2016-02-03 Musical Arrangements

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Musical Arrangements
Date 2016/02/03
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Skystalker, Breakdown, Drift
Summary Skystalker plays a little music.

All's quiet on the western front, but on the observation deck there is one melody, mixed in with the sounds of the ship. Skystalker is sitting nearer to the window, his harp set along his shoulder and one knee, legs and frame relaxed as he plucks and tunes away. A short melody here, some turning of the knobs there. The plucking against slender fingers seem to resonate off of him and the room; good acoustics, even for such a larger space as this. His hands are familiar with the instrument, a model that is not at all Cybertronian.

When Breakdown sidles into the observation deck, his appearance here is marginally more unusual than his appearance in places where alcohol is served, but the new rules that say he can't break tables or chairs over people's heads for fun anymore may have taken some of the savor out of his alcoholism. Or maybe he just wants to savor the absence of Prion from the broad sweep of the window. As he shuffles in, he pauses at the sound of the music, and casts around with a one-eyed frown. "Huh," he says. "Not a radio."

Drift is just passing by the observation deck when he hears the sounds of.. is that music? Intrigued, he follows the music and steps inside only to spot Skystalker and his instrument as the source. Fuckin' really? He's gorgeous and he plays music? That's just not fair. "Hey guys," he says with a smile as he approaches Breakdown and Skystalker. "What's uh.. what's all this? You putting on a show?"

Skystalker's eyes are on his strings, intent, and his arms seem to hover most from the elbow. The frame of the harp is tilted from the ground slightly, and the curve of it seems to fit him just right. Tuning moves to a melody as Breakdown sidles in, and by the time Drift pokes in curiously it has moved into a practice piece. It slows but doesn't stop completely when Skystalker hears the commanding officer's voice in the air, and he takes his eyes from his fingers to glance up. Breakdown too? He was zoned out. "Hm?" The song crawls to a halt, and the neutral's palms flatten at length against the strings to calm them. "I... wanted somewhere else to practice. I'm not disturbing anything?"

"Don't look at me, I don't do anythin' worth watchin' except hittin' people and breakin' stuff." Breakdown chuffs, slide-scraping his boot over the floor as he turns at a wider angle to try and eye Drift and Skystalker at the same time despite his limited range of view. "Disturb what," he says a little blankly, "--like an empty room with a window in it?"

"Disturb-" Drift starts to 'disturb what?' but Breakdown beats him to it. "..Exactly! If anything, you're making this room more enjoyable to be in." He quickly adds after a beat's rest, "With your music, I mean. Not to say you just being here doesn't make it more enjoyable or anything, it does! I just mean.." He vents a sigh and rubs his face. "Anyway! Don't let us stop you from playing is the point I'm trying to make."

Skystalker's browline lifts when a small smile edges into view at Breakdown. His eyes glimmer. "Nothing like that. Passerby. Public space." He doesn't intend to be intrusive. Sky sets the palms of his hands against the thick beam of the soundboard, toe slipping from the pedal he was tuning on. Drift gets a series of somewhat critical squints, though the smile lingers. "Alright, then. I could always try a request..?"

Breakdown looks at Skystalker. Breakdown looks at Drift. Breakdown starts to grin a little and then stops himself from doing so and tries to make a serious face instead. (It's not that serious.) He says, "Smooth," in an aside to Drift which is not the subtlest that he has ever been, although, really, when has Breakdown ever been subtle? "Really? You take requests? What is that thing you're playin' on, anyways?"

For some reason Drift thought he was going to get through that awkwardness unscathed but Breakdown makes that extremely subtle comment and he frowns in embarrassment. "Ah, requests? Hm.. I don't know, I kinda just want to hear you jam out for a bit if that's cool." He steps in to get a closer look at Skystalker's instrument. "Yeah, what kind of instrument is this?"

Hands resting on the strings, Skystalker pointedly doesn't pay attention to Breakdown's not so subtlety; he already knows what Drift thinks, and that's what it is, right? Hm. "It's a harp. This is my larger one. More and deeper sound." He runs an affectionate hand over the upward curve of the soundboard that rests against his shoulder. "This one came from a planet called Nirillux. Trade world, melting pot." He begins a slow stroke of a melody once more.

Breakdown calls up one of the chairs from the floor, turns in its swivel, and sits on it backwards. "Frag, really? That's super cultured and scrap." It's possible that Breakdown has no idea what cultured means. Folding his arms across the back of the chair, he asks altogether straight-faced, "Know any love songs?" It's possible that he's trying to hit on Skystalker for Drift at this point. I mean. You never know with Breakdown. He's a helper.

"Nirillux, yes. I have heard stories about that place," Drift says, pulling up a chair and sitting in it in a significantly less cool way than Breakdown. The request for a love song causes Drift to sputter and glare daggers at the Decepticon. REALLY? "Anything you want to play is fine with me. Anything, really!"

Skystalker looks over to the straight-faced Breakdown as he asks for love songs. He is not unaware that Breakdown is already spoken for, so when it comes to the topic he treats it passively. Sky is very professional in his reply. "I do. Are we talking melancholy love songs, or..." He leaves it hanging, optics on his hands as he finds a brace along some of the lighter strings. "Somewhere in between, maybe."

Skystalker gives himself a hummed bar to start from, and then starts into a slow and simple tune, that soon quickens up and is paired with the tap of his hands to the soundboard as he goes.

Breakdown answers Drift's glare with a big smile. It's very friendly. Look, Drift, at least there's a Decepticon in the crew who grins at you like an idiot instead of yelling traitor at you and throwing things, right? He props his cheek on the spread of sharp-pointed fingers, widens his eye at Drift a little, and then glances back at Skystalker as his performance unfolds.

