lieutenant. If anyone could be called an expert in fear, it was him. He glances at the exit briefly. "Look, I can't... Let me at least stop the bleeding. I'm not a medic but I can do that." He had a few tools on hand for personal reasons, they could work. "Foot first."

"F-Fine... fine." he manages to get out. Lieutenant's not going to complain but an interrogator is as bad as a medic. They use wounds against their victims to make them talk. Or maybe that was just Tormentor.

Vortex lets his rotor turn lazily, letting some of the energon drip of more effectively as he makes his way to the foot. "... I get the feeling these are your sweet spot." He says, taking the injured foot to inspect it. He held it carefully, just letting the tips of his claws do any touching to avoid more pressure than needed. Hmm, the cut wasn't terribly deep. Alright let's stop the bleeding. "Why'd you want to fight? You knew we weren't on the same level- can't believe you talked me into this."

Lieutenant couldn't help flinching at every delicate touch, trying not to pull his pede away. He grits his denta as his hands try to claw onto the floor to keep still for Vortex. "Gah.. er, I- I told you, I need practice." the avian hisses in a rather trembling tone. Just fix it and finish with him before someone decides to come in.

Vortex doesn't look all too convinced. "Well, I gotta say, you're not what I was expecting. But maybe practice with a bot who's better at teaching, yeah?" Wow, this foot was a lot more messed up than he expected. But... He got the bleeding to cease. "There, that should-" Somewhere in the distance there was a bomb. Vortex doesn't even notice, far too used to Brawl and his antics. "-do it. Can you walk? Do you need help?"

Lieutenant slowly sits up, his fins go erect at the sound of an explosion. He turns his head to where the sound might have come from. Were they under attack? "I- I think I can manage, Thank you, Vortex." he replies, trying to stand up on his own. The injuries weren't devastating so they could repair easily without a medic. He might let Torque know anyway. Later. That explosion could have likely injured someone far worse than the avian's current condition. They take priority.

"I am going to see what that explosion was about."

"Explosion?" What explosion? Vortex shrugs a little and nods. "Alright, go do your thing... Lieutenant! Don't tell anyone, yeah?" Although, he must admit, he did pretty good holding himself back! Though he did just bite an eye out a day or two ago, that might have helped... Oh well! He was going to be proud of himself anyways. He should clean up this mess.

"Not a word." Lieutenant nods with a quick salute before ever-so gingerly making his way out. It's hard to fake his walk when he's hurting on one foot and on the other leg.

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