The more Breakdown smiles, the more Drift glares. Is this what it's like for Ultra Magnus anytime they have a conversation? How horrible. "If we're doing love songs, I'd prefer something a little more upbeat but you're the artist here, who am I to tell you what to create?" He settles back in his seat and folds his arms behind his head, listening to the melody and tapping his foot to the ryhthm.

Skystalker's humming is as smooth as his voice, which picks up where his hum lets off. It's a love song, though somewhat somber in lyric despite the steady, sprinting stringwork. It's a balance between a dance and a lonely croon, a few long minutes of song that ends in a cascade of more complex fingerwork, high to deep, deep to fluttering, fluttering to a careful waltz of notes, and then the flight of notes that finally ends it.

"That was beautiful," Breakdown tells Skystalker in apparent earnest when the last notes trail away. He straightens in his lean. "I asked kind of to be an ass but seriously the song was very pretty. I feel prettier just havin' heard it. What about you, Drift?"

Drift knew Skystalker was good just from listening to him fucking around earlier, but he vastly underestimated just how good he really is. He becomes entranced, the music and lyrics resonating with him in a way he didn't expect it to. By the time the song ends, Drift's expression can best be described simply as 'emotional.' "That was.." He clear his vocalizer with a cough. "Beautiful."

"I figured that you had." Ask just to be an ass. Skystalker levels his gaze at Breakdown at his 'admission', resting the side of his face against the edge of the harp. When this look moves to Drift, it carries a more significant weight when he sees that it got to him so thoroughly. "Thank you." There is an unspoken question that Sky stifles with his spoken gratitude. "I definitely feel better about taking over the deck."

Breakdown clearly lacks the level of Drift's sensibility. He is casual in his consumption. He teeters on the verge of amusement. "Don't let Swerve hear you do that, he'll start beggin' you to do a show or somethin'. Live music while you drink. Well, he'd probably want somethin' with more--" He gestures vaguely. It's possible the gesture is meant to be a drumbeat. Breakdown does not know how to drum. Who knows what it means. "You know," Breakdown finishes lamely. "Dancey."

"No, thank you. For sharing that with us." Drift gives Skystalker a warm smile that turns to one of amusement at Breakdown's comment. "Live music at Swerve's is a fantastic idea but he's right, Swerve will probably want something with some sick bass drops in it."

Skystalker seems to know what Breakdown means even without him indicating any drumming skills. It's okay, he gets it. There's even a nod. "I have instruments for 'dancey'." He repeats the word with a handsome little laugh. "I think the crew could appreciate synth instruments more, but I'm not certain I could hit the bass drops." His optics narrow to amused slits of amber gold. "Maybe if I had a deejay with me. Mmm."

"Frag." Breakdown laughs. It's not immediately clear why. "Already got light shows in there, why not turn it into a fragging dance club? Specially since I can't throw chairs anymore." (Breakdown, you weren't supposed to-- oh, never mind.)

DID SOMEONE SAY DEEJAY? Oh right, Skystalker did. Just now. "OH! OH OH OH! ME!" Drift jumps out of his chair, waving his arm around like an idiot. "I can deejay! I can totally deejay! Oh my god, yes, please give me an excuse to break out my equipment!"

<FS3> Drift rolls Adorability: Success. (5 6 4 5 8)

Skystalker is probably glad that someone has been barred from throwing chairs. If he goes in there it is not for a fight. "I don't see why n-- ah!" There's a tiny start out of Sky when Drift jumps up and waves his hand around; Skystalker's eyes light up, though he doesn't go so far as to start waving things around. "You? I had no idea you did that sort of thing, much less had the equipment." It is a pleasant surprise. Maybe unexpected too.

"Drift would love an excuse to break out his equipment with you," Breakdown agrees. Helpfully.

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Snark: Failure. (6 6 3 6 1 4 6)

"Well, I'm not like.. a professional or anything." Drift rubs at the back of his neck, looking a little shy. "I bought the equipment forever ago and mostly just messed around with it, but I definitely know enough to not suck at it." Then Breakdown says that and Drift gives him a horrified look. 'FUCKIN' REALLY, BREAKDOWN?' is what it says.

"I know a tiny bit, we can both learn. I think Bluestreak knows some too?" Skystalker's initial answer to Drift's acceptance of his low-level DJ skills is nonetheless helpful. If it is something he wants to try, go for it. As for Breakdown-- his play on words either goes overhead or glances off of him. Long-suffering could be the phrase of the day?

It's at this point -- the point of Drift basically going D: at him -- that Breakdown just loses his grip on his careful composure and breaks into cackling laughter. He pushes off from the chair as he takes to his feet, grinning and chuckling into a low wheezy huff as he creaks upright. "Primus, yer face," he says. "No jokin', you two should totally get together and make some music. Gettin' this crew up and dancin' would be some fraggin' heroism." He slaps Drift solidly on the back, gives Skystalker a big thumbs up, and turns to wander off across the room back toward the door again, still chortling just a little bit all eheheh like a huge blue dork.

Drift shouldn't get so bent out of shape when it comes to Breakdown's teasing, the guy did save his life that one time afterall so he kinda gets a lifetime pass. "Then it's settled, we're going to make a band. You, me, Blustreak I guess.. uh.. anyone else who can play an instrument. Maybe we can get a dancer.." He claps his hands together and grins at Skystalker. "It's going to be great."

Skystalker's mouth purses flat when Breakdown cuts into laughter, and the lines of his face give him an air of dignified quelling of his own laughter. It might be a little infectious. Just a wee touch. "And we all know how the Lost Light loves its heroes." Start a band for Morale! Yeah. Like that. Leaning on his harp, the starfighter watches as Breakdown snickers his way out the door, then looks up to Drift, expression a gentle excitement. "Sounds like it should be."

